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As someone who opposes Islamophobia, why should I vote strategically for a party that drafted a dog-whistle bill around it or that voted for it, over the NDP who didn't?

#Islamophobia #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
As someone who supports labour organizing, why would I vote strategically for a party who doesn't want to strengthen labour laws to support workers during strikes and lockouts, when the NDP does?

#canlab #strike #Elxn44
As someone who wants trade deals that are good for Canada and Canadian workers and don't contain harmful ISDs and respect our sovereignty, why would I vote strategically for any party who undermines that? #trade #cdnecon #Elxn2021
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🧵 Here's your #txlege #SB1 update for September 1, 2021 and how it affects #DisabilityRights.

We're covering the enrolled bill waiting to be signed by Gov. Abbott…
There are still issues w/ the final version, but 1st ...

📣 THANK YOU allies who elevated the concerns of Texas voters w/disabilities @MOVE_texas @naswtx_advocacy @TXCivilRights @TxDisabilities @DisRightsTx + all the individuals who gave testimony
📣 THANK YOU #txlege allies who worked to remove provisions in the legislation that would negatively affect Texans w/disabilities @BucyForTexas @CarolforTexas @JudithZaffirini @DiegoBernalTX @RafaelAnchia @beverlypowelltx @TurnerForTX @RepMaryGonzalez @sarah_eckhardt
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🧵 Here's our big thread on #SB1 and the provisions that will make it more difficult for Texans with disabilities to exercise their #CivilRights and participate in democracy #txlege #CripTheVote
❌ Section 4.01 (5.01 in HB 3): “Wet” signatures

Mail-in ballot signatures must be “ink on paper” and does not allow for electronic or photocopied signatures. This potentially violates #ADA bc it does not accommodate Texans who cannot physically sign because of a disability
❌Section 4.11 (5.08 in HB 3) Any known signature verification

Mail-in ballot signature can be compared with ANY known signature of voter by signature verification committee. Many voters with disabilities have inconsistent signatures due to their disability.
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🧵While we're waiting for the #txlege #SB1 hearing to resume, here's some background on why some of the voters most affected by it can't provide testimony in person. #CripTheVote
People w/disabilities are more likely to get very sick if they get #COVID19. Cases of #COVID19 are high in Austin.

In fact, cases are so high that #txlege Senate requires people to test negative for #COVID19 before entering a hearing room.
Unfortunately, this testing only at the Capitol isn't enough protection for disabled Texans w/ higher #COVID19 risks. It doesn't account for Texans who need to travel long distances, or rely on others for travel needs. Each move is potential exposure #txlege #CripTheVote
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@alex_zee BREAKING – Last week we secretly put location trackers on various personal items swept by the City of Portland from Laurelhurst Park.

ORS 203.079(d) required the City to store all personal items taken from Laurelhurst Park for 30 days so their owners could retrieve them. This is a map of Portland with various icons on it.
@alex_zee @wweek @Rjaellis @KATUNews @KOINNews @KGWNews @OPB @fox12oregon @portlandmercury @StreetRoots The location trackers PROVE what homeless people have been claiming all along:

The City of Portland's sweeps continue to violate Oregon law by destroying perfectly good, usable personal items that belong to homeless people, like this French press.

Legal actions to come... A French pressA picture of a trash dump station
@alex_zee @wweek @Rjaellis @KATUNews @KOINNews @KGWNews @OPB @fox12oregon @portlandmercury @StreetRoots To folks wanting more details: our forthcoming legal notices to the City will contain detailed factual descriptions. I will tweet them.

To folks wanting better alt-text image descriptions: I will do better in my future tweets.

