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Few days ago, Ethereum developers announced that the merge could take place in August.

How will this affect ETH?

What comes after the merge.

Below is what I found out during my research 👇👇 Image
Firstly, the merge is all about the coming together of ETH 1.0 which works on POW and Beacon Chain which works on POS.

After the merge, the Ethereum network will now use POS as its consensus mechanism.
How will the merge affect ETH?

When Ethereum moves to POS, miners will no longer validate transactions, but stakers will take over.

This will cause more people to stake their ETH in other to validate transactions thereby reducing the circulating supply of ETH
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DeFi DeFi DeFi

Sizi 0'dan 100'e taşıyacak en iyi #DeFi kaynaklarını topladık 📚🇹🇷

Hadi başlayalım 👇
1/ @Binance_Turkish ile başlangıç rehberi

Yolculuğunuza kavramın anlamından gelecekte finans dünyası için neleri değiştirebileceğine kadar inceleyen "Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Merkeziyetsiz Finans (DeFi) Rehberi" ile başlayabilirsiniz.…
2/ İlk adımlar

Güzelmiş değil mi?

DeFi'ın ne olduğunu anladık. Şimdi sıra bu dünyada neler yapabileceğimizde.

@turansert'in hazırladığı "DeFi Dünyasına Girmek İçin İlk Atılacak Adımlar Neler?" makalesi ile uçuşa geçmeye hazırlanabilirsiniz.… Image
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What is #liquidity pool? how does it work? what is impermanent loss? how to minimize it?

This visual guide will help you understand #LP and how it enables decentralized #economy to thrive.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Uniswap #PancakeSwap
LP is a vault into which participants deposit and lock their assets in smart contracts to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
Most #LP requires assets to be paired, this asset will create trading pair by utilising constant product formula to ensure a fair price.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
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Facebook blamed their fiber "backbone" maintenance fukup for an outage that caused its dns resolver and services provider with its worldwide data centers and many other customers, @Cloudflare, to see outages from its other clientele go down bc of Facebook's outage. Understand?
ah yes they took $150 million of fake liquidity from their own Terraform Labs team out of the "backbone" and "center" of DeFi - @CurveFinance
Yes #Curve dex swapping $UST for other stablecoin that are much more time proven and say born on Bitcoin blocks like $USDT... "The Backbone" of the most "liquid" #DeFi dex at the time and the @terra_money people decided to take out $150 million in prob not $UST...
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"#Concordium’s decentralised layer-1 #blockchain technology offers unrivalled security, privacy, transparency and control. It is the only layer-1 on the market with an ID framework which ensures accountability, responsibility and certainty in an uncertain world."
"Alongside our Reg DeFi Lab we understand that the #DeFi space will continue to evolve and gain traction with enterprise and institutional clients. That is why we are partnering with start-ups and tech giants alike, looking to take advantage of #blockchain technology"
"#Concordium is a permissionless decentralized blockchain with enterprise-grade quality. It’s designed to host segment agnostic use cases, including what is the first wave of truly regulatory-compliant, #DApps) and #DeFi protocols"…
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Presenting: @0xPolysynth DeFi Option Vaults 🏛

A new dawn for #DeFi and @0xPolygon Ecosystem 🌅

Simple #oneclick strategies to #earn in all market scenarios 🌈

Plus, you get to choose, which #DOV gets unlocked 🗝

Wanna earn for choosing? Read along...
@0xPolysynth DOVs democratise sophisticated strategies that were otherwise only available to Hedge Funds & HNIs 🌈

Simply: #Stake. #Earn. #Repeat ♻️
Even in a rather dull market like right now, we have dedicated strategies to earn high yields 💸

Some of the DOV Strategies on @0xPolysynth are:

🤑 Covered Call/Put
🤑 Short Call/Put
🤑 Bull/Bear Spread
🤑 Long/Short Iron Butterfly
🤑 Long/Short Iron Condor and more
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Have you ever used a product and wondered how the business behind it is making money?

The answer should be obvious for financial products so when it’s a mystery you better watch out.

Here’s why this matters in #crypto and #DeFi in particular: 🧵👇
Financial service products are incredibly basic on the surface and very complex behind the scenes.

They typically solve problems in one of five major categories:

Storage of money, movement of money, lending of money, investing money and transference of risk.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how most Banking products work and how they make money.

To be clear, building and managing a financial services product isn’t always easy, but understanding how profit can be generated by a well-managed product is.
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#DeFi 101 for normies
Today we're going to talk about Bridging

This was inspired by my homie @DeFi_naly who put together an excellent newb-friendly thread on LPs.

And also by @0xLosingMoney who tweeted yesterday about how hard it was to explain bridging to a friend.

@DeFi_naly @0xLosingMoney OK, let's get into it.
This thread is for you to send to your grandma or other normie fam who just don't understand DeFi concepts.

Bridging...WTH is THAT?

DeFi natives know this is when you take an asset from one chain to another.

But let's simplify that a bit...

