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🛂 From April 12th, the Govt made it a legal requirement for businesses to request customers check into premises by scanning a QR code or using a sign-in book.

We urged people to stop using their phones as this was about compliancy & testing #VaccinePassports for later on.
After querying if @NHSX guidance on exemptions set a date for #VaccinePassports in #England, i.e. mid Dec - we received info from a source who called 119 shortly after exemptions were announced.

They received the paperwork 8th October.

Further confirmation Plan B = Plan A.
So what can we all do about it.

✅ Continue to pressure MPs to vote against these measures.

✅ Get involved in rallies & 'Yellow Board' protests.

✅ Support local businesses & ask them to *reject* #vaccinepassports

✅ Increase our solidarity & non compliance.
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If every Government in every nation in the world is pushing for #VaccinePassports then there should NEVER be ANY doubt that they had ALL of this shit planned a long time ago.
If McConnell had allowed Merrick Garland appointment to #SCOTUS then HRC would have picked the next two so they could overturn Heller & (in a perfect world) disarm the American People!

Scalia was murdered so there would have been an open seat on the Supreme Court #ThinkAoutIt
Next.. If President Trump hadn't of won the 2016 Election then Hillary absolutely would have picked the next two so they could disarm us & we'd be just like effing New Zealand and Australia but that didn't work out.

This means they had #Covid19 planned a LONG TIME AGO!
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✈️ A short guide on how to beat #VaccinePassports, Day 2/8 testing & quarantine using a 'transit exemption' arriving into #England from non red list countries

1⃣ Book a cheap flight with a low cost carrier to the EU mainland. This will be your 'onward journey'.

(contd.) 👇
2⃣ If you're unvaccinated, fill out the UK Passenger Locator Form *carefully* as some things have updated.

After entering your passport number/expiry, you'll then reach 'Your COVID-19 vaccination status'.

Choose 'No/Prefer Not To Say' & continue...
3⃣ Next will be 'Your Travel Plans', select 'Stay in the UK' & continue.

4⃣ After filling in some other sections e.g. flight details, arrival/departure dates, accompanying minors, you'll come to "Self-isolation in the UK"

Choose "Government approved exemption" & continue.
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#vaccinepassports: "They are creating a new inescapable web of #surveillance. W/ geolocation data being tracked everywhere. We have a global #digital infrastructure that is growing [] all around the world."

- Ann Cavoukian, former Privacy Commissioner of Ont., advisor/#ID2020
Cavoukian: "And I should mention w/ the
#vaccinepassport, which I find highly, highly offensive from a privacy perspective, both #Quebec & the port-a-pass in #Alberta have been found-the CBC revealed this-to be incredibly #privacy invasive."

Quebec 👇

Cavoukian: "Contrary to what's being said by the govt, lots of personal information is being collected & retained. That will have an impact upon you & your freedom. #Privacy forms the foundation of our #freedom. We cannot give that up."


[Source: ]
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New: @NicolaSturgeon apologises for problems with the new 'vaccine passports.'
Tells MSPs: "I am of course well aware that many people found it extremely difficult to use the app initially." Problem was especially acute over Thursday evening and Friday.
"I know this caused extreme frustration for users who wanted to download the app as quickly as possible, and also for businesses and events organisers who were planning to test their certification arrangements over the weekend. I apologise for that." @ScotGovFM
Problem was not with the app itself but with the NHS systems it linked to. High level of demand after launch of app combined with an error in one part of the NHS system meant information wasn’t being sent quickly enough from the NHS system to the app. @NicolaSturgeon says.
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@CAPublicHealth Image description: orange background with white text that reads:
What is in the vaccines?
The Johnson and Johnson vaccine: uses adenovirus type 26 encoding for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines:
Use messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) to encode (1/?)
@CAPublicHealth the spike protein.
None of the vaccines contain:
Eggs, gelatin, latex, preservatives, metals, rare earth alloys, or any manufactured products such as microelectronics, electrodes, carbon nanotubes, or nanowire semiconductors.
None of the vaccines contain the COVID-19 virus (2/3)
@CAPublicHealth so they can’t give you COVID-19.
Also includes logo for California Department of Health and little images of people asking questions, stars, and shots in red.
#Covid_19 #VaccinePassports #vaccinated #VaccinesWork
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🟥 The Johnson regime hold personal responsibility for driving the UK #vaccinepassports black market.
Scrapping these measures will extinguish demand for 'fake certification'.

🟥 #Telegram is not encrypted, only one-to-one calls are E2E.

