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Do other #NeurodiverseSquad or #ActuallyAutistic ppl have thoughts on good ways to talk to kids about brain difference, w/o overstating things, leading them, or leaving misunderstandings unaddressed?

I don’t have kids, but I’m an Aunt and my niephews are def weird-brained…
…though I undxed except for ADHD in one case.

I’m not concerned w labels or dx’s but I do feel strongly about them being able to talk about the things going on w them and being a resource as they figure stuff out.
At the same time, I want to be sure they don’t just take my word for it. I don’t want to be overwhelming them, imposing my biases, or inhibiting their ability to figure themselves out.
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OK for real, Neurodivergent Book Club, we are going to read From Margin to Center by bell hooks.

It's less than 200 pages, and it will inform our activism and advocacy in ways that we need.

Reply to this tweet if you are in and can get the book by Jan 1.
Paging #ActuallyAutistic friends, #ADHD and #Neurodiversesquad -- let's gather to read a short bell hooks book and grow together. Respond upthread to participate! :)
This group will move slowly to give people time to read and think. I am thinking a weekly chapter or X pages, I will have a reading schedule by the time we get started.

It's only 200 pages so shouldn't be a big lift.
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#ADHD rant: I'm sitting in the waiting room of my doctor's office. I have to come here every couple of months (for an appointment that, frankly, could just be an email) so I can keep getting the meds that make my brain work. (1/9)
Thanks to some road closures and, y'know, the adhd, I was 10 minutes late. Apparently, that's late enough that my doctor already started her next appointment. The receptionist said I could either reschedule, or wait for she-didn't-know-how-long. (2/9)
I had already been rationing my adderall to make it to today, so I picked wait. Sitting here in my shame sounded better than risking withdrawal and letting my partner and my colleagues down with my executive dysfunction. (3/9)
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When I was blaming myself for not eating enough ("I have failed to eat enough today") not only was I weakened by hunger, I was weakened by self-hate.

Once I looked at -why- it was so hard for me to eat (mostly "food sets off sensory trigger") I could find accomodations. I eat 1/
SO much more now. Real good food. Because I stopped seeing my inability to just go to town on a plate of whatever's put in front of me as a deficit, and started seeing it as the reaction to a process happening in my brain. Then traced the process, learned about myself, 2/
And now I'm not wasting away so badly anymore or wasting my time dragging myself.

Once I found *and let myself have* samefoods I could stop feeling trapped by textures and sounds that made eating totally inhospitable to me.

I do not think I should've had to teach Myself 3/
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We don't talk much about it anymore, but the fact that SMS/iMessage/WhatsApp/FB Messages/Signal/Instagram DMs/etc/etc/etc don't work together is a real accessibility issue for #adhd people.
I struggle to keep in touch with people closest to me. Tracking people and conversations across at least 10 different systems is basically impossible for me and many other similarly disabled folks.
This came up for me thinking about the fact that Apple is launching cross-platform Facetime, 10 years after launch. The reason they did this was because Facetime was got destroyed by Zoom in the past year, not for any altruistic reasons.
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Just had a long conversation with SO about how weird I am for having such strong opinions on various numbers (based on nothing but ✨vibes✨).

What are your favorite & hated numbers, #neurodiversesquad?
Here are the correct answers. Do not question me.

Lawful good - 3
Neutral good - 27
Chaotic good - 19
Lawful neutral - 9
True neutral - 2
Chaotic neutral - 11
Lawful evil - 6
Neutral evil - 62
Chaotic evil - 88
(You can still tell me your answers. I will still love and respect you even though in my heart I will know you are wrong 💖)
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So I just randomly stumbled upon some noise-canceling earbuds that can be helpful for hearing loss,

and it turns out there are several reviews from neurodivergent people (including autistic people referencing sensory overload) saying they were helpful -
I've never heard of them at all but feel like it's definitely worth mentioning in case anyone thinks it would help them. I think most reviews were referencing the IQbuds2 Max.

The most common complain is that even the "small" earbud size is still painful &/or falls out easily.
But at least two people reviewed it who were autistic and said it helped with canceling out loud sounds, other people said it helped cancel out chewing sounds. And it has a lot of different environmental settings. Not sure if it would be good for hyperacusis or not specifically.
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We need to stop using derogatory terms such as ‘treatment-resistant’ or ‘non-compliant.’ There are many reasons involved, many of which are either the therapy framework or the therapists themselves. It is utter arrogance and delusion to exclusively place the onus (1)
on the patient with no room for self-reflection. “If the therapy doesn’t work, it’s the patient’s fault, not the therapy itself” is a mentality that needs to go. It hinders progress by shutting doors to the formulation of newer & innovative frameworks. We hear everywhere how (2)
CBT is ‘evidence-based’: but for whom? Does it account for neurodivergents’ sensory processing differences affecting every level of psychological, social, and mental functioning? No. There are many neurodivergent people struggling with their mental health and they aren’t (3)
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What to do if you think you might have ADHD: a (very long) thread ➡️

Lots of people are asking me this atm, so I've thrown some advice together. Please note, these are just some things I found helpful during my diagnosis process- they might not work for you.
1. Reassure yourself.

