How did this work out for Northern Ireland? You won't go down in history as a Napoleonic/Curchillian visionary, but a devious, shambolic liar who 'very personally' played a part in destroying the hard won peace of a country 'supposed' to be part of the UK.
Yeah, I'm pretty angry. No apology for that I'm afraid. Anyone, cross party with a modicum of sense knew that this was the inevitably disasterous consequences of leaving the SM/CU. This is going to cost many lives, and for what?
A short the £ cult for flag fancying headbangers who should have (and did...) know better. The 'human' cost of Brexit is now baring its teeth. The financial costs are in the shadows, round the corner salivating. And yet: little cogent opposition I can see is telling the
electorate who deserve the truth - the truth. What's to hide? They promised utopia. And when it didn't happen, I expect reassessment from duly elected politicians. Where is it? The thing that's for sure is despotic regimes always, always
secumb to the will of the people. This Vote Leave lunacy must come to the quickest possible end, so the GFA, and other critical issues can be mended before it's too late.

• • •

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1 Jan
The Mails dangerous propaganda:

1. Fireworks were fine en masse on VE day, Brexit day, and are clearly not political.

2. It wasn't the EU flag, it's the Council of Europe flag, we were a founder member.

3. What on earth is the issue with the NHS logo?

Their staff have literally given their lives, under a disorganised Govt to save lives. Inc: that of the Mails cheerleading favourite son.

4. The BLM logo. Here the tongue biting exophobes take any opportunity to attack anyone who may alter their 'white Tory' first narrative.
5. Attack Khan. Attack Khan. Attack Khan. Repeat to fade...

6. Accuse the BBC & the Police of establishment shenanigans. When the facts are that the outcome of the Acuri report was deemed suspicious by many, & the BBC run frequent client journalistic lines with pro Tory/Brexit
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6 Dec 20
The country is on an absolute knife edge. The single biggest political decision since WWII, rests it seems with a chancer who doesn't want a job he well knows he's not fit for. He knows ND is a catastrophe. The entire cabinet knows. Their advisors know. 👇
So it comes down to this. He signs the thinnest of deals (requiring) a 'pause' extension, and Labour votes to pass Parliament - and watches the Red Wall Brexiteers and the Brexit nutters eat themselves, or he crashes the country he claims to love into an abyss
Dantes inferno. The higher levels. The results of ND are incalculable, and he well knows unconscionable. He has a decision to make. A decision he was always going to have to make. One that has no good outcome for him. He's trapped.
Read 6 tweets
10 Oct 20
It appears to be over for Trump. If so: Johnson & the ERG won't be far behind.
My thoughts on the importance of Trumps re-election to Johnson and the Atlantacists like Fox and Davis... The internal market bill is likely to be currently 'parked' awaiting the POTUS outcome. If Trump wins - then it's literally the middle finger to Northern Ireland
If Biden wins - Johnson is (even more) backfooted - and is cap in hand to the EU. They'll be strengthened by a Biden victory, and the delivery of no-deal becomes almost impossible to justify even to the Brexity base. Meaning one thing:
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27 Sep 20
The words 'fighting for the best #Brexit deal for Britain' is a complete contradiction in terms frankly
While others may take this view, I can't see the evidence behind it, after a lot of careful reading & listening. I will always be entirely pro our membership of the EU.
Which has brought peace, prosperity, security and freedom for millions. Nothing else can come close to political and social alignment with 27 other like-minded countries.
Read 5 tweets
21 Aug 20
To be clear about no-deal #NoDealBrexit They agreed to the 1st deal offered to May, as a border in the Irish Sea was the only route 'out' of the EU. Marginally, they appear to favour some kind of bare bones arrangement,
but for the first time, they ARE prepared to crash the country, and society by having no trade terms, jumping blind off the the moon they howl at. The hundreds of MRAs cannot and will not be negotiated in time - so whatever happens now - catastrophe is an absolute guarantee
Border checks by a system I'm told the Govt hadn't even had designed as at last month will just be the start. As Covid shortages were a demand issue, EU trade is a supply one. This is NOT a project, or fear, it's reality. Reality for pet medicines, roaming charges, banking
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17 Aug 20
I'm the first to air my suspicions about this shoddy corrupt cabal in No. 10 but this u-turn is a complete shambles (though clearly welcome) and definately comes under the 'massive cock up' category. The dead cats have run out, the lies are exposed, the corruption undeniable
the incompetence is spine-tingling. These lunatics who are slaloming towards no-deal, with no discernable plan, crashing the economy and deliberately damaging our standing in the world - have weaponised the forces, VE & poppy day, politicised MY flag, crashed the union
and mishandled Covid from day 1. They are indefensible, and having swapped the thinkers for Brexiteer ERG wingnuts - with an 80 seat majority that was a touch, based largely on lies, misinformation and spin STILL can't get any major decisions right. Nicola Sturgeon makes Johnson
Read 5 tweets

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