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For Web3 to succeed, each layer of the Web3 tech stack needs to become economically sustainable

⛓️ Blockchains
📄 Applications
🔮 Oracles

In pursuit of this goal, #Chainlink is pioneering the creation of a sustainable oracle economy 🧵… Image
Web3 represents a global movement focused on replacing prone-to-failure trusted intermediaries with decentralized trust-minimized infrastructure

Despite the bear market and all the fear, development hasn't stopped, but actually increased

Web3 is inevitable Image
To realize the full potential that Web3 can offer the world, the infrastructure underlying Web3 must become economically sustainable

This means each layer of the Web3 tech stack must earn fees from users and/or other the layers of the stack
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1/ @PhotonsHedge is revolutionizing the financial landscape by tokenizing the data of assets, thereby unlocking the true potential of the data economy. This will help enhance transparency in trading and provides new opportunities to investors.

🧵 A Thread
2/ Asset data tokenization involves creating secured digital tokens on a distributed ledger. A 2020 study by a German FinTech firm #Cashlink and custody provider @Finoa_io, stated that moving securities on blockchains could save $17B - $24B yearly in global trade running costs.
@Finoa_io 3/ By digitally representing physical assets on distributed ledgers, @PhotonsHedge adds liquidity to assets. Liquidity can be provided when assets such as @oceanprotocol or securitized data, are staked. This significantly depicts how asset data is tokenized and democratized.
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1/ @PhotonsHedge is revolutionizing the financial landscape by tokenizing the data of assets, thereby unlocking the true potential of the data economy. This will help enhance transparency in trading and provides new opportunities to investors.

🧵 A Thread
2/ Asset data tokenization involves creating secured digital tokens on a distributed ledger. A 2020 study by a German FinTech firm #Cashlink and custody provider @Finoa_io, stated that moving securities on blockchains could save $17B - $24B yearly in global trade running costs.
@Finoa_io 3/ By digitally representing physical assets on distributed ledgers, @PhotonsHedge adds liquidity to assets. Liquidity can be provided when assets such as @oceanprotocol or securitized data, are staked. This significantly depicts how asset data is tokenized and democratized.
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1) This whale's portfolio had a 𝗻𝗲𝘁 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗵 of more than $𝟭𝟬,𝟬𝟬𝟬,𝟬𝟬𝟬.

Today it's worth less than to $𝟮,𝟱𝟬𝟬,𝟬𝟬𝟬.

Who is this 𝘂𝗻𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗲 and how can we 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 his mistakes? Image
2) This whale's journey has certainly be an unprofitable one.

What started with a portfolio funded with a net worth of $10,800,000 turned into a portfolio with a net worth of $2,300,000 today.

What went wrong and what tokens did he buy? ImageImage
3) Well apparently a lot and not just one or two times either.

The whale had to cut plenty of his plays with a huge amount of loss.

Let's take a look at some of the more notable ones. Image
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Why #Arbitrum could be next big winner in crypto 🚀

Don't miss out 👇 Image

➡️ Arbitrum's TVL soared to $2.3B, making it the 4th largest chain in #crypto.

➡️ Users and investors are trusting and adopting it.

➡️ Stablecoin value grew by $500M in just 2 months since launch.

➡️ The demand is increasing rapidly⚡️ Image

➡️ With over 600K active users, #Arbitrum surpasses #Optimism and approaches #Solana

➡️ It's popular and valuable in the #Cryptocommunity

➡️ Arbitrum maintains the highest liquidity among Layer 2 solutions

➡️ It ensuring smooth transactions and a great user experience Image
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Tired of @chainlink Tokenomics FUD? Ready to start thinking for yourself? If you're done with being a follower and ready to DYOR this🧵is for you. 1/25 @ltoadnft #notfinancialadvice Image
What is tokenomics (token economics)? You can find a few different definitions but it really means; will the token go up based on the design of how it is used. Some tokenomics are gimmicks like "token burn" why would you need to "burn" something that is already in high demand?
Imagine burning a rookie Michael Jordan basketball card just so the remaining ones would be more valuable because "now there's even less". Sounds maybe a little silly no? If there's true DEMAND why you burning it 🤷‍♂️
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Revolutionizing the way smart contracts connect with the outside world 🌐

Designed to bring real-world data to the blockchain with unmatched security 🔒

Curious about the Des Oracle network that's taking the crypto space by storm? ⛈️

Here's an in-depth look at @chainlink 🔗🧵 Image
📃Chainlink is a decentralized blockchain oracle network built on @ethereum.

The network is intended to be used to facilitate the transfer of tamper-proof data from off-chain sources to on-chain smart contracts.
🤔 Founded in 2014 by @SergeyNazarov, Steve Ellis, Craig Siel, and @Adam_Ha_Yes to provide a way for smart contracts on blockchains to access data from external sources, called oracles.

