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Capitol news - live: Police investigate ‘bomb threat’ at Library of Congress as nearby buildings evacuated

- Law enforcement says it’s an ‘active bomb threat investigation’


- Police working to determine if man is holding detonator

- Law enforcement is working to determine if the man in the pickup truck is holding a detonator and if the explosive device is operable.


- DC Metro trains will not stop at station close to active bomb threat

- FOLLOW LIVE… getty
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Thank you ALL for the @January6thCmte.💕
#WeThePeople NEED the truthful and courageous voices shared this morning.
It gives me Hope that our USA is still viable, and is actually WORTH Saving!
1/x #Jan6th2021
2/x #Jan6th2021
To paraphrase one of the heroes defending the #USCapitol:
That day, We were in a War. Each of us was fighting an individual battle, in that war. Different locations, different perspectives, different wounds & traumas. But we were in a real war for our democracy!
3/x #Jan6th2021
The individual trauma of everyone participating in this @January6thCmte room was evident and moving.😢
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Happening now: @US_CYBERCOM @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA and @DeptofDefense Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy Mieke Eoyang testifying before #HASC subcommittee on on Cyber, Innovative Technologies, and Information Systems
"#China is the pacing threat for the department, including in #cyber operations" per @DeptofDefense Deputy Asst Sec Eoyang

"China uses cyber operations to erode US military overmatch and economic vitality, stealing US intellectual property & research"
"#Russia also continues to be a highly-sophisticated & capable adversary, integrating malicious cyber activities, including espionage & influence operations in mutually reinforcing ways" per Eoyang
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NEW: Percentage of all domestic terrorist incident linked to active duty & reserve personnel rising, per @CSIS brief

2018 - none

2019 - 1.5%

2020 - 6.4%
"Veterans consistently committed more attacks and plots than active-duty and reserve troops—including 10 percent of all domestic terrorist attacks and plots since 2015, according to CSIS data" per the @CSIS brief released today
NEW report from @CTCWP & @gwupoe finds 43 of 357 people charged in federal court for the Jan 6 #USCapitol siege -12%- "had some form of military experience"

93% were veterans

Average of 9 years of service experience

+25% commissioned officers

44% deployed at least once
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US watching #Russia|n moves in the #Arctic closely

"We're monitoring it very closely...we're watching this" per @PentagonPresSec "Nobody wants to see the #Arctic as a region become militarized"
.@USNationalGuard mission at #USCapitol

"I don't have any changes" per @PentagonPresSec, asked about Friday's deadly car ramming attack

About 2,300 Nat'l Guard troops are still helping provide security
#Afghanistan- "The review is ongoing" per @PentagonPresSec on US presence/May 1 withdrawal deadline

Kirby says @SecDef Lloyd Austin remains confident troops can be withdrawn by May 1 deadline IF that is what is ultimately decided
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov @TheJusticeDept @DHSgov release unclassified findings from report on violent domestic extremism

Per report, US intelligence estimates domestic violent extremists "pose an elevated threat" & they have been "galvanized by recent political & societal events"
MORE: US intelligence says narratives re #Election2020 fraud, #USCapitol siege, #COVID19 & other conspiracy theories "will almost certainly spur some DVEs [domestic violent extremists] to try to engage in violence this year"
More: "Small cells of DVEs adhering to a diverse set of violent extremist ideologies are more likely to carry out violent attacks...than organizations that allegedly advocate a DVE ideology" per @ODNIgov report
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Happening now: "We are tracking that event very carefully" @SecMayorkas tells House Homeland Security Committee of shootings in & around #Atlanta #Georgia that left 8 ppl dead, 6 of them women of Asian descent Image
#Cybersecurity: "As a 1st step, I have directed grant funding that will provide an additional $25 million for state & local entities across the country to increase their cybersecurity" per @SecMayorkas re: #SolarWinds, @Microsoft Exchange hacks
.@CISAgov "remains laser focused on protecting & providing assistance to federal civilian agencies & working w/the private sector" adds @SecMayorkas
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NEW: "We're pleased" says @PentagonPresSec on US-#SouthKorea reaching consensus on cost-sharing deal for US troops

