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Long Reads Sunday #42.

Who woulda thunk it? After all the tension, infighting, and tribal bickering, the thing that gets us to set aside differences & unite against a common foe is a threat to dox a spacecat.

Saddle TF up, it’s Long Reads time! 👇

Image: @CryptoScamHub
2/ Here’s the TL;DR. Craig Wright, who is absolutely and most definitely Satoshi, upped the stakes on his campaign against those who claimed otherwise by offering a $5000 bounty to reveal the identity of @hodlonaut (aka the person who kicked off the #LNtrustchain)
3/ It was a step too far.

Pomposity, outlandish claims, and outright scams are par for the course in crypto. But an outright attempt to dox someone is a straight up “fuck you” to everything anyone legitimately in this space believes in.
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0/ 🔷 Given the date, 'twas tougher than normal sifting through the "news" today. Nonetheless, I managed to put together a 19-part thread on the past day's events from the crypto and blockchain space.

Hope you learn a thing or two!
1/ ⚡️ A PoC of the first lightning-enabled Bitcoin ATM was demo'd at #LightningHackDayHK on Sunday. Created by Bitcoin dev @FelixWeis, the below video shows Felix executing a Lightning-driven withdrawal using a 20 HKD bill and a mobile bitcoin wallet.
2a/ 🇨🇦 As part of the fraud investigation into blockchain service startup Vanbex, a Canadian court ordered authorities to freeze assets of the company’s two founders - Kevin Hobbs and Lisa Cheng - and seize their two Land Rovers, per court documents.…
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1/The launch of synthetic assets on decentralized networks like Ethereum is a major development for #OpenFinance! Let's take a closer look at synthetic cryptoassets and explain what they are, why they matter, as well as some of the risks associated with them.
2/Synthetic assets give investors exposure to an asset/portfolio of assets without actually needing to hold them. This is done using a financial contract with a counterparty. Contracts can be structured in different ways to mimic the effects of interacting with assets directly.
3/A common synthetic asset is a Total Return Swap. Here a counterparty agrees to pay the total return of an asset (such as FB stock) while the other agrees to pay a regular fixed cash flow and post margin/collateral. A swap terminates and settles at a later date in the future.
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0/ #DeFi Spotlight #4

Today I'll be spotlighting @DharmaProtocol - the decentralized, P2P lending protocol built on Ethereum.

Dharma has seen incredible growth for both lending and borrowing over the past couple of weeks (as seen in the chart below).

1/ The Dharma protocol itself creates a pool of debtors and creditors that uses a 'relayer' mechanism (similar to @0xProject) with the role of relayers being to provide the interface to submit and gather orders.
2/ One of these relayers is called 'Dharma Lever' & it's been built by the Dharma team themselves.

Lever offers a user friendly way to borrow/lend both $ETH and $DAI at competitive rates.

Lever is currently in early access & you can sign up here:
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Long Reads Sunday #39.

Another week of nonstop crypto action! We’ve got initial exchange offerings, fear and loathing at the Fed, pumped up kicks volume, and more bounce than the Cuban (Junior) National Twerk Team.

Buckle ya seatbelts, it’s long reads time!
2/ Crypto no gracias?

The more time passes, the more governments are going to position themselves as for or against crypto. The latest to join the against team is Mexico. @CoinCenter has the write up on regulation that would effectively ban exchanges.
3/ Head East, Young Man.

