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23 Feb, 35 tweets, 16 min read
Happening now: Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on #SolarWinds hack

"Preliminary indications suggest that the scope & scale of this incident are beyond any that we’ve confronted as a nation, & its implications are significant" warns committee chairman @MarkWarner
"The reality is the hackers responsible have gained access to thousands of companies, and the ability to carry out far more destructive operation if they wanted to" per @MarkWarner

#SolarWinds hack
"While many aspects of this compromise are unique, the #SolarWinds Hack also highlights a number of lingering issues that we have ignored for too long" per @MarkWarner
"The bottom line question is how did we miss this, and what are we still missing?" per Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair @marcorubio re #SolarWinds hack
Another critical question per @marcorubio: "What do we know that we do not know?"
.@marcorubio echoes @MarkWarner that some sort of required reporting may be needed to avoid another #SolarWinds hack
"Whoever this threat actor is, & we all pretty much know who it is, this has been a multi-decade campaign for them..." @FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia tells Senate Intelligence Committee members

"This is a very sophisticated attacker"
"We unearthed every clue we could possibly find & we still didn't know, how did the attacker break in" per @FireEye's Mandia, saying they had to find "a proverbial needle in a haystack"

"This is the last place you'd look for an intrusion"
"These attackers from day one, they had a back door" to grab the keys to the house, per @FireEye's Mandia

"The only indicator of compromise was just somebody logging in as one of your employees..."
Attackers first got credentials and then went to "access emails, access documents"

And then they went after source code, per @FireEye's Mandia
#SolarWinds hacker "was more concerned about operational security than mission accomplished" per @FireEye's Mandia "The minute you could detect these folks & stop them breaking thru the door they sort of evaporated like ghosts"
"We believe the Orion platform was specifically targeted in this nation-state operation to create a backdoor into the IT environment of select clients" per @solarwinds President & CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna
Malicious code was deployed during a 3-month period, per @solarwinds' Ramakrishna
"We're dealing w/a vert sophisticated adversary" per @Microsoft President @BradSmi

"We've seen substantial evidence that points to the #Russia|n foreign intelligence agency & we have found no evidence that leads us anywhere else"
Adversary is not new but the scale of the hack/penetration is, per @Microsoft's @BradSmi

"At least 1,000 very skilled, capable engineers" worked to make #SolarWinds hack happen, he says
"This was an act of recklessness in my opinion" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi
"The world relies on the patching & updating of software. We rely on it for everything... To disrupt, to damage, to tamper w/that kind of software updating process is in my opinion to tamper w/the digital equivalent of our public health service" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi
.@Microsoft's @BradSmi says there needs to be "some kind of notification obligation" - appearing to back call for national reporting requirement

"I think it's the only way we're going to protect he country"
"Right now, the attacker is the only one who know everything they did" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi

"We have pieces... " he says
"This is a planned attack. This is not something done in somebody's basement" per @FireEye's Mandia

re #SolarWinds
The malware "looked for nearly 50 different [security] products & shut them down when it ran" per @FireEye's Mandia

"This was planned. It was an operation. There were a lot of ppl involved & the question really is, where's the next one?"
"The tradecraft & operational security was superb" per @CrowdStrike CEO @George_Kurtz

"It is absolutely a sophisticated nation-state actor... this took a lot of work"
#SolarWinds hack - "It is most consistent w/behaviors we've seen out of #Russia" per @FireEye's Mandia
"The sooner we make a more fulsome attribution, the better" per @MarkWarner re US officials says it was likely #Russia

"We need to call out our adversary...plan an appropriate response"
"We should notify someone. We should notify I think a part of the US gvt that would be responsible for aggregating threat intelligence & making sure it is put to good use" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi
"Notification needs to be confidential" adds @FireEye's Mandia "Get the intel out there quickly..."
Firewalls "are a speed bump on the information superhighway for the bad guys" per @CrowdStrike CEO @George_Kurtz
Threat actor behind #SolarWinds, "They've already moved on to whatever's next. We've got to go find it" per @FireEye's Mandia "They're going to be an ever-present offense we have to play defense against"

"How they break in will always evolve"
"We've got to communicate, where's a red line?" per @FireEyes' Mandia "We've got to come up with what's tolerable, not tolerable. Communicate it so we don't see a gradual escalation"
"But to impose risk & repercussions is the purview of the gvt" per @FireEye's Mandia

"The gvt's in the best place to get attribution the most right"
"We're all playing goalie & we're taking slapshots from Wayne Gretzky" per @FireEye's Mandia "The puck's going to get in the net sooner or later & that's what's happening in cyberspace"

"There is no risk or repercussion to the folks doing it. We're all fighting a loosing battle"
.@solarwinds CEO says no evidence of hacker still in the company's systems or products
"We weren't a full-time job for the attackers who broke into us" notes @FireEye's Mandia
"I think deterrence is one of the most important parts of a national strategy & frankly it isn't one that has been very well developed in this country" per @SenAngusKing

Also says US must do better working w/allies on hacks like #SolarWinds
How did the attackers get in?

"We have had a number of hypotheses" per @solarwinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna, who tells lawmakers the company has narrowed it down to 3 probable entry points, but does not elaborate further

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