The real conspiracy is that the ruling class behind this agenda has used their money, power & influence to brainwash the masses to believe that the wealthy aren't conspiring to dominate the world economy, resources & people. They're enacting an agenda right under our noses.
These globalists have done an amazing job of getting people to buy into conspiracies around ONE man, Donald Trump, & destroy each other over a witch hunt for him while they as the ruling, elite class meet every year in secrecy at #DARVO to plan how they're going to run the world.
The meeting is shrouded in elitism & secrecy, guests are invite only & get badges that allow them into certain rooms w/ a white badge being reserved for top attendees only. Guys, they're not here for a tennis match-they're determining world economic policies, which affect us all.
Fact, not conspiracy that the uber wealthy who attend this & who are also in charge by proxy of running the pandemic response have seen their wealth increase over 20% the last year, while the average person has seen his decline significantly, even the middle class is struggling.
It's also fact, not conspiracy, that the people behind this who've somehow gone from computer tech guys, financiers & philanthropists into doling out health advice have also known each other for decades & have histories of venture capitalist investments in Big Pharma.
A conspiracy theory is where people theorize that someone in a position of power is using their power to conspire against the less powerful. Well, when the billionaire class meets in secret & the world economy that they have devised starts favoring them, what do you call that?
They have's not a theory, it's fact.

They own the pharmaceutical companies.

They own the media companies.

They own the banking system.

They own the political system.

And they own the minds of those asleep who don't question their outright hypocrisy & lies.
Logic would let you see the glaring facts as facts, not as theory, but when you're in survival mode as they've put us, emotions override logic. In fact, your mind is now conspiring against you to keep you anesthetized & in a walking coma so as not to see what's really happening.

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23 Nov 20
People who support this agenda & criticize those who question it say,

Listen to the experts!
Listen to the science!
Listen to the doctors!

Here’s a thread of thousands of doctors & researchers worldwide who also question what’s going on & disagree w/ mainstream “science.”
2• Over 500 doctors in Germany recently stated: ‘The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’ Here’s an article about them and another group called “Doctors for Truth.”…
3• World Doctors Alliance says they are a group of thousands of medical professionals worldwide that are united in sharing experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures which they believe are causing great harm.
Read 11 tweets
19 Oct 20
All of the events we see happening, isolated & on their own would seem like coincidences or even random events, but you have to add in context & connect dots to see that there is an agenda behind all of this, & nothing is random. This is how you wake up to the evil around you.
You start to connect it all & see how isolated events add up: A virus by itself. Ok. Economic destruction on its own. Unfortunate. Suicide rate higher. Tragic. The elderly & marginalized dying at higher rates. Unfair. People dying from famine & food supply chain breakdown. Unreal
Vaccine makers trying to roll out vaccines w/out real safety trials & receiving exemption for liability. Wow. BillGates saying he’d use #vaccines for population control & having a patent with 666 in the numbers, using an enzyme called Luciferase. Creepy. 5G deployment. Ugh.
Read 7 tweets
14 Aug 20
I can’t wake you up to the matrix of conditioning & systems you’re buried under & I can’t do the research for you. You have to WANT to wake up & be willing to fight & dig for the truth. You have to climb out of the rabbit hole just like everyone else has-no one will pull you out.
It’s not my job to send you information & I’m not asking you to believe what I say, I’m telling you to go do your own research to figure it out yourself. You have to be the one to set your reality & it helps if it’s independent of the mainstream narrative financed by an agenda.
If you’re uncomfortable w/ what I say, keep on scrolling. If I don’t ascribe to someone else’s reality I don’t try to argue or “catch” them, b/c I’m comfortable in my realty which is my truth. You should be ok in yours too, & if you’re not, that’s on you. That’s your work to do.
Read 5 tweets
17 Jul 20
The wealthy technocrats behind #Agenda2030 are using information like a weapon. They want you to think if you’re not an expert like a doctor, virologist or epidemiologist then you can’t form an opinion about what’s going on. This is bull crap. Your common sense is what you use.
How many other “experts” on #COVID have been shunned, censored, deleted, shamed & smeared because their “expert” views didn’t match the narrative the technocrats are running. You cannot deny the presence of multiple experts w/ heavy experience & knowledge who are being shut down.
They want the common man to think this is a game we can’t play even though we do our own research & cite experts, if it doesn’t match the narrative we’re told then they say we don’t know what we’re taking about, but it’s CLEAR there’s a lot of pseudoscience & conflicting info.
Read 10 tweets
14 Jul 20
If you cannot look at darkness & evil in the world you will not be able to “see” the agenda behind #COVID & #Agenda2030 that is running under it. If you can’t question dogma or doctrine you will not see the #Psyop of Covid. Here are some things that cause you to be #Covidblind.
If you can’t look at #pedophilia or the mass molestation & child rapes that took place at the #CatholicChurch, you will not see Covid. If you can’t see that #Hollywood is not here to entertain us but to indoctrinate & brainwash us & to normalize immorality you won’t see Covid.
If you can’t see that #BigPharma makes billions by promising cures & good health but also systematically destroying it so you will need to keep coming back to them, you will not “see” Covid. If you think a vaccine is the answer to returning to normal, you are #covidblind.
Read 11 tweets
13 Jul 20
I’m gonna say it: The reason that Wal Mart is depressing is b/c it’s a grouping of many people that have bought into government & #BigPharma lies that a drug can fix you & it doesn’t matter what kind of food you eat. There are a TON of people shopping there who are very unhealthy
Not all, but many. They are throwing Oreos & Doritos in their cart & they think they can b/c they take Metformin. They take a pill for high blood pressure but don’t exercise. They are robots, many extremely obese, w/ a dazed look in their eyes, living the American dream.
They are merely existing. Living a slow death because they have given over personal accountability for their health to government and/or #BigPharma, & unfortunately for many low income & minorities, this is ALL they knew-b/c the government doesn’t have programs to self empower.
Read 5 tweets

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