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SQL JOINS for beginners { Must Read }

Joins are the most fundamental concepts in SQL and having a clear understanding of Joins is very essential to write good SQL queries.

Topics -

✅What are JOINS in SQL
✅Inner Joins in SQL
✅Left Join in SQL
✅Right Join in SQL


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Last Saturday, we released:
“Start Building on @MultiversX - The Rust Language”

- a series of Resources designed for 🦀Rust @rustlang #developers as a quick reference library

- a guide for newcomers willing to build #smartcontracts on #MultiversX…

Today we continue the series with materials for @reactjs - a #JavaScript library for building user interfaces & #dApps

The @MultiversX Team created an SDK dedicated to @reactjs - the sdk-dapp - a library that holds #MvX #dApp core functional logic:…

All materials are available here:…

If you have your own #reactjs tutorials and you think they worth sharing with the #MultiversXBuilders #community, please post them below👇 and will be added to this resource.

Let's learn and build together!⚡️🛠️

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1/10 We're thrilled to announce that @StatescuRazvan will be joining us as a speaker at our upcoming Conference.

He is a highly skilled #MultiversX builder who brings a wealth of experience from his work on the @GiantsVillage, @CoinDripHQ and @egldhub.

Check the entire 🧵👇
⚙️ With a deep passion for open-source initiatives, Razvan is committed to leveraging his technical expertise to help build cutting-edge, innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible.

#opensource #DEVCommunity #developers
🔗 He is particularly adept at working with blockchain technology, having developed a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics that power these decentralized systems.

#blockchain #MultiversX #blockchaintechnology
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🐍Python is easy!

You can learn enough #Python in 8-10 hours to pick the rest up with active practice.

Here are my top 5 #free places to catch the basics:

1/ Codeacademy (where I first learnt Python) -
2/ MITx 6.0001 (this series is a brilliant intro to CS) -
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Many gamers / investors are wondering why creating competitive games takes much time?

it is really needed and worth to wait to allow #developers focus on their work? or maybe we can make creating such games easier?
Recently software enginner - @0xCygaar was able to #hack VERY HOT game from @yugalabs - Dookey Dash
He discovered very risky solution made by @yugalabs which should not be implemented in game where players gaining scores to be on top on leaderboard and then earn some #money.

🚩They used client authoritative approach except server authoritative - VERY BAD DECISION
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🪢 Chainge's cross-chain roaming is the only universal interoperability solution that is decentralized, multi-operational and 100% secure.

🤓 Let's get techy and find out why + how any project can go full #crosschain & aggregate top liquidity by integrating our SDKs:

🧵👇 Image
So why is our interoperability solution superior?

1⃣ Multiple cross-chain operations performed simultaneously. Assets become chain-agnostic.

Eg: #USDT spread across 12 CHAINS can be instantly "bridged" to 1 destination chain OR swapped with one tap, within 2 minutes.
2⃣ Chainge is the ONLY aggregator that CAN aggregate liquidity cross-chain. Meaning we are the most liquid DEX aggregator on the market, offering the absolute best prices.

A cross-chain aggregated swap implies it being split on multiple liquid chains: Image
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1/Dev Docs for Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol are officially here 🔥

#CCTP eliminates the need for conventional "lock-and-mint" bridges that fragment liquidity & allows devs to provide users a more capital efficient way to transfer $USDC

So how does it work? 👇
2/ Burn $USDC on the source chain:

User initiates transfer of #USDC through an app from one chain to another, and specifies the recipient wallet address on the destination chain. The app facilitates a burn of USDC on the source chain.
3/ Fetch attestation from Circle:

Circle observes and attests to the burn event on the source chain. The app requests a signed attestation from Circle, which provides authorization to mint the specified amount of #USDC on the destination chain.
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(1/11) 🤔 Wondering what #smart contracts are and how do they work? Don’t worry, we have you covered. 🧵
Read more at:…
(2/11) #SmartContracts are computer programs or protocols that automatically execute #transactions stored on a #blockchain when certain conditions are satisfied. 🤓
(3/11) Smart #contracts can be thought of as digital "if-then" statements made by two or more parties. 🤝 When the expectations of one party are met, the #contract is said to be fulfilled. 💼 #SmartContracts #Cryptocurrency
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I worked with many pro developers in the last decade who preached the same ideas. Adopting them made me an efficient problem solver today.

