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1/ Issue 5: @indexcoop - The #Crypto BlackRock 🦉🏦

#DAOs are transparent, accessible, and democratic.

This piece is a case study looking at one of the most successful DAO communities to date: @indexcoop.

Their mission: create a decentralized BlackRock for the digital era.

2/ Before we get started, this tweetstorm is a truncated version of the longer piece. Check out the full piece and subscribe here:…
3/ @ljxie defines a DAO as:

"…a group organized around a mission that coordinates through a shared set of rules enforced on a blockchain."

With the recent DAO bill in the WY legislature (h/t @awrigh01), it's important to understand these entities.…
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#altcoinseason 2021 is going to way way crazier than 2017! Here's why

1 - There are now multiple blockchains running smart contracts applications that actually have users. 2017 was basically all about #Ethereum
2 - There have never been so many fiat on ramps. Cashapp, Paypal, Robinhood, and all the crypto native exchanges. It has never been easier for retail to enter the market.
3 - So many working products. We have amazing #defi platforms like Aave, Uniswap, and Synthetix. And dozens of new comers.
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1) On AMMs, On-chain is a completely different world compared to off-chain, I’m a firm believer that the concept of on-chain order book does not work due to its complexity involved in making a market, transaction costs for constantly shifting orders.
2) Not to mention the speed of matching orders where centralized ones can do a way better job than the decentralized counterpart. Constant Function Market Makers: #DeFi’s “Zero to One” Innovation.…
3) With @Uniswap #UNI V3 launched, we are now entering the capital efficiency era in the #DeFi world. Now, let’s talk about the various AMM models on the market, starting with the most intuitive one which has formed the cornerstone of where we are today.
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1/25) #Oracles, a thread

First, I am not an expert at all, plz DYOR 😊

In this thread:
-What are Oracles
-The Oracle problem
-Why invest in them?
-Examples & charts
-My predictions (FWIW 😉)

Let’s go!🔥🔥
2/25) Fancy name, but what is an #oracle?

A third party service that serves a Smart Contract with information from outside the Blockchain.

For a lot of contractual agreements that is vital, because otherwise it can only get data from inside it’s own network/blockchain.
3/25) Blockchains and Smart contracts on it’s own cannot connect to off chain data.

An #Oracle could be described as a bridge between on chain and off chain data. So it is not the source itself, but like a second layer that requests, verifies and authenticates information.
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1/ ⭐️ @ConsenSysCodefi & @ArmorFi Team Up To Make DeFi Safer ⭐️

The collaboration will create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the smart contract threat landscape which involves crowdsourcing risk assessment, and plans for a DAO.
2/ The teams will be updating @ConsenSysCodefi's #DeFiScore rating in an effort to invite the community to help build the future of #DeFi safety.
3/ The move is the first step in a larger initiative to create a collaborative "DeFi Defense DAO" to increase safety and transparency for #DeFi through a community-driven product risk history and scoring resource.
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1/ The evolution and future of cryptocurrencies... or how we ended up with where are today with #Bitcoin, #DeFi and blockchains.

A (long) thread.


Hold tight, I'll be your ride operator.
2/ "You have to know the past to understand the present."

-Carl Sagan
3/ The material presented here is originally from my guest presentation given on @uniofjyvaskyla course "Blockchain in Digital Business."

As far as I know, it is the first interdisciplinary course on blockchains in Finland, and likely one of the firsts in Nordics.
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Predicting short-term price is speculative, but can be useful learning to get feedback on my feel for "the pulse" of the market and train 'market instincts'

@RyanWatkins_ inspired me to take a shot at this for $ETH as we break above $3k

A thread 👇
First off - this level of specificity is absolutely not 'rigorous' in any sense. This thread is just for fun, so don't @ me lol.

Second, @RyanWatkins_ clarified he thinks we're late "media attention" and could have months of runway, so don't @ him either
Since I posted my $ETH report, ETH is up 25% and $BTC is up 3%. As my dad often says, "sometimes it's better to be lucky than right"

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1/ re you excited / curious for Uniswap V3 and how it will work?

