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#HateToDisappointYouBut ADHD is likely not what you think it is. I'm saying this because most people think #ADHD is just hyperactive, naughty little boys, and it couldn't be more wrong. It affects life in so many ways. If you know people with it, please find out what it's about.
I keep raising #ADHDawareness because there are LOADS of undiagnosed #ADHD adults in the world, living their lives, struggling, wondering why almost everything is so difficult. I've read that about 80% of ADHD adults don't know they have it. It's tragic! I found out at 38 myself.
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#ADHD #neurodiversesquad For those of you who skated by in school until you got to college then crashed and burned, what strategies do you think would have been helpful in that transition to college?
For me, I'd say definitely get a diagnosis before college (still working on mine actually - long story), Learn your processing strengths and challenges, Practice sticking with something challenging, Set up systems of accountability BEFORE things are due...
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hey y'all i wanna talk about some magical support from teammates at #WFTDAChamps, but first a content note: this deals with mental health and trauma and anti-trans violence
it's also a thread, so here we go...
#MentalHealth #Dissociation #PTSD #NeurodiverseSquad
if u dont already know, i have a suite of mental health disorders/disabilities, under an umbrella of complex-PTSD, which manifest in dissociative episodes, agoraphobia, oc(p)d, self harm, etc, resulting from a life of inter and intra personal trauma, centered on my gender.
it's because of the debilitating nature of these disabilities that i have wallace, the best dang #serviceDog in the whole world, who goes everywhere with me, and is specifically trained to mitigate mental health issues that i face as i navigate the world
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Let me explain all the things that used to get in the way of me eating like a healthy adult and taking care of my overall health cause #ADHD

1. When I put food in the fridge, it disappeared. Out of sight, out of mind. I would spend like, a LOT of money and then let it rot.
2. Not going to the grocery store with a plan or getting overwhelmed at the grocery store. Its overstimulating.. I see things and I get ideas for things I'd like to cook. Those ideas aren't there on Tuesday night or Saturday morning. See #1.
3. How do you even meal prep when your schedule is such a nuclear wasteland of chaos that you have NO idea if you'll be home any given night or not to cook?
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Tidying up with #ADHD is another level of a challenge. After trying to do it in several ways, none of which worked, I realized I needed to find my own way.

I'm a very inefficient cleaner, but it's effective for me. It takes me twice as much time, but at least I do it 1/n
At first I tried to order stuff in a logical way: this bunch for the bathroom, this one for the kitchen, etc. But it required multiple processes and I ended up dispersing around and forgetting a lot, which stressed me out #ADHD #neurodiversesquad 2/n
My goal used to be tidying it all. Considering I'm terrible at trying to estimate how long a task will take, I entered an endless loop of cleaning and when I realized I wouldn't make it, I felt like a failure and stopped. So the first thing I did was change the goal #ADHD 3/n
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Full diagnosis journey of an autistic woman. A thread.

This thread explains signs of autism that I was either fully aware of or spoke to doctors about, since childhood, through my 20s and up to formal dx at 31. Sharing in case others find it useful. #AllAutistics #autism /1
I've tweeted before about how I felt different as a child. I missed social cues and context, had sensory/sleep issues. But I was mostly quiet and cooperative with no developmental delays. I even had friends. So no one suspected autism. /2
I got through school OK. At university, I hit a rough period in 2nd year. I don't know if it was burnout or overwhelm or what, but I skipped a whole lot of class and work, and barely passed the year. Around exam time, I experienced periods of acute anxiety for several weeks. /3
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Thread. This could get long.

1) As the last day of #ADHDAwarenessMonth comes to a close, I am grateful for finding community in the #NeurodiverseSquad. I was diagnosed as a 49 year old adult. It saved my life. #ADHD
2) Throughout my childhood and until two years ago, I knew something was different about how my brain worked. It was clear that I was "smart" or "brilliant" to hear adults and others describe me... As an adult, I was told friends that I was 1 of the smartest people they knew.
3) But if you were a family member, teacher, co-worker, or boss, I was frustrating to deal with. They "knew" that I was smart, creative, capable. But they saw someone who was "disorganized", "can't prioritize", "managed time poorly"

Both sides are true.
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Autism and implication - a morning thread. Please have a read and a share. I warn you now, I'm likely to be developing my thoughts on this as I go, so it may meander a little... /1 #autism #AllAutistics #autistic #Neurodiversity #NeurodiverseSquad
It's one of the more commonly known traits of #autism - the missing of subtext, implication, hints. It's one reason why #autistic people can come across as strange and uncomfortable conversation partners. But what's happening here? /2
The idea is that an #autistic person may not pick up the subtext of a sentence. So on being asked to put the kettle on, thst is all they will do - boil the kettle. The expectation will have been to actually make a hot drink, but as that's not explicit, it doesn't occur. /3
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#neurodiversesquad #ActuallyAutistic #AutisticConfessions
OK, folks, I got clearance, but this may take a while, and be a little disjointed... First draft. Going to be a little bumpy along the way, but I promise a happy ending...

