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21 predictions for next little while.

1. Lots of large protocols using token-based bootstrapping mechanisms.

2. Proliferation/innovation in decentralized governance systems.

3. Many networks bridging Ethereum.

4. Single-chain maximalism death throes start.
5. Governance token model leads to fast iteration, many experiments, a large scale disaster.

6. New concept explosion — liquidity mining, recursive incentives, bootstrapping loops, protocol interference, economic gravity, proposal farming, protocol politicians.
7. Time to liquidity for sufficiently decentralized tokens falls to 0.

8. Protocol liquidity wars, protocols exercising network effect capture through clever incentives and coordination.

9. $10B protocol unicorn.
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My advice for making money on that I'd like to share with you all, based on my own painful mistakes...

1. Don't go "all in," or be in anyone's "army." Married community members are poor and emotionally attached. You make bad decisions when emotional. So spread your bets.
2. Everything pumps in an alt season. Scams pump even harder. If it's got a lot of FUD, and ESPECIALLY if it's hated by Bitcoin maximalists (see , , etc) then wait for a good entry and buy it.
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1/ As awareness is increasing for @quant_network after recent announcements I encourage everyone to see the thread below providing more details around the project. Excellent Team, Tech, Use cases, Tokenomics, Partners $QNT has it all.

2/ Quant’s Overledger Blockchain Operating System not only provides interoperability between all the leading Enterprise and Public Blockchains but also connecting the world’s networks to blockchain with just 3 lines of code.
3/ Unlike other solutions, Overledger solves interoperability at scale without the overhead/bottleneck/single point of failure of adding another blockchain in the middle, nor does it impose restrictions / require blockchains to fork their code to connect.…
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Please take caution and do your due diligence before using any #DeFi protocol or farming that yield 👨‍🌾

This is all still very new and we're figuring out what works, that being said not all protocols have equal risk levels

Thread on the risk appetite spectrum for #DeFi below 👇

Use Decentralized Exchanges to buy/sell tokens, then simply hold them in your wallet

Uses DeFi applications for a only a brief moment in time, limited attack surface, but avoid infinite token approvals!

@UniswapProtocol @KyberSwap @1inchExchange @DEXAG_TokenWire

Lend tokens to a Money Market or Automated Market Maker and earn interest / trading fees

This and below have higher risk as your funds are held in a smart contract that may have an admin key or governance risk

@compoundfinance @AaveAave @CurveFinance @BalancerLabs
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1/12 Today in @cosmos:
✅mayor actualización de Stargat tras el lanzamiento de Cosmos Hub, activará #IBC y otras características como sincronización de estado o módulo de mejora de cadena para @cosmos. Publicación por…
2/12 Today in @cosmos:
✅para potenciar el soporte de proyectos a "Stargate", Ethan Frey propone alinear todas las cadenas en un lanzamiento llamado "Launchpad" ya que tener un campo de total soporte de lanzamientos agilizaría el proceso. Detalles 👉…
3/12 Today in @cosmos:
✅el @tendermint_team anuncia a @zcpeng como nuevo CEO que se une a @HarrietIRISnet, CEO de Bianjie/Cofundador de IRISnet, @jaekwon, Fundador de @tendermint_team, Cofundador de @Cosmos y President de @interchain_io como miembros BOD
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Outside the realm of #DeFi, Blockchain is still making significant headway in disrupting higher education 🎓.

The Bahamas and Malta are examples of countries that have integrated Blockcerts (Blockchain verified certificates) to further secure & democratize credentials
Unfortunately, the current diploma system is failure-prone - vulnerable to inside & third party manipulation and negligence (Fraud as well). As stated by Alex Grech:
”It is the socio-technical integration of rules-based, autonomously operating DLT systems in complex social environments.”

^mechanisms of such fashion must be in place to further uphold credentials, documentation, and identity verification.
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1/ PSA: The #DeFi bubble
I would request everyone riding the DeFi fever pitch to watch “The Big Short” and understand the parallels.

The market wide crash of 2008 was fueled by the systematic collapse of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS).
2/ The original premise of MBS was to package a bunch of AAA rated collection of mortgages into a security investors can buy. However, by the 2000s, banks were indiscriminately offering mortgages to anyone and everyone, resulting in junk mortgages which were sold as AAA MBSs
3/ eventually, the junk mortgages defaulted and when they did, they brought down the whole thing, together with the derivatives on top, even the AAA mortgages.

