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1 @jamescfox: "I have met with very high-level people -people that really, really are in a position to know what's going on, people that have dumped millions & millions & millions of dollars into researching this stuff. People that you'd probably know

2 "about - that have shared stuff with me off the record, that were so out there, I just went, 'You gotta be kidding me. This is really what you think is happening? And is this like speculation or conjecture?' It's like, 'No, this is like research at the highest level.' And it's
3 "like, I'll give you a hint & it's as far as I wanna go with it. And look, I'm not endorsing this & I'm not saying that I believe it. I'm just saying that the people that I heard it from are people in a position to know. I can't dismiss it because of the source.
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1)The comment thread from one of my fav sparring partners, @multilateralist, to this #ICC tweet deserves some pushback. To be frank, this article & other recent events (e.g. ICC Prosecutor's visit to #Sudan) lay waste to negative narratives about the Ct that are w/out firm basis.
2)It is not a hard question, David. It is only made hard by DC policy insiders who consistently want to magically thread an impossibly small needle. At the very least, US should state its case&litigate per procedures available to all states(e.g. art. 18).
3)Both GOP & some Dem policy thinkers do a disservice to vital American interests by habitually thinking the #US has special rights to evade or otherwise not comply w/ procedures in place; other states w/grievances have utilized them.#RuleOfLaw esp. applies in such circumstances.
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SCL - a Very British Coup…
SCL – a Very British Coup

Liam O Hare on the deep connections between @CambridgeAnalytica’s parent company Strategic Communication Laboratories (#SCL Group) and the #Conservative Party and military establishment,
‘Board members include an array of #Lords, #Tory donors, ex-British #army officers and defense contractors. This is scandal that cuts to the heart of the #British establishment.’

The scandal around mass data harvesting by Cambridge Analytica took a new twist on Monday.
A Channel 4 news undercover investigation revealed that the company’s Eton-educated CEO Alexander #Nix offered to use dirty tricks – including the use of bribery and sex workers – to entrap #politicians and subvert #elections.
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1967 - 100,000 people Meditated
Surprisingly, one of the most interesting moments of the #psychedelic movement remains largely unknown today in comparison to events like #Woodstock or the National Democratic Convention riots.
In 1967, nearly 100,000 #hippies and #peace #activists marched to the #Pentagon and
meditated around it in an attempt to #levitate it and exorcize #demons out of it.
At the event, Abbie Hoffman (featured above) was threatening #troops with a water pistol filled with #LSD. 🔫😂
Many of the activists were using #hallucinogens to enhance their meditations.
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Symbolism will be there down fall... and down the rabbit hole we go.. The peace sign ✌️ that everyone has harmlessly thrown up at least once in their life. They truly have taken ANYTHING that was good, infiltrated it to turn it into satanism! Here we go 👇
The peace sign- This was huge in the 70’s but when you dig into what happened it makes you sick.
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For anyone still on fence about 911.
I could get behind midmod curtain wall construction potentially collapsing under extreme fire duress. But... #WTC7 and the #Pentagon were always problemmatic 4 me considering #Rumsfeld disclosed on 9-10-11.
What documents were supposedly in those locations?
Research THAT.