Says the deal will "strengthen our alliance & our shared defense"
"The effort we have applied ... underscores the level of importance " of the US-#SouthKorea relationship, per @PentagonPresSec
"Military readiness on the peninsula is always a high priority" per @PentagonPresSec, noting upcoming training events
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NEW: No attribution yet for rockets attack Monday in #Baghdad or last week in #Irbil

"But clearly, look, these are dangerous attacks" per @PentagonPresSec

"We're there to counter #ISIS... our commanders have the right of self defense"
#Pentagon-domestic violent extremism

@SecDef Lloyd Austin "would like to know with ore granularity how big the problem is...a better sense of the numbers" per @PentagonPresSec
Some commands have already conducted the mandatory one-day stand down to examine domestic extremism, per @PentagonPresSec

Also, @SecDef has issued a video to the troops, he says:…
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There are dozens of unanswered questions about the January 6 breach of #theCapitol that need to be answered, before the so called post Presidency Senate impeachment trial of a former president. None covered by the hundreds of videos shot during the events. Who will answer them?
If the breach of #theCapitol on January 6 -that millions of Americans & people worldwide have seen from A to Z- was an #insurgency, therefore organized, what is the perpetrators' organization?
What is its name?
Who are its leaders?
When was it founded?
When was it launched?
In preparation for the #SenateImpeachmentTrial of former President #Trump, more questions about #thecapitol breach: if this was an "armed insurrection,"

1. What kind of weapons were used?

2. Who are the individuals who used them?

3. Who were the victims?
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Now that #SteveBannon’s recent involvement with Trump is coming to light after the #USCapitol riots, it’s worth reviewing Bannon's local Sarasota connections & his background, along with some other Trump associates. THREAD /1…
#SteveBannon, former Trump campaign CEO & former Breitbart CEO, has been plotting for radical right for years, exploiting a canny media strategy to co-opt mainstream media while pursuing his own alt-right media projects, as @JoshuaGreen found. /2…
#SteveBannon has long been at heart of radical right politics, including in leadership at the secretive Council for National Policy, along with Kellyanne Conway & Mercer family members /3…
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NEW: @StateDept's top counterterrorism official says the Jan 6 siege of the #USCapitol "wasn't just an assault on the Capitol. It was an assault on democracy, w/a violent mob trying to interfere with the results of the election"
"Nothing is more sacred to our constitutional democracy than the peaceful transfer of power" per Amb. Nathan Sales speaking to @AEI

Adds that those who rioted "desecrated the Capitol & the principals for which its stands"
"There's no room for complacency" @StateDept's Sales warns on the fight vs terrorism, repeating warnings that there needs to be a focus on #ISIS, #alQaida in #Africa
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New: @FBI issued an internal update Tues expanding on the threats to DC and state capitals in coming days. Doc includes chilling details from enforcement actions taken since the #CapitolSiege. @AaronKatersky
Doc mentions individual from Concord, NC, observed loading ammunition boxes and preparing “gear” to take to DC for an attack on the #Capitol planned for #InaugurationDay. “This individual stormed the #USCapitol last week and posted pictures on social media...
"...This individual, who is part of an identified group, claimed he hurt individuals during the storming of the US Capitol, and he will hurt anyone in his way. This individual possesses semi-automatic rifles, explosives, a gas mask, and bulletproof equipment.” #Ongoingthreats
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NEW: "We have already opened more than 170 subject files" per Acting US Atty Michael Sherwin on siege of #USCapitol

"We've already charged over 70 cases" he adds, saying number will like exceed 100 on charges - trespass to theft of nat'l security/defense info to assault, etc
"This is only the beginning" per Sherwin
"We're looking at significant felony cases tied to sedition and conspiracy" per acting US Atty Sherwin

