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Roadmap for #SugarFinance #ToothacheNFT
- Launch with Scammy NFT collection to raise funds pre launch

- Tease Sugar Finance platform which is a direct copy of
@ZooEcosystem which is alive and running since April 2021.
- Copy all NFT boosters/Elixirs created by @genshimaro
and UI design of Platform.

- Make the direct copy of then entire UI, assets and platform seem only "similar" and FUD a project that's been fair launched and running for over 1 year and still building.

- Lie through teeth🦷
#SolanaNFTs #SCAM #ScamAlert
#sugarfinance Sugar Finance is a copycat scam with 0 integrity or honesty ---

The legit project
@ZooEcosystem on @wanchain_org and @avalancheavax
created all these NFT boosters, the platform, the mechanics, the utilities everything
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🖐 Toi aussi tu regardes bcp #YouTube ou #Twitch ?

Libre à chacun de vivre sa vie de spectateurs à sa guise, mais s’il y a des créateurs de contenu que tu aimes, et tu te demandes comment tu pourrais les aider ...

Bonne nouvelle ! Voici la réponse

#guide #viewer
⚠ Préambule pour les nuls
Tu n’aimes pas, passe ton chemin ! Chacun aime ce qui lui convient et si ce contenu ne te conviens pas, les plateformes sont bien assez grandes pour trouver ton plaisir ailleurs.

Inutile de lâcher ton 🧂 en commentaire ou troller

#warning #dontbeadick
▶ Sur YouTube :

Prioritairement : #Aimer, #partager, #commenter … puisqu’on vous le dit !!!
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[#THREAD] @StepApp_ , un concurrent sérieux pour @Stepnofficial ?

Aujourd'hui je vous invite à venir découvrir un projet qui fait couler de l'encre depuis quelques jours, StepApp.

Il s'agit d'un #MoveToEarn qui s'oppose au très connu StepN !

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes Image

StepApp est un projet qui s'inscrit dans la #Fitness Finance (#FitFi).

Il s'agit d'un nouveau type de finance décentralisée qui s'appuie sur l'univers du sport pour proposer des rendements plus ou moins élevés.

Les plus connus actuellement sont StepN et @genopets . Image
Là où StepN repose essentiellement sur la dépense de points d'énergie au travers de la marche et de la course, StepApp propose de gamifier ces disciplines.

On parle donc de compléter des quêtes et missions ou de lancer des challenges à ses amis. Image
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CCSD’s latest teacher separation report is out.

It's bad and we are in uncharted territory.

Read the whole thread to find out who knew what when.


This is what the cumulative teacher/licensed staff separations look like in a typical year for CCSD.

They slowly accumulate August through March and then accelerate April through July when staff start to say they’re not coming back next year.

Last year CCSD saw the lowest teacher separations through February of any school year in the last decade.

After the vaccine came out separations accelerated, and separations ended the year above average.

What does it look like this year…

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#ExtremeWeather #Warning #SouthEastAfrica

With formation of Tropical Storm #Emnati overnight and a high confidence forecast for the next five days. We need to also pay attention to potential impacts in Southern Africa, especially in the East.

Latest GFS 10 day rain sim below.
While Tropical Storm #Dumako has lost its JTWC designation the threat it poses to Mozambique is not over - we just won't have the same level of data to watch it as it crosses the Mozambique Channel.

The current spaghetti analysis from ECMWF suggests it won't strengthen.
However in the rainfall forecast we can see that heavy rain is forecast for Southern Mozambique and across the the continent over the next 10 days. This animation is from earlier today before #Dumako was taken off the monitoring list.
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New IMF Document Released Jan 26, 2022.

Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms - A primer for global IMF supervisors.
Differences between PoW, PoS, DPoS, & fBFT ($XRP $XLM)

#XRP #XLM Mentioned! #regulated #research #blockchain #DLT #XRPCommunity
--Thread of important quotes--
1. This is a very important document as the IMF represents a consortium of 190 countries and pushing for carbon-neutral countries by 2030.

They are sharing their views in which supervisors around the world will read and use this information to help form their opinion.
2. If you want a video overview I took 4 hours to edit and record this full document overview.

Timestamps and info are in the thread / Video description to make things easier as well!

#XRP #XLM #Cryptocurrency #XRPCommunity #XRPARMY

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1/3. In this Thread, meet first:

The #Crumbling #Empire's #MASTER #Guardian
of its Military Industrial Complex:
- Frederick, Boss of The #Atlantic #Council -
(go 👇 on)
2/3. Meet secondly:

The Mouth of #NATO:
- Jens, Secretary General -
(go 👇 on)
3/3. 🎺#WARNING🥁:

The #Crumbling #Empire's MASTER #Guardian
of its Military Industrial Complex,
in a Warmongering Propaganda-Video,
tells The Mouth of #NATO, Jens,
to be more #Violent:

via @YouTube
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#ToiletBreak e Querelle #Tsitsipas

Facciamo chiarezza con un bel thread

Si è parlato molto delle ‘presunte’ scorrettezze di Stefano Tsitsipas (e di altri tennisti) che utilizzerebbero in modo antisportivo il toilet break.