#CivilRights #StopTheSweeps
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#BackToSchool The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is the highest court of our land. The 9 justices decide the constitutionality of our laws and they hear select cases as a court of last appeal. Since Presidents pick nominees, elections & voting matter a great deal!
Article III of the Constitution establishes the federal judiciary. Article III, Section I states that "The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish."
Although the Constitution establishes the Supreme Court, it permits Congress to decide how to organize it. Congress first exercised this power in the Judiciary Act of 1789. This Act created a Supreme Court with six justices & established the lower federal court system.
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🧵Here's what to know about the bills & how they negatively affect Texas voters w/disabilities:

#SB1 would give poll watchers more authority to watch voters. Poll watchers may misconstrue cues/prompts voters w/disabilities need & think they are doing something illegal #txlege
#SB1 would ban drop boxes for mail-in ballots & would
require receipt “by an election official at the time of delivery.” The official must record the voter’s name, signature, and type of voter ID provided. #txlege #CripTheVote
#SB1 would required applications for a mail-in ballot to be signed "using ink on paper" & prohibit a "photocopied signature." There is no provision for accommodations for voters with disabilities #txlege #CripTheVote
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Government allows walk-in Vaccination for 18-44 age group.
We thank @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA and @AyushmanNHA for listening to the the grievances raised by @SFLCin regarding #COVIDVaccination.
#DigitalDefenders #VaccinationDrive #Covid_19 #CowinPortal #Corona
Beneficiaries aged 18 years and above can now schedule appointments online or walk-in to Government vaccination centres for Vaccination.
. @SFLCin had written letters to @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA @AyushmanNHA highlighting the urgent need to open up walk-in registrations for 18-44 age group.…
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Ayyy all, digging through my emails - this month's @humble bundle unlocked, and I've a few extra keys.

Would any of you fine folks that've been following along for this wild ride like a #SteamKey for #CivilizationVI Platinum Edition?

No strings, other than you have to enjoy it!
*Apparently I need to clarify/hit bot triggers:

Keys will only go-to longtime followers of mine, that are actual, real people. That I've interacted with. Clear? 🤣✌️♥️🏴‍☠️

Game's still up for grabs for [#organic] followers & friends only; sorry, Silicon-based crowd, key-sellers, [...]!

Times are hard for everyone right now [We're on DAY SIX of our illegal water cut]; but they're especially hard for certain #communities.
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[#THREAD] City Police still have all of my personal possessions, amounting to over $2000 worth of clothing, ID, electronics, the key to our front door, etc.... that they illegally took from me on March 14th, despite them not being logged as 'Exhibits' until March 18th. 📼⬇️
Today we'd been speaking to the #NewBrunswick Residential Tenancy Tribunal (#RTT) a Service New Brunswick owned, operated and gov't staffed office.
They hung up & ignored our emails, pleading for them to stop the eviction that they authorised the local sheriffs to enforce for tomorrow. Those are the same sheriffs that assaulted me on May 21st, throwing me out of trying to attend my required Plea Hearing.
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Fun fact? I've spent 46 more days incarcerated than @chrissaccoccia1 has. I was arrested for messing with his hateful ilk in #Fredericton 14 March...after they'd been harassing a peaceful protest, hurling racist slurs, and toting racist shit about china on boards...
I squawked my #EctoOne siren (#GhostBusters nerd & #Feniex installer, on the way to being certified) and put on my hazards.
THEN, the hateful little #Chuddies started hitting my vehicle, multiple times, one woman had a weird fascination with talking about my penis (I 𝙝𝙤𝙥𝙚 my spouse is satisfied - she was still home when I got released ✌️😉).

My demo unit? Purchased here:…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/30/2021…
Complex Systems: Volume 30, Number 1 (2021)

#complexity #journal #CurrentIssue
The Law of Regression to the Tail: How to Survive COVID-19, the Climate Crisis, and Other Disasters…

#RegressionToTheTail #risk #FatTailedRisk #COVID19 #pandemics #ClimateCrisis #RiskMitigation
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/08/2021…
Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidence…

#COVID19 #lockdowns #effectiveness #DataAnalysis
To Create Real Change That Lasts, Start With A Majority…

