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Es increíble lo fácil que es hacer un bypass con #frida a los controles biométricos de una app en Android o iOS.

Por favor, #developers, estableced medidas anti-debugging, ofuscad vuestro código SIEMPRE y usad métodos NO DEPRECADOS.

#ios #android #hacking #movil
Tengo un Nord CE con Android 11, casi actualizado por completo.

Lo único que he hecho para hackear una app “top” ha sido buscar en un buen script para ello y hale: acceso local a los datos sin ser el propietario medianto hooking de “BiometricPrompt”.
Command line: frida -U —codeshare krapgras/android-biometric-bypass-update-android-11 -f <app_name>

Demasiado fácil, y sin picar ni una linea de código ni hacer reversing gente, mucho cuidado!
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Today, we are excited to share the public (re)launch of our private cloud. First, a technical primer of this new @auth0 Private Cloud Platform… from @TBrightB1. A 🧵 on the why, the how, and what's next (1/n) #developers #identity #multicloud #platform
@auth0 @TBrightB1 Let's begin with why we began this platform modernization journey. For context, @auth0 has been in a hyper-growth mode for many years. This is why we ended up with two platform stacks serving (1) Multiple tenants (2) Single (dedicated) tenants (2/n)
@auth0 @TBrightB1 Each platform stack had its merits. Multi-tenant (aka public cloud) ➕'s:
Immutable Infrastructure ✅
Autoscaling ✅
New features can be launched in a timely manner ✅
Excellent Observability Stack ✅ (3/n)
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Our co-founder @JKim_Tran shared about #NFT utility from a #dev perspective at @openwebfounders.

👇Here is what you can learn about #web3 #dev when building for #NFTutility.
Building for #NFT utility requires multiple features.

You need to build for NFT #distribution, #data, and #validation, or partner with other platforms for different features.
When choosing #web3 dev tools, here is an evaluation checklist:

1) Other platform #adoption
2) Can they keep up with your growth? Does their #roadmap align with yours?
3) How to get help?
4) #web3community is small. Can you get a direct line with the #founders?
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Hey there, Glitchers!

Thanks to everyone who attended today's #AMA session. Missed today's technical and marketing discussion with the Glitch team?

Here are the highlights. Let's recap. 👇

#MainnetLaunch #DeFi $GLCH
How is the development of Phase III progressing? Any plans for the end of the month or for May that we can look forward to?
The recent announcement mentioned when the testing with @KurtosisTech will be shared, but when will the testing begin?
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Since its foundation in 2014, Nolimit City has always tried to push the limits and explore new ways of creating unique and truly engaging online slots. Being well-aware of the fact that an innovative reel mechanic is key to success, this Malta-headquartered software #developers has made a great deal of work to build proprietary state-of-the-art engines – xNudge™ and xWays™. Both are pretty popular among the gambling community, which comes as no surprise given the advantages they bring to the table. Without further ado, let us see how xNudge™ and xWays™ work and what they have to offer. Very simple at first glance but way past amazing deep inside, the xNudge feature is based on the universally beloved wild symbol. Being a part of virtually every online slot, the latter
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Hace 20 años cuando empece a programar me inventaba mis propios proyectos para practicar y mejorar.

✨ Tú no tienes que hacer eso ✨

Te dejo 10 #sitiosweb para practicar y mejorar tus skills como programador.

❤️ ¿Me ayudas con un RT?
Empecemos con el más conocido, HackerRank.

No solo tiene ejercicios de algoritmos, sino también una sección para prepararte para una entrevista.

Además, tener un buen puntaje en HR te puede sumar puntos cuando estés buscando empleo.
Code Wars tiene "kata" que son pequeños ejercicios de código para afianzar tus conocimientos.

Soporta desde #JavaScript hasta #Ruby o #Go o #PHP, lo que quieras.

Los ejercicios comienzan fácil, pero se van poniendo más complicados.
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@Momentum_6 portfolio company @_parastate has been referred to as “#Ethereum on steroids.” ParaState offers advanced #tech to tackle some of the challenges facing #developers today.

Read more:

Contributor ✍🏾: @crypto_clarke
1/ ParaState VM’s distinguishing feature is its compatibility with Ethereum code allowing projects already running on Ethereum to migrate to the Polkadot ecosystem with just a few or no changes to the code.
2/ Developers creating products for Ethereum can opt to deploy their products in the #multichain @Polkadot ecosystem. What’s more, these developers can migrate non-Ethereum projects to #WASM and not worry about security or speed.
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The #Google #JavaScript code style guide is a popular reference used by #developers to improve their #coding standards in just about any project. ✨

Here's how to easily implement it with Codacy:…
1. Why should you care to follow a code style? 🤔

No two developers write code the same way, but when you have hundreds of developers working on a large codebase, individual preferences make it very hard to read, manage and maintain!
2. How do you make sure your enterprise sticks to the Google style guide?