Partiamo dalle regole attuali

#Tennis #UsOpen Stefanos Tsitsipas e Daniil Medvedev - Foto Ray Giubilo
Il #ToiletBreak, in un match #Slam, è consentito due volte a partita.

È obbligatorio, una volta presa la via degli spogliatoi (con un giudice di linea al seguito), usufruire del bagno.

Non si può chiedere Toilet Break solamente per cambiarsi Foto Ray Giubilo
A #Sinner, che non conosceva la regola, durante il match con #Karatsev a #Lione è stato recentemente comminato un #Warning per essersi solamente cambiato senza aver usufruito del bagno.

Il giudice di linea ha avvertito l'arbitro ed è arrivata l'ammonizione Jannik Sinner - Foto Ray Giubilo
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#Warning, it contains disturbing images 🔞

43,891 civilians killed, injured by coalition in #Yemen during 2,300 days: Statistic.

The Humanity Eye Center for Rights and Development revealed, in a recent statistic, that about 43,891 #Yemeni citizens were killed and
injured during 2,300 days of the #Saudi-led coalition’s war on #Yemen.
According to the center’s statistic, the number of martyrs amounted to 17,176 citizens, while the number of wounded reached more than 26,715 citizens.
The statistic elaborated that the number of child martyrs reached 3,842 martyrs and more than 4,225 wounded, and the number of martyrs from women reached more than 2,400 and over 2,832 wounded, while the number of martyrs from civilian men reached 10,934 and
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NEVER USE Cotton bud, Broom stick, Biro, Needles, etc to remove EARWAX INSIDE YOUR EAR.

#DON'T, I repeat DON'T!

Earwax may may seen dirty but it has several functions in our body.


A Thread 👇
Your ears usually do a good job cleaning themselves & Don’t need any Extra care.

The only reason you should clean them is to soften or remove earwax from the outside of your ear canals. And if you’re going to do that, you’ll need to know how to do it carefully.


- The Ear produces a substance called CERUMEN (Earwax). It’s NORMAL for your body to produce it, and it actually helps PROTECT and LUBRICATE your ears.

- If you didn’t have earwax, your ears would probably be ITCHY and DRY.

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1. @mybmc announced Rs 10k incentive last year now ask to consider incentives as hike which was due from Aug 18.
#BMCBetrayed @DoctorsKem @ANI @ndtv @RupsaChak @lata_MIRROR @mataonline @LoksattaLive @MiLOKMAT
2. No Academics from 2 years still @mybmc extorted Rs 2 Lakh tuition fees from these hardworking resident doctors in this pandemic for the online lectures which never happened in reality.
@CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT @mayor_mumbai
#Fraud #extortion
3. There is no tax liable on stipend as per income tax department and even exempted in govt. medical colleges of #Maharashtra ,but @mybmc extort 10% from the resident doctors. @Dev_Fadnavis @KiritSomaiya @ShelarAshish
#justicefordoctors #FraudBMC
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1. #Economics of #GoatFarming. The prize of certain goats is a subject of constant bickering on local goat market. Unconvinced, some immediately quit the idea of #GoatFarming & thrilled some plunge with no due consideration whatsoever. BUT, Where is the Money.
1.1 To start, you simply need to define the objective of your goat enterprise.This will inform the breeding systems to be deployed, hence the costs of the animals to be introduced and later the value of the products that you will sale.
#Warning: LongThread Ahead.#ZimAgricRising
1.2. Making the above fundamental decision is crucial. It is a different ball game altogether when you produce pure breeds (goat seed production) Vs Cross breeding to produce mainly commercial goats for meat/milk production.
#ZimAgricRising #GoatFarming #GoatEconomics
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Hitler won mass support because a major economic crisis had driven Germany into a deep depression: Banks crashed, businesses folded, & millions lost their jobs.

Hitler offered voters a vision of a better future - 'sunlit uplands', you might say.…
The poorest people in Germany voted for Hitler's opponents, notably the Communists & the moderate left-wing Social Democrats, but the lower-middle classes, the bourgeoisie, the unorganized workers, the rural masses, and the older traditionalists all gave their votes to Hitler. Image
Whereas other politicians seemed to dither or act as mere administrators, Hitler projected purpose & dynamism.