(contd.) 👇…
🟥 "They will also be used to ensure that care home staff have been fully vaccinated when it becomes mandatory next month."

Where did MoS journalists get info about #NHS #CovidPass becoming mandatory in November?

🟥 UK Border don't require every arrival be double jabbed. Lies.
🟥 You cannot use a QR code or #NHS #CovidPass to fill in a UK Passenger Locator Form. More lies.

🟥 Criminals don't exclusively use PayPal or crypto, more smearing & lies.

🟥 Our organisation was probed by one of these journalists moling for information & they were shut down
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1. Soal #COVID19 ada pertanyaan yang belum pernah ada jawaban. Ada yang bilang vaksin itu hak warga negara.

UU juga memberi hak: informed consent. Untuk itu, pasien bertanya, dan stakeholder lainnya memberi penjelasan.

Tentu dengan kondisi real, bukan ideal.
Sepakat gak?
2/ Isu utamanya:
A. Penerapan servax/aplikasi
B. Mitigasi
C. Long-term safety

Jadi dari sini sudah clear, ya.
Kita sepakat pandeminya ada. Menjadi clear juga saya bukan antivax.

Tentu ada perbedaan besar antara antivax dan berhati-hati. Apalagi ini soal resiko dan dampak.
3/ A. Servaxx/aplikasi
Ada yang bilang servax ini sudah ada sejak doeloe kala.
=> Bener. Dulu ada kartu vaksin. Setiap vaksin, ada catatan di situ. Kalau anak-anak saya di buku sejak D-1, semua record ada. Label vaksinnya ditempel.

Tujuannya: medis, supaya gak terlewat.
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[Thread] 1. What's the LATEST on SA's #VaccinePassports?

1. If all goes well, digital vaccine cards will become available to vaccinated people in SA on Oct 5
2. @healthza will announce next week if cards will be available to both fully + partially vaccinated people
2. How will you get your digital vaccine card?
1. You'll have to download it from a website (it won't be the #EVDS, it will be a new website)
2. If you have a smart phone, you'll be able to download it onto your phone + keep a record (similar to what you do with a plane ticket)
3. What should you do if you don't have a smartphone?
1. You will need someone with access to the internet (on a computer = fine)
2. You will be able to download and print the digital card (the printed version will have a QR code that can be digitally scanned)
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🔴 We've contacted @CommonsPACAC over recent reports about the integration/interoperability of the #EU #COVID19 Digital Certficate & #NHS #CovidPass.

🔴 The Govt can barely produce a DPIA yet will allow the EU access to UK vaccine data... (contd.)…
🔴 There has been no proper scrutiny, oversight, costings, impact assessments & VOTE for #VaccinePassports in #Britain & they must be scrapped, not put in reserve for a Plan B.…
🔴 .@PPaulCharles of @ThePCAgency said, "I think the #UK public will get more & more used to it & you are likely to see it being integrated into daily life".

Daily life? Sounds like something one of Tony Blair's clients would like from @wef @MyCommonPass
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Hi @jkenney,
I hear you don't want to put a hard lockdown in place because you don't want to punish the vaccinated. Can I let you in on a not-so-secret secret? The vaccinated are being punished either way. It's not really safe to be out an about. There is no room 1/
for car accidents, sports injuries, or illness in our hospitals. We are being told to stay home in the midst of a predictable 4th wave. Seriously, the only people not being punished under your leadership are the unvaccinated who you continue to whip into a freedom frenzy. 2/
So can we stop pretending that you have any consideration for the lives and livelihoods of the vaccinated. WE ALREADY DID the right thing. We keep doing the right things. This wave is all about the last 20% of the province who are all willfully unvaccinated 3/
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Anyone remember being in school and once every few years they would take classes to the library or gym and there would be public health nurses and we would line up and get vaccinated? 1/6 #COVID19 #VaccinePassports #GetVaccinated
It wasn't a choice. There wasn't any discussion about it. And I think most parents were pleased that this was one less thing they needed to worry about or keep track of. I don't think it occurred to anyone to question the safety or efficacy of the vaccines. 2/6
So what happened? Getting vaccinated was just one of the things everybody did. Like having to do a test before getting their beginner's licence and another one before getting the full driver's licence. 3/6
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Do I know anyone, or does anyone know someone that has special knowledge of vaccine reactions? This is really important!! Please retweet! As this could help more than one person!! Thank you! #COVID19AB #COVIDAB #CovidVaccine #VaccineSideEffects #VaccinePassports #Vaccines
It could help get a few more people 2nd doses!!
Or more!! There's quite a few that reacted, not allergic, but inflammatory lasting awhile and they are scared and their doctors don't know what to do and @AHS_media is giving ZERO advice or help, even with adverse reaction reports.
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[evildoers] have trillions of dollars at their disposal and years of... Check who funds WHO, CDC, pharmas, NIH, NATO, CIA, US military, CFR, etc. 😢 Who are the BOD of big techs.
They have no regard for Humans. Look at 911 tragedy.

