Remember when Brexit was sold to people as a fight back AGAINST large multinational corporations on behalf of the little guy?

Which size business do you think is coping best with the costs of extra red tape?…
In Nigel Farage's victory speech on the night of 23 June 2016, he called it a "victory for ordinary people" having "fought against the multinationals".

Does that match up with the small businesses which are now collapsing?
If only someone had warned that Brexit would give large multinational corporations an advantage over small businesses who wouldn't be able to cope with the extra costs....

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22 Feb
I'm just going to put this out there...
An 87-year-old retired man shouldn't be allowed into clubs before a 19-year-old student.
If you could choose one year of your life to have no social life at all because of a pandemic lockdown...

How many of you would choose your late teens and 20s?

Please raise your hand!

By that metric alone, those age groups have lost more social contact than any other!
So the idea that the age group that made a larger sacrifice in terms of social contact, would be deprived of that contact for longer than the age groups they made that sacrifice for...
It just does not sit well with me.
Read 4 tweets
21 Feb
.@MattHancock You can EITHER:

Proudly refuse to apologise for unlawfully failing to publish PPE contracts on time, saying you were saving lives.


Deliver expired PPE, buy £250million of unusable PPE from Tory mate Andrew Mills & let 100s of NHS staff die.

Was this the kind of contract you righteously broke the law for?

Giving £250 million in tax-payer money to a company owned by the wife of Liz Truss' former advisor, only for the PPE they made to be found defective?
#Marr #Ridge…
Is this where you got the arrogance to be able to brazenly say screw the law on national television?

Were you just so proud of your track record as health secretary, @MattHancock, that the rule of law simply melted into insignificance.
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16 Feb
Without our shop staff, nurses & bin men during lockdown, we'd have been starving, dead or living in our own sh*t.
Have the Tories forgotten that already?
It's working class people who've been keeping us alive more than any hedge fund manager.
It's working class people who've been less able to work from home, and therefore more exposed to Covid 19 so...
It's working class people who've sacrificed the most during 2020-1.
Therefore statistically...

Middle class: Job + work from home - travel costs.

Working class (unless furloughed/fired) : Job + travel + extra safety procedures + PPE + viral danger + childcare but with less academic support + downgraded A-Levels - Wages.

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15 Feb
Had an argument with a relative about my attitude to journalists. Boiled down to whether an interviewer's role is to:

▪️ Just extract the messages from the politicians and relay them to other politicians.
▪️ Come up with their own arguments against politicians' narratives
Them: If the politicians are bad, it's up to the people to see that and remove them. Journalists have no such electoral responsibility.

Me: The public aren't experts in all political issues, so journalists have to provide the info the public needs to judge MPs accurately.
Journalists accepted the "Will of the People" narrative because neither Labour or Tories were saying: "If 52% want different incompatible EU-UK relationships, it's not possible to please them all".
And here we are.

Journalism shouldn't depend on Westminster Wisdom alone.
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6 Feb
I once cheated on my girlfriend with her mum; she dumped me and stopped taking my calls. #CancelCulture.
My political party caused the worst death rate on the planet and then some people refused to vote them into office again. #CancelCulture
My favourite teacher used to read Mein Kampf to us every day in Year 2 and now there's a petition to ban her from teaching. #CancelCulture
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5 Feb
Hi @GrantShapps
Apart from freight drivers, you need to restrict the number of people who can enter the UK to the number of hotel rooms available for mandatory quarantine.
If we get Covid down to low numbers by May, but a vaccine-resistant strain has already got in, It's on you.
Thanks @Lee4NED for publicly saying the reason you won't impose mandatory hotel quarantines on travellers from all countries is that the policy may become permanent. (from a government with 15+ U-turns)
Makes holding you to account for the consequences much easier.
Thanks @MattHancock.
You just publicly admitted that you're only going to impose mandatory hotel quarantine on countries where you've already identified that there's a new variant.
Waiting for a Covid disaster before you take preventative measures has worked really well so far!
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