Once you configure the rules with Codacy, no commit or pull request will go unchecked. You can even block merging PR until they pass the Codacy quality gate. 😉…
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As a term, the word 'Metaverse’ was coined over thirty years ago, but it is only now being brought to mass public awareness, due in no small part to #Facebook’s recent name change.

But what exactly is the #Metaverse, how did we get here, and why does it matter? 👇

Simply speaking, the #Metaverse is an online realm in which you can interact with people or products using your digital identity, better known as your #avatar. In the Metaverse, you will be able to shop, use #streaming services, play games, hang out with friends, and more.

But what's so new about this? The difference that the #Metaverse is bringing lies in how we access this digital realm. Currently, that’s through a #Web2 interface. This means that we have to use multiple access points (usually email addresses) to access different services.

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Scaling with @ElrondNetwork 🚀🚀🚀

It's time to present what we're building

Introducing the new @ZoidPay site that:
⚡️RESONATES our ethos as the go-to crypto liquidity platform
⚡️PRESENTS use-cases
⚡️CONNECTS us closer to YOU



We've been moving very fast on tech & dev, and felt it right to put in place a new look @ZoidPay site, one that shows what we've built and what's coming

It's been designed to show what we bring to the table for retail users, #developers, #blockchains, #wallets & #exchanges

For Retail:
Shop Anything from Anywhere with Crypto

⚡️Instant Liquidity
⚡️Non-custodial payments for shopping
⚡️Shopping with the lowest fees and guaranteed rewards on every purchase

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Hey #Developers, planning to make a shift from #Web2 to #Web3 ecosystem?

You're in luck as #PolygonAcademy is here!

A newly launched, free online school dedicated to onboarding #Web2 devs into the #Web3 ecosystem: [1/4] Image
Students will be able to start an enticing journey that takes them from learning the basics of Polygon architecture to building real-world #dApps covering a variety of use cases.

Four levels that can be achieved in this journey are Apprentice, Developer, Warrior, & Wizard. [2/4]
What's in it for you?

- Enormous amount of learning and exposure to #BUIDL your own dApp from scratch.
- #NFT badges for completing each of the above levels. [3/4]
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The Celestia Labs team is excited to introduce Celestiums, which are Ethereum L2 chains that use Celestia for data availability (DA) and Ethereum for settlement and dispute resolution. Read more:
Celestiums have a higher threshold of security than previous off-chain DA solutions by adopting a PoS validator set, and will allow for better data availability throughput.

At the core of a Celestium is the Quantum Gravity Bridge, a Celestia to Ethereum data availability bridge.
We’re excited to serve Ethereum L2 teams! Stay tuned for part 2 for more analysis on how Celestiums compare to other off-chain DA mechanisms from a cost and security standpoint.
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#Java & #JavaScript enthusiasts, gather around! We’ve selected the best quality #meetups for you that our community loved last month. 🥳…

#programming #frontend #microsoft #design
1st: How Should #Java #Developers Build #FrontEnd for Web, Mobile, and Desktop Today by @karsilz…
2nd: Solving The Expression Problem Using Modern #Java by @RichardWarburto & @raoulUK…
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Need something to listen to while you hit the gym? 🏋️‍♂️ On the road? 🚙 Or while doing nothing?

Well, good news for you... we have curated a list of #Web3 Podcasts for you to listen to.

It’s a resource 🧵 time!

#CryptoPodcat #NFTCommunity
Trying to make sense of the world of #DeFi? 💰

We recommend @BanklessHQ, and start from Ep 1. Each Ep builds on prior topics while hosts bring latest insights & knowledge in the world of #Decentralized Finance.
@BanklessHQ We often dive too deep into the tech & infrastructure of #Web3 but what about the amazing community of builders & creators? 🛠

On the Other Side by @chaserchapman and she chats about the greatest stories from everyday people in #blockchain. ⛓