Priority is cases involving weapons, pipe bombs
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Siege of #USCapitol caused feelings of "Shock...a little bit of embarrassment" the top US Counterintelligence official, William Evanina, tells #postlive

"This is the closest I got to that feeling of emptiness inside" that he felt on 9/11 Image
#USCapitol and foreign adversaries - "We are watching them watching us" NCSC Director Evanina tells #postlive, warning adversaries they will not be able to take advantage of the situation
"This is clearly homegrown & it is extremism" per NCSC Dir Evanina

"The mindset to storm the #USCapitol because of a belief is something I never thought I would see...a paradigm shift "
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In this thread, I'll be sharing clips and my experience from the #USCapitol riot on January 6, 2020. The full two hours of footage can be viewed on Rumble:
The morning in DC began with a large rally by the Washington Monument. I don't know the exact size of the crowd, but it appeared to at least be in the hundreds of thousands. While the speeches at this event were still going on, many protesters began to stream towards the capitol
My experience with the cross from protest to riot started with two trampled fences on the NW #USCapitol lawn:
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In light of what happened at the #USCapitol yesterday, @JoeBiden is IMHO the fittest to lead the #USA from #Jan20!! #PresidentElectBiden
@DrBiden as well as @SenKamalaHarris and husband.
We can't afford any anarchists or insurgents threatening their personal SAFETIES DURING THE INAUGURATION CEREMONY!! 👊🤜🤛
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Most Democrats, and many Republicans, put the blame squarely on US President Donald Trump for the US Capitol violence.

#DonaldTrump #USCapitol #USCapitolProtest…
To scientists, the mob that stormed the Capitol may also have transformed the riot into a superspreader event.

#COVID19 #usacapitol…
In Moscow in 1993, Eastern Ukraine in 2014, and now the US Capitol, there have been a similar dress code and display of banners backing seemingly lost causes. (via @nytimes)

#usacapitol #USCapitolviolence…
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Si ce qui se passe au Congrès américain nous frappe autant, c’est que le Parlement est le lieu de la souveraineté.

Quand le Parlement est pris, c’est que le régime politique est en danger.

Un exemple avec l’histoire de l'Assemblée nationale

[A dérouler] 👇
Pendant la Révolution française, la représentation nationale est fréquemment envahie par la foule parisienne. On peut d’ailleurs venir y présenter des pétitions à la tribune.

Un exemple quand la foule porte Marat en triomphe le 24 avril 1793 après son acquittement
C’est aussi la foule des sections parisiennes qui précipite l’arrestation des députés girondins, le 2 juin 1793.

Les sections assiègent la Convention.

Ne pouvant plus la contenir, les députés choisissent d’aller à sa rencontre pour tenter de fraterniser :
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DC mayor:
-curfew is on
-DC police are establishing a perimeter
-Virginia + Maryland police deploying "to regain control of the US Capitol"

DC mayor:
-New Jersey, Baltimore police helping out

Chief of DC police:
-recounts afternoon's events
-protestors were violent towards cops
-"a riot was declared"
-one civilian shot; MPD to investigate
-everyone: get off the streets

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Biden is now speaking.

This is chaos from a small number of extremists, a mob, bordering on sedition.
Biden calls on Trump to go on national tv and call for an end to the "siege."
Biden's calling for unity and decency, 'not stoking the flames of hate and chaos.'

America is about tolerance and decency. That's who we are.

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Images coming from the #USCapitol riots: Image
More images from the #USCapitol riots:… ImageImageImage
Is the scene right now, that:
-rioters are occupying both houses
-Nat Guard on the way?

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Just in | #WashingtonDC Mayor orders curfew in Nation's capital effective 6 p.m. after protestors aiming to undermine election, storm Capitol.
- AP
Members of #Congress inside House chamber told by police to put on gas masks after tear gas dispersed in Capitol Rotunda.
- AP
The #USCapitol locked down Wednesday with lawmakers inside as violent clashes broke out between supporters of President #DonaldTrump and Police.
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