He proved a master at denouncing conventions & manipulating the media. He issued an endless stream of #slogans, & hammered them home to win potential supporters over. Image
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#Japan #Weather #warning

On Saturday (March 13th), Japanese weather authorities are warning of heavy rains in the prefectures of #Saitama, #Chiba, #Tokyo and #Kanagawa.Warnings are also issued against storm conditions in #Miyagi and #Fukushima prefectures.
#日本 #天気 #忠告

土曜日(3月13日)、日本の気象当局は埼玉県、#千葉県#東京県#神奈川県 で大雨が降ると警告しています。 #宮城県#福島県 の暴風雨についても警告が発せられています。
-In case I m made a mistake with the Japanese one, I m sorry I try to improve it so😅
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On Wednesday (March 10th) the German Weather Service (DWD) is now officially warning for Thursday (March 11th) of gale-force gusts and gusts of wind in the north and north-west of the country and in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg.
Restrictions in traffic must be expected, floods and landslides are possible. Travelers should exercise increased caution, especially on rivers and mountain slopes, and follow the instructions of the authorities.
For detailed and currently valid severe weather warnings in Germany, travelers are advised to install the 'WarnWetter' app from the German Meteorological Service.

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1/ This was a dream & vision that God gave me last year on March 24th, 2020. Then, I only shared it w/ 2 other ppl, that I recall.

I saw a man in white robe with a sword in his hand fighting against an enemy. Two young women were standing beside him, one on each side. ...
2/ Fire and smoke shot toward them, and a head appeared from the midst of the smoke. The head was that of a dragon. The head of the dragon had two horns on his head like an antelope. The dragon told the man that he cannot defeat him or protect the two women. The man replied ...
3/ to the dragon, telling him that he is really weak and that he only gets his power by speaking lies. The dragon became enraged and replied, "I will show you my power and strength." The two women told the man that they will help him. The man thanked the women, and he gave ...
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#YEMEN:The Executive Mine Action Center revealed that many large areas in #Yemen have been turned into a minefield due to the huge number of cluster bombs that dropped by the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets on populated areas for the past six years.
The Executive Mine Action
Center revealed that many large areas in #Yemen have been turned into a minefield due to the huge number of cluster bombs that dropped by the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets on populated areas for the past six years.
A commander of the team at the center,Hussein Al-Adhrai,
told al- Masirah TV that the center is working hard to clear the areas of the remnants of cluster bombs, destructive and other bombs, to protect the citizens from their dangers.

Al-Adhrai pointed out that the areas that were targeted by cluster and destructive bombs are
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#France #ISIS #Paris #Warning

French Defense Minister Florence Parly has warned of a resurgence of the ISIS terrorist militia. "France believes that Daesh (Arabic acronym for ISIS) still exists. We can even speak of a kind of resurgence in Syria and Iraq,"
Parly said Sunday on the program "Questions politiques," co-hosted by radio station France Inter, newspaper Le Monde and France Télévisions.
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#StVincentAndTheGrenadines #Kingstown #Volcano #SoufriereStVincent #Warning

As volcanoes begin to spray ash after lying dormant for decades, residents of St Vincent and the Grenadines have been ordered to leave their homes. ImageImageImageImage
Authorities have issued a warning for the region, impacting over 100,000 people, as the current eruption is assessed by scientists. Officials warned on Tuesday of heavy gas emissions, the creation of a new volcanic dome and improvements to the La Soufriere volcano's crater lake. Image
The warning level was increased to an orange today, with indications that the volcano could erupt within a day and urge people to evacuate. The decision to raise the level of alarm comes as it began to spew ash and a new volcanic dome was created.
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#UnitedKingdom #York #Flood #Warning

A flood warning has been issued for tonight and the ciyt of York. One flood warning, issued at 7.06pm, is for riverside properties next to the River Ouse in York. Image
The warning reads: “The river Ouse at the Viking recorder is currently at 2.82m and is expected to peak between 3m and 3.2m between 23:45 tonight and 01:00 on Sunday morning 20th December 2020.
“We are closely monitoring the situation. Our incident response staff are checking defences and closely monitoring the forecast". There is also a warning in place on the River Ouse at Naburn Lock, issued at 7.21pm.
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#Austria #tirol / #Tyrol #Weather #Warning #avalanche

Lots of fresh snow and strong winds increase the risk of avalanches in Tyrol. The avalanche warning service announced the highest warning level 5 for East Tyrol.
The report said that spontaneous avalanches "occasionally also extremely large" are to be expected. Large and very large sliding snow avalanches are to be expected on steep slopes below around 2600 meters. During the day, up to 110 centimeters of fresh snow should fall.
In the north of Tyrol, the second highest warning level applies. Avalanches could reach the valley there and endanger traffic routes, it said. Because of the heavy snowfall, train connections on the Brenner are interrupted in South Tyrol.
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As members of @SenateCommerce theatrically complain about how they are being "silenced", here are 4 deeply heartbreaking stories from #FacebookSurvivors that give a #warning about the type of pain millions of Americans could face if @facebook doesn't act. cc @guyro @andymstone:
"What happens on @Facebook does not stay on Facebook". Hate, racism, voter suppression. Just hear what happened when Joyce ran for mayor in a small town in #Alabama:
"There was no scream or noise I could make that could let out the feeling inside my chest" -- Hannah's is a story of heartbreak and incredible courage. She's now suing @Facebook because its misinformation & hate crises are costing lives. #FacebookSurvivors #DetoxFacebook
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