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Proud that my candidate shows up when it matters.

This is why I trust Bernie.

Bernie Sanders has the most progressive, most intersectional environmental policy in the race. No contest.

Check out our commitment to frontline communities -- the disproportionately Black and Brown folks impacted by the climate crisis the most.…
Also, check out the last episode of Hear The Bern with @NaomiAKlein and @xiuhtezcatl, on which they talk about why Bernie's approach to the GND is the winning approach.
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If we would starve Venezuelan children for their oil, covering up the poisoning of #SouthDakota is just child’s play...… via @DeSmogBlog
@DeSmogBlog DeSmog received info that indicates the #GardenCreek spill was "officially estimated at 11 million gallons. This puts the release, in terms of gallons spilled, on par with the infamous 1989 #ExxonValdez oil spill in Alaska."…
@DeSmogBlog For more on how oil spills are frequently caused by deliberately muzzled safety equipment read, The Pigs in the Pipeline at:… #NoDAPL #NoKXL #DAPL #KXL #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #OilSpill
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I believe we're at the point where it's time to go hard and differentiate Bernie and Warren. A big reason for her climb in the polls is because MSM + pundits push the narrative they're the same when they are not.

But, how to do this mindfully and not combative politics as usual?
1/ So @ShahidForChange expressed thoughts on Bernie and Warren supporter strategy. Appreciate the mindfulness of keeping it high ground so let's have the discussion. He opened the door for some things I've been wanting to say about Warren.

Thread time ⬇️
2/ Overall, agree with focus more on what you love versus bash what you hate. Plenty to differentiate Bernie and Warren on policy, record, and leadership.

Where I differ:
I think Warren has sidelined her progressive fortitude and pivoted to the center to win party favor.
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#LIVE: Direct Actions Disrupt #DC to Demand Climate Action - #ShutDownDC…
#BREAKING: Activists w Extinction Rebellion shut down intersection of 16th & K in Washington, DC by parking a sailboat in the street.

This is part of several disruptive #ClimateStrike actions working to #ShutDownDC this AM.
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Let’s talk about @ewarren-
1) deciding to call herself a Native American - when she was actually a descendent of colonialists is a huge self-inflicted mistake. It is also deeply hypocritical.
2) So is meeting with @HillaryClinton
3) So is accepting corporate $$$
See a pattern?
I’m not saying that @ewarren doesn’t have some really bold and gutsy policy positions that I agree with. I love that she’s for a ban on fracking for example- I would definitely vote for her over Trump and her over Biden. And I’d campaign for her if she won the nomination- but...
But treating these issues with kid gloves is not going to make them go away. I’m really torn here bc I don’t wanna tear down any of these progressive Dems. But I worrrrrry a lot about this- especially the Native American issue- which is so clearly a blind spot for her
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On my final day @PacificStand I’m feeling nostalgic, so I wanted to share some favorite moments and stories. Think of it as a memorial to a job that I loved and that helped me grow as an editor and a person.
@PacificStand Also, if you admire the breadth and depth and quality of this work, I am currently looking for my next adventure (read: job). DMs open.
@PacificStand My very first story at @PacificStand was this incredible piece from @kathrynajoyce. It is still one of my favorites. Read it.…
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Good morning! This bus is taking @BernieSanders and @janeosanders on a bus tour of factory farms (CAFOs, or confined animal feeding operations) in the Williams, Iowa area, led by @cciaction members.

Follow along on this thread.
This pump station about 15 miles north of Des Moines is the halfway point of the Dakota Access Pipeline’s path across Iowa. It repressurizes the pipeline, keeps oil flowing.

It’s not what we’re touring today but CCI was involved in the #NoDAPL fight. #KeepItInTheGround
Bernie is on the bus, along with @cciaction’s leadership team.

They’ll be telling the Sanderses about their experience living with, and working to stop, the consolidation of wealth and power in rural Iowa into fewer and fewer hands — through the industrialization of livestock.
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I'll be back with another #WomanOfTheDay tomorrow.
#WomanOfTheDay 7/17/2019: Phyllis Young.

