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Hitler won mass support because a major economic crisis had driven Germany into a deep depression: Banks crashed, businesses folded, & millions lost their jobs.

Hitler offered voters a vision of a better future - 'sunlit uplands', you might say.…
The poorest people in Germany voted for Hitler's opponents, notably the Communists & the moderate left-wing Social Democrats, but the lower-middle classes, the bourgeoisie, the unorganized workers, the rural masses, and the older traditionalists all gave their votes to Hitler. Image
Whereas other politicians seemed to dither or act as mere administrators, Hitler projected purpose & dynamism.

He proved a master at denouncing conventions & manipulating the media. He issued an endless stream of #slogans, & hammered them home to win potential supporters over. Image
He would put Germany first. He would revive the nation’s rusting industries, laid to waste by the economic depression. He would crush the alien ideologies - socialism, liberalism, communism - ­that were 'undermining the nation’s will to survive & destroying its core values'. Image
Hitler’s early speeches “used vulgar comparisons” & “the cheapest allusions.” Hitler’s language was never measured or careful, but “like something merely expulsed", full of base allegations & vile stereotypes, precisely designed to gain maximum reaction & media attention. Image
Aided by his talented #propaganda chief Dominic Cummings - sorry, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler not only flaunted his vulgarity and exploited tribal hatreds; he also lied and lied and lied his way to success, as well of course as crassly negatively stereotyping Jews & other minorities. ImageImageImage
Few took Hitler seriously or thought that he would actually put his threats against the country’s tiny Jewish minority, his rants against feminists, left-wing politicians, homosexuals, pacifists, and liberal newspaper editors, into effect. Image
Nazi propaganda mocked disabled people; within a few years, they were being sterilized and then exterminated.

Hitler called for the return of the death penalty, & within a short space of time, the executions began again. ImageImage
Germany pulled out of international organizations & tore up treaties with cynical abandon.

The Nazis’ triumphantly declared their "departure from the community of nations".

Hitler said he would “rather die” than sign anything that was not in the interests of the German people. ImageImage
German politics in 1933 is the story of how the Nazis shut down the country’s democratic institutions, destroyed the freedom of its press & media, and created a one-party state in which opposition was punishable by imprisonment, banishment, or even death.

#PoliceCrackdownBill ImageImage
Newspapers were weakened by economic pressures, editors were forced out, reporters disciplined & increasing number of newspapers were shut down altogether, leaving only a captive press that confined itself to parroting the “news” issued by the government in Goebbels' briefings. ImageImageImage
With the disappearance of a critical media, the path was open for a massive expansion of political corruption at every level of the regime.

The Nazi regime was a kleptocracy; dependent on patronage & clientelism & devoid of formal procedures for appointments or rules of conduct. ImageImage
Even after the legal profession & the judiciary had been purged of the Nazis’ opponents, some judges retained a modicum of honesty & independence. Hitler was furious when the Supreme acquitted most of the alleged perpetrators of the Reichstag fire. ImageImage
Plenty of Germans disapproved of these & other measures: Hitler didn’t attain supreme power on a wave of popular acclamation.

On the contrary, in the last free elections of the Weimar Republic, the left-wing parties won more votes & seats in national parliament than the Nazis.
But the Left was divided, spending as much time fighting each other as they did trying to stop Hitler from establishing a dictatorship.

Their rhetoric was feeble compared to his, their supporters less fanatical, their electoral propaganda less powerful & less sophisticated. ImageImage
The concentration of political & legislative power in the cabinet didn’t last long. Beneath the surface appearance of normality, the cabinet was being marginalized as Hitler appointed his own cronies & disciples to new positions or pushed out his conservative coalition partners. ImageImage
Senior civil servants were fired if they made any difficulties.

Hitler's decisions were increasingly made on the hoof, by verbal order, leaving behind no paper trail.

He made sure that the armed forces were on his side by giving them massive increases in funding. ImageImage
Hitler’s seizure & remaking of the state was buttressed by a wholesale reorganization of the education system & efforts to redefine German culture. The intellectual quality of German universities, which led the world in research before 1933, plummeted, & never fully recovered. ImageImageImage
Before Hitler took over, a fifth of all university students were enrolled in the humanities; by the eve of the war, that portion had been cut in half.

Half of all students were taking degree courses in medicine, its importance boosted by the Nazis’ focus on research & eugenics. ImageImage
The main objective of Nazi education & culture was not to distract people from important issues, but to instill a new sense of patriotism. Pupils were made to salute the flag before school every morning. #History lessons were turned into a celebration of past German heroes. ImageImage
The regime constantly targeted minorities as a way of mobilizing popular approval & support.

But it wasn’t the kind of dictatorship that depended solely on repression, important though it was. A key part of the process was the vilification of political opponents. ImageImageImageImage
The moderately progressive Social Democrats were damned as “November #traitors".

Nazi media and officialdom heaped abuse on democrats and harassed them at every turn. Image
With the support of the country’s military-industrial complex - grudging & cautious at first; then fulsome & enthusiastic - Hitler threw caution to the wind.

His #indifference to human suffering, and his willingness to devise and use weapons of mass destruction, knew no bounds. ImageImage
Hitler was a media figure who gained popularity & controlled his country through speeches & publicity. Far from being a consistent & undeviatingly purposeful politician, he was temperamental, changeable, insecure, allergic to criticism, & often indecisive & uncertain in a crisis. ImageImage
Everyone concerned about #democracy should read 'HITLER: ASCENT, 1889–1939', by Volker Ullrich - the Nazis were “a warning from #history” we would do well to heed it.