@DeFi_naly @0xLosingMoney First, let's imagine #crypto as actual currencies. Just like USD, JPY, GBP, etc.

Each blockchain is like another country with it's own native currency.

Now lets say you got your hands on some Euros.

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1/ This is one of the wildest things right now in #AVAX #DeFi. @steakhut_fi just launched a vampire attack against @vector_fi. But it is such a scorched earth approach, who knows what will happen. 🧵 #joewars $joe $ptp $vtx $steak
2/ Vector is absolutely dominating these #JoeWars, the kingpin narrative has worked well for them & they have a great team and community.
3/ Steakhut which ranks second in locked $joe after vector has launched a $zjoe blitz. Users can zap their $zjoe, a staked Joe derivative on vector, for any LP and get bonus $Steak.…
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.@a16z released their annual #crypto report.

I've read the 56 slides so you don't have to. 🙃

A summary of the actual use cases, trends, and what's next. 🧶 1/n
A) Actual use cases

A common criticism of #web3 is the lack of actual use cases. Let's see if that's true. 2/n
#Crypto has increased the financial freedom of the average consumer.

This applies for both poorer and richer nations.

Time to check some numbers. 3/n
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gm Nansen Explorers! 🧭

1/ We are thrilled to announce Nansen’s first-ever acquisition - @ape_board portfolio tracker and #DeFi/#NFT dashboard service 🎉 !

This will enable us to take the first step toward establishing Nansen as the definitive Information Super-App of #Web3.
@ape_board 2/ Founded in March 2021, @ape_board has established itself as one of the top 3 portfolio trackers by web traffic volume and carved out a user base with a focus on multichain and non-EVM portfolio tracking, as evidenced by its current support for #Solana and #Terra users.
@ape_board 3/ In the coming months Nansen will onboard the Ape Board team and work together to deliver a more holistic view of user holdings with a UI/UX unparalleled by any single platform on the market.

See what this means to you:
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🧵 What if we never needed an #ETH killer, just a faster and cheaper #Ethereum network? Enter #Layer2 solutions.

A brief thread on what they are in simple terms, why I'm bullish, and how they'll drive the next wave of #DeFi adoption. 1/12
A traditional business has sales to generate revenue (transactions) and accounting to keep the books (settlement).

Putting the accountant in charge of everything would be slow and costly and inhibit growth!

#Layer2 = sales and #Layer1 = accounting. 2/12
So, business needs multiple skillsets to scale, #blockchain needs decentralization, security and speed to scale.

Similarly #ETH excels in decentralization and security but increased costs and reduced speed inhibit growth. 3/12 Image
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Let’s go back to basics.

#DeFi is ripe for opportunity but the lingo can be confusing at first.

One of the basic concepts you MUST get to grips with is "Liquidity Pools"

Check out this short thread explaining them in a way that even Grandma would understand.
The local DeFi Swimming Centre's grand opening is just around the corner.

Currently, they just have one big, empty pool. They need to fill it up.

However, being a DeFi swimming centre, they decide to do things a little differently...
Instead of filling the pool themselves, the Centre decides on an alternative solution.

They put out flyers, asking the public if they can help fill the pool. Just add equal amounts of water and chlorine.

Anyone who does so will get a portion of the swimming ticket sales.
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Algorithmic #stablecoins have become the most discussed topic in CT since the collapse of $LUNA and $UST.
1/ But what preceded these events and is there a future for also stables? The thread will be very long 🧵
2/ *Intro starts here*

Algorithmic stablecoins probably started with two articles from as far back as 2014:

◽️ Hayek's Money: A Solution for Cryptocurrency Price Stability" by @Ferdinando1970
◽️Cryptocurrency Stabilization Note: Seigniorage Stocks by @codedlogic
3/ @Ferdinando1970 proposed a cryptocurrency with an elastic supply that would be recalculated on the balances of all users in accordance with demand.
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1/.@Bancor V3 launched 6 days ago and TVL mooned to $260M USD 👀

⁉Why did it grow so fast?

V3 solves a few problems that #defi farmers hate👇

1. Staking two tokens in LP pools, therefore...
2. Incurring Impermanent loss
2. Compounding rewards yourself.

$BNT solutions are🧵 Image
2/On Uniswap you need to provide liquidity with 2 tokens, so if you farm stables you will need to provide liquidity in DAI/USDC etc.

Yet, Bancor V2 allows single asset deposits and claimed to give 100% impermanent loss protection.

@Gemini wrote a good explanation how it works. Image
3/V3 changed the mechanics slightly by creating an Omnipool of $BNT.

With the Omnipool, no need to choose in which pool to stake your BNT.

It also reduces transaction and gas fees. Image
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Remember my on-chain analysis thread, where I talk about looking for suspicious functions?

(Here it is in case you missed it: )

Well, with the Simian Nodes rug, I have a couple of thoughts...

First, we saw our favorite Rug Police Agent @0xLosingMoney do a post-mortem on what happened (here: )

In it he discovered the function in question: boostRewards.

Before this, it was likely that most non-devs wouldn't have known this was suspicious

One thing that sticks out to me though is that this was an OnlyOwner function.