It's easy to start hyperfocusing on ADHD and catastrophizing in the early stages. You are still who you were yesterday. You don’t have to find out everything instantly, and if you're on here, you've found a community that can help you through this journey.
2. Don't make an appointment with your doctor (yet).

I know this is controversial, but not all doctors have the expertise to assess ADHD. I recommend seeing one after you've learnt more about ADHD, so you can figure out whether they know their stuff or not.
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Today I want to talk about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. It’s a common trait for #NeurodiverseSquad folks.

I’ve often seen it characterised as an intense fear of rejection. It may appear similar to social anxiety but it’s different in a few important ways.
Before I learned about Rejection Sensitivity I was pretty confused about how to describe my “social anxiety” which only occurred in specific circumstances... ones where I was risking rejection.
I love performing, I love being on stage, I even like improv games. I make excellent small talk with groups of strangers. But when other people already know each other and I’m new and trying to make friends? I freeze.

I’m not socially anxious... I’m rejection anxious.
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I see a lot of people recently interested in the autism quizzes available online. Here are 3 I have tried, I'm sharing these for anyone who is interested. I am not endorsing the quizzes, their creators, or the results, but it can be a useful starting point for people who are...
early in their diagnostic journey. It can help you visualize some neurodivergent traits, provide validation, & point you in the direction of future research. Most of all, it can help you start thinking critically about your neurodivergent traits, & honestly, the quizzes are...
fun to take & share your results with friends & family. Please keep in mind these are not official or necessarily scientific, so take your results with a grain of salt. I also recommend if possible having someone close to you help answer questions to get an outside perspective...
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#DetransAwarenessDay is trending.
It's easy for our fears impermanence and making the "wrong" decisions for our bodyminds to surge to the surface.
Deep breaths. Check in with your body's wisdom. I believe you in all of your truths. #TransIsBeautiful #NonbinaryPride #Agender
If you're a trans or nonbinary (++) survivor of sexual or intimate partner violence whose heart feels as heavy as mine does today, I encourage you to check out the resources at @FORGEforward (, including the survivor blog:
If you're looking for #trans and #nonbinary affirming mental health/mental illness/Madness support that doesn't rely on calling the cops, I'd strongly recommend you check out and support @fireweedHJ and @projectlets! #NeurodiverseSquad
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Input #DisabilityTwitter: "Most instututions are are federally funded and thus has to include disability in statements. Unfortunately, disability is a spectrum & doesn't have it's own culture. (Deaf culture is the outlier) So it's hard to be seen as a unified culture. 1/
This was my question: Why do you believe that disability has made it into DEI statements of most institutions, yet has remained limited to accessibility and accommodations without being seen as a cultural group deserving of diversity program focused on disabled students in 2/
research or medicine and increasing recruitment of disabled students?

The response took me aback. @DisInHigherEd @Disabled_Docs @DisabledStem @DisabledInPsych @APHADisability

What are your thoughts on the question or the response I received above? 3/
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A thread on something you might not know about how attention works

There are two totally separate brain systems that govern attention:
- your ability to maintain focus on the thing ('enhancement')
- your ability to tune out other things ('suppression').

#ADHD #NeurodiverseSquad
How attention works 2/8
"These processes [focusing on something and tuning out distractions] are so separate, in fact, there are different networks of brain structures that carry out their respective functions, each of which is critical for attention."
How attention works 3/8
"Although it may seem counterintuitive, we now appreciate that focusing and ignoring are not two sides of the same coin […] it is not necessarily true that when you focus more on something, you automatically ignore everything else better."
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I've been having sensory / light sensitivity issues the past few weeks

which then leads to
- eye strain
- fatigue
- headaches
- difficulty focusing.

#ADHD #neurodiversesquad #DREADPirate
I've noticed that the last few weekends - I've been hanging out in my bedroom until the sun sets, and it feels like a weight is lifted from my head.

Trying to push through this discomfort during the work week has not been good for me.
so temporary expirement

- moved my home office into my bedroom which gets more shade, and the light isn't as intense.

Only one day so far - but my head / eyes feels so much better than the last few days of work.
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#ADHDers have a "talent" for disappearing.

ADHD-ghosting usually happens when RSD is in control; we believe the other person/ppl don't want anything to do with us cuz we made a mistake, missed a deadline, etc etc.

