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MaxShill : $luna

Holy. Fucking. Fuck.

This is what the opportunity of a lifetime looks like.

You can tell your wife and kids that you're gonna make it. No one that discovers $luna ever goes back to being a failure

Yes I own $luna. And keep reading below to find out why. 🔥
Look. Crypto investing doesn't have to be hard. You shouldn't need to do mental gymnastics to determine why your shitcoin's price will go up. It should be easy as fuck to conclude how a #crypto is gonna gain massive traction, adoption and print some massive green dildos.
That's the beauty of luna. It's easy to figure out how it moons. Once you get that, you quickly conclude that 4 digit $luna is an inevitability. What makes $luna price go up? $ust adoption. It's that simple. Elegant as fuck. Why? How? Who gives a  shit. Do your own research nerd.
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$JUP @JUP_Project
Write up is finally ready - There is SO MUCH going on with this

$JUP is its own #blockchain
Fully encrypted version of #Whatsapp Launching 17 March
#NFT Marketplace TBC
US Gov Compliant
#Traceless Cash
Competitors between 4x and >1,000x Market Cap ImageImageImageImage
$JUP is more than just a low cap crypto project

The public team of 5 members has extensive experience in #blockchain and IT

Team info (Images below)

@JUP_Project has been in development since 2016 and is compliant as a vendor to US Govt. at all levels ImageImageImageImage
Data on $JUP is always #encrypted and is #immutable basically meaning it is also #uncensorable


$JUP #Blockchain #Mainnet is already live and they have a #bridge to transfer between Mainnet, #BSC & #Ethereum

#Crosschain functionality anyone? 👀 ImageImageImage
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MEGATHREAD 📢💨 on today's epic #ProjectCatalyst Town Hall. Ready?

👉 Fund 3 voter registration ended today 🥲
👉 Voting begins: March 5 @ 7PM UTC 💪
👉 Voting ends: March 24 @ 7PM UTC
👉 Winning projects funding: ± April 4 🚀

🧵 More via thread below 👇 #Cardano $ada 1/18
Welcome to the experiment..! 🧪

A few reminders. Things may:
👉 break
👉 lack documentation
👉 differ greatly between iterations
👉 disorient, overload and inspire

🎯 Our goal: a safe, lively environment for you to explore the highest potential of human collaboration 💪 2/n
#ProjectCatalyst – now 🌍's largest #decentralized innovation fund...

👉2.5B value $ada registered
👉10,159 unique wallets registered
👉12,000 platform members
👉 Dash voters ± 1,000 wallets
👉 100 DAOs on #eth combined ± 1,100 wallets
👉 Gitcoin Round 8: ±2,946 wallets 3/n
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This bull market’s top-performing token? It’s @ZapProtocol -a @chainlink $LINK alternative that represents the most decentralized oracle proxy for smart contracts.


#Bitcoin #defi #crypto #eth #ERC20 #oracles #bondingcurves…
$zap is a multifunctional blockchain solution offering full liquidity for many #DeFi use-cases like data monetization, token creation, & creating various #DApps. $zap smart contract templates use #bondingcurves, algorithmic market makers that provide liquidity for the protocol.
In comparison w/ @chainlink, @ZapProtocol allows users to create #decentralized #oracles using #smartcontract templates, and to buy and sell the oracle tokens in an open fully-liquid marketplace.
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Grab a coffee. This thread will be informative & long.

An exchange infrastructure that offers ZERO trading fees and DEEP liquidity - Meet @wootraderS

In a way, Wootrade is to exchanges what #Ethereum is to #DApps 🔥

..And they have a token, $WOO

Here are my findings👇
Wootrade was incubated by Kronos Research. (Similar to $FTX being incubated by @SBF_Alameda )

Kronos Research is a quantitative investment research institution.

Its daily volume is over $1 billion!
Wootrade offers traders, institutions and exchanges deep orderbooks and best trade execution.

The problem: Exchanges have to pay high costs for market makers.