Here are 10 tricks that only experienced developers know: 🧵👇

#software #programming #developers
1. Always have a plan

Planning helps you learn about the problem, analyse it, and carefully think about the trade-offs. Jumping right into the code is often a sign of inexperience.
2. Optimize only when needed

Pro developers focus on getting things to work rather than wasting time looking for the best possible solution.
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Thread of 7 npm commands Everyone should be aware of...
#developers #Webdesign #javascript30 Image
1. Create package.json

🎓 npm init

# Generate and answer yell to all
🎓 npm init --yes

# Short hand
🎓 npm init -y
2. Install Package

# install a package local to current folder
🎓npm i <packageName>

# install a package with specific version
🎓npm i <packageName>@<version>

# install a package globally
🎓npm i -g <packageName>
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¿Conoces la BNB ZkRolllup (ZkBNB) ?

🤔🍥Paquete acumulativo de cero conocimiento BNB


#BNBChain #Comunidad #tech #Developers #Programación #Cryptos #BNB

Abro Hilo🧵
1/Los zkRollups agrupan cientos de transacciones de Capa-2, ejecuta fuera de la cadena, toma datos, los comprime, los enrolla y los envía como una sola transacción a la Capa-1 o cadena principal en un solo lote, de ahí el nombre: paquete acumulativo de conocimiento cero.
2/zkRollups prueba instantáneamente la validez de una transacción y sólo requiere esta prueba en lugar de todos los datos para demostrar la validez. En forma de SNARKs (argumento sucinto no interactivo del conocimiento) o STARKs (argumento transparente escalable del conocimiento)
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6 Incredible websites every developer should bookmark. These websites will not only assist you in your software development journey, but will also assist you in your content creation journey.
What would you add?
#Developers #developement #it #proarea #proareathread
Code Beautify
Provides numerous functions for developers. From JSON Validator to Twitter Header Generator, this website has it all. They also have a chrome extension.
#Developers #developement #it #proarea #proareathread
This website lets you create AI-based videos in over 50+ languages by just uploading a script or writing your speech. Unfortunately not free, but lets a free trial.
#Developers #developement #it #proarea #proareathread
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Hi there!
In this thread, we'll be discussing database management systems (DBMS), what they are, and why they are important.

Check out this thread 🧵

#developers #DEVCommunity #dbms
A database management system (DBMS) is a software application that is used to interact with other software and users to store, retrieve, and manage data in a database.
A DBMS allows users to create, read, update, and delete data in a database by providing a structured and organized way to store and retrieve data. This helps users to easily access, manipulate, and analyze data.
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Hi There,
Today I want to talk about Node.js, a popular JavaScript runtime that allows developers to build scalable and efficient server-side applications.

Check out this Thread 🧵

#Developers #NodeJS #SoftwareEngineer #javascript
Node.js is based on the V8 JavaScript engine developed by Google, which means it compiles and executes JavaScript code at high speed. This makes it an ideal choice for building real-time, data-intensive applications.
One of the key advantages of using Node.js is its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. This means that it can handle a large number of concurrent connections with minimal overhead, making it perfect for applications that require high scalability.
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🤔¿Cómo interrogar a un #código que no es tuyo?

Como #developer, no siempre trabajas con fácil de leer y entender desde el primer momento.

🔧 Por eso te traigo 10 TRUCOS que puedes usar para interrogar el código desconocido.

[ HILO ] ↓
1. Instala plugins. Suena obvio, pero tal vez no estés exprimiendo al máximo tu editor de código.

✅ Instala cosas como: Resaltado de sintaxis, auto formateo, refactoring, navegación contextual (ver implementación, ver referencia, etc), test-runners, ...
2. Lee el código al menos dos veces.

A la pimera casi nunca es suficiente para entender completamente lo que hace un trozo de código. Dos debería ser el mínimo.
🦆 Si tienes un patito de goma, es el momento de empezar a hablar con él.
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Why the FTX drama is not the end of crypto, but rather a beginning. 🧵

(1/21) For those who don't know me, I guess I should start by just saying I've been in this space for a while. I was here before #MtGox imploded. I met Vitalik before #Eth was a thing. I remember exactly..
(2/21) exactly where I was when #Bitcoin hit $100 & $1000. I remember when the engine driving Bitcoin was a philosophical and ideological one, when the space was a bizarre hybrid of gold bugs, libertarians, anarchists, hackers & OG #cryptography evangelists.
(3/21) I've been here for a while & the recent/ongoing drama involving FTX & #SBF is probably the worst I've seen to date.

