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We are now reporting live from Des Moines, IA where Ruby Montoya, admitted DAPL saboteur, is being sentenced today in Federal Court for her efforts to impede the DAPL project with a campaign of vandalism in 2016 and 2017.
After originally pleading guilty, Montoya has repeatedly tried to cast blame on others in an attempt to reduce her prison sentence. In court today, she has cited “coercion” and “influence” of her codefendant, Jessica Reznicek. (A claim Reznicek has denied).
Montoya’s attorneys tried to have the sentencing conducted in a closed court, but the Judge rejected their request, stating that pleadings in this case had already been “over sealed” in a way that is “contrary to the public interest.”
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One year ago yesterday, on August 11, 2021, admitted #DAPL saboteur Jessica Reznicek reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca, MN to begin serving her 8 year sentence.…
"Today I feel sad to be saying my final goodbyes to loved ones. I am strengthened, however, knowing that I’m still standing with integrity during this very important moment in history, as there truly is no other place to be standing at a time like this.” -Reznicek on 8/11/21
Her sentence includes a domestic terrorism enhancement, which she unsuccessfully appealed. On June 6, 2022, the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the enhancement.
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Friendly Reminder, #NativeTwitter

@jfkeeler uses accounts who haven’t blocked her as Trojan Horses to find her way into the mentions of people she’s blocked and actively harassing to continue attacking them: ImageImage
She can’t stay out of:

• Other Tribes and Communities she doesn’t have ties to,

• Other Tribal Rolls and Family Trees she doesn’t belong to,

• Graves and Obituaries of people who aren’t her family,

• The Mentions of people she’s first Blocked, then relentlessly attacks.
She exploits Misogyny against her Native Woman victims, uses accusations of it to shield herself from accountability, and partners with known Abusers, Rapsits, and Unreformed Felons to attack Native Women and their Children.

Her “work” itself reinforces Misogyny.
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What made me seal the deal on investing into #ImpactXP .....!!!

Community and Environment and Finances Image
Being a #IMPACTor has always been my way of life aka Activist,Humanitarian, aka just an helper or servant of the people Image
I would love if @JadFarah12 shined a little light on what's going on globally yes...but more importantly what's happening in our backyard in Flint Image
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Ruby Montoya is doing whatever she can to lighten her punishment after publicly admitting to a string of arson and sabotage attacks against the Dakota Access Pipeline (#DAPL) in 2017.…
According to a recent article in @TheEconomist, “Montoya agreed to cooperate with the FBI” in fall 2020. During such FBI debriefs, agents typically attempt to solicit information on other activists and pressure co-defendants to testify against each other.
Since summer 2021, Montoya’s lawyer repeatedly filed motions on her behalf asking the court to allow her to file documents under seal—a practice typically avoided by those facing political charges in an effort to be transparent about engagement w/ law enforcement and the courts.
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Ruby Montoya admitted along w Jessica Reznicek to sabotaging the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Recent motions filed by Montoya seek to nullify her guilty plea, in part by claiming other activists coerced her into acts she previously stated she undertook freely:…
Ruby Montoya’s codefendant, Jessica Reznicek, recently reported to prison to begin her 8 year sentence, saying she was “feeling strong in spirit and ready to move on to the next phase of my life”:…
Unlike Reznicek, Montoya has had her sentencing hearings delayed, and has filed sealed motions with the court - activists charged for direct actions generally avoid sealed filings because they are often a sign that a cooperating deal may have been reached with prosecutors.
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We are proud & honored to be a part of this journey w/ @NativeOrganizer, @The_NHM, House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Nation & Se'Si'Le.

We must #protectsacredplaces in danger of being destroyed by development, resource extraction, and vandalism. #RedRoad2DC
For the Lummi and many other Coast Salish tribes, orcas are considered to be their most revered relations. Their health indicates the health of the seas.