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Oie Polvo 🐙,

6 dicas de como se manter atualizado na área Tech 🧵

Após alguns pedidos e me perder procurando no meio dos meus tt para pegar as respostas, juntei todas as dicas em 1 só. (obg a todos que participaram) ✨
#tech #dev #Developers
1. Follow
- siga pessoas da área Tech nas redes sociais
- siga páginas oficiais da stack que usa/estuda
- siga hastags (#) nas redes sociais
1.1. Alguns perfis que indicaram/+ indicação pessoal:
- @baeldung (Java)
- @olucasdev
- @FelippeRegazio
- @lucas_montano
- @WonderWanny (amo ela)
- @jeniblo_dev (querida d++)
- @danielhe4rt
- @wilcorrea
- @1ilhas
- @marcelgsantos
(Deixem mais indicações nos comentários)
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#React and #ReactNative videos were definitely in the flow in 2021 and are expected to dominate 2022 as well! Better catch up on the top 10 #meetupvideos from last year so you won’t be falling behind. 😎…

#programming #developing #programmer #developer
Expert guide to React Navigation by @callstackio
Satya Sahoo and Mateusz Kosoń, #softwareengineers at Callstack, are talking about the #React Navigation library. During the conversation, they cover a wide range of topics related to it.…
Improving apps with Custom Hooks and React-Query by @_zachdtaylor
Zach Taylor will be going over two things that can greatly help you improve the quality of your React code: custom hooks and react-query.

#reactquery #customhooks #programming #react…
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Looking for the best #programmingcareer & #teammanagement related videos from last year? Look no further, we have already selected them for you!🥳 Let us bring you up to speed with what was in the #mainstream last year, and choose your favorite!…
How to avoid failure in your agile retrospective?
@apaipi and @antz29 highlight the role of the facilitator as a team psychologist and what future #retrospectives can do for you.…
In search of the missing boredom by @mwohlmuth:
Key takeaways:
-The role of #technology in our life
-Take control of your information diet
-How to handle interruptions and context switching
-How to invite boredom back in your life…
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Tauri : A toolkit that helps developers make applications for the major desktop platforms - using virtually any frontend framework in existence.

A Thread !

#rustlang #Rust #wasm #desktop #developers
The core is built with Rust and the CLI leverages Node.js making Tauri a genuinely polyglot approach to creating and maintaining great apps.
Bundle size of a Tauri App can be less than 600KB
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Here is a simplified design diagram that explains how a stock exchange such as Nasdaq or Newyork exchange works under the hood: #developers #systemdesign

Step 1: A client places an order via the broker’s web or mobile app.

Step 2: The broker sends the order to the exchange.1/6 Stock exchange design
Step 3: The exchange client gateway performs operations such as validation, rate limiting, authentication, normalization, etc., and sends the order to the order manager.

Step 4-5: The order manager performs risk checks based on rules set by the risk manager.2/6
Step 6: Once risk checks are passed, the order manager checks if there is enough money in the wallet.

Step 7 - 9: The order is sent to the matching engine. The matching engine sends back the execution result if a match is found. 3/6
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Today, on January 4, 2022 #SolveSpace finally stepped into this New Year! 🥳🎉🎊…
And if you think #SolveSpace Team held a Christmas & New Year Holiday break, they are not ;)
During period of Dec 25 - Jan 4 devs & contributors merged 29 commits into `master` branch, including many of bug fixes & overall optimizations!
The most excited new changes comes last days are related to back-end/core.
Thx to @Evl_Spirit's work on #Eigen-related stuff, done few years ago, with an additional work done by @RyanAPavlik this weekend, #SolveSpace got a lot of "points" in performance!🚀…
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🔥 8 documentales de #developers para #developers. Listos para ver en YouTube ✨ GRATIS ✨.

#opensource #javascript

1 - Vue.js: el documental @vuejs

2 - GraphQL: The Documentary @GraphQL

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To make an effective Code Review process in your company, first you need to work on the CULTURE of the code review.

Here some tips 👇👇
(Please add your tips in the comments)
#codereview #Developers #development
Be nice - remember you are all in the same team.
Leave feedback about code not about the author.
Don’t make it personal
Code review is for everyone in the team, if you are a team lead and you think no one should review your code, you are WRONG.
All team members should participate in Code review
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Awesome UI Components/Graphics websites that will benefit all designers and developers 👇

1. openby .design
2. pattern .monster
3. illustrationkit .com
4. 2.flexiple .com
5. patternpad .com
6. sketchvalley .com
7. abstractapi .com

A thread ↓

✅ openby .design

Openby offers the best free and open-source design assets you could find anywhere.

They also offer amazing UI components for your next project
✅ pattern .monster

This is a simple pattern generator that has and also enables to create repeatable SVG patterns
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