Lately we've all heard the same question. "Do you think the FTX debacle is the end of #crypto?". I understand the question, but as somebody who knows...
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如何成为一个更好的软件工程师:每个开发者都应该知道的10个技巧 #developers #开发须知
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OK kids, #UX story time ;-)

I was in a meeting once where there was a religious argument between groups of developers, database folks, product owners and executive managers.

The topic: why a certain report screen was taking so long to load.

It was a report clients were asking for; they log in, enter their credentials, enter a date range, set some filters — and then the system would literally take up to three full minutes to fully load the report.

You literally got a blank screen for several minutes.

The database folks are barking: "our infrastructure prevents us from doing this any other way, dev needs to do things differently." #Developers fire back: "it's a needlessly complex data structure." #UX folks are angry with both groups: "we TOLD you this would happen."

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@verodigiorgio at #CodemotionMilan22 answering the question on how to grow professionally (as software architect for her, but it’s the same for all paths in #softaredevelopment). Let’s discuss about it in this thread 🧵 👇🏻
Let me introduce the thread saying that the talk by @verodigiorgio at #CodemotionMilan22 about #gitops was very helpful and rich of content and points of inspiration. Surely something to try in every day company business to improve our products, developer and customer experience.
Next, going straight to the point what @verodigiorgio says here is that #curiosity and the ability to face our ideas with other #developers (or more generally other colleagues in the business having another point of view) are fundamentals point for growth and success.
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1/10 Another major #Cryptohack!
@BNBCHAIN got ripped off of over $110 mil. This sum's no joke!
What happened?
Will there be any consequences to the market?
What actions are @cz_binance and @binance's team taking to contain this?
A thread by @esatoshiclub! 🧵
2/10 Long story short, #BNBChain was hacked and the hacker got over $590 million in #BNB.

Fortunately for @binance and the whole market, he got off-chain just something over $110 million.

Let's see how it went down( no advanced technicals, just something all can understand).
3/10 Fortunately for us, @samczsun was there to analyze every minor detail of the hack.

The hacker somehow convinced the #BNBChain to send them over 1mil $BNB.

These coins are "false" #crypto. Meaning, the hacker got them from thin air, not actually issued by the #Binance.
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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
Expand all 👇
Set reminders ✅
Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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5️⃣ TRUCOS de Google (no solo para #developers) que (tal vez) no conocías.

[ H I L O ] 👇
1 / Buscar por imagen

Sube o pega la url de una imagen y busca ✨
2 / Color Picker

Selector y conversor de colores 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪
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We're excited to announce a significant breakthrough for #BNBChain scaling and ZK innovation.

Introducing #zkBNB an industry leading zero-knowledge proof based scaling solution providing:

🔸Advanced Scalability
🔸Transaction Speed
🔸Faster Finality
🔸Unmatched Security

[1/9]🧵 Image
zkBNB Testnet went live on September 2nd, allowing developers to begin interacting with the code, and start building exciting applications.

With access to developer documentation and integration playbooks for #zkBNB at the ready, the exciting process is seamless.

#Blockchain scaling has long since been an issue in our industry and with onlookers suggesting tangible Layer 2 solutions would take years- our #zkBNB development is ahead of schedule.

But what exactly will it mean for developers?

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What is Ergo?

Ergo is a programmable PoW #blockchain like #Ethereum, without gas fees and builds upon #Bitcoin's UTXO model.

#Ergo serves as an efficient, decentralized and secure, smart contract platform, with optional privacy.

🧵👇 Let's Explore
Fair launch, no pre-mine no #VCs

"#Cryptocurrency should provide tools to enrich ordinary people. Small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet, not big depersonalized financial capital. This is what inspired me. This is my dream"
#Ergo has taken a research-driven approach led by some of the smartest minds in the industry

This research has led to Ergo implementing numerous unique features

Let's touch on some key features
🔸#ASIC resistant
🔸Sigma Protocols
🔸Storage rent
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