Flash forward to this past year and what we know now about the #DeepStateCabal media tentacles.
Now, I was active in #Siggraph for many years. I had a friend who created alot of the crowds on the #Titanic movie.
I wrote an introduction to #DigitalComposting for the animators while at #DreamWorks. This video got me scientifically.
If you have not seen it yet, it is highly, recommended.
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Calls to overhaul the legacy bureaucratic systems of the U.S. with cutting-edge AI-driven mass tracking and #surveillance technologies are intensifying at the top echelons of the #NationalSecurity state with all eyes on the #2020election.
by @hijodelcuervo…
#US #Cyber Command and the #Pentagon are availing themselves of the #Russian meddling narratives and added a few others to justify the creation of a #cyberwar army with international and domestic capabilities via the #NationalGuard.
by @hijodelcuervo…
From #DHS to the #military, the pressure is mounting on all sides to revamp federal #LawEnforcement hierarchies, shift information pipelines, and reimage the nature of warfare.
by @hijodelcuervo…
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Listen to #DonaldRumsfeld say the day before #September11 that the #Pentagon couldn’t trace back 2.3 trillion dollars of transactions. This was a full blown #SadMoose/#Bonesman heist of the century. We need to convert this to the new format for tomorrow.
#Halliburton won many no bid contracts after they fabricated an #EndlessWar in #Iraq off of false intel provided by the 🤡’s which has lead to trillions of dollars & a million civilian lives. #HEISTOFTHECENTURY #AbsoluteEvil
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On this night 19 years ago,246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights.2606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning tomorrow.343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift.#Pennsylvania #Pentagon #FDNY #GiantSlayrs Image
60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for morning patrol. 8 paramedics went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift of saving lives. None of them saw past 10:00 am Sept 11, 2001. In one single moment life may never be the same. Image
As you live and enjoy the breaths you take today and tonight before you go to sleep in preparation for your life tomorrow, kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter, and never take one second of your life for granted. Image
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Evidence of Photoshop of #Flight77 at the Pentagon…
How they justified a “terrorist attack” at the #Pentagon #Flight77
“Stay off the outer ring” #Flight77
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Unfortunate fallout from this accident.
2 #US officials told @Reuters that "a small number of U.S. troops were injured", that injuries were "mild" & that they came "as a result of a collision and not any exchange of fire"…
.@politico cites a draft #Pentagon statement on the #US-#Russia clash saying "4 troops been diagnosed with mild concussion-like symptoms after the incident". The video of the incident feat. 2 RUS vehicles approach an American one & RUS officer shouting "Hold'im, c'mon, block him"
#Russia/n reconciliation center in #Syria explained today why the incident w/ #US troops occured:
According to the RUS version, RU mil patrol needed to enter US-controled zone in SYR and RU-US commands agreed the route, entry & exit points. 1/2
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US Cyber Command and the #Pentagon are availing themselves of the #Russian #election meddling narratives, focusing on the “threat” posed by #SocialMedia #memes and #hashtags to the American electoral process.
by @hijodelcuervo #Wednesday #surveillance
“The fact that we are handing over the keys of American #democracy to the military-industrial complex — it’s like giving the keys to the henhouse to a fox and saying, ‘here come in and take whatever you want.’ It’s obviously dangerous.”
by @_whitneywebb…
"The U.S. Military-Industrial complex is sprinting on a chariot to shore up the encryption space before the next era of computation upends the entire digital edifice built on semiconductors and transistors."
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo… #Tech #surveillance
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#Rusya'nin buldugu "Sputnik V" isimli #CoronaVirus ASI'si
neden DSÖ'nün listesinde yer almiyor?

DSÖ+BillGates+DARPA kendi hazirladiklari
Nano Teknolojik ASI'yi
alternatifsiz Tek ASI Olarak sunmak istiyorlar.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
#CoronaVirus hennüz piyasaya sürülmemisken,

Belirli Ülkeler (Derin Yapilar) Bulunacak ASI ile ilgili olarak
ortak bir KARAR vermek icin toplandilar.

Küreselciler icin önemli olan tek sey vardi;
Piyasaya sürülecek olan ASI'nin ismini kendileri vermek istediler
ASI ismi de
tipki #Corona gibi özel bir isim olmaliydi.

Tacli Halkali Kral-Corona/Krones ismi tesadüfi bir isim olmadigi gibi,
Cikaracaklari Corona/Krones ASI'si da
siradan tesadüfi bir isim olmayacak(tir)

Ülkeler Bu konuda anlasamayinca
Herkes Kendi ASI'sina odaklandi
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1.) I just want to give a shout out the the History Channel & thank them for having the balls to educate the public on things our media & educators refuse to talk about.
If anyone hasn’t caught any new episodes of Ancient Aliens... you’re missing out! #historychannel @HISTORY Image
2.) Some of my favorite cast members:

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos: Although he’s taken a lot of heat & been the butt of a lot of MeMe & GIF jokes... I just ❤️ him AND his wild hairdo to pieces! He puts a smile on my face every time I look at him! 😁 @Tsoukalos
3.) David Hatcher Childress: Mr. Real-Life Indiana Jones...👍... I could listen to him talk all day long! My husband and I love to do impersonations of his voice. He makes me giggle! 😂👍 #DavidChildress
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RA'nin Kizil Kalkanlari


Kizil Kalkan

Bilinmeyen/Saklanan KAYIP Tarih

Hayal ürünü mü?
Efsane mi?
Mitoloji mi?
Gercegin ta kendisi mi?

insanoglundan gizlenen nedir?

insan DNA'si/Hafizasi nasil sifirlandi?

Kan'daki SIR Nedir?

New Blood
Bill Gates ImageImageImageImage
"Ve iyi bilin ki,
Ben insanlari ve Cin'leri ancak bana kulluk etsinler diye yarattim." Zariyat
Yeryüzünde hennüz ilk insan yaratilmadan önce burdaydilar.
Bu Topraklardaydilar

Tipki insan Toplulugu gibi
Cinler aleminin topluluklari olarak burda yasadilar/Yasiyorlar! Image
Cinler ve Seytanlar
Yeryüzünün Görünen ve görünmeyen varliklari olarak bin yillarca bu topraklari yurt edinerek bugünlere iz biraktilar.

Görünen varliklarken farkli alemlere/Feleklere
veya günümüzün modern deyimiyle farkli Boyutlara gecis yaptiklari güne dek hep burdaydilar. Image
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