#uniswap #defi
2/ Gain a better understanding on how V3 influences your results as a liquidity provider by trying out different price ranges using our interactive simulator.
Compare your chosen strategies with Uniswap V2, HODL 50/50 and straight up HODL. Image
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Weekly AVAX Defi Ecosystem Commentary & Yield Farming Roundup (Mon May 3) on @avalancheavax Farming Yields for $PNG, $PEFI, $ZERO, $LYD, $OLIVE, $ELK, $YTS, $BAMBOO, $COM, & new $BAG + auto-compounders $YAK & $SNOB
1) Macro Commentary
I’ve been obsessed with the state of AVAX defi ecosystem since I widened my focus & started comparing vs other chains, & seeing that we’re losing in the race to build TVL

Here’s an updated table, adding also $MATIC & $LUNA as requested

& a cheat sheet of protocols:

This has caused me to start experimenting with other chains, notably #BSC & $SOL
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How can @avalancheavax improve its #DeFi ecosystem? This is the question which has been keeping me up at night... Here are my high-level suggestions:

1) Aggressively support NATIVE projects with grants & internal @avalabsofficial resources
2) Have a united front with your #defi "foundation" partners
@AvalaunchApp launchpad to bring in new projects
@yieldyak_ defi expertise & integration
@pangolindex DEX/liquidity

3) Focus on building TVL as your primary KPI, invest your war chest NOW. Be competitive & try to win vs other inferior chains. Yes, $AVAX is the best tech & CX (once on-ramped), but users will go elsewhere if that's where the growth, APY, growth & quality projects are

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(0) I oft wonder if the way private-round token issuance mechanism we have today is the most elegant – yes there’s a simple vesting smart contract one can write, or one can stream via @sablier, but can we have a protocol that generalizes and tokenizes ERC20 vesting?
(1) The answer is most likely yes – and such tokenized “vesting schedule of ERC20” will also be tradeable on the likes of AMM platforms (if ERC20) or NFT platforms like OpenSea (if ERC721 + ERC1155). I would imagine this approach is superior to off-chain verbal / legal promises.
(2) To an extent, OTC trading of vesting tokens is already kind of happening but that involves a lot of trust (especially when it comes to swapping ETH private keys); perhaps another solution is have a platform for if [receive token] then [steam it to another address].
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10 signs $ETH is well on its way to $10k 👇🏼
#1: Ethereum dwarfs every blockchain in terms of fees paid, with a current run rate of nearly $7 billion -- confirming massive demand for $ETH block space.
#2: Ethereum settles $30.5 billion worth of value per day, far more than Bitcoin and every other blockchain -- to put this into context, PayPal settles ~$2.5 billion daily.
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+++ Call for all devs currently working on #Ethereum & #BSC: Fantom is a Layer-1 chain that supports the EVM and that ensures maximum interoperability by using already-proven bridges. Ecosystem & user base are growing at a tremendous speed. More info below 👇 $FTM +++
#Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. Its aBFT consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. Time-to-finality is 1 second.…
The #Fantom mainnet is up & running and already today delivers what ETH 2.0 anticipates for 2022: Proof-of-stake, 4.500+ tps, very, very low txs fees (0.00002$) and smart contracts. As it supports the EVM, it is easy to deploy existing contracts.

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1/ Today we are incredibly excited to announce Hashflow, a decentralized exchange that lets you trade trustlessly with crypto’s top market makers. What does this mean for you? Simply—better prices, no slippage, and rock-bottom gas fees. Sounds too good to be true?

Thread 👇
2/ In the past year, #DeFi has exploded. AMM volumes in particular are through the roof. This was the key “lego block” that unlocked DeFi summer.

Without AMMs, we wouldn’t have the liquidity needed to build out this parallel financial ecosystem. So first, thank you to AMMs 🙏
3/ That said, AMMs are just token vending machines. They’re always on, and will always give you tokens, but you might not get a good price, and you may end up with way less than you expected. They work… but you might have to kick the vending machine a few times.
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+++ For those who are new to Fantom, this is a detailed & updated thread on why $FTM is a MUST-BUY for both holders & traders. Read below why it should be on your radar and how to test it out. +++

#FTM #Fantom #bitcoin #binance #NFTs #DeFi
What is Fantom? The basics: $FTM is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. Its aBFT consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability.…
The $FTM mainnet is up & running and already today delivers what ETH 2.0 anticipates for 2022: Proof-of-stake, 4.500+ tps, very low txs fees (0.00002$) & smart contracts. It’s time-to-finality is 1 second. It is the fastest & cheapest chain out there at only $1.5bn market cap.
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New to #DeFi and trying to understand the macro narratives of #Ethereum?

We did things a little different this quarter by creating a more visual report of the primary data and narratives animating DeFi and NFTs in the first three months of this year.…
In this report, we cover the DeFi economy built on Ethereum, stablecoins, DeFi assets, DEX volume, #NFTs, trends to watch in Q2, and DeFi regulation.…
By the end of Q1, 1.75 million unique addresses used at least one DeFi protocol, despite DeFi users growing by 50% this quarter, and a 10x increase from the end of Q1 2020. Still, DeFi users only represent about 1% of the total Ethereum addresses.
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#Crypto Investment Tips: HOW TO RESEARCH CRYPTO COINS.

