I’m sure you’ve heard about GiveSendGo by now. They may raise $$$ for a few “good” causes. Not only did they raise &500,000 for Rittenhouse....remember Melissa Carone (actress that lied under oath)...she’s made $16,800 at least so far. 1/
They’d also raising money for Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys. And yes this is currently still active. Christian crowdfunding supporting a known white supremacist.
And surprise surprise...looks like Derrick Evans is finding his legal defense fund there. You see he was just arrested & had to step down as a representative after filming himself storming the Capitol. 3/
It seemingly helped but plane tickets & pay for hotels for Trump supporters to go specifically to January 6. These were some of the saner looking attendees. 4/
These were some more disturbing. Apparently Zach Rehl, president of Philadelphia Proud Boys was finding his root travel expenses through GiveSendGo. And it’s still up. 5/
Or how about their crowdfunding for this baking company in New Hampshire...to cover their fines cause they don’t wear masks or make their customers were a mask 6/
Or this Kennesaw MI couple who decided to keep their bakery open during a pandemic when it was ordered to close for safety reasons. They want crowdfunding to pay all their fines. It’s already raised $66,000 🙄7/
Then there’s this account who used Trump’s incitement tweet as a pic & said it was specifically for the 6th. He admits this might be his last trip cause GoFundMe kicked him off. He uses these accts to raise money to travel to protests 8/
That last account of Philip Anderson. Well he got punched in the mouth by a BLM activist. Of course he’s admitted he’s a Proud Boy & part of Team Save America (hates Twitter & any sire who ends hate speech). 9/
Then you have the straight up requests fir safety & medical equipment for Proud Boys...& for training. This Christian crowdsourcing site is funding the training, gear, plane & hotel tickets, legal defenses... 10/
And this is the head of the Nashville Proud Boys posting this to crowdfund money for the 4 Proud Boys who were stabbed outside a bar after the DEC. 12 March. Says the money is going to 1 victim in particular. $106,000 🙄10/
Oh this one’s good....it’s for a firmer or current OANN reporter who now has his in conspiracy theory website. He needs $15,000 to cover all the Stop the Steal events. He’s John Spirodoupolos. 11/
This is a big Florida Trump supporter who attends all protests & who pumped out the ugliest Trump Train Bus. If it’s the same Vincent Caldera he went from a Trump campaign pilot to this bus 12/
This odd one Times of Need Citizens for Free Elections is tied to Nate Cain. He seems to be on Gab. He is huge in conspiracy theories (Dominion should sue him too). This is like crowdfunding for the alt right 13/
This is crowdfunding for money to bail out alt right Patriot Prayer member Chandler Pappas. You see he pepper sprayed 6 cops in Portland. So this Christian crowdsourcing site raises bail money for the alt right too...not just legal defense money. 14/
Then there’s Jared Ruhe from Texas who needed money for him & 3 buddies for “Patriots Heading to the Front Lines in DC”. Even though his linked in profile would have you believe he’s well off. 15/
This GiveSendGo crowdsourcing is to raise money for Jeremy “Noblebeard” Bertino...a North Carolina Proud Boys member. So 2 of the 4 stabbed outside that bar are crowdsourcing there. Enrique Tarrio was another stabbed. 16/
Whereas the alt right version of Twitter was Parler. Well UgeTube is the alt-right YouTube. They truly believe while pushing conspiracies they can be bigger than YouTube. 17/
Well now this is huge! Here’s a GiveSendGo account for protection for Ali Alexander (aka Ali Akbar) while he’s on the run. He’s considered the organizer of the January 6 attack on the Capitol.
Apparently Christian crowdsourcing is attempting to create another extreme conservative social media platform, Xephula. (Like they don’t have enough lol) There’s a site page & most everything else is on Pinterest. 18/
Another interesting case on GiveSpendGo is TGP Fights Back Against Big Tech Censorship. The is far right “news” source The Gateway Pundit run by Jim Hoft threatening to sue all tech giants & allies for silencing conservatives 20/
The Gateway Pundit....hoe can I sum up what a conspiracy laden rag this is....here you go...Jacob Wohl was a writer. Hoft & a TGP writer flashing white supremacist signs in the White House. Trump made them official WH correspondents 21/
Oh hell...I just found an account made by Ex-detective Josh Jaynes & family. If you don’t recognize his name...he’s one of the officers involved in the #BreonnaTaylor shooting & murder. Because his family doesn’t feel safe & their lives may he in danger 22/
And this account was to pay for Proud Boys Hawaii leader & Capitol insurrectionist Nicholas Ochs. And now he’s been arrested for storming the Capitol (seen in pics smoking cigarettes with a friend). So they definitely helped fund insurrection. 23/
This campaign created by Borislav Stefanov to pay off the debt of building what he calls the PromisedLand complex in Stokite Village, Bulgaria. He just needs $363,000 to pay off initial debt. Looks like a Christian hotel. 24/
CJ Grisham is a 2A extremist out of Temple, Texas & Cebtral Texas Proud Boy member. They wanted money for protective & communication gear. He’s also raising money thru SelfDefenseFund. Com & IndiGogo besides this site. 24/ (sorry out of # order)
Yet another Phil Anderson account. He’s a self proclaimed Proud Boy & Team Save America member (they basically hate any site that doesn’t allow hate speech). He got $16,800 to pay for dental surgery. 25/
My final tweet in this thread just made me laugh. Earlier in this thread Nashville Proud Boys President Matthew Walter had another acct. This 1 is new & YOU MUST READ DESCRIPTION! Blames News Ch. 5 for shoring him in a “poor light”. 26/ or 27/end

