Itta Bena, Mississippi is a small, sparsely populated, predominantly Black town in Northern Mississippi that relies exclusively on ATM machines as a primary source of banking. There are banking deserts throughout rural Mississippi. @MississippiAdos…
“population 1,828 and likely declining, the four other ATMs sit inside gas stations and charge $5.25 to $7.50 per transaction. So the demand for the most basic financial services at an affordable rate is such that on one or sometimes two days a week, Hope’s ATM runs out of money”
“People need cash in Itta Bena. Between the boarded-up dry cleaner and the fraying remains of an American Legion hall, just one store in the center of town sells food — almost exclusively in boxes, cans or bags — and it does not take credit cards”.
I think that these are ares that we as #ADOSActivists in MS should focus our outreach efforts. If you live in Itta Bena Ms or know someone who is currently living in Itta Bena please contact your State Rep @RepTrentKelly or @RepMichaelGuest. My contact is
On top of being a banking desert, areas like Itta Bena and Greenwood MS are exposed to environmental hazards that could easily be mitigated by proper waste management! Our elected officials should not have to be pressured into a moral obligation. #ADOS✊🏾…
These are instances where our government has chosen once again to neglect #ADOS✊🏾 communities. Many of the “infrastructure” policies that are being lobbied in Congress fail to account for the accrued disadvantages of Chattel Slavery and Jim Crow let alone environmental issues
This is why #Reparations should be specific to American Descendants of Slavery in the United States,along with #reperativejustice for the Black community that is paramount in the fight for #EnvironmentalJustice and closing the #LineageWealthGap in America…
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When the “Black Migration” hit Mississippi it hit hard! Nevertheless we are still 40% of the population and standing strong! Shout out to to those of us who have withstood systemic racism in Mississippi since our State’s inception into the United States of America 🇺🇸
Like my Father always told me, “Sun we have a lineage and a legacy to uphold”. I will never forget those words. #ADOS✊🏾#ADOSHQ

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17 Feb
Technical Capability Statements are important for contractors who are looking to secure government contracts. The justification and approval process:
“•It provides authority to the contracting officer to award a contract without full & open competition.”…
Federal Contracting Officers hold a lot of sway over small businesses who are looking to scale via a process called the Sole Source contracting policy. Technical Capability Statements help with specific solicitation to these individuals.…
If you are looking to acquire a government contract as a small business or a vendor this may be a helpful source.…
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10 Feb
Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore have laid out the blueprint for the liberation of American Descendants Of Slavery in the United States pre 1776. Any other grift is a microcosm of the work that #ADOSActivists✊🏾have put in on a grassroots level since 2016. No cap✊🏾🙏🏾❤️
If I am being completely honest, the @DNC has been on notice since the 2012 Primaries. The Black community has not gotten anything worth marching in the streets for since the #CivilRights Act of 1964. We should be demanding #OneManOneVote as individuals in a 2 Party System! ✊🏾
Fannie Lou Hamer expressed these same concerns as she pleaded with the @DNC to allow a MS Freedom Party Delegation to allow an all Black Democratic Delegation to represent Mississippi. Democratic delegates from MS were holding GOP Barry Goldwater signs.…
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7 Feb
The author of this article is participating in a complete erasure of American Descendants of Slavery and their accrued disadvantages in America. Barack had a $500K Trust fund.
Barack Obama may be descendant of first African slave in colonial America…
By way of his Mother..not his lineage as an #ADOS✊🏾. We have been here way before the Europeans from the “Old Country”. TheIrish were “Made White”.The Italian and the Jewishcommunities were “Made White” in JimCrow America. Racism is overt. #LineageMatters…
“Congress envisioned a white, Protestant and culturally homogeneous America when it declared in 1790 that only “free white persons, who have, or shall migrate into the United States” were eligible to become naturalized citizens”. #Separationists, #Segregationists, #sympathizers
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5 Feb
In a stunning development of news this morning I was contacted by a candidate who is filing class action lawsuit against @LynnFitchAG for her official opinion of eligibility requirements just days before the filing deadline. @MississippiSOS…
“Secretary of State Michael Watson said a last-minute opinion issued by the AG’s office over residency requirements for city office candidates has caused mass confusion”.
“What is the rule? You’ve told us for a year now that we had to be a resident of the municipality for two years and in the ward just at the time we qualified. Well, that’s now been changed to say two years in the city and two years in the ward,” Watson said.
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8 Jan
We have to usher our elders into the next frontier of Civil Rights activism. Many came from a Pan African ideology that lumps us all together as Black Activists without understanding the con that was played on MLK, Malcolm, Stokley, and others during the 60’s. #ADOS✊🏾 is specific
#ADOSActivists✊🏾 have spent the last 4 years crafting a #BlackAgenda that is inclusive of #ADOS✊🏾 and all of America,yet we have been detested by the #LiberalEstablishment. We have no friends. Only allies at this point. Meanwhile, @ReverendWarnock @ossoff…
,@JoeBiden, @SenKamalaHarris, and others on the @DNC ballots were ushered in on the backs of #ADOS✊🏾 voters who have been a captured electorate since #FannieLouHamer’s all Black delegation from MS was denied a seat at the @DNC Convention in 1964.…
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5 Jan
We are about to have a heated Ward 2 Biloxi City Council race! Shout out to all the parties involved! Biloxi needs vigor and fight for their constituents from their elected officials!…
The youth are ready to challenge our veterans leaders in Ward 2!
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