#SystemsChange #ideas #strategies
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The case, Brnovich v Democratic National Committee, involves a dispute over two Arizona measures. One is a 2016 law that bans anyone other than a close family member or caregiver from collecting absentee ballots, sometimes called ballot harvesting.
Arizona rejected more than 38,335 ballots cast in the wrong precinct between 2008 and 2016 and minority voters were twice as likely as white voters to have their ballots rejected, the DNC noted in its brief. #VotingRights #CivilRights
Minority voters, including the state’s Native American population, are disproportionately harmed by the ballot collection ban because they are more likely to lack reliable mail service.@VP
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An #Iowa Senate Education subcommittee will soon consider one of the many anti- #LGBTQ bills Republican lawmakers have introduced this year. Details on meeting:…
Bill designed to stop #Iowa schools from accommodating #trans students:…
Really unfortunate that some lawmakers are so hung up on bathrooms. The younger generation by and large does not care. #ialegis
#Iowa's #CivilRights Act has prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity since 2007. Bill would carve out an exception to allow (in fact require) schools to ban students from using the bathroom that conforms to their gender identity. #ialegis
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Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore have laid out the blueprint for the liberation of American Descendants Of Slavery in the United States pre 1776. Any other grift is a microcosm of the work that #ADOSActivists✊🏾have put in on a grassroots level since 2016. No cap✊🏾🙏🏾❤️
If I am being completely honest, the @DNC has been on notice since the 2012 Primaries. The Black community has not gotten anything worth marching in the streets for since the #CivilRights Act of 1964. We should be demanding #OneManOneVote as individuals in a 2 Party System! ✊🏾
Fannie Lou Hamer expressed these same concerns as she pleaded with the @DNC to allow a MS Freedom Party Delegation to allow an all Black Democratic Delegation to represent Mississippi. Democratic delegates from MS were holding GOP Barry Goldwater signs.…
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Jonathan D. Chang’s portrait (below, left) of Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, killed on the streets of #SanFrancisco has became a symbol on #socialmedia in the fight vs anti-Asian violence in the US. Join me, the Thai-American community & others for #JusticeForVicha #VichaRatanapakdee
Originally from #Thailand, #VichaRatanapakdee 🙏moved to #SanFrancisco to help care for his grandkids. After finishing his daily routine of prepping his grandsons for their day, he was on his usual morning walk when he was violently shoved & kicked. #RIP…
“Disgusted, angry & sad”: L.A. artist Jonathan D. Chang says about killing of Vicha Ratanapakdee in #SF.

Indeed. One more unprovoked attack against Asian Americans, many elderly.… #JusticeForVicha

🙏 @raburnreport @jdschang @danieldaekim @LondonBreed
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A #Stasi is always a Stasi! Olaf Neitsch (aka "Timmi Allen" from @bellingcat) is still hunting civilians, breaking privacy rules and offering his pro-nazi friends a bounty for the private address of someone he considers "the enemy of Bellingcrap"!
And then he cannot find a better argument than "guilt by association" - with #KGB and... you never guess! #Putin 🤣🤣🤣

Something is definitely lose in that head of him, don't you think? 😉
Let's see what Olaf said about his working experience in the interview to @RFERL - the whole interview is here:…
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I am English, and I am elated that Georgia has turned #Blue and come out for Biden.
I'd like to tell you why.
Most of my followers are Pro Europe, #FBPE, and American has such a different system and history to here, this might help explain things a little.
Biden is now leading in Georgia by 917 votes!
#Georgia has turned #Blue!
American politics is purposefully confusing, but THIS is hugely significant. Georgia is not any old state.

A win in Georgia would leave Biden one electoral vote short of the presidency. But there's more..
#Georgia is old slaver territory.
Georgia is where many freed slaves stayed.
Georgia is grass roots civil rights movement.
Georgia has seen huge voter suppression.
Georgia’s Black women have done the world proud.
Just Look. 91% is #Historical.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/03/2020…
Opinion | Why You Can’t Rely on Election Forecasts - The New York Times…

#election #forecasts
To Make Better Decisions. Assign Rights, Describe Processes, Set… | by Thomas P Seager, PhD | Morozko Method | Nov, 2020 | Medium…

#method #decisions #bureaucracy
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