NEWS: How a Flurry of Suspicious Phone Calls Set Investigators on Rick Snyder's Trail

My investigation w/ @JennElizabethJ #FlintWaterCrisis…
Snyder "knew about a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Flint as early as October 2014, when there was still a significant amount of time to save lives. That was the accusation of investigators looking into the Flint water crisis"
"According to the findings of an investigation launched by Nessel’s predecessor, then-Attorney General Bill Schuette, Snyder was involved in a mad dash of phone calls in October 2014 at the same time the deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Flint was raising alarm bells"
"That avalanche of calls, uncovered by investigators, included multiple conversations between Snyder, his chief of staff, and the state’s health department director."
"Other evidence from the same period — including briefings addressed to the governor that mentioned Flint’s Legionnaires’ disease outbreak — led prosecutors to conclude the calls were about the outbreak, which was unfolding in real time."
Thank you to @theintercept for publishing this critical story the majority of the media has long moved on from.
On Wednesday, MI AG Dana Nessel is set to announce charges against Gov Snyder of willful neglect of duty--a misdemeanor with a max of 1 year in jail and $1,000 fine
The Intercept learned the original criminal investigation team that preceded Nessel's investigation planned on charging Snyder with misconduct in office, neglect of duty--and was building a case toward involuntary manslaughter

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24 Sep 20
Kentucky AG's "investigation" into Breonna Taylor's murder is a cover up.

As Breonna's BF's lawyer noted, A DOZEN witnesses said cops didn't identify themselves at her door—& the LONE WITNESS the AG cited as hearing cops identify themselves ORIGINALLY SAID COPS DIDN'T. THREAD:
Another thing Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron misled the public about was the types of guns the officers who shot at Breonna Taylor/Kenneth Walker had.

AG said Walker fired a 9mm & cops fired a 40mm gun...but according to Lousiville PD records, officer Hankison was issued a 9mm gun.
Another thing Kentucky AG lied about (or he simply doesn't understand and/or follow the law)...

In Kentucky, you can't claim self-defense when you recklessly kill a 3rd party—Breonna Taylor was an unarmed third-party who didn't shoot at Louisville cops and posed no threat
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20 Sep 20
I'd be careful sharing Dr. Marc Edwards' "science" or claims on Flint.

His science, data, & ethics (go ask the poisoned Flint mother he sued for $3 million for the crime of signing a petition against him along with dozens of other residents) are suspect

the Corporate media has lazily propped him up--but after thoroughly looking into his water lead testing and declarations--it's clear his declarations and science aren't worth the EPA-funded paper they're made on
and as @JennElizabethJ and I broke, the water lead testing data was manipulated in Flint for over 2 years under ex-Gov Rick Snyder's environmental department. @ErinBrockovich calls it a crime and the testing should be tossed and redone.…
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