It is advisable that before you invest in a coin for long term holding, you need to thoroughly research the coin to avoid holding a shitcoin or coin that can quickly lose its' value.

#cryptocurrencies $BTC $ETH
Well, here are simple steps you can follow to research any crypto coins.

1. Read the whitepaper to understand the crypto project.
2. Try to find out the people behind the crypto project—what’s the track record.

#cryptotwitter #investing #UnknownGunmen smart Adeyemi Remi Tinubu
3. Market product fit and use cases: check to know if the crypto project has achieved market product fit.

4. What is the press saying about them and who are their partners?

#CryptoNews #Defi #DogecoinRise #research
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1/ I've decided to create an extensive thread about @unizen_io to help newcomers understand a bit more about the project..

▫️ What is Unizen?
▫️ What does the $ZCX token do?
▫️ Why is the #crypto space so excited about $ZCX?

Well.. lets take a look 👇
2/ $ZCX is a Smart Exchange Ecosystem that enables deep hybrid #liquidity through a modular ecosystem that features both centralized & decentralized exchange components..

This is very powerful!

As we proceed through the thread, you will see why this makes @unizen_io unique
3/ Traders are constantly seeking where to find the best liquidity on projects..

This is time-consuming, stressful & risky.. which often results in bad decision

Communities beg projects to list on the most liquid exchanges which causes pain points due to its difficulties

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Ethereum, The Triple Halving

My report on the investment case for $ETH is finally finished.

It is 79 pages long, my pride and joy, the cumulative product of years of learning and a week of insane effort.
The impetus for this piece realizing that my thread on the $ETH triple halving was mostly interpreted as a nice meme-able crypto pump.

The triple halving may become a meme, but there is a serious investment case here.

I put everything I had into this piece. As a retail investor, I want to use this report to show how much I’ve learned about investing and share my current highest conviction idea. If I’m capable of writing institutional grade research - this is it.
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Soo.. why I market swapped (in batches) $2mil into @QuickswapDEX token (market buying #matic in $0.41-$0.43 range en-route to the AAM to swap matic->quick) and not looking to sell any time soon despite being in 60-70% profit already?
First of all, have to recognize that we are in the wide crypto bull market.

One of the best performing sectors is #DeFi.
Ethereum-based DeFi lead the move, with BSC being the primary blockchain contender with its PancakeSwap and BurgerSwap AAMs due to the high fees of Ethereum.
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(1/10)🧐Ready to switch from $BSC or $ETH over to $FTM and wondering how to get started?

📙Here is everything you need to successfully start interacting on the #Fantom network and enjoying <1s TTF and near free transactions.

Let's get started 👇
(2/10) The first thing you will need to do is to add the $FTM opera network to your metamask🦊 extension.

I'm assuming of course that you already have @MetaMask on your Browser

✅Here are the exact settings you need as well as a step by step tutorial put out by @FantomFDN
(3/10) Network Name: Fantom Opera
New RPC Url:
ChainID: 250
Symbol: FTM
Block Explorer URL:…
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[THREAD] 10 exemples de "bags scientifiques" #BSC + présentation de mes réflexions perso

Il y a de tout dedans: des projets déjà installés à l'échelle de la BSC (fondamental + hype + exécution) ayant déjà bien pump, des projets solides qui pourraient exploser prochainement...
... & même des shitcoins qui ont pas encore été shill par les degens de TikTok 😂

L'idée n'est donc pas de vous dire d'acheter sans réfléchir, mais plutôt vous présenter mes stratégies pour vous aider à développer les vôtres & mener à bien vos recherches futures sur la #BSC
1 - $NAUT / @astronauttoken / MC: 10M - Holders: 6.1k

J'ai déjà parlé du $NAUT & de sa tokenomie qui génère de l'instant yield, mais c'est pas pour ça que je le garde

Je hold $NAUT car j'y vois l'occasion d'arriver early sur un Launchpad qui s'annonce solide (j'en ai loupé bcp)
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A good sanity-check:
The more invested or bullish you are in something the more you should try to find flaws in your investment thesis.

Be brutally honest with yourself.

⬇️An honest critique of @terra_money @mirror_protocol @anchor_protocol
"Degen" culture is sometimes glorified on CT. But we're always risking that things may not work the way we expect or want them to.
- Smart-contract risk
- Weak tokenomic design
- Slow adoption
- Rug pulls
- Regulatory constraints
- Markets are just plain nuts

NOT implying Terra necessarily has or will face this. I'm just rambling the basic checklist of what you should always consider in #crypto
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