They're also a response to being overwhelmed by "all the things"
But sometimes it's entirely unintentional. We don't notice time passing so don't realize how long it's been, & we aren't good at recalling something without being prompted so something needing a reply can get pushed to the background when our attention is full of "all the things"
These vanishing acts can occur gradually or in one big impulsive withdraw. They end up persisting when we don't know how to reconnect with that person since it is often viewed as a breach of trust or as being rude; making it all the more difficult for us to overcome this behavior
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On #WorldMentalHealthDay, which poignantly for me coincides with October's #ADHDAwarenessMonth, I wish to follow the example of others & share my experience in what I believe is an unfit for purpose mental health service here in Scotland. #TeamADHD #neurodiversesquad (1/?)
After years of operating in a constant state of overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety, I went to my GP in January to seek a referral to NHS psychiatry because I had come to believe that I was suffering with undiagnosed ADHD. A week later I received this letter. (2/?) Image
For 6 months leading up to this appointment, I had carried out thorough research after a colleague from a teaching job caused me to question if ADHD was at the root of why I was so deeply miserable in my university life. It wasn't long before the penny dropped. (3/?)
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Ok so here's a thread for a Sunday. Parents of ND children/ND adults reflecting on your childhood...

What would you truly like your child's teacher to understand about your child/experience?

I want to use your answers for staff training this year so PLEASE engage with me and
Retweet far and wide. I want to get as many responses as possible to reflect the diversity of experiences.

#AskingAutistics #AllAutistics #ADHD #neurodiversesquad #neurodiversity

Please tag people in too if you think their insight will be valuable.

Thank you ❤️
Thank you for all your responses. They will be put to good use!
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Let's talk about an (I think) #adhd/#bp2/#neurodiversesquad thing: "The Transition Chasm", as I like to call it.

It's when you *want* to do something, but the transition from what you are currently doing is effectively stopping you from doing the new thing.
It doesn't really matter what kind of activities both are. They can be something you like, or don't like. Things you like are harder to transition away from, things you don't like are harder to transition to.
And temporally wise, it doesn't really matter if it's now or somewhere in the future. It could be something you have to do now, or something that you have planned for in the past.
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hey #ADHD #NeurodiverseSquad. There's some hot button debates going on about the use of certain terms which already have clinically significant meaning, being used in different and new ways to describe our experiences. I'm going to weigh in. Bear with me.
There are two sides to the debate (well, three if you count people who don't care):
- Side 1: Terms that already have a scientific or clinical meaning shouldn't be co-opted to explain other experiences because it muddies the waters and discredits us vis a vis having our experiences taken seriously by medical professionals who are gonna side-eye us
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Here are my takes on Netflix's new show, #LoveOnTheSpectrum, as an #ActuallyAutistic viewer.

A thread... 1/?

#autismacceptance #neurodiversesquad #Neurodiversity #AllAutistics
1st episode: I really like how they talk about how the ratio of boys to girls with autism is shrinking down from that often cited ratio of 4:1. They mention how this is due to our increased understanding of different presentations of autism, so A++ there!

I also love that they touch on how empathetic autistic people can be! It is often our superpower, & we can become amazing at things like reading facial expressions & body language, even better than a typical person in some cases, due to our ability to observe/study behavior.

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This #DisabilityPrideMonth, I'll be sharing actionable tips for how you (yes, you!) can make STEM learning & workspaces more inclusive to those of us who are #DisabledInSTEM.

#AltText will be available for every graphic. New tips will be added to this thread. Creating an inclusive envir...
For more information on why using a microphone is an #accessibility issue, please read this post over at
@chronicle: In the foreground in the ph...
The #GRE is expensive, biased & a poor indicator of success in research. Getting approved for #accommodations takes 6 weeks & you need a dr. note (& therefore, insurance). If you're absent from your scheduled test (hello, unpredictable symptoms!), you forfeit your fee. #GREexit Creating an inclusive envir...
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A brief thread of my real #ADHD experience:

ADHD is...

Wanting to do the all the things but being able to do less and less the more there is to do.

Desperately trying and failing to learn new names while being able to recall loads of facts even you don't care about. 1/
ADHD is...

Doubting even your strengths.

Unloading anger and frustration on those closest to you because you held it together all day at work and something has to give. 2/
ADHD is...

Taking on more than you can handle because you want to be helpful.

Feeling strong emotions without knowing why. 3/
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I've known I have #ADHD for 4 years. I've known I'm #dyslexic & Autistic for 2 months. This semester, I've spent enormous time/energy understanding what this means for me. I am relieved & unbelievably excited; I've found an incredible #ActuallyAutistic community through Twitter;
& for the FIRST time in my life (let that sink in) I'm seeing other people talk about experiences that mirror my own. I understand myself in a way that I have tried to find words for my entire life. (TY @SNeurotypicals @steve_asbell @autistictic @A_Silent_Child) #ActuallyAutistic
I'm also navigating grief. I now see the ways I'm called to & do invalidate, erase, & hurt myself in the "necessary" betrayal of my needs to exist in a neurotypical, "appropriate" way. Camouflaging causes negative health outcomes & creates #healthdisparities #NMHM2020 #Autistic
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