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Something that's been on my list to research for a while is @TeamKujira $KUJI. Below is a summary of my research and analysis of it.

#CosmosEcosystem #Altcoin #Kuji #Kujira #Dex #Terra #Liquidation #Analysis #DYOR
Firstly, a disclaimer. After compiling what I needed to see, I bought a small high-risk-high-return $Kuji bag a few days ago as mostly a long term hold. This isn't a shill, it's me "placing my money where my mouth is". Maybe your assessment of the situation will be different.
1. #Kujira is a project that has migrated to its own chain after the #Terra collapse. It's now a sovereign chain, splitting #DeFi offerings into into #dApps which provide order-book, liquidation and staking/governance capabilities.
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❺ Blogs about Blockchain, Web3 & #Metaverse Research everyone should Follow ✅

Thread 🧵
✿ Web3 Foundation

Are you interested in staying up to date with the latest #blockchain technology, protocols, decentralized applications, and open source projects?

The #web3Foundation is the perfect place for you.

✿ Hashnode #Web3

Documenting the path to #decentralization.

Discover the Web3 universe with a curated team of Hashnode writers.

Learn about #crypto, the blockchain, altcoins, #NFTs, and about our decentralized future.

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[1/26] I was listening to @RyanSAdams and @TrustlessState on a past @BanklessHQ (I’m a huge fan) podcast episode on #TheMerge & #Ethereum

Sentiments are bullish on $ETH. But does on-chain reflects so? Lets use @nansen_ai smart money and other tools to evaluate 🧵👇👇👇
[2/26] Before that, here are what I’ll cover:

- On chain analysis with Nansen
- Fundamental analysis
- Tokenomics
- Developer activity
- Narrative of #Ethereum
- Summary
[3/26] Lets kick things off using @nansen_ai, $WETH is the undisputed fave token of smart money by far at 60% of their holdings with a clear accumulation uptrend spike from mid Apr onwards
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GTON Capital: reimagining the #utility and #scalability of #Web3

1/⚜️ The @GtonCapital team is building an ecosystem of innovative web3 infrastructure and products by synergizing the best achievements of decentralized web technology a brave little baby is expl...
2/⚜️ The vision of the $GTON team presents a new phase in the evolution of the #cryptocurrency landscape, with decentralized #stablecoins and scalable #smartcontract execution layers at its core, enabling millions of #dApps to improve the lives of billions of users
3/⚜️ We are currently facing a "Cambrian explosion" of alt-L1 and L2 protocols, #DeFi dApps and #NFT, #GameFi and X2Earn business models, and #Metaverses
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📢We're pleased to announce that our Proposal to bring Gasless on @optimismFND has officially PASSED!

With 98.61% 'YES' votes @biconomy's proposal has the highest approval % to have ever been received by GF proposal on Optimism.

Check it out
🧵👇 Image

Gasless is now LIVE on 11 chains🦾

What does the future of dApp on #Optimism look like with Gasless?
Tapping into billions of potential users!

Seamless Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 transition is the key to user onboarding.

However, between web2 and web3 products, almost every interaction with an application is a ‘transaction’
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You missed #Shimmer Talks with @DomSchiener and Levente Pap?

Don’t worry, just check my summary!

1/ Let’s have a deep dive into the Stardust upgrade.
As you probably know, the #Shimmer Beta network (incentivized staging network) just went live.

First off, did you already see the new visualizer?…
2/ There are five phases for shipping Shimmer. We are now in phase 3 – Public Beta Testing of the network has started.
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Coming at you with the Explore Screen features of the week 🤝

@cryptotesters are back baby! Check out which projects caught their attention this month 🧪

⬩Identity in Web3 — an exploration of projects building the identity layer

Full post ➡️
@cryptotesters have once again come with a stellar selection of #dApps

@NestedFi — a social trading platform that enables you to copy great traders or earn royalties by sharing your own strategies

⬩Mint agEUR on @AngleProtocol or borrow it using #ETH, $stETH or $WBTC
@Instadapp — its multichain #DeFi management dashboard allows you to access powerful tools such as recursive leveraging, ability to move entire debt positions across chains, and more

Access these apps straight from Steakwallet and let us know what you think 🤝
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@avalancheavax was built to address issues of scalability prevalent in top protocols. And, with rapid popularity, Avalanche moved a step ahead to cater to its ballooning users by introducing Avalanche Subnets.