Young is a Lakota activist, founder of Women of All Red Nations & a key elder in the #NoDAPL movement. From @nick_w_estes’s new book, I also learned she was instrumental in drafting the 1974 “Declaration of Continuing Independence.” Book cover: Our History Is The Future
Phyllis Young: “I am ‘Woman Who Stands By The Water’ & my other name is ‘Woman Who Loves the Water.’ I was given those names by my people because it's been my life struggle to protect the water.”…
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Progressives need to have facts to spread the truth and fight against the misinformation propaganda. Huge Thanks to:

Fakes undermining democracy, peace, and progressives must be fully exposed!
"In September 2011, Warren announced her candidacy for the Senate, challenging Republican incumbent Scott Brown. She won the general election on November 6, 2012, becoming the first female U.S. Senator from Massachusetts."…
Charter School Lobbyist Introduces Elizabeth Warren at Rally…
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@brettachapman @MrHWM @Terrilltf I'll "call it" land of the N. Cheyenne nation my ancestors bled for.

As you know, the Fort Laramie Treaty was signed in April 1868, with victorious Native allies burning down all of the forts in the area afterward.
This treaty land was won by fierce fighting & from a position...
@brettachapman @MrHWM @Terrilltf of strength & the dignity by those who sacrificed for it. Red Cloud’s War is where talk of treaty rights stemmed from during the #NoDAPL protest. Lakota people stood their ground protecting not only the water, but with the same blood of their ancestors flowing through their veins
@brettachapman @MrHWM @Terrilltf on land they’d defended 150 years ago.

My Cheyenne tribe has their own powerful & unique history, a history beyond tragic massacres perpetuated against us by the whites we initially sought to make peace with time and time again;
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Watching @AOC watch questions of #WellsFargo CEO that people like me have dreamed of being asked from a Congressional hearing. From their culpability in caging children to their role in financing the Dakota Access pipeline.

Clip coming next...
.@RepAOC: "Mr. Sloan, why was the bank involved in the caging of children?"

@AOC to #WellsFargo CEO
And then @RepAOC shifts to asking about #WellsFargo's role in the Dakota Access Pipeline
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So a couple of months ago I told yall about a project thats threatening a forest on my ancestral homelands here in southern Maryland. I just want to give yall an update on whats going on and ask that you help me. PLEASE!
I first want to just begin by saying that I am a member of the Cedarville band of Piscataway. For those who do not know, the Piscataway are the indigenous peoples to the land currently known as Maryland and Washington, D.C. (Most of us reside in southern Maryland.)
Southern Maryland is still (for now) one of the counties in Md that haven’t been bulldozed to death by developers who want to build neighborhoods, shopping centers, multimillion dollar homes. (However, it’s developing fast).
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@SenSanders Actually, none of the observers that went there, including the UN, said that the elections were fraudulent. It was the US who sent no observers and the Opposition who refused to participate who claimed that. As a matter of fact, the Opposition begged the UN not to send observers
@SenSanders What did many observers actually say about the elections in Venezuela?
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It’s so strange to me (this happened during #NoDAPL too) how white folks can see the same photos and videos I do of peaceful Native actions and read violence.
Reminds me of this, where a “mountain country girl” with a confederate flag avi tried to say a photo of unloading firewood at Oceti during #NoDAPL was evidence of violence:
It’s almost as if any Native presence is a threat to the legitimacy of what is currently known as the United States. 🤔
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I’m in the midst of supporting my close friends through an awful, heartbreaking tragedy so I don’t have the capacity to really even think about anything right now. But center and listen to Native voices on the MAGA hat boys.
These incidents are not new for Native folks. They’re part of larger systemic problems that stem from ongoing settler colonialism. Allow Native writers, reporters, and community members illuminate that context and nuance for you.
My entire TL is talking about a Native person for the first time that I’ve ever seen. Even during #NoDAPL. Please don’t let this be the last thing you tweet about Indigenous folks, let it lead to more advocacy and change.
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I'm going to tweet as if I were a Bernie basher who pretended to be a feminist anti-racist. Ahem. Here it goes... Once upon a time, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was born and realized she wanted to be just like Hillary Clinton because her experience really resonated with her. She...
really liked Clinton's co-sponsoring of a bill that would have sent people to jail for flag-burning. She really liked Clinton's stumping for welfare reform & the crime bill. She really liked all the work The Clinton Foundation did in Haiti. She really liked Hillary's vote on...
Iraq. She really liked what Clinton did as SOS in Honduras. She really liked the way Clinton lied about her position on Honduras. And she really loved Clinton's sit-down interview with Mary J Blige. Basically, Clinton's whole brand of politics & policy appealed to Alexandria...
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when you say the word, you're invoking the name of the irascible spirit of the Cacique of The Winds, Guabancex
was both the Chief of the Winds in the far away land of Aumatex and a deity. so was chief of spirit people
Nitaino means, "good people" and whenever the good people of the Caribe weren't, Guabancex turns into Juracán
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