The situation couldn’t be more different across the world, however. @arjunblj reports on the raw energy he saw coming out of the community attending Token2049 in Hong Kong.…
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0/ We just released a new report which gives an overview of the DeFi landscape. This is an example of a Thematic Insights piece, one of the four different types of products we provide as part of our Delphi Insights Plan. Read the full piece here:
1/ Decentralized Finance (DeFi) represents a broad category of financial applications being developed on open, decentralized networks. Within our report, we cover companies building DEXs, lending and borrowing protocols, and much more.
2/ We break out four key features (type, settlement, order books, and pooled liquidity) for DEXs, and use them to categorize five prominent exchanges. We cover @UniswapExchange , @Bancor, @IDEXOnline, @renprotocol , and @KyberNetwork.
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🎲legal issues surrounding algorithmic stablecoins 🎲

(CAVEAT: I am a huge DAI/#dopefi/#defi fan but also try to keep it real on the legal front)
2/ First, check out this article by @guillermojimnz summarizing comments on the subject by the SEC's crypto czar. Cause for concern?…
3/ Basis had big-time VC backing for its algorithmic stablecoin, rightfully sensed there might be securities law issues around its model, and did the right thing by meeting with the SEC and trying to find a path forward--before, not after, launch.
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0/ Huge start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem. Below is an 18-part thread covering events from the past day or so. Hope you learn something!
1/📱 The #smartphone-crypto integration news continues!

Indeed, @Opera announced, "after the success of our Crypto Wallet and Dapp explorer in Opera for Android, we have decided to open Opera Touch for iOS to Web 3." Was also revealed Opera is integrating @ENSdomains and IPFS!
2/ 🔌 For the eighth instalment of their #CryptoTuesday initiative, @Ledger added @TomoChainANN [ $TOMO ] and @QRLedger [ $QRL ] to the Ledger Nano S. Also, both projects' apps were integrated with the Ledger Live manager.…
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Preview of my talk at @token2049 new week.
In 2018 users have spent ~$148,00,000 for the right to include a transaction they care about into the Ethereum blockchain. For what exactly are they spending it and how is that related to the value if ETH long term?
In early 2017 the strongest category has been simple ETH transfers. Now over 50% of fees spend are for transactions involving transferring a token. Here we can separate between plain token transfers or smart contract interactions that involve token transfers. (2/4)
The last category represents transactions like trading on DEXs, putting WETH into a lending contract (basically #defi). While at the beginning of 2017 only a tiny ~2% of costs have been spent on those transactions it is now the strongest group with ~35%. (3/4)
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Long Reads Sunday #36.

This was a real “battle lines for the soul of crypto” kinda week.

+Will big players leech attention or inspire new adoption? +Where will we draw the line with ethical business practices?
+Oh, and, uh..who gets to print money?

Thread 👇
2/ One of the longest running memes in crypto came to an unceremonious end this week as Coinbase finally listed XRP. While the immediate assumption was that Ripple had paid a listing fee, the company aggressively denied it.
3/ It wasn’t the XRP listing, however, that provoked the most ire towards Coinbase. Instead, it was continued fallout over the acquisition of Neutrino, led by former leaders of Hacker Team.
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Long Reads Sunday #35.

This was a *classic* crypto week, with everything from deplatforming to analysis of a potential exit scam to a major protocol ragequit. Oh, and don’t forget the memes.

Getchya espressos & yer eggos, it’s Long Reads time!

2/ First, let’s start with a thread that has more pound-for-pound information than anything you’ll read here. @_jillruth goes deep on the reading list for decentralized identity and reputation as the convo about decentralized credit grows.
3/ Crypto credit was actually the topic for the latest @WGMGpodcast as well. One of the interesting questions is: who actually has enough crypto to lock it up? Check out this thread and then dive in.
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With the rise of #DeFi the idea of decentralized digital credit scoring is getting more attention. The following is my 201-level reading list on decentralized ID and reputation for those interested in the idea.

Grab your Saturday morning coffee and get ready to open some tabs...
Start with New Directions in Cryptography by @WhitfieldDiffie and @MartinHellman2 - at a minimum read the intro on the division of problems into those of privacy and those of authentication.…
Then move to the Sybil Attack by John Douceur for the high level on identity problems in large scale peer-to-peer systems…
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Product/Market Fit - #DeFi v1.0 Really seems like v1 use-cases are taking shape beyond novelty value.

