1/ While I believe #Ethereum is and will continue to be the dominant settlement layer for smart contracts, ultimately there is a way to bet on all of them

Every single blockchain in existence needs a decentralized oracle network to achieve its true value proposition
2/ Communication protocols have a natural network effect where the protocol with the most connections is the only solution used at scale (HTTPS)

#Chainlink is the universal communication standard for any and all blockchains to connect to any and all off-chain data resources
3/ Chainlink is not only a data delivery network but provides everything blockchains natively cannot

Price Feeds
Proof of Reserve
Verifiable randomness
Cross-chain interactions
Insurable events and IoT
Keeper transaction automation
Trust-minimized off-chain computation
Much more
4/ Chainlink oracles support all the leading L1/L2 chains including Ethereum, BSC, Matic, xDai, Cosmos, Polkadot, BSN, Tezos, Near, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, and beyond

Regardless of what chain captures the most activity, Chainlink captures value from all
5/ Support for all the leading blockchains creates the largest network of users for which Data Providers can leverage to monetize their APIs

This is why dozens of data providers like Kaiko, Huobi, Tiingo, Kraken, and more run their own #Chainlink nodes on various chains
7/ The accumulation of the above and more (e.g. proven security and reliability) is why the Chainlink Network is the most widely used oracle solution securing $10B+ for the DeFi economy

With 400+ integrations, Chainlink's network effect is growing exponentially
8/ This Network Effect creates a virtuous cycle of growth that ultimately results in new smart contracts securing more value

Both the supply and demand side feed into each other, increasing in frequency as every new participant provides more utility for the network
9/ At the center of this network effect capturing the value is $LINK which is used to

1) Pay Chainlink nodes for their oracle services
2) Subsidize the growth of the network until self-sustainability
3) Provide cryptoeconomic security through implicit and explicit staking
10/ Use this information to your advantage and position yourself accordingly

And remember, the protocol with the largest network effect is the one that accure the most value

• • •

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As a project based around “community driven governance,” I find it concerning I am being censored in this manner Image
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This is achieved with an immutable ledger that cannot be tampered with or manipulated to benefit any one party

Each block in the chain has a cryptographic hash of the previous, creating indisputable definitive truth
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