MaxShill : $luna

Holy. Fucking. Fuck.

This is what the opportunity of a lifetime looks like.

You can tell your wife and kids that you're gonna make it. No one that discovers $luna ever goes back to being a failure

Yes I own $luna. And keep reading below to find out why. 🔥
Look. Crypto investing doesn't have to be hard. You shouldn't need to do mental gymnastics to determine why your shitcoin's price will go up. It should be easy as fuck to conclude how a #crypto is gonna gain massive traction, adoption and print some massive green dildos.
That's the beauty of luna. It's easy to figure out how it moons. Once you get that, you quickly conclude that 4 digit $luna is an inevitability. What makes $luna price go up? $ust adoption. It's that simple. Elegant as fuck. Why? How? Who gives a  shit. Do your own research nerd.
Tldr is $UST adoption creates luna buy pressure, burns luna supply and creates multiple orgasms in a deterministic manner. The amount of luna getting burned daily is ridiculous. Plus you get airdrops and mad yield for staking luna. @d0h0k1 will get a nobel prize for this shit.
Why will ust adoption go up? Because a tidal wave of mind blowing #dapps are being built on luna, each one of them leveraging UST and boosting its usage in a synergistic manner. Like a beautiful orgy of the gods, the likes of which will be taught in history class for 1000 years.
And no I'm not talking about some hyped up NFT type bullshit thats making the news for being considered a "massive success" for *cough* facilitating money laundering *cough* through "ground breaking" 6 digit #NFT sales.
Your big time #defi app has 5k users? Please. Hold my beer.
I'm talking about shit that actually brings real value to the masses. I'm talking about dapps that are ALREADY the most adopted in the entire ecosystem. $chai has millions of users in only 6 months of operation. How many users does your billion dollar marketcap shitcoin have?
Then you got mirror fucking protocol. #defi stock trading with features that get me so jacked up I bench 50 pounds more when i think about it. Imagine 24/7 stock trading with super low fees, instant settlement and no bs entity that will freeze your account for arbitrary reasons.
And then because #crypto is fucking awesome, the stocks you buy are actually crypto. You can use it as collatoral for loans, or in the future yield farm with it or lord knows what else. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Btw @mirror_protocol casually has over 1 billion TVL.
You think that's all? You're such a noob. @anchor_protocol let's you borrow at negative rates. That's right. You make money borrowing. Read that again. And that's not the best part. 20% fixed rate savings that can be implemented to any app in the world in 7 lines of code. 🔥🔥
This gold mine has over 500 million tvl in less than a month and has badass backers like @coinbase, @naval, @PanteraCapital and @GalaxyDigital and I think also @SBF_Alameda . They did their due diligence so you don't have to.

No but seriously do your own due diligence.
Adoption of these #dapps boosts $ust usage, which moons $luna. All the god-like dapps above are new and gaining traction fast while improving their features. There's 50+ more of em coming, each one working off eachother and making eachother exponentially more useful and valuable.
Did I say UST adoption is what helps luna price? That was fud. Luna can mint stablecoins for ANY currency and adoption of any and all of them are bullish af for luna. Your crypto is trying hard to "be money". Lol cute. Luna mints actual fucking money. All of them. Bow to master.
Meanwhile @terra_money aquiring and/or partnering with entities that have the required money licenses to fastforward real world adoption in an allegedly legal way. And as if they weren't cool enough, they will pay for your audit when you build on $luna. #eth #developers LFG!
So yeah, dont put yourself in a situation where you have to explain to your kids why you missed out on luna. It's gonna be fucking embarassing.

For entertainment only not financial advice.

If you want the latest legit info on $luna tune in to @TerraBitesPod. They are good af.

• • •

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