What is it?

How does it work?

Let’s Dive in👇🧵 Image

Before we dive into #subnets
Let’s first understand Avalanche.

#Avalanche is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract platform for #dApps powered by the snowman consensus protocol with near-instant transaction finality. It has been the most successful EVM chain after #BSC. Image

@avalancheavax launched its mainnet in Sept 2020 & Avalanche Rush - a Liquidity incentive Program in Aug 2021. This was a huge success & led to many #dApps migrating & bringing a lot of capital onto the platform.
Total Value Locked had reached $24B at its peak. Image
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[#Thread & Confession] Après un certain temps afin de digérer une mésaventure #crypto, j'ai décidé de vous en parler et vous faire un récapitulatif à titre éducatif.

Enorme coup dur à titre perso et toujours très difficile à encaisser.

Commençons par planter le décors 🧵👇🏻 Image
Nous sommes le 12 Décembre 2021, je créer un #wallet sur MetaMask comme pour pratiquement chacune de mes opérations on-chain.

Pourquoi ? Pour éviter de me faire siphonner des fonds en cas de fausse manip ou si je fais un approval et que j'oublie de le révoquer. Image
Le wallet étant créé, je dépose dessus des $BUSD puis les convertit en $UST en utilisant @acryptosx, une plateforme qui me permet de swap les stablecoins à coût plutôt réduit.

Les $UST sont ensuite envoyés via le bridge Terra vers un wallet Terra station. Image
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Introducing Warp: a new implementation of data-driven smart contracts built on top of the @arweave network. Who would find it useful, and what are best fit use cases in the existing ecosystem? Read the🧵below to learn more.
#arweave #smartweave #warpspeed Image
@arweave What issue are we solving? First of all, astronomic usage costs of current #blockchainprotocols.
1GB of storage costs at least $1M on @ethereum,
at least $500k on @solana — it is just too expensive. @arweave comes to the rescue, with mind blowing $5 per 1GB storage (as of 2022).
@arweave @ethereum @solana It’s more than #storageonchain, though.
Here's what Arweave’s own protocol #SmartWeave is good at:
🔐 providing #dataintegrity,
🤝 offering real #dataownership through #NFT
💫 decoupling storage from computation, saving a ton on process efficiency
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Te traemos 8 Cripto-Herramientas 🛠️ que te serán de mucha ayuda en tus análisis.

Esta es una recopilación de #dApps, #Apps y páginas recomendadas anteriormente, resumidas en este 🧵.

Agradecemos su apoyo con un ♥️ y dando RT 🔄 para hacerlo llegar a más personas.

#Bitcoin #BTC
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 1️⃣

⚙️ DappRadar

DappRadar proporciona información y perspectivas sobre todas las Dapps (Aplicaciones descentralizadas) existentes.

🔗 Enlace:
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 2️⃣

⚙️ DefiLlama

Esta herramienta es un rastreador de protocolos #DeFi. En ella encontrarás prácticamente todas las plataformas que hay actualmente para hacer #farming, #lending mint etc.

🔗 Enlace:
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Introducing ClearSign: a game-changing tool to make #Web3 more secure.

#ClearSign = Web3’s FireWall 🔥🚫…

Learn how and why

🧵 1/6 👇

#NFTs and #crypto are stolen from users through misleading transactions/smart contracts set up by scammers.

This is unacceptable.

#ClearSign gives your wallet the ability to show transactions in human-readable text, which allows users to read a transaction's true intent.

#ClearSign also blocks specific types of scam transactions from ever popping up in in your wallet.

Like a firewall!

Further shielding #Web3 users from accidentally approving transactions with hackers and malicious actors.
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It’s been a tough week, but builders are here to stay!