Dams on the Snake River have decimated the wild salmon population and threatened Northwest First Peoples way of life.
Ancient shrines, petroglyphs, and cultural artifacts have been destroyed in #BearsEars. Designating this sacred place as a National Monument will be the first step to ensure this place is protected in perpetuity.
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Water Protector sentenced to 8 years in Federal Prison for actions to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Contact:
Des Moines, IA –On Wednesday Federal Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger sentenced Jessica Reznicek to 8 years in prison, followed by 3 years supervised probation, and a restitution of $3,198,512.70 paid to Energy Transfer LLC for the actions she took in 2016 to stop the #DAPL.
“My spirit remains strong, however, as I feel held in love, support and prayer by so many near and far. Regardless of my sentence I am hopeful that movements to protect the water live on in the struggles against #Line3 & #MVP. ”
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Jessica Reznicek, an immensely strong & courageous Water Protector, was sentenced on Wednesday to 8 years in federal prison for her actions to stop #DAPL. (1/7) A photo of Jessica smiling. Her shirt reads “You can jail
She said, “I am saddened to be preparing for spirit remains strong, however, as I feel held in love, support & prayer by so many near and far. Regardless of my sentence I am hopeful that movements to protect the water live on in the struggles against #Line3 and #MVP.” Jessica writes “water” on a board that is part of a bloc
The judge sided with Federal prosecutors and applied a domestic terrorism enhancement to Jessica’s case, saying it was necessary to discourage others from taking similar actions. (3/7)
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Targets that need protested in 2021 #MayDay2021 #PortlandProtests
Financiers of #KeystoneXL #TransMountain #DAPL #BayouBridge & #Line3 pipelines
Wellsfargo, Chase, Bank of America, Barclays
@MazaskaTalks #StopLine3 #NoTMX #NoDAPL #IndigenousSovereignty #HonorTheEarth 1/
-Amazon Web Services and Microsoft contract with ICE to provide cloud services, data processing and AI
-Aramark provides shitty food to prisons, including private prisons ran by ICE.
-Wayfair provides beds for detained migrants. #MayDay #AbolishICE 2/…
@G4S helped detain, transport and deport migrants & involved in Israeli occupation of Palestine until recently. Still operate private prisons, and train Israeli police. Contract with City of Portland and @trimet. @AlliedUniversal is merging with G4S 3/
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Today @JoeBiden takes big steps on #ClimateAction
✅Creating a National Climate Task Force
✅Setting clean procurement standards
✅Stopping new oil & gas leases on public lands
✅Calling for a Civilian Conservation Corps
✅Kicking off the Justice40 Initiative

This is a start!
Biden borrows from the best ideas out there--like from NY State's landmark climate law of 2019 that set a 40% EJ investment target. Don't forget that movements got us here and movements are what will push the Biden administration to do everything we need.
Stopping oil & gas lease sales on public lands will have a huge impact, including for communities defending their lands from fossil fuel extraction. It is the fights against pipelines like #KeystoneXL #DAPL and against fracking that have won this victory.
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Now that 24/7 Trump media cycle is over (I think?), let's look at all the many critical stories corp media ignored for profit since 2016.

1) Flint doesn't have clean water or convictions nearly 7 years later
2) We're aiding Saudi Arabia in genocide of Yemen

3) The PPP small biz program was raided by multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates who are...not small business
4) Trump and his Interior Department AGGRESSIVELY starting fracking and mining on Native American reservations across America

5) PFAS, a cancer-causing byproduct from the manufacturing of Teflon & non-stick cookware, is rampant in water bodies across America
6) We've been at war in Afghanistan for 20 years (Washington Post exposed generals were FORCED to spend millions per day--didn't matter what for)
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Like Senator Clyburn said today, we are being played.

Just want to remind you guys that American contractors *get paid to do #falseflagops on protestors.* #TrumpRiots

2017: Video Shows Military Contractors Setting Vehicles On Fire At #DAPL Protests…
"...TigerSwan operatives hired by the pipeline co...used militaristic tactics to disrupt the massive opposition to the project, sending infiltrators into resistance camps, conducting aerial surveillance, and engaging in propaganda efforts.

Read up on some of Paul Manafort's favorite tactics in Ukraine, 2014:

"Streetfighting Men. Is Ukraine’s gov't bankrolling a secret army of Adidas-clad thugs?" #TrumpRiots…
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Huge community wins in stopping pipelines this week:
🚫#AtlanticCoastPipeline has been cancelled
🚫Court ordered #DAPL temporarily shut down by Aug 5
🚫Supreme Court blocked construction on #Keystone…
These wins are due to Indigenous and Black led groups fighting for their communities. Congratulations to the groups on the frontline that have won in their fight against industry. #NoACP…
Racial and environmental justice ≠ job loss. #CleanEnergy investments can help us achieve social and environmental goal. Congress has the opportunity right now to set the stage for a clean energy future. #CleanEnergyIncentivesNow.
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Federal Judge Orders Dakota Access Pipeline Shut Down…

After years of litigation from Native tribes threatened by DAPL, today Judge James Boasberg ordered the pipeline be shut down and emptied of oil within 30 days.
The shutdown order is intended to last until the Army Corps of Engineers produces an Environmental Impact Statement.

In Dec 2016, the Army Corps under Pres. Obama declined to permit #DAPL passing under Lake Oahe, a federally protected waterway:…
One of Pres Trump's first acts in office was to reverse the Obama admin. decision, forcing the Army Corps to approve and expedite DAPL permitting:…

Trump also courted support from North Dakota law enforcement who violently repressed the #NoDAPL movement.
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BREAKING: Investors and shareholders worth a collective $620 billion sent letters to @Nike @FedEx and @PepsiCo asking the brands to divest from the Washington @Redskins unless the team agrees to change its name.…
The investor letter to @PepsiCo, for example, cites the company’s “decision to sunset the Aunt Jemima brand is an important and meaningful step,” and calls on it to continue that commitment to divesting from racist mascots by ending its relationship with the Redskins.
The investor letter to @Nike applauds the brand's stated commitment to anti-racism and its work with @Kaepernick7, but asks that the brand extend its values to the Native American community as well by dropping the Redskins.
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October 13, 2016: Five Senators sign a letter to Obama urging him to halt #DAPL construction which is headed towards Native American land:
Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Ed Markey, Ben Cardin.