Now draw your attention to DeFi loans. The premise is that the loans are over collateralized and a default
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1/ @compoundfinance $COMP farming pop quiz grades are in, and 68% of the class failed 🤦

the correct answer is C) "🤷 idk how 2 compound"

why? 👇

cc @rleshner @cjliu49 @jmflatow

2/ so the devil is in the details 👿

@aliatiia_ posted a great formal proof that walks through why the position will indeed get liquidated if BAT/ETH increases 4x instantly.

but he didn't account for the protocol level limits on price changes 🛑

3/ "For security, price changes are limited (at the protocol level) to 10% per hour, unless a manual approval is provided by a second, offline address."…
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@davidgerard Bitcoin the ultimate solution to the double spending problem....
@davidgerard and now defi solves the problem creaated by solving the double spend problem...welcome to hyper yield, yield stacking, yield farming, yield harvesting and yield skyscrapers, yield rockets and yield mooning...."that sir is where the ponzi kicks in"
@davidgerard #yieldfarming I have 10 apples. I could sell those apples or use them to make an apple pie and sell the pie. fuck that. thats for losers. I want to be a winner. and winners lend apples and get back extra apples.
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Wew #DeFi yield farming is addictive

Deposit $LINK to @AaveAave
Use as collateral to borrow $WBTC
Deposit $WBTC to @CurveFinance
Recieve $crvRenWSBTC LP token
This LP token is 36% $renBTC, 25% $wBTC, 39% $sBTC
Stake pool token on @synthetix_io
Farm $SNX $REN $BAL & $CRV 🤯
I currently pay 1.25% APR to borrow $WBTC, but earn 4.21% APY from trading fees and 15.03% APY from $SNX + $REN, and soon $CRV and $BAL once those tokens launch

Through this, I have 100% exposure to $LINK, 0% exposure to $BTC, just farming the profits 👨‍🌾
Also notice how I'm only using 50% of my borrowing power on Aave, risk management is key, nothing here is risk free

More information on what makes this wizardry possible below…
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If you are running your $ETH tight on Compound to mine $COMP, close to the lev limits that lead to liquidation, please think about the 2nd order effects of cascading liquidations on the ecosystem. These negative externalities that will trump any gains from COMP mining & linger.
Most likely $COMP itself will collapse at the same time from such a shock, evaporating your paper gains. Think for the long term, don't risk everything for a little extra. This has been a key in surviving these markets for so long. Thx for listening! 🦄🍩♥️

#Ethereum $ETH #DeFi
And I love @compoundfinance and liquidity mining as a concept and $COMP mining in specific, but don't gun it to the limits.

Play for the long run, play not to break your stack and not to break the ecosystem you care about with a lasting sting from cascading liquidations.
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If you think #DeFi will have a smaller impact on $ETH than ICOs, you aren't paying attention.

The ICO boom flexed #Ethereum's ability to perform 1 financial service: early-stage capital formation.

#DeFi will flex Ethereum's ability to perform *all* financial services.
If you’re whining about #DeFi now, I fear for your mental state in a couple years time — this is just getting started.
Crypto is still off the radar compared to 2017-style interest, and that type of interest will come again, and again, and again, and...

Each cycle with past narratives hardened + new narratives that drive further conversion of users, suppliers, developers, and investors.
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1/ Obviamente que não subscrevo a metodologia, mas considero importante compreender o estudo para que o mesmo possa ser enquadrado em termos de contexto.

Estamos perante um artigo de opinião no @Publico que nada tem de opinião.
2/ O seu autor, Helder Sebastião, limita-se a citar as conclusões do estudo sem nunca revelar a sua opinião de facto.

Fraco, muito fraco e em linha com todas as minhas críticas aos OCS em Portugal. Não apenas no que tem que ver com #Bitcoin , mas também.
3/ Reconheço que o poder instalado assenta numa base de tradicionalismo e conservadorismo, resistentes à mudança, à inovação e ao crescimento.

Não é, porém, descabido lamentar que continuem a insistir em dar voz a quem manifestamente não entende no tema.
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Find out more about the development of the greatest project

💥💥💥 $XDB @DigitalBitsOrg 💥💥💥

#Digitalbits1Dollar #massadoption #DeFi #x100 #XDBarmy $BTC
$XDB is a protocol layer blockchain focused on supporting consumer digital assets, specifically branded currencies. This is inclusive of assets such as loyalty and rewards points, gift cards, and notably, the growing asset category of branded stablecoins.

Awesome report about $XDB by @blockfyre

Actually its currently a 300bn$+ industry🚀

$XDB disrupting this huge market w/ its groundbreaking infrastructure as

✅the 1st mover
✅without competition

Just imagine $XDB only captures even 1% of this value👀
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Reminder: @MakerDAO has $538 million locked in #DeFi
That is more than 4x the next closest project (@synthetix_io)
There are 132M $DAI outstanding, which dwarfs every other decentralized stablecoin
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0/ ppl ask why i'm bullish on $BAND, here is a few thought

If you are bullish on #defi and smart contract adoption, you want to get exposure to infrastructure protocol like oracle. Smart contract can't access real-world data and APIs and oracle like $BAND solve this problem
1/ Now there are many oracles in the space, with chainlink dominating 97% of the entire oracle space with clear network effect with BAND just emerging in 2019 and around 2% of chainlink

So the question is how big can $BAND grow and capture value relative to $LINK
2/ If one looks at other spaces eg smart contract, $EOS and $ADA are around 10-15% of $ETH market cap

Exchange token shows better ratio with $HT at 40% of $BNB value while $OKB and $FTX are around 10%