1/ Maxing out the techs potential takes time. Time allows for education/understanding, infrastructure, which results in discovery of new applications.
2/ The internet was a digital newspaper at the start. It's going to become more apparent that #DeFi is the digital 🗞️. Porting of what we know into the new technology. Innovation 10%, optimization 90%. Faster, cheaper, more accessible etc... Those %'s will swap sides in time.
3/ Newspaper. Quick reference to ease information consumption for varying types of audiences. Seemed a good base is porting that same framework to the "new internet technology"... News, Sports, Finance, Jobs, Horoscopes, Technology, etc... #redditSilverLevelDesignSkills
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0/ Hey hey heyyyyyyy. Hope everyone is doing well!

Below is a 20-part thread covering the latest happenings in the #crypto/#blockchain space from the past 24 hours. Enjoy!
1/ 🤯 @GetNuo unveiled @UniswapExchange- and @KyberNetwork-powered non-custodial margin trading!

Users can LONG or SHORT #bitcoin [ $BTC ], #ether [ $ETH ], Maker [ $MKR / $DAI ], 0x [ $ZRX ] and other ERC20-compliant tokens with up to 5x leverage.…
2/ 🤝 @Coinbase announced the acquisition #blockchain intelligence startup Neutrino. Their team of eight will continue to operate as a standalone business based out of Coinbase's #London office.
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1/ With all the buzz around JPM Coin, I have some Feelings as a JPM Blockchain "OG" especially as people jump onboard the bash-train. They're completely missing why this is important progress for the entire ecosystem.
2/ First of all, let's agree on something - that's always a good place to start (cc @QWQiao)
3/ we spent many hours-long whiteboarding sessions saying stuff like this, word for word, going as far back as 2016. But saying it doesn't make it so and doesn't get you from Here to There.
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Long Reads Sunday #33.

Jack takes the Lightning torch. An exchange founder death strands $190m. A new plan to resuscitate Mt. Gox. Skirmishes in the ongoing battle between privacy and surveillance. Crypto finds a new mortal enemy in MMT?

Strap in, fam, it’s long reads time.
2/ Bet you didn’t think you’d read about Mt. Gox here on LRS in 2019, eh? @BrockPierce announced a plan to bring the infamous exchange back. Not without controversy, of course, as witness by the comments in this thread.
3/ Speaking of Gox, @TuurDemeester did an interesting little exercise comparing BTC circulating supply to gold reserves. By analogy, the Mt. Gox Trustees currently control an amount of BTC bigger than the gold reserves of the Swiss Central Bank.
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$DAI & @MakerDAO seem to lure & captivate people from a surprisingly diverse set of perspectives.

No matter what drew you into crypto, I'm sure at least some of the 21 PERSPECTIVES listed below will appeal to you.

👇 Thread 👇 (w/ eventually extra info on forked sub-tweets 🎁)

A non-custodial, censorship-resistant, stable, global money. An empowering store of value.

Flawless stability through a bear market of ~90% collateral price depreciation.

Cheap, fair, fully-auditable, permissionless credit for the underbanked and the weaker end of supply chains.

A grand humanitarian goal (longer term, of course) for the Dai Foundation.
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Long Reads Sunday #31.

You know, at first this week seemed boring. Then tokenized donuts took over a community, Messari went to war, Venezuela’s oppo leader was recognized by the US, and everyone on CT started yelling about "crypto law."

☕☕☕ It's LRS time! 👇
2/ It’s Sunday morning, so let’s talk donuts🍩Long story short, it was an accidental experiment in tokenized online reputation, that ended up showing off DEXes, deploying a Harberger Tax and highlighting some challenges with holdings-based governance
3/ @brian_armstrong even chimed in, so I think we can safely assume $DONUT is coming to @Coinbase.

In all seriousness though, I think Brian connecting the dots between Donuts and a larger shift in attention economies is right on.
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Thoughts on #DeFi with @JulienThevenard:

Companies tokenise invoices & assets with @centrifuge and use them as collateral on @DharmaProtocol / @MakerDAO to unlock working capital?