• • •

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2 May 20
this article shows with the FDA Gilead thru when they sent Remdesevir to China. Last night Trump & FDA approved of emergency use of it in the US In under 9 hours. Please remember one of his key advisers used to lobby for Gilead.

& I like the section looking forward for Gilead… Saying they needed to retain patent protections. When Trump gave them the orphan status that they turned back... they retained the 20 year remdesevir patents in 70 countries. That they desperately needed. ImageImage
Gilly it is also known for price gouging and question of policing... they were even called out by Doctors Without Borders in India for excluding refugees and migrants. And even Donald Rumsfeld is on their board. ImageImage
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29 Mar 20
here’s the video of them loading up 17.8 tons of US medical equipment to send China back on Feb 7. Trump knew by Jan. 20 at the latest we had cases. Pompeo even tweeted about it 1/?

Then I started wondering what news was going on Feb. 7 to distract us... I always try that. App failure at Iowa caucus. Trumps hissy fit at the prayer breakfast. GOP wanted Hunter Biden info.... but that’s not all... 2/?
The White House said they had killed the leader of Al-Qaeda. Trump was pushing a jobs report. Trump was taking protected land in Utah. That’s a hell of a lot for one day. They did their best at distracting us even though it’s on record. 3/?
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12 Jan 20
What is Trump plotting? Tweets in Farsi and English. Watching out to Iranian protesters & trashing the leaders. He doesn’t support human rights. Why does it feel like he is plotting something?
Between trumps tweets and just seeing Pompeo‘s tweet & a Newsweek article suggesting the CIA amplifying the protesters against regime for change… Why is 1953 repeating itself? we already screwed up with the regime change their once Christ
I don’t listen to the cult followers of Trump. When I see Wall Street Journal hinting at a screen with him on their oil and Newsweek saying the CIA is screwing with them in the Brookings Institute saying we’re hinting at a regime change… We never learn
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1 Nov 19
Ok...we need to start paying more attention to Lebanon. News hit today that the US is withholding $105 million in security aid for Lebanon. This money is crucial for Lebanon to secure its borders (with Syria & Israel). 1/

US officials gave no official reason. The decision by State Department comes day after Israeli officials said diplomats had asked allies to condition funds on action against Hezbollah. I don’t believe in coincidences. 2/

This aid withholding comes after PM Saad Hariri left office due to protests. Hariri was a US ally. Now we see a vacuum that Russia intends to fill. Sec. of State Pompeo made an call for Lebanese leaders to form a new government 3/

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25 Oct 19
Another Balkan country to catch my eye is Romania, considered to be one of the most corrupt in the EU. Rudy Giuliani wrote the leader, Klaus Iohannis, a letter Aug. 22nd expressing concern of their anti-corruption efforts. 1/

Rudy worried their efforts were too effective. He was retained by the Freeh Group International Solutions & supposedly handled through his security company, Giuliani Security & Safety. Freeh Group’s a security firm run by former head of the FBI Louis Freeh 2/
Keep in mind Giuliani’s stance is the opposite of US policy. The Freeh group was representing an American Romanian businessman caught in the anticorruption probe. He was later convicted. Both the US & Romania denounced the letter. 3/

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