No signature from Elizabeth Warren.…
October 28, 2016: Bernie Sanders sends a letter to Obama urging him to send Justice Dept observers to #StandingRock to protect the #DAPL protesters. "There are disturbing reports of officers using sound cannons, pepper spray and rubber bullets."… #NoDAPL
December 4, 2016: Elizabeth Warren finally puts out a statement on #DAPL. She refers to the police brutality in the passive voice.…
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This dam conference on hydro-impacted communities starts today! It's actually named "Ki Ta Ski Naw" or 'rise up' in Cree. For those interested in following along, I think hashtags will be #hydroimpacted #hydrojustice & I'll also try to use #SiteC #bcpoli…
Looking forward to the first panel which will be moderated by BC journalist @sarahcox_bc. Opening welcome now. Starting to regain feeling in my face from the walk here, hi Winnipeg!
We're in Treaty 1 territory for the #hydroimpacted conference. Welcome by local elder Dave Scott in Cree language. Speaking now about the treaty relationship, its history, the 'doctine of discovery', Trudeau's White Paper & ongoing devolution process.. cc #SiteC #treaty8
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If we would starve Venezuelan children for their oil, covering up the poisoning of #SouthDakota is just child’s play...… via @DeSmogBlog
@DeSmogBlog DeSmog received info that indicates the #GardenCreek spill was "officially estimated at 11 million gallons. This puts the release, in terms of gallons spilled, on par with the infamous 1989 #ExxonValdez oil spill in Alaska."…
@DeSmogBlog For more on how oil spills are frequently caused by deliberately muzzled safety equipment read, The Pigs in the Pipeline at:… #NoDAPL #NoKXL #DAPL #KXL #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #OilSpill
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1/ NEW EPISODE: As Trump speeds up #oilandgas drilling on #publiclands, Native American artifacts- scattered all over large swaths of land in Utah - are at risk of being destroyed.
2/ It all started last spring with Trump’s executive order pushing for America’s energy dominance:

@jennoldham & @LeighSPaterson traveled to a remote corner of Utah to find out what this policy actually means on the ground.
@jennoldham @LeighSPaterson 3/ #NativeAmerican artifacts are everywhere in SE #Utah. After a long drive down a dirt road, @jennoldham & @LeighSPaterson stumbled across these ancient carvings and the remains of a wall.
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Here’s a very interesting situation.

Will human rights and the interests of the general public in clean water; or corporate demands win out here?

In the Corporate States of America its usually the big money corporations that get favoured.
Lets hope that won’t be the case here.
If Dakota Access Pipe Line did not legally own the land, then Clean Water protestors were not trespassing on DAPL land.

Protestors were injured in the very aggressive assault on the protestors. Was this on instruction of local or federal police or done by police privately hired
Police used water cannons in below freezing weather on the Clean Water #DAPL protestors; as well as tear gas and rubber bullets that caused serious injury.
Over 300 people were injured.

It was like something you’d expect in a vicious totalitarian police state.
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A few scary highlights of the Trump Administration's #CORRUPTION
3/22 The American Petroleum Institute holds its board meeting at Trump’s hotel, where it meets with EPA chief Scott Pruitt. A month later, Pruitt suspends drilling regulations.…
7/17 E-cigarette-makers hold their annual conference at the hotel. Ten days later, the FDA announces it will delay federal oversight of e-cigarettes until 2022.

10/4 At its annual board meeting, the National Mining Association is addressed by three Cabinet members: Wilbur Ross,
Alexander Acosta, Rick Perry. “Coal is fighting back,” Perry exults over breakfast with the country’s top mining executives. Five days later, the Trump administration announces the repeal of Obama’s Clean Power Plan
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Obama had a scandal-free presidency? Yeah right. Maybe to someone who wasn't paying attention. Here's what #ActualFlatticus #AlanSmithee had to say back when @brianefallon tried to peddle such a lie:
#Obama did not end the sale of military equipment to police departments, by #ActualFlatticus #AlanSmithee.
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1. One year ago, the Army Corps of Engineers granted the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline to run beneath Lake Oahe, threatening the clean water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux and millions of people along the Missouri River. #NoDAPL
2. Here’s a video we recorded in early December 2016, when I traveled to Standing Rock with thousands of veterans in support of the water protectors. The Army Corps had denied the easement then, instead ordering an environmental impact statement, or EIS.
3. The EIS was abandoned not long after President Trump took office, but water protectors have continued to organize. The Native Nations March, March for Science, People’s Climate March, and countless local efforts show a new path forward for putting people before profits.
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