The team has a jam packed Explore Screen update for you — @cryptotesters are back with a new collection of cool projects, we look at #NFTs with extra benefits for holders, and more 🧵

Full blog: Image
In our first feature “More Than a JPEG” 🎤 our team looked at some interesting #NFT collections, which offer their holders more than just a cool #PFP

@TheIdolsNFT — besides looking cool, they also earn you interest from $stETH rewards in perpetuity 🔥
⬩With @RagnarokMeta, your PFP becomes an in-game character used to explore their #metaverse

@AzukiOfficial holders get access to their community, exclusive airdrops, streetwear collabs, live events, and more

Head to the Steakwallet app to check out the whole collection 🏃‍♀️
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1/ 📩 The Moonbeam Monthly Dispatch for May is HERE!

This month brought big news including new cross-chain capabilities on Moonbeam, the launch of the first Polkadot cross-chain connection, integrations, & much more!

Read this thread for a full recap👇…
2/ 🚀 Moonbeam added cross-chain capabilities, introducing $xcDOT, an XC-20 representation of $DOT on its parachain. DOT token holders can now deposit their tokens for use in #DeFi on Moonbeam.…
3/ 🔗 Moonbeam in collaboration with @AcalaNetwork launched the first cross-chain connection using XCM on #Polkadot.

This XCM-based connection enables native communications & token transfers between Moonbeam and Acala without the need for bridges.🔥…
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A quick thread 🧵 to discuss the advantages of having #ENS on the #Ethereum blockchain:

An ENS domain name can do many things but we will focus on 3 major practical use-cases: ↓↓
1- Your ENS name is your portable cross-platform web3 username and profile
- Example: []
- You will be able to sign in to web3 or even web2 applications using your ENS account. ↓
2- A simple name to represent your wallet address
- Replace 0x6348.. with name.eth (working on metamask)
- Coinbase wallet and Gamestop wallet are also integrated with ENS
ENS is a solution for wallets and exchanges to reduce error and improve user experience ↓
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"#Concordium’s decentralised layer-1 #blockchain technology offers unrivalled security, privacy, transparency and control. It is the only layer-1 on the market with an ID framework which ensures accountability, responsibility and certainty in an uncertain world."
"Alongside our Reg DeFi Lab we understand that the #DeFi space will continue to evolve and gain traction with enterprise and institutional clients. That is why we are partnering with start-ups and tech giants alike, looking to take advantage of #blockchain technology"
"#Concordium is a permissionless decentralized blockchain with enterprise-grade quality. It’s designed to host segment agnostic use cases, including what is the first wave of truly regulatory-compliant, #DApps) and #DeFi protocols"…
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Our co-founder @JKim_Tran recently shared on how to leverage #web3 to start your #tech #career at @web3inclusivity.

👇Check out the insights in this thread 🧵
Apply to free #web3 learning programs such as:

@She__Fi - #crypto and decentralized finance #defi for women
@encodeclub - bootcamps and hackathons of the latest #protocols
Learn To Earn is when you get paid for finishing a training program or course. Popular concept in #web3.

Examples @Blockgks, @rabbithole_gg, @harmonyprotocol ZK One Uni, exchanges such as @coinbase
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1/ A trillion dollars in #Bitcoin capital is waiting to use #DeFi with native BTC, not wrapped BTC. #Bitcoin has grown to a point where it desperately needs non-custodial ways to do lending, options and derivatives, currency hedging and more.

2/ By design, #Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized digital asset and due to its global network of miners, is more resistant to hacks by an order of magnitude.

#DeFi on #Bitcoin
3/ Although #Bitcoin is the coin that is most similar to money, it’s missing all of the structures and capabilities that markets have built around the dollar over the decades.

#Bitcoin #Blockchain
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May has been a historically bad month for @terra_money and we are right on cue with $UST de-pegging by 40% today.

Here's what happened.



What is $UST and how does it work?

$UST is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to $USD.

$LUNA is burnt to mint $UST of the same value and vice versa.

If $UST falls below its peg, anyone can buy it and redeem it for $1 of $LUNA.