@chainlink provides a secure & decentralized way to source this data. Image
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¿Qué es la interoperabilidad?

Te lo cuento así ⚡
En este 👉🏻🧵 crack
La interoperabilidad se refiere a la capacidad de diferentes blockchains y criptomonedas para comunicarse y trabajar juntas.

Es importante porque permite a las criptomonedas y blockchains trabajar juntos para lograr objetivos comunes.
La interoperabilidad también puede ayudar a reducir la fragmentación en el ecosistema de criptomonedas.

La interoperabilidad se puede lograr a través de tecnologías como los puentes de cadena, los tokens envueltos y los protocolos de interoperabilidad.
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11 Things you can build with the new #Chainlink Functions

1/ @OpenAI API

Create a smart contract that asks an AI for a daily investment recommendation and then makes that trade.
2/ @Tesla API

Create a Tesla rental smart contract.

The renter pays in stablecoins based on the miles traveled.
3/ @Spotify API

Create a smart contract that pays the artist based on the # of song plays. No middlemen. Instant payment via stablecoin.
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⛓️ Introducing #Chainlink Functions ⛓️

A new serverless Web3 platform that enables devs to connect their smart contracts to *any* Web2 API and run custom off-chain computations

Includes integrations for @awscloud, @Meta, and @googlecloud, and more…
What's so cool about this?

Chainlink Functions is a truly self-service oracle solution

No need to host/run your own infra or even interface with @chainlinklabs or #Chainlink node operators

Connect your dApp in a few minutes with just a few lines of code…
For the technical folks, think of Chainlink Functions as a more trust-minimized and blockchain-enabled version of AWS Lambda, GCP CloudFunctions, or Cloudflare Workers

Distributed serverless architecture powered by the same OCR-powered DONs that secure billions with data feeds Image
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With promising new projects promising cross-chain capabilities, many people overlook the OGs in the space and what they're doing: Enter @chainlink, building #CCIP.

And they've already got a major player using it: @swiftcommunity

Here's how it'll be a game changer 👇

#CCIP stands for Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol, and it allows developers to build Omnichain-capable dApps.

This means that the days of having to integrate every single chain individually are over.

It opens up a myriad of possibilities for users too! All the hassle of having to use unsafe bridges/shady CEXes just to get into a new chain? Gone.

Here are some examples of how it'll completely change user experience in #DeFi:

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1) The $Metis ecosystem TVL is rising and one of its leading dex is rebounding strongly.

Can this dex pave the way forward to a bigger and better ecosystem?

Let's find out 🧵👇

@hummusdefi $hum
2) $HUM is a proven single-side and decentralized AMM designed for exchanging stablecoins on $METIS.

Users can swap stablecoins on Hummus with extremely low slippage and fees.

They can also stake stablecoins to generate yield, and stake HUM tokens to boost that yield.
3) $HUM is the first and only dedicated stableswap on Metis.

There are several advantages over traditional swap protocols:

• No impermanent loss.
• Single-side liquidity provision.
• Ultra low slippage.
• Minimal fees.
• High capital efficiency.
• Easy scalability.
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What’s the “real-world” impact of Web3?

If you work in Web3, you’ve probably heard this question a few times. Just like any transformative technology, the promise of Web3 is highly appealing, but the trillion-dollar question is: “When will MY life be impacted?”
That ChatGPT moment when it becomes clear that there’s no turning back. When your friend says, “Oh yes, I bought my house on this app. I got funded in literally 5 minutes. Now THAT’s DeFi!” Or “I just clicked here and my insurance covered my car repair, no questions asked!”
So what do we need for Web3 to “get real”?

First, we need real-world assets.…
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0/ (Long Thread Alert)

Kromatika's FELO (Fees Earning Limit Orders) are an innovative approach to limit orders in the #Ethereum Ecosystem.

🧵👇 Image
1/ What are limit orders though?

It is a direction to buy/sell an asset at a specified price. This allows traders to exercise better control of the prices at which they trade avoiding volatility.

A limit can be placed either as a buy or a sell order.

2/ Limit orders on DEXes:

A lot of DEXes that offer limit order are not fully decentralized but rather centralized as they rely on market makers to process its limit orders.

It is quite complicated to make a decentralized limit order hence they depend on market makers for this.
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Web3 and AI are the two most transformative technologies of our lifetime. And when they combine … 🤯🤯🤯
The first area is smart contract coding. If you’ve tried CoPilot, ChatGPT, or what Google is working on, it’s pretty clear that assisted coding will 100x developers’ productivity.
This is particularly important in fast-growing fields like Web3, where new ideas need to be explored quickly, and onramps for new developers are critical to mass adoption.
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Here goes my attempt at being a threadoooor for @cheqd_io (ticker: $cheq). A 🧵

So what is #cheqd and why should it excite you?
It's become a commonly known truth that in the age of Web2 - WE are the product. Our data is held by companies the companies we interact with online, ostensibly for KYC purposes.