So, I'd like to suggest to anyone looking at getting into a new protocol...consider looking at the contract and search for all of the "Only" functions.

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How do #Options work? How to include options into your strategy? Why do we need options products in #DeFi?

We cover all of the basics you need in our latest visual guide, decentralized options.


#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #Derivatives
An option is a #contract giving the investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price on a certain time period. Investors must pay a premium to get the contract.


#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #Derivatives
The option writer is the seller of an option who opens a position to collect a premium payment from the buyer of the options contract.


#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #Derivatives
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🧵 $30B in TVL wiped out by the $LUNA and $UST collapse. Total #DeFi TVL slashed in half over the last month.

What does the future hold for DeFi on the major #Layer1 chains and protocols? My thoughts in 10 tweets. 1/10
#DeFi exploded from $19B TVL at the start of 2021 to $280B by the end of 2022, holding steady until April of this year.

It now stands at $128B with the majority of that over 50% drop coming in the last month as investors rush for the exits. 2/10 Image
Why? A negative global macro outlook with inflation and rising interest rates leading to sell off in traditional markets.

The knock on effect on $BTC compounded by the shock from the $LUNA and $UST fallout has nervous investors going risk off. 3/10
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Kripto Piyasasında olan herkese fayda sağlayacak ve stratejinizi kendinizin de belirleyebileceği hale gelmenizi sağlayacak web sitelerini sizler için derledik. Hadi başlıyalım.💫
#Bitcoin #AVAX #LUNA #lunaterra #kriptopara
1.Piyasada olan projelerin kontrat adreslerini bulunduğu, anlık olarak değer takibini yapabileceğimiz, kendi portföyümüzü oluşturabileceğimiz, kripto paralar için kendi kategoriye ayıran geniş kapsamlı sitemiz:
2. Site içerisinde kendi portföyümüzü oluşturup takibini kolayca sağladığımız coinlerin geçmiş verilerinin hangi borsalarda listeli olduğunu gösteren, #coingecko ile benzer bir site olan @CoinMarketCap
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Our co-founder @JKim_Tran recently shared on how to leverage #web3 to start your #tech #career at @web3inclusivity.

👇Check out the insights in this thread 🧵
Apply to free #web3 learning programs such as:

@She__Fi - #crypto and decentralized finance #defi for women
@encodeclub - bootcamps and hackathons of the latest #protocols
Learn To Earn is when you get paid for finishing a training program or course. Popular concept in #web3.

Examples @Blockgks, @rabbithole_gg, @harmonyprotocol ZK One Uni, exchanges such as @coinbase
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1/ I went through 891 pages of three proposals of MICA and there is a lot to talk about! Stablecoins, crypto-assets, offerors, issuers, exchanges, auhtorizations, future of money, definition of DeFi. It is all there. I wrote an article! #mica #regulation #blockchain #crypto Image
2/ Silicon Continent: EU MICA is the most important piece of legislation for crypto…
Also, there is a 5-page summary at the end of the doc.
3/ Will they ban stablecoins? There are a few gamechangers in information disclosures. How about issuers of crypto? What about DeFi? Find out in the article.
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Imagine your fiat money will gives you an incredible apy, applicable in #DeFi and tradable in 1:1 pairs. All without the fear of a potential collapse and loss of your stable coin like $UST $USDT

$LCX introducing tokenized Euro ( $USD) on the blockchain…
What is the benefit of tokenized fiat money vs #stablecoins

Have in mind that the on-chain euro is always backed 1:1 by not on-chain euro and it’s always possible to change it back. Its not a stable coin! It’s the real Euro on the Blockchain!
How to get tokenized Euros?
The picture below explains the process pretty good. It’s all possible because of the e-money law of the EU and LCX licenses.
$LCX is one of the few crypto companies which is regulated and supervised by a financial market authority! Image
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Hey newbs.
Quick question.
You've heard the phrase "not your keys, not your crypto" right?

But do you know what that really means?

Let's talk about it.

Obvi the phrase refers to your private keys to your crypto. And if you don't have them, or own them, then you don't own the crypto. Right?

Kinda like how when you buy #crypto on Robinhood or PayPal, you can't transfer it out. You can only buy and sell.

Well that's part of it, yes.
But it doesn't just refer to those specific instances.
When you keep your crypto in a CEX, you don't have sole access to it either.

I mean, sure, you can send it out, but if it's in there, the CEX can bar access to it...

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1/ A trillion dollars in #Bitcoin capital is waiting to use #DeFi with native BTC, not wrapped BTC. #Bitcoin has grown to a point where it desperately needs non-custodial ways to do lending, options and derivatives, currency hedging and more.

2/ By design, #Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized digital asset and due to its global network of miners, is more resistant to hacks by an order of magnitude.

#DeFi on #Bitcoin
3/ Although #Bitcoin is the coin that is most similar to money, it’s missing all of the structures and capabilities that markets have built around the dollar over the decades.

#Bitcoin #Blockchain
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