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Watching @AOC watch questions of #WellsFargo CEO that people like me have dreamed of being asked from a Congressional hearing. From their culpability in caging children to their role in financing the Dakota Access pipeline.

Clip coming next...
.@RepAOC: "Mr. Sloan, why was the bank involved in the caging of children?"

@AOC to #WellsFargo CEO
And then @RepAOC shifts to asking about #WellsFargo's role in the Dakota Access Pipeline
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@SenSanders Actually, none of the observers that went there, including the UN, said that the elections were fraudulent. It was the US who sent no observers and the Opposition who refused to participate who claimed that. As a matter of fact, the Opposition begged the UN not to send observers
@SenSanders What did many observers actually say about the elections in Venezuela?
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It’s so strange to me (this happened during #NoDAPL too) how white folks can see the same photos and videos I do of peaceful Native actions and read violence.
Reminds me of this, where a “mountain country girl” with a confederate flag avi tried to say a photo of unloading firewood at Oceti during #NoDAPL was evidence of violence:
It’s almost as if any Native presence is a threat to the legitimacy of what is currently known as the United States. 🤔
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I’m in the midst of supporting my close friends through an awful, heartbreaking tragedy so I don’t have the capacity to really even think about anything right now. But center and listen to Native voices on the MAGA hat boys.
These incidents are not new for Native folks. They’re part of larger systemic problems that stem from ongoing settler colonialism. Allow Native writers, reporters, and community members illuminate that context and nuance for you.
My entire TL is talking about a Native person for the first time that I’ve ever seen. Even during #NoDAPL. Please don’t let this be the last thing you tweet about Indigenous folks, let it lead to more advocacy and change.
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YOU GUYS here's some great news to savor over the holidays:

There are two big pipelines (ACP & MVP) under construction to carry frack gas from Pennsylvania & West Virginia down through the South

and they're both dead in the water.
Giant thanks to the thousands of nerds who spend decades making solar & wind cheap, effectively winning this battle for us on economic grounds.

These pipelines are now impossible to justify on any rational economic basis.

And everyone knows it.…
When the ACP or as we like to call it,

Atlantic Carpetbagger Pipeline

was first announced, North Carolina was pretty favorable to it. All they had to do was say "cheap energy" & people were in.

That PR momentum is now lost as people realized it's a financial con.
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I'm going to tweet as if I were a Bernie basher who pretended to be a feminist anti-racist. Ahem. Here it goes... Once upon a time, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was born and realized she wanted to be just like Hillary Clinton because her experience really resonated with her. She...
really liked Clinton's co-sponsoring of a bill that would have sent people to jail for flag-burning. She really liked Clinton's stumping for welfare reform & the crime bill. She really liked all the work The Clinton Foundation did in Haiti. She really liked Hillary's vote on...
Iraq. She really liked what Clinton did as SOS in Honduras. She really liked the way Clinton lied about her position on Honduras. And she really loved Clinton's sit-down interview with Mary J Blige. Basically, Clinton's whole brand of politics & policy appealed to Alexandria...
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What to make of report that Portland Mayor @tedwheeler wanted to select reporters to observe the Police Dept on condition the city could "dictate what they would publish" and only if reporters signed a non-disclosure agreement? I have a hypothesis.…
Portland is known nationwide as a staging ground for far-right violence. That's because @tedwheeler, @PortlandPolice and @multco District Attorney Rod Underhill have allowed violent white supremacist gangs to rage unchecked.
Why? Because police and Portland Business Alliance run the city. They despise anarchists, who are strong in Portland, and want to sweep away homeless. So they've allowed Portland to become a right-wing fight club to create a sense of crisis.
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#HAPPYTHANKSGIVING! Are you happy to be with your FAMILY #PayItForward! Sign& share our Petition to ask POTUS Donald J Trump to PARDON #LeonardPeletier #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MAGA #FLOTUS #POTUS #TrumpTrain #FreddieMercury #NoDAPL #INDIGENOUS

A'ho 🦌🦅
#WWG1WGA #INDIGENOUS #MAGA ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!! We need help with this petition asking that @POTUS #FreeLeonardPeltier and get him home for Christmas!🦌🦅😎🐾🐾🐾🐾💞💞🕊️…
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when you say the word, you're invoking the name of the irascible spirit of the Cacique of The Winds, Guabancex
was both the Chief of the Winds in the far away land of Aumatex and a deity. so was chief of spirit people
Nitaino means, "good people" and whenever the good people of the Caribe weren't, Guabancex turns into Juracán
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