The solution: Wootrade removes that need for them + lets their clients enjoy trading free of charge.
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If we’re talking the next 3 years (or at least Before banks and governments take over the crypto space) I believe social adoption and real world mass adoption are a Key component in upside potential.
As we are seeing with #BTC being used as a store of value...
...and #ETH, #DOT, etc. As bridges for #DEFI, #Dapps + other innovations inside the crypto space.
As for Mass adoption outside of crypto and finance sectors, as a real world value transfer, @electroneum is the clear innovator here.
One can Pay for Phone top ups Globaly, water and electricity bills in (I believe) 4 countries currently, access at over 13,600 ATMS across South Korea. All with ETN.
They are Members of CryptoUK, as well as Blockchain For Europe alongside giants like coinbase and binance.
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Do you want to become a #blockchain developer?

Here is how to get started.

A thread. Image
First, who is a blockchain developer.?
“A #blockchain developer is a developer that takes care of optimizing and developing blockchain-related #dApps, smart contracts, protocols, and architecture.”

It is a responsible position which...

requires attention to detail, knowledge, and ability to overcome challenges.

There are two types of blockchain developers.
1. Core Blockchain Developers
2. Blockchain Software Developers

The core blockchain developers are responsible for...

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It's great to hear stories of #ranchi from @tripathyr If you are around follow @FLOblockchain and participate. If you have questions for @ranchimallFLO works on #blockchaintechnology Ask us.

@366PiTech is Happy to partner with @ranchimallFLO @bhartisushant @Sharma_Malavika
Join @tripathyr @JosephFiscella and the @FLOblockchain for the FLO podcast live on TWITCH TV: where we'll talk about @ranchimallflo and the software and business applications they're creating on FLO
#BlockchainContracts been discussed. @tripathyr responding to @JosephFiscella query on a) what Inc on Blockchain means and b) why plain text used for posting a message.

Blockchain contracts faciltates business activities. @ranchimallFLO
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Benefits of running @ObyteOrg full node #DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph):

A thread.
1) Direct write access to public decentralized database (no middlemen like miners/stakers who you need to bribe on #blockchain to get your transaction in).……
2) Direct read access to public decentralized database (more privacy, no leaking of personally identifiable information to hub or relay). Just a TOR service is not going to help a light node privacy if the same device asks somebody about same addresses again and again.
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1/ We are excited to share the launch of Cryptoverse Wars — an interactive code school to build DApps on @tezos using @SmartPy_io!

The course is live here:

#Tezos #DApps Image
2/ Cryptoverse Wars guides you to write basic smart contracts by onboarding you to the Cryptoverse - a parallel universe such as those portrayed in Ready Player One and The Matrix!
3/ Currently in the Cryptoverse, an Alien invasion is threatening all the species by waging a war in the hopes to gain control over it! 👽 Image
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(1/6)Check out our #DEFI solution, the new platform #JUST!!
JUST is the #TRON’s stablecoins lending platform!
✅By staking , JUST users can generate USDJ
✅ can be withdrawn & used as any other stablecoin
✅ holders can govern USDJ currency system
(2/6)#DeFi projects have been grown over the last couple of years, it is a new movement that transforms the old financial system, as we know.
✅Maintain price stability💰
✅Fast & efficient and nearly-free stablecoin transfer
✅Available to anyone, anywhere, anytime⏰
(3/6) #JUST is built on the TRON network, the largest #DApp ecosystem, and aims to provide a set of easy-to-use and transparent financial services for users worldwide.
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1: I've never seen a product that can turn cryptocurrencies into the mainstream as #DeFi, the boom in #Dex and #Dapps 2017 will be nothing compared to what's coming. DeFi offers real-world use cases in our economy.
2: The #DeFi improve financial institutions by providing greater liquid immediacy to businesses and individuals, as well as much lower interest rates. Hence, large entities are working on offering this type of products to their customers.
3: The #DeFi are going to be the star product in 2020, the most benefited will be Ethereum without a doubt, and sooner or later it will end up unbanking Bitcoin like N°1 Others that are going to grow a lot with DeFi are going to be and
#Tezos #altseason2020
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#LateNightThoughts What we're doing at @enjin is a piece of a puzzle. A puzzle that's, quite literally, the future of the human race. That future can be a grim, dark one, where power resides in the hands of the few - or an amazing, bright one, where power is decentralized. ->
-> Here's the funny thing: i'm not sure about the size of our piece of the puzzle, as it's becoming somewhat apparent that the next couple of decades are coming with two key changes: #automation ending jobs - and #gaming creating new ones. ->
-> Which means that a lot (if not most) of value will be created in virtual worlds, and it would be optimal if those are decentralized; a bad ending could be a centralized entity (goverment, corporation or both) seizing and destroying that value. ->
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1/ I can't believe it's been this 3 years already. the @uport_me team won a prize after launching the first version of our Self Sovereign Identity wallet at DevCon2 on #ethereum complete with social recovery using proxy contracts, wallet connect like QR codes and gas funding.
2/ Our focus is still on Self Sovereign Identity for #ethereum, but we've learnt so much since our first experiment back then.