Couples Therapist are Just People Too 1/
First things first, reference, my overall DX story here:

This all took place a year or two prior to my #autism DX, so no blame, but this DID suck.

AwesomeSpouse is my spouse of 21 years (+5 living in sin). She is patient and kind and awesome. 2/
I honestly don't know if many relationships would have survived what I'm about to chronicle. It takes pain and work and commitment and understanding on both sides to work through the problems we had.

I frankly suffered what I now identify as Autistic Burnout because of it. 3/
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1/ (Thread) #NeurodiverseSquad no one has ever explained #ADHD or #executivedysfunction to me quite like Sarah Ward (@swardtherapy) and I need to share the awesome. (I'm a speech therapist with an 8yo son with ADHD, for background.)
2/ First, memory. You have two broad types of memory: Long-Term Memory (LTM) and Short-Term Memory (STM). STM is often used interchangeably with Working Memory (WM), which refers to a sort of mental "scratch pad" where you can hold information in mind and use it.
3/ Now, WM also has subtypes: The 1st is Verbal Working Memory. Verbal Working Memory is what allows you to hold someone's phone number in mind, rehearse it, and write it down when you find a pen. It lets you remember a set of words someone said, or something short you read.
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Saying No While Autistic: a thread

When most people receive a verbal request or suggestion, they take a quick second to evaluate the request and choose a response.

But part of my masking is that I often skip evaluation & go straight to Yes #NeurodiverseSquad #AllAutistics /1
Because I need those extra split seconds to craft a socially appropriate response. The only time I actually evaluate is if there's an obvious logical flaw.

This makes me appear to be a great employee. You ask me for something, I provide it, all of it, no questions asked. /2
It's not until coworkers or friends get to know me that they start to ask, "Did you... just do all that (or say all that) without even thinking if you should?" and the answer is yes.

I often don't take time to reflect because I need all my response time for social processing./3
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Thread: The job difficulty bellcurve for autistics & other neurodivergents

After my recent thread on time management as people management, I got comments saying things like, "This is why I'm afraid to go back to work or try to get a more advanced job!" /1 #NeurodiverseSquad
That stuck with me, because I worried I was actually demotivating people to pursue work. Employment is already hard for autistics and other neurodivergents. 80% of us are unemployed. I'm willing to bet many more are underemployed. I never intended to make it seem even harder. /2
So I want to be clear: the issues I talked about, the social communication and expectactions management, are advanced-level working issues. I get to deal with them while enjoying every other possible office job perk: fulltime, regular hours, vacation pay, benefits. /3
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Thread: autistic time management, or, Say the Quiet Part Out Loud, Please.

I was a fulltime grad student for years and worked retail jobs, then office work. I've been learning a lot recently about neurotypical time management. /1

#NeurodiverseSquad #ActuallyAutistic #autism
For most of my life, I didn't need really good time management skills. Not for school or work. I left things to the last minute, counting on the fact that I work fast and can blaze through tasks in short order. Not everyone has that privilege, and I relied on it too much. /2
For my retail and entry-level admin roles, there was never too much work to do. It was all "on demand" or service work; people ask you to do things, you do them as fast and well as you can. You don't plan. You don't say no. You just do your best under the circumstances. /3
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When I got my autism dx, I spent a lot of time trying to understand what it meant for me, my work, my body, and my relationship. My partner has ADHD.

Thread: some of the things I've learned about myself and my partner. #NeurodiverseSquad #teamADHD #ActuallyAutistic #autism /1
My partner and I always knew he had ADHD and I was "weird". We had ups and downs but generally accepted each other. There were things that didn't really hit me until my own dx, though. /2
Like, coming home from work and talking to Jason about my day and having him interrupt me halfway through to tell me a joke that popped into his head, and then go off on a tangent of his own instead of returning to me. It always hurt my feelings and often led to an argument. /3
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I was inspired by @commaficionado's post to think about my own autistic masking. I think the best way to explain it is through one of my work skills: copyediting.

Thread! #ActuallyAutistic #NeurodiverseSquad #autism /1
I have an English literature MA and am a lifelong bookworm. I've been editing for friends since I was in high school. I was a TA for 5 years, marking papers and teaching persuasive writing. I'm a freelance writer and editor.

The point is, copyediting is my jam. /2
Here's what copyediting looks like before masking comes into play:
1. See error
2. Fix error/revise sentence
3. It takes as long as it takes
4. No additional comments

Here's what it looks like after a whole bunch of negative experiences and masking adjustments: /3
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You may remember that I decided a while ago to see what happens if I assume that laziness isn’t a real thing #neurodiversesquad
So instead of accusing myself of being “lazy” I am allowing myself to avoid things without feeling bad IF what I do instead is lie in bed with my eyes closed. Because maybe I am tired or overstimulated or overwhelmed!
If I am not tired or overstimulated or overwhelmed then lying in bed with my eyes closed is... really boring. Like uncomfortably feel like I am going to explode with restlessness boring.
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No matter what you do you can't beat the ADHD out of yourself. The only thing you can do is develop a better sense of humor. So I send my coaching client an email and tell her to click the link to schedule with me. . . but I never give her the link . . .😂 #neurodiversesquad
The sooner you understand that little faux pas like this will always be a part of your life and stop beating yourself to death over them, the happier you will be. Me forgetting a link doesn't indicate my capability one way or the other. But we get hung up on these mistakes
Really it is because of the ableism we have beaten into us and I know I sound redundant at this point but I keep hoping if I keep throwing out enough stories about being totally ADHD while being someone who people respect that maybe you can see you're worthy of the same respect.
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So I’m going to share something with you all that I shared on a coaching call today. Some of the issue with learning how to manage our ADHD is learning to get past our intense distrust of ourselves.