If $BAND does similar ratio of 10-15% of $LINK - that puts it already at $10
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The power of Ethereum is on full display with today's launch of @withFND, a new medium for buying, selling, and trading limited-edition goods. THREAD:
I'm thrilled to be supporting @withFND, which empowers creators to monetize their goods (👕👟🖼️🎶 + more) in unprecedented fashion. How? Creators mint and sell a limited supply of tokens that each represent a good. They also earn $ from secondary market sales.
Purchasers can either redeem their token for the good or sell their token on the secondary market. This gives them a real stake in a creator's success. @withFND built its own custom exchange, bonding curves, and smart contracts to support this specific use case. It is elegant.
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10 signs we're headed for a new $ETH bull market 👇🏼
#1: Ethereum has 380k daily active addresses (90-day MA) -- a figure not seen in over 2 years.
#2: More than 60 billion gas is now being used on a daily basis -- a sign that Ethereum blockspace demand has never been higher.
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ETHBTC Synthetic Token is LIVE on Mainnet‼️ This is the first "priceless" synthetic token created using UMA's infrastructure.

You can now bet on ETH outperforming BTC—tokens are on Uniswap v2🦄.

Read on for details + why this is important for #DeFi ...…
First, a warning: this is an experimental release. The code has been audited by @OpenZeppelin but this is a decentralized product that no one—including the core dev team—can control.

**Users should proceed with extreme caution**. This one is for the nerds (for now).
What it does: This token tracks the ETHBTC price ratio and is collateralized in $DAI. It will expire on 1 August 2020. At that time, holders can redeem their tokens for DAI.

Ex: if at expire ETHBTC = 0.03, each token can be redeemed for 0.03 DAI.
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Today I’m pumped to be publishing the RAI whitepaper.

We aim to build a framework for launching Reflex Bonds, a new category of asset that provides stability relative to its underlying collateral.
Our first Reflex Bond, RAI, is backed by only ETH and is designed to provide its holders volatility dampened exposure to the price of ETH.

Where ETH has fluctuated +/-100% in the last few months, RAI may have only fluctuated +/-10% in the same timeframe.…
Our goal with RAI is for it to be used as collateral in other #DeFi protocols who may prefer a less volatile alternative to ETH, especially in mission critical systems where exposure to the governance risks of fiat-backed stablecoins is undesirable.

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I just become the 7th pioneer of @keep_project's tBTC. 15/05 is a historic gay for both #Ethereum and #Bitcoin.

Now, bitcoiners can use Ethereum as a layer 2 platform to use DeFi in a trustless manner, which weren't previously possible with tokens like WBTC. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎉🌈


@Tronfoundation's @justinsuntron need to be prepared and ready to clone tBTC for Tron (before the day he will clone itself).

(sorry for a mistype in the root tweet, replacing "day" for "gay", but I thought too much in the kiss of those long hard rivals. Please note I'm not drunk)

With the launch of ETH2, @ethereum will compete with @lightning as a layer 2 protocol for #Bitcoin. But do LP have DeFi?
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La néobanque 🇩🇪 @bitwala (qui offre un IBAN allemand, la protection des dépôts jusqu'à 100k€ et un portefeuille crypto au même endroit) va rémunérer jusqu'à 4%/an les bitcoins qu'on laisse dormir.

Le Livret A (0,75%) n'a qu'à bien se tenir avec la prolifération de ces offres.
C'est la résultat d'un partenariat avec @CelsiusNetwork, une start-up qui permet d'emprunter des dollars ou des stablecoins en mettant d'autres cryptos (souvent des bitcoins) en collatéral.

Très inspiré de la #DeFi

Plus d'infos ici :…
J’ai fait une erreur dans mon premier tweet, le taux du Livret A est passé à 0,5% cette année
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Cuando empecé con #Dai en Argentina se compraba a $76, hoy se está vendiendo a $130, cuánto tiempo paso cinco meses.
O sea es una excelente reserva de valor, cuál es la diferencia con el dólar?
Si por alguna razón se deben vender los dólares a ese valor hay que abrir una cuenta comitente en algún broker de bolsa y comprar bonos y venderlos (un chino para muchos) o debe ir a una cueva.
Pero si tengo #Dai
Lo único que deben hacer es abrir una cuenta en una plataforma como @buenbit y en diez minutos se hace todo la operación y lo mejor de todo 100% legal.
En resumen #DaiEsGuita y además nos abre las puertas al mundo #DeFi
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True #DeFi #ecosystem development takes time, dedication and, most importantly, proper #Token incentivization methods.

Here's a thread from @shanghaipreneur about #crypto monetary policy


The $FNX strategy to bootstrap network effects.

@shanghaipreneur #DeFi is a movement - the collective vision of everyone all over the world working feverishly towards bringing about a viable alternative to the global financial system.

After all, it's a #brrrrr #brrrr world and, for now, we're just livin' in it.

@shanghaipreneur Like it or not, every #crypto project starts out as a central bank, like the Federal Reserve.

They then have to figure out how to #decentralize those roles. After all, they are creating a #token that powers their own micro-economy.

3/23 A Federal Reserve bank branch at night.
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