Here is a diagram of our original architecture...
3/ Most importantly the key to safely build #identity on a blockchain is to actually use as the #blockchain as little as possible.

Ideally a good identity solution for blockchain applications provides an off-chain method of linking together on-chain interactions.
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0/ Investors breathed easier today as the price of large-cap digital assets like #bitcoin [ $BTC ] and #ether [ $ETH ] managed to hold steady.

Whilst many were glued to the charts, I was trawling through the interwebs for the latest from the world of #crypto. You're welcome 😉
1/ 📣 Fresh from launching v1.1.3 of its #mainnet, @NULSservice [ $NULS ] detailed the design architecture of NULS 2.0 in the below 23-page paper.

Allows #NULS to be more than just the underlying infrastructure of the #blockchain. Many more uses to come!…
2/ ⛏️ @UbiqSmart [ $UBQ ] has successfully hard-forked to #Ubqhash.

Having done so, Ubiq is now decoupled from #Ethash and, thus, is no longer vulnerable to rental hash attacks. This marks the first time an #Ethereum fork has forked to a PoW mining algorithm.
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0/ A plethora of #crypto- and #blockchain-related events happening within the past 24 hours!

Below, a thread I've put together to help you keep track of it all. May it serve you well.
1/ 🌉 @POANetwork [ $POA ] announced the ERC20-to-ERC20 TokenBridge!

Now, projects can leverage separate #Ethereum-based networks to communicate with one another through the transformation of #ERC20 tokens. #Blockchain interoperability growing strong!…
2/ 🚢 The @EthexMarket team shipped its Ethex Trade Wallet, a unique native mobile #dApp that features hassle-free #ether and #ERC20 token trading. Compliments their existing #Ethex browser dApp nicely!…
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0/ Before the arrival of the weekend, we had a spate of news related to the #cryptocurrency and #blockchain ecosystem.

Keep reading to get up to speed on the latest goings-ons from the past day or so. You ready?
1/ 🆕 The team over at @ParityTech launched the alpha version of its Parity Fether wallet for the #Ethereum.

Fether uses the Parity Ethereum light client to access the #blockchain, as opposed to most #crypto wallets that are reliant on a centralized node.…
2/ 🌊 After 4 full source-code rewrites, @PerlinNetwork [ $PERL ] unveiled the pre-alpha version of Wavelet.

It's the *first* publicly available, open, permissionless ledger that makes use of a DAG-based consensus protocol. Check it!…
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1/ *Centralized* apps building atop decentralized protocols may be the winning combination, each furthering the adoption of the other.
2/ As many have pointed out, “decentralize all the things” is a mistake. Decentralize the things that benefit from decentralization.
3/ Starting with centralized apps (think @coinbase @circlepay etc), if you’ve been paying attention, they are utilizing an increasing amount of decentralized protocols & open-source crypto infrastructure, to the benefit of their end users.
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1/ #Ethereum is noticeably soft while many of its "next gen" competitors are showing strong bounces after brutal falls.
2/ #Ethereum's softness also clear in the context of the top 10. In stark contrast to how this bear market started, where $ETH was one of the most resilient assets.
3/ To be fair, #Ethereum is still down less from its all-time high than its aforementioned "next gen" competitors.
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