People tokenise their cars / homes / stock options with @mattereum and use them as collateral?
As long as there is a liquid market & pricing for the collateral asset: e.g. @webuyanycar, @Opendoor & @EquityZen, what's still missing?

- Enforceable transfer of ownership of collateral? --> @mattereum
- Insurance against unexpected devaluation of collateral?
Would love thoughts or ideas about what still needs to be built out?

Or where are we missing something or simply wrong?

@Iiterature @maex242 @ashleighschap @nanexcool @NadavAHollander @leashless
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#Ethereum is about to undergo the #Thirdening - a reduction in issuance of new $ETH to miners from 3 ETH/block to 2 ETH/block, or a reduction of 33%. It will happen at block 7,080,000 as part of the Constantinople hard fork, which is estimated to be January 16th.
That's a bit like the US Federal Reserve saying, "we're about to reduce the number of new dollars we print next year by 33%." This is one step along the way to #Ethereum's eventual plan to have <1% annual issuance, as Proof of Stake and Serenity roll out. #Thirdening
When an asset's supply goes down (fewer miners selling newly-mined $ETH), assuming demand is the same (or higher), prices trend up. This is obvious when looking at $BTC price mapped against the #halvening, a similar event in $BTC where block reward halves, next one is May 2020.
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0/ What a start to the week in the fast-paced world of #crypto and #blockchain!

Below is an 18-part thread featuring the best bits from the past day or two. Let's get you up to speed, shall we?
1/ 🤑 #Ethereum-/#Web3-focused #crypto startup @ParityTech has received a $5M "scalability, usability and security grant" from the Ethereum Foundation!

Will help Parity fund its work on Casper, sharding, light clients, dev tools, QA, audits and more.…
2/ 🔛 Big announcement by the team from @RepublicOrg [ $REN ] - a dark pool exchange protocol for trading large volumes of #crypto - announcing the release of public Darknodes.

Submit a 100,000 REN bond to the Darknode Registry and you're good to go!…
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0/ #DeFi Spotlight #2

Today, I’ll explain the types of DEXs in the world of Ethereum. There are 5 types:

*Off-chain order book (0x Relayers)

*On-chain order book (EtherDelta)

*Peer-to-peer (Kyber, AirSwap)

*Automatic market making (Uniswap)

*Child-chain (Gluon Plasma)
1/ First up is @0xproject.

0x is an open protocol for building DEXs. Developers build ‘relayers’ on top of the 0x protocol (such as @RadarRelay). 0x relayers have off-chain order books with trades happening on-chain and can also opt-in to share liquidity with each other.
2/ The original EtherDelta had an on-chain order book with on-chain settlement. It was the first widely used Ethereum-based decentralized exchange but due to everything happening on-chain, it was wildly slow and inefficient.
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So many terms floating around lately in relation to #DecentralizedNetworks, protocols, staking, and mining. The following Twitter-Wiki is how I understand all of these closely-related, but subtly different concepts. . . 👇
#DecentralizedNetwork - In our #Blockchain context, a P2P network with a protocol that can trustlessly transfer value in the form of #DigitalAssets.
#GeneralizedMining - Extraction of on-protocol compensation from #DecentralizedNetworks through the provision of #SupplySideServices, liquidity, or alpha-generating activities. (cc @coinfund_io, @JoeLallouz)
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1/ Big news today! @Harbor launches first institutional-grade platform for tokenizing private securities – unlocks access, value and liquidity for private investments. #blockchain #tokenization
2/ First issuer - @Harbor and Convexity Properties (@DRWTrading) tokenize $20MUSD equity in the Hub at Columbia, premier off-campus student housing near the Univ. of South Carolina #REIT
3/ The ERC20 #securitytokens issued on the @Harbor platform are compatible with the larger @Ethereum ecosystem
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