As the volatility moves from $UST to $LUNA, the arbitrage opportunity disappears and the price of $UST stabilizes.

$UST < $1 = $LUNA 🔥

$UST supply ⬆️ → $UST price ⬇️

$UST > $1 = $UST 🔥

$UST supply ⬇️ → $UST price ⬆️
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A great day to enter the #crypto market, everything is on sale!

What will you be buying today?

Here's my list.


My 🐻 strategy.

1. Revisit your investment theses
2. Find conviction in strong picks
3. Sell if fundamentals change
4. Portfolio consolidation (≤ 10)
5. Rotate #altcoins into #bluechips
6. Dollar cost average on red days
7. Market ⬇️ = Accumulation ⬆️
8. Enjoy the discounts

My 🐻 picks.

1. $LUNA
2. $UST
3. $ETH
4. $RUNE
5. $NEAR
6. $AVAX
7. $GLP
8. $FTM
9. $SOL
10. $BTC
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The pain of a #DEX trader = frontrunning BOTs that steal you of great value trades, slippage and swap fees.

The value for money and ease of trade trading on #Binance or #Coinbase is missed on a DEX.

Until @KromatikaFi .. shutterstock,com person sho...
Limit trades have been missing from #DEX protocols. They are a staple in traditional finance, also appearing on #CEX like #Binance or #coinbase.
Range orders on #uniswap are not the same as limit trades.

Limit orders on #1inch are slow to get filled.

Until @KromatikaFi .. Motley Fool image explainin...
This is what prompted the devs of @KromatikaFi to create a product that tackles every one of these problems with ease.

Now you get BOT protection, no slippage, no swap fees and the orders are filled quickly via @chainlink keepers and utilizing @Uniswap liquidity. ten-steps-to-developing-you...
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[THREAD, DEX] Vous utilisez certainement #Binance ou #Coinbase mais savez-vous que ce sont des exchanges centralisés aussi appelés des #CEX ?

Mais il y a aussi les #DEX, ces bourses d’échanges de cryptomonnaie décentralisés, ce qu’on appelle des DEX pour Dencentralised Exchange
Il existe plusieurs strates dans le niveau de décentralisation d’un protocole.

Pour utiliser la cryptomonnaie, vous pouvez vous satisfaire des exchanges centralisés et faire vos transactions sur #Binance. Blockchain Trilemma, Scalability Decentralization Security
Mais pour un usage avancé de la #blockchain, vous aurez besoin des plateformes décentralisées afin de réaliser des opérations sur votre portefeuille, c’est ce qu’on appelle des #Dapps, les applications décentralisées.
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CIPs coming with June’s HF:

CIPs (Cardano Improvement Proposals) present new features to the #Cardano network that are key to bettering our blockchain

The upcoming HF introduces:
CIP-31: Reference Inputs
CIP-32: Inline Datums
CIP-33: Reference Scripts
CIP-40: Collateral Outputs Image
Reference inputs allow you to read datums from outputs without consuming and recreating them.

➡️Multiple #DApps will therefore be able to read from the same datum at the same time, improving concurrency. Image
Inline datums allow you to store the data on-chain as opposed to just storing a hash of it on-chain as #Cardano currently does.

➡️This provides a more convenient architecture where devs don’t have to include the data when interacting with the script. Image
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Tu stakes tes $ETH sur @LidoFinance pour des bETH, tu les collatéralises sur @anchor_protocol et empruntes des stablecoins ( LTV de 70%) pour farmer avec du $LUNA en LP tokens grâce à la #DeFi, tu as un APY de 16%

Rien compris ? Le guide👇

L'airdrop est une stratégie marketing des startups #crypto pour promouvoir le projet. Il s'agit de distribuer gratuitement leurs #cryptomonnaies aux utilisateurs actuels ou potentiels.

Altcoin est un mot-valise composé de "alternative" et "coin" pour former "altcoin". Il désigne en réalité un groupe de #cryptomonnaies , l'ensemble des monnaies virtuelles autres que le #Bitcoin
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