Variants exploding across Canada 🇨🇦 in just 5 days—let these sink in:

#P1 has doubled to 737 between March 30 to April 5th in BC.

#P1 has tripled in Alberta.

#B117 has ~doubled in Saskatchewan.

#B117 has soared 73% in Alberta.

🇨🇦’s hockey is now in pandemic danger. #COVID19
2) More than half the Vancouver @Canucks have been infected. Many bedridden. Reports some on IV fluids. These are HEALTHY YOUNG PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES! #P1 is just that serious.
3) Keep in mind that an NHL team like the @Canucks have strict safety protocols and almost unlimited PPE and testing budget. And yet a major outbreak still occurred.
4) And did science already say ice hockey rinks are risky for airborne transmission? YES! The ice is known to create a thermal inversion and keep the aerosols near the ice as a stagnant blanket.
6) I’ve been yelling about BC’s crisis with #P1 for a while.
7) Did we have early warning signs BC 🇨🇦 was in a crisis with #P1? Yes. On March 22nd bulletin, 84 cases of #P1 were identified — all **without any international travel**. Thus all local or domestic transmission already.
8) We have known for a while that #P1 is more contagious (up to 2-2.5x faster), and maybe more severe, and maybe has reinfection potential.

And we know #P1 is driving a horrible #COVID19 crisis in Brazil 🇧🇷 where the variant originated.
9) I pray this doesn’t happen to Canada 🇨🇦 or any other country. Brazil is suffering enormously due to #P1 there.
10) Thus, please consider signing this #ZeroCovid petition to Canadian govt if you are a Canadian resident or citizen.
11) Canada should follow the lead of New Zealand’s Jacinda and not UK’s Boris on #COVID19

• • •

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8 Apr
Let this sink in—over **half of all intubated young adults** on ventilators now dies from #COVID19 in Brazil 🇧🇷. What’s odds last spring 2020? 1 in 3.

That is likely an effect of #P1 variant—not just ICU capacity because March 2021 wasn’t included yet. 🧵

(HT @terrence_mccoy) Image
2) What about overall chance of dying if intubated in Brazil 🇧🇷 hospital recently? 72.8%. Last spring—60%. Image
3) Brazil’s crisis is almost unimaginable. Brazil’s 4000+ deaths a day is significant - even though Us is 50% larger in population, Brazil 🇧🇷 is much much younger in age distribution compared to a much more elderly US pop. Thus it’s not just equal to 6k US—Brazil likely worse.
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8 Apr
🏒New—25 hockey players and staff of NHL Vancouver @Canucks team are now confirmed positive for #COVID19. All cases traced to a single source, which is an variant awaiting formal confirmation which type (previously #P1 mentioned by multiple reporters). 🧵… Image
2) “An ongoing investigation by Vancouver Coastal Health and club contact tracing staff attributes the source infection to a single individual obtained in a community setting, which has since been identified by public health as a public exposure location.
3) “The Canucks are grateful for the continued support of local public health officials, the NHL and NHLPA and encourage everyone to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following health orders. COVID-19 infections are rising in BC.
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7 Apr
Disgusting—While Brazil 🇧🇷 had 4000+ #COVID19 deaths yesterday, Bolsonaro today decided to bash LGBT on HIV, claims there’s no vaccine for all the world, none in Africa (false—many vaccine trials done in 🇿🇦), & continues to push unproven drug therapies.

#Sosbrazil #Sosbrasil
2) There is a reason why I said “Brazil is like a Fukushima, it can put the whole world at risk”.…
3) I agree with @MiguelNicolelis — Brazil’s COVID crisis is like a Fukushima disaster that is going out of control.
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7 Apr
Michigan confirmed new hospitalizations for #COVID19 has soared an alarming +43% in just one week!

It’s now more than double the national US per 100 bed rate (12 vs 5).

Nursing home staff cases also up +8% in one week. Positivity up 4% points in one week. Not good. Image
2) Moreover, hospital admissions among 18-39 year olds are also up substantial % in the last 2 weeks (see dark orange below).… Image
3) Here is Michigan cases now versus one month ago... huge surge. #COVID19 Image
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7 Apr
📍HUGE STUDY—One in 3 #COVID19 survivors received a neurological diagnosis within 6 months of infection—1 in 8 with first ever diagnosis, says study of 230,000 patient records. Also COVID patients had higher risk of dementia, anxiety, Parkinson’s vs flu.🧵… Image
2) Across all patients, #COVID19 infected (vs other respiratory infections) yielded higher risk for these diagnoses:

📌brain hemorrhage
📌ischemic stroke
📌Myoneural/muscle disease
📌Substance use
📌Parkinson’s (vs RTI) Image
3) Moreover, the higher risks are not just for hospitalized patients. Even in **non-hospitalized #COVID19**, higher risks of these outcomes were still found:

Any brain hemorrhage
Ischemic stroke
Parkinson’s (vs flu)
Nerve disorders
Substance use
Insomnia Image
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7 Apr
💡Proposal—what if the Biden @StateDept authorized all US Embassies and Consulate abroad to share US #COVID19 vaccines? It could technically skirting the Trump WH contractual bans against donating & using them outside of “US Territories”. I hope @SecBlinken @ABlinken considers.
2) And not just US citizens would be eligible. But maybe there can be a section of US embassies / consulates that can offer it to non-Americans too theoretically if they came to the Embassy. There is no “citizens only” clause, just a “US territory” clause.
3) In addition, US military bases abroad. And maybe US entry Pre-clearance zones in which are considered as having “entered the US”.

I know embassies and military bases are still consider foreign soil, but they are under official US sovereign control. It’s grey area for sure.
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