#neurodiversesquad #adhd
How many times have you set out to begin a new routine or strategy and had these thoughts:

“You know you’re never going to do that, right?”

“Remember all these times you failed *brain conveniently recalls them with perfect accuracy though it won’t remember what you ask it to*”
This creates a cycle of self defeat that can keep us failing for as long as we remain in it. We don’t trust ourselves because we fail/we fail because we don’t trust ourselves enough to give it all the effort we can.
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Thread: How I told my boss I was autistic. #autism #ActuallyAutistic

We were talking one day, and I slowly spiraled into an anxiety-fueled outburst. I didn't realize how bad it was until she followed up with me to ask me to please not yell at her in front of our team. /1
We debriefed, I tried to rationalize where that anxiety came from with some success, but I still felt concerned. Why didn't I know I was yelling? Where did that reaction come from, anyway? How did I know I wouldn't do it again?

I thought, it's time to figure this out. /2
I was 31, I finally had a good stable job, and I was ready to get to the bottom of this issue that had been plaguing me forever. Why was it, when I was at my most controversial or surprising or offensive to people, I had no idea I'd done anything out of the ordinary? /3
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Short thread; A positive thing happened at work. #ActuallyAutistic

I was trying to pinpoint a very specific piece of info from a few different lists. I had done it incorrectly a few times already, my head started to hurt & I just couldn't do it.

6 mths ago I would've masked./1
I would've forced myself to sit there quietly until I got the task done, no matter how much I knew I needed a break.

3 months ago I would've gone for a walk. I was learning coping techniques by then.

But now, I've spent some time with a boss who knows I'm autistic./2
She's had a chance to see I'm good at detailed work, process documents, troubleshooting.

So I did something my instincts always tell me not to do.

I told her I was having a hard time.

It sounds simple but anyone who's different knows, it's so hard to be that vulnerable. /3
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Thread: Why parents and teachers didn't notice I was autistic. #autism #ActuallyAutistic #NeurodiverseSquad

I was late dxed w/ autism at 31. I did school without accommodations, work full-time, live independently, have friends, the whole 9 yards.

Why didn't anyone know? /1
Of course I wasn't the adult in the situation so I don't REALLY know. But I was the autistic kid, and I have some theories.

1. Personality vs neurology. Once people decided I was a quiet, shy, awkward kid, that personality stereotype covered a whole lot of autistic traits. /2
Being "quiet" was probably one of my earliest and most successful masking strategies. Social interactions didn't always go my way, so I gravitated to reading. It was often allowed when other activities weren't, it was quiet, AND I'd be left alone. A special interest was born. /3
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You know how when our symptoms impact someone else, people always say “well what am I supposed to do, let YOUR ADHD effect ME???”

Do you know what the answer to that really is?

Yes you’re supposed to let it impact your life if you are in relationship with an ADHD peep
I hear you gasping in horror, #Neurodiversesquad , but stay with me, I brought examples and relevant points.

For starters: do any of your friends have qualities/ do things that annoy you or impact you in some way?

What do you do when that happens?

Why do you tolerate it?

Because you’re their friend, or partner, or whatever the hell you are to them. You deal, because people are human, fallible, and quirky.

But when YOUR quirks come out, the it is “did you take your medicine?” Or “you need to be more responsible”
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Can we talk about the curse of being a "gifted" kid while having undiagnosed ADHD? Has anyone else survived this specially crafted hell?

#adhd #neurodiversesquad
Beyond the torment ofADHD symptoms, add the additional criticisms of "we KNOW you're smart" "you're WAY too intelligent for this" and "why aren't you working up to your full potential?"

Then turn those internal and they are your internal diaglouge forever. So there's your gift.
When I got to high school we changed school districts and they gave me the option to NOT be a gifted kid. And I took that option. I took that option like a shot.

Unfortunately, they still discovered I was “capable of more” if I would “apply” myself.
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Alright, #neurodiversesquad and #TeamADHD, I’m now going to write that thread I promised to write. I’ll do my best to make things ordered and clear 😜 There’s a lot of information so I’ll try to structure it.

I’m going to tell you about my background so you know where I come from with regards to meds and organisation. Then I’ll give you a tl;dr of the tools I use privately and for work. Eventually, if anyone’s still with me at that point, I could go into depth about each tool.
[BACKGROUND] I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 27 after a lifetime of struggling without realising I was struggling. I always did well in school and even ended up at a school for “gifted kids”. I was physically hyperactive and told to “just sit still” a lot.
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