Thanks to: Liarpoliticians, UK has a rogue Parliament+police
Bloody outrage and utter hypocrisy - "force" the UK to have Nazi ID Cards, aka #VaccinePassports BUT NOT for themselves. This just like as WW2 Nazis did - the "Gesundheitspass" (Health Pass) #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Thanks to: Lady Skimmington
If it is passed, this is the division and discrimination you can expect to see.…
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In August we asked people who are 'vaccine hesitant' to take part in a survey to try to find out why they feel that way.

729 people took part (thank you).
The results were surprising.

See full survey results here

Key findings below 1/
The overwhelming majority (87%) cited one reason for not having the jab was b/c there haven't been any long-term studies on the potential side-effects of the CV-19 vaccine.

Therefore, participants to this survey have based that decision on a rational awareness of the facts
One of the most remarkable results was the answer that received the least votes:

0.8% just 6 participants, said they're against vaccines of any sort.
Also the vast majority of participants (78%) take other vaccines & many have had their 1st jab.

Thus they are not "anti vax"
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🟥 Westminster & the devolved Governments have not produced vital impact assessments around #VaccinePassports.

🟥 We need to know who we're dealing with. Those implementing these measures don't care about age, gender, ethnicity etc. They have a target & a timeline.

🟥 The discrimination & equalities arguments against #VaccinePassports should never be ignored, but ministers are relentlessly pushing on.

🟥 Groups who've appealed to the public for financial support in a legal bid must prepare their teams to act immediately if the law changes.
🟥 We must hope for the best & prepare for the worst. It's highly likely that the Johnson regime will use Plan B before December. A trade off with #vaccinepassports or restrictions.

🟥 Our greatest pushback will be non compliance on a national level alongside court proceedings.
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Just watched the full recording of @CMOH_Alberta's presentation yesterday to Alberta family doctors on the current state of #COVID19AB (still accessible here):
I do appreciate Dr Hinshaw acknowledging her mistake - Thank you.
But issues remain.
🧵 1/
Some of these issues are serious and have already been discussed by other commentators:
I’ll point out some other concerns I still have that may have not yet been expressed, or needs reinforcement.
@CMOH_Alberta is still comparing pediatric COVID with sports injuries.
This is a false comparison:
-Kids can’t spread sports injuries to other kids, or to society at large.
-We’re doing our best to prevent sports injuries (helmets, etc) and are not doing so for COVID.
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THREAD: "F**k Joe Biden, Biden is a Pedophile" Hundreds marched through NYC protesting vaccine mandates.
All Videos by @yyeeaahhhboiii2 (FreedomNewsTV)


#VaccinePassports #vaccines
"We all have to develop an immunity to this entire virus" said speaker Del Bigtree, "We're gonna have to catch this cold." he added


Del Bigtree speaking at Anti-mandate Protest in NYC "I told you over 7 months ago, this vaccine does not work". When interviewed and reporters who say that he doesn't have a medical license, he responds "That's why it's so terrifying that I'm the only one getting it right" #VAX
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This is considered “being safe”…by people who will literally track you down and arrest you if you leave the house to go for a 15 minute walk, alone, without permission…
In the UK, officials have admitted a placebo is just as good as a vaccine…

The country on its ***4th shot*** has higher cases and deaths than BEFORE the injections existed…
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My wallets:
BTC: 37kJHRBLaiyfhmXGyTAJbCz3J2SzxRJbLw


Tag: 4200461204

If you think I'm kidding about Central Bank digital currency! Here's a job for you posted 27 days ago... but the passport wasn't planned in advance with this ;) Image
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Vaccine passports will achieve nothing other than furthering the erosion of the liberties that define Western Civilisation. These liberties should not be so readily cast aside. Even talk of “optional” things should make liberals shudder.
It's so hypocritical that the talk was of no desire for domestic #VaccinePassports and then the moment the tool necessary to implement them arrives (for a different purpose, international access), they immediately become policy. Give politicians a hammer..
So #VaccinePassports will be necessary for large gatherings and "sinners". How very appropriate for our puritanical government.
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