We know what the early #warning signs are, & they are ALL present, now, here in Britain.

#PoliceCrackdownBill ImageImage
While I'm NOT saying 'Boris Johnson is Hitler', I AM saying the parallels are pretty uncanny.

While you're here, a couple of other THREADS you might be interested in.

The first is on forty years of increasingly deregulated free-market capitalism:

The second THREAD is about the influence of James McGill Buchanan, who was on the Board of Advisors of the free-market Independent Institute & the #IEA, an ex-president of the Mont Pelerin Society, & a 'Distinguished Senior Fellow' of the #Cato Institute:

Just to make it crystal clear that imho Boris Johnson is NOT a genocidal dictator intent on world domination, & I'm perfectly aware of Godwin's Law & the dangers of overstating any similarities, but in the context of the draconian #PoliceCrackdownBill, the parallels are #uncanny.
'When at Times the Mob Is Swayed: A Citizen’s Guide to Defending Our Republic', describes how America’s constitutional checks & balances were pushed to the brink by a president consciously following Hitler’s early 1930s #propaganda & policy template.…

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Jul 12

Privately educated Nigel Farage, Leader & main shareholder of ‘anti-establishment’ Reform UK Ltd, has replaced privately educated co-Leaders David Bull & Ben Habib with privately educated Richard Tice, & made privately educated Zia Yusuf Chairman.

So who is Zia Yusuf? Image
Zia Yusuf is an interesting choice as Reform UK Chairman, given that numerous former BrexitParty/Reform UK candidates, at least one the their current MPs, & innumerable supporters relentlessly use divisive, misleading, & explicitly Islamophobic rhetoric.…
The average Reform UK supporter is older, whiter, less educated, poorer, & further to the Right than the average Brit. Many use dehumanising & scapegoating Nativist rhetoric about Muslims & Islam, often involving the 'Great Replacement' conspiracy theory.…
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Given the election results in Britain & France, & with the US election ahead, it's timely to provide a summary of the rise of Nazism during a period of economic hardship, with a focus on the divisive rhetoric & other #propaganda techniques of its 'charismatic' leader. Image
In almost every respect Nazism was an anti-intellectual & atheoretical movement, emphasizing the will of the charismatic leader as the sole source of inspiration of a people & a nation, as well as a vision of annihilation of all perceived 'enemies of the people' as the main goal.
The roots of Nazism had peculiarly German roots, partly traced to the Prussian tradition as developed under Frederick William I, Frederick the Great & Otto von Bismarck, which regarded the militant spirit & discipline of the Prussian army as the model for individual & civic life.
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Farage’s Reform UK benefited from almost £1 MILLION from a group intended to be a cross-party effort to support Brexit.

In early 2020, Leave Means Leave — run by Richard Tice — made the donation to Reform, which was then called the Brexit party.…
Former Tory deputy chair Paul Scully, who is listed as a Leave Means Leave supporter, said the donations were NOT in the spirit of the organisation.

“Leave Means Leave was a cross-party thing, that was the whole point,” he told the Financial Times.

Leave Means Leave was founded in 2016 by Tice and businessman John Longworth to push for a “hard” Brexit following the referendum.

Longworth told the FT the cross-party campaign group was intended to be separate from the Brexit party.
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Jun 30

Just two opinion polling companies have put Reform UK on 20% or more: People Polling (owned by Legatum Snr Fellow Matt Goodwin) & Whitestone Insight (CEO Andrew Hawkins).

The links to Reform UK, the Evangelical Christian Right & fossil fuel interests are concerning.
On 18 June, a poll commissioned by GB "News" (co-owned by Legatum), conducted by Snr Fellow at Legatum Matt Goodwin, put Reform on 24%

The average of all polls since is just 16%.

Only two other outlier polls have put Reform on 20% or more - both conducted by Whitestone Insight.
Before revealing the connections between the two outlier polls & Reform UK & fossil fuel interests, some important context.

In 1997, all the polls correctly predicted Blair’s landslide. That most polls significantly overstated the size of his victory passed virtually unnoticed.
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Nowhere in the world have private equity firms found a more welcoming playground than in the UK: the volumes of buyouts have over the past two decades weighed more in the overall economy than in any other advanced market, including the US.…
Private equity firms have snapped up high street names from grocers Asda and Morrisons to sandwich chain Pret A Manger, and invested in sectors ranging from insurance to nursing homes and infrastructure.
Now their record, and relatively lower taxation, are once again coming under heightened scrutiny ahead of the election. Labour wants to increase taxes on the performance fees that fund managers receive from asset sales, so these 'dealmakers' may be tempted to relocate elsewhere.
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Jun 24
OK people, WTAF is 'The Christian Institute'?

Who funds it?

What do they want?

Why did they hold a joint event with barking Clare Fox's Battle of Ideas on “Indoctrination in Education” with barking Frank Furedi of Spiked Online as a speaker?

Britain is NOT America. Not yet.

The term 'Judeo-Christian' became widely used in the US during the Cold War to suggest a unified American identity opposed to communism.

The “Judeo-Christian tradition” was a political invention: an ecumenical marketing meme for combating godless commies.
The term 'Judeo-Christian' is now widely & misleadingly mobilised by the far-right to divide people, mainly by demonising 'Others' (especially Muslims).

"My beliefs are based on a Judeo-Christian worldview that’s thousands of years old" - Miriam Cates.

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