THREAD: I've thought a lot about what it means to be wealthy.

But putting a "number" on it is a one-way ticket to the rat race.

Instead, here are 10 indicators of wealth (which have nothing to do with money):

Wealth is the ability to choose:

• How you spend your time
• Where you spend your time
• Who you spend your time with

Learned from the wise @jamesclear

Wealth is freedom from:

• Negative people
• Negative thoughts
• Negative emotions
• Forced obligations

@EricJorgenson's Almanack of @naval says it best:

Wealth is not freedom to, it's freedom from.

Wealth is a calendar without recurring meetings.

Recurring meetings mean you're on someone else's schedule.

Empty calendars mean you're on your own schedule.

Here's an example 👇🏼

Wealth is the ability to say no.

Early on, building wealth requires saying yes.

Yes to people, projects, and places you're not thrilled about.

But you've found wealth when you start saying no.

Wealth is never using productivity apps.

Productivity apps schedule work you don't want to do.

If you're looking for productivity advice, you're working on the wrong project.

Wealth is never waking up to a shrieking alarm clock.

Shrieking alarm clocks signal one thing: someone else is controlling your time.

The ultimate sign of wealth: not having a clock in your room.


Wealth is never asking for permission to go to my son's baseball game.

I don't have a son or any children (I hope)

But the idea of one day asking SOMEONE ELSE for permission to leave work to go to his baseball game?

That terrifies me.

Wealth is moving urgently, but never in a rush.

Moving with urgency is a choice.

Being in a rush is an obligation.

Wealth is a fit body, a calm mind, and a house full of love.

There's a reason @naval leaves this at the end of his thread, after talking about money.

Money doesn't lead to these things.

But it does make them easier.

Now for one about money.

Wealth is the ability to drop everything and go to a championship game your team is playing in.

Freedom to explore a new city, with people you love, on a whim?

The overarching thing here:

Wealth is personal sovereignty.
I reflected on these this morning to see how many apply to me.

I’m at 4/10.

I was at 3/10 until this weekend, but I pulled the trigger on going to the Super Bowl.

4 down, 6 to go!
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Adding more relevant tweets as I come across them:

Wealth is time from @sweatystartup

Summarizing the entire thread with this from @FitFounder:


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