It's expensive to hold and keep secure and makes for crappy UX for users.
This data is often misused, sold or simply lost by the companies holding it, creating huge issues for users

Laughing man explains the struggles here:

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The goal of @HatomProtocol is to empower DeFi on @MultiversX through various products, creating an ecosystem to attract liquidity without relying on liquidity mining or short-term incentives. It’s a complete, non-custodial lending protocol developed from scratch.

1) The @MultiversX team has supported #HatomProtocol during development, such as deploying a #chainlink price oracle on the Devnet. They have also offered their full support & have been working closely to launch Liquid Staking.
2) Hatom Protocol is also partnered with @ash_swap, creating Liquidity Pools (LPs) for sEGLD/EGLD and HsEGLD/EGLD. This will be critical infrastructure, e.g., $20M LP in a stable swap DEX equals $200M on a regular DEX.
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#Chainlink is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with NFTs, one oracle service at a time.

A thread on NFT innovation 🧵
When you think of #NFTs, you're probably envisioning something like a #CryptoPunk—a unique, 1-of-1 token with an image attached to its metadata that never changes.

This static format represents most NFTs today. But what else is possible with NFTs?
Imagine you have a house NFT. Every time something in it is upgraded, the NFT updates to reflect this. When the house is sold, the token is transferred to its new owner.

This is a dynamic NFT (dNFT)—made possible using Chainlink oracles.…
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1/ Tokenization of real-world assets is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity for #Web3

And it's just getting started...

Making these assets programable is a key step to moving global trade to blockchains:
2/ Tokenizing real-world assets is the process of representing them on the blockchain as tokens.
3/ What are the benefits of tokenizing something?

Anyone with an internet connection can now trade, lend, borrow, split up, and send these tokenized assets anywhere in the world, at any time, nearly instantly, for a low cost via blockchains.
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Today we are going to talk about our solutions to process users’ orders and enable a fair margin trade system without front-running through our dark oracle stack!

A 🧵 Image
As you might know, a known issue regarding Perp Dexs is the risk of front running if data is available on-chain
Thus, we’ve opted for an off-chain oracle to price orders.
The dark oracle will aggregate prices from on-chain (DEX) and off-chain (CEX) price feeds to process orders
An issue with this type of solution is the need of a trusted party to price orders; to solve it, we propose the price validation to be passed by the keeper on-chain with the chainlink price feeds.

If the price passed isn’t within a threshold, then the order will not be processed
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1) 👉Today i'm presenting you @GMX_IO👈

As i promised i will continue my #DeFi threads with #GMX and this time we'll focus on minting $GLP. Image
2) #GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades.

Trading is supported by a unique multi-asset pool that earns liquidity providers fees from market making, swap fees and leverage trading.
3) Dynamic pricing is supported by #Chainlink Oracles and an aggregate of prices from leading volume exchanges.
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🚀 The launch of @chainlink staking is a resounding success, with over 11 million $LINK staked so far! The long-awaited #Chainlink upgrade, introducing Staking v0.1 on the Ethereum mainnet, was completed a few hours ago.

A thread 🧵👇
1/ Chainlink staking is designed to make the ecosystem more stable. The native LINK token can be staked for rewards by users to encourage trustworthy behavior and increase network security.
2/ This functionality is fundamental to the operation of Chainlink Economics 2.0. The incentive system was designed to give nodes a reason to improve the oracle's data quality and performance over time.
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1/ #Chainlink Staking v0.1 is launching tomorrow (Dec 6th, 12PM ET) 👀

What does this mean and what does Staking v0.1 look like?

Let’s break it down frens 🧵
2/ Staking is a mechanism where tokens are locked up in smart contracts to increase the cryptoeconomic security of a protocol

For Chainlink, this consists of $LINK being locked up as collateral to back the performance of decentralized oracle networks
3/ While Chainlink networks are already secure, staking adds an additional incentives/penalties system on-top

Staking will roll out across stages, initially beginning with a v0.1 beta release (tomorrow)

Through an iterative approach, more functionality will be added over time
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Been meaning to check out the Smart Contract Research Forum, but not quite sure where to start? Here are some topics and posts that are currently generating a lot of discussion on the forum: Image
This study's goals are to determine to what extent #blockchain technology may improve the #governance and sustainability of #NGOs on the African continent. Join the conversation and share your thoughts below:
In a @SCRForum research summary of his co-authored paper, Hsiang-Jen Hong of @UCCS discusses Auto-Tune: a routing algorithm designed to optimize routing success rates and fees while utilizing the limited available channel capacity information. Learn more:
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