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I am becoming more sure as every twist of the #Brexit knife happens, that the same mindset that was behind Hitler's policies in Nazi Germany are being subtly or will be openly enacted here upon a #nodealbrexit
Let me unpick this .....
Right from the start of the campaign ~ generated to keep Cameron in power and stave off the 'bastards' sic.Major on the right/UKIP, pure racism was allowed and encouraged in the press. A subtle game was played whereby legit EU citizens were turned into 'illegal migrants. #brexit
Outright lies of Leave.EU and Voteleave were never publically opposed by any MPs ~ and indeed, the *crimes* committed by both organisations are not being investigated by the police,nor Govt declared the ref null & void on what has been uncovered by @carolecadwalla
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I went on the dreaded Fakenewsbook yesterday and posted a tweet to encourage people to book onto the coaches.


What a glorious reception I got.
One person interacted with my post. A brit in EU27. One person.
I replied to my own post how it was telling that one person reacted to my post... and they are living in a different country.
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The 6th list of #Brexitconcerns is building up here:…

1-5 are linked to at the top of this thread
That thread I made from the IFS report about the impact of Brexit on employment is here:
ICYMI (many did) here's the parliamentary debate on 11th December 2017 on why we should hold a 2nd ref on Brexit which had many MPs speaking sense, incl.
@CarolineLucas & @susanelanjones

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay
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At #greenerUK #CPC18 fringe, ⁦@michaelgove⁩ in conversation with WWF’s ⁦@TanyaMSteele⁩. Needless to say, the room is creaking at the seams!
First time we’re hearing more detail on PM’s promised #environmentbill. Gove: as well as addressing #AirPollution it will tackle waste & resources to move us towards a #CircularEconomy
At the time of #climatechange Act, people were worried its ambitious targets would harm economic growth - quite the opposite has happened, says Gove #cpc18 #greenerUK
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👇People should follow @keatingpatrick who works at Honda and can provide an accurate perspective on #NoDealBrexit and what it means for carmaker supply chains in the U.K. and Europe.

#r4today #Toyota #digbyjoned
@keatingpatrick (Usual disclaimer: views are personal not company)
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.@britishineurope PRESS STATEMENT: 'Disgraceful and unacceptable'.

Read our full response to Theresa May's press statement on EU citizens' rights which made no mention of the 1.2 mn British nationals living in the EU 27


#TheresaMay #NoDealBrexit .
2. 'We heard that we are now at an impasse in the negotiations with the very real threat of a no deal. What we did not hear was one single word about the future of 1.2 million UK nationals living in the EU27.'
3. 'You appear willing to take the UK out of the EU with a no deal and with no thought for your own nationals'
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For those of you who do not speak German, a short thread about my piece on dangers of #NoDealBrexit in @TspCausa…
Theresa May has always said 'No Deal is better than a bad Deal', but there is a new quality to the No Deal-Talk since #Chequers
The claim that #NoDealBrexit would not be "the end of the word" is a wild understatement. As @anandMenon1 @jdportes and otheres have pointed out it would most likely not mean lots of mini-deals, no deal at all, at least in the short term
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After March 2019 if there’s no deal.

"Surcharge-free roaming when you travel to the EU could no longer be guaranteed."

After March 2019 if there’s no deal.

"Your driving licence may no longer be valid by itself when driving in the EU. If you move to another EU country to live, you may not be able to exchange your licence after the UK has left the EU."

After March 2019 if there’s no deal.

"If your passport does not meet these criteria, you may be denied entry to any of the Schengen area countries, and you should renew your passport before you travel."

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I am a doctor in the #NHS.
Every scrap of evidence I’ve seen points to total disaster if #NoDealBrexit comes to pass. We must #StopBrexit - here is why. /thread
Thus far I’ve tried to focus solely on the facts, and the facts alone. Informed consent is the bedrock of medicine- I don’t believe anyone knew the consequences of leaving EURATOM or the EMA for example when they voted. Feel free to prove otherwise. /1
It’s not my job to tell people what to do. And I am not. If you still think Leaving with No Deal will be good for the NHS after absorbing all of the above, then that is your decision. You are wrong, but it’s your right to be wrong. /2
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1. No deal Brexit would put the lives of @The3Million and @BritishInEurope in the 'firing line'.…
2. Good piece by @jdportes highlighting that even if some scrappy citizens' rights deal is agreed in the event of #NoDealBrexit it will be a sticking plaster and not a permanent solution. More negotiations will probably be needed later.
3. Once again the prospect of yet more bureaucratic and political uncertainty for real people is in marked contrast to the airy promises that were made by Vote Leave and the British Govt and EU at the start of the negotiations.
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Thread: "#Brexit & #Chequers, the sellout. Dump it, let's move on".
I keep hearing "Where is the plan?" and a load of misinformation on #Brexit, pushed on UK media by irrelevant & biased commentators, elevated simply because they are avid Remoaners.
They aim to distract.
We already knew from those tasked with the negotiations, there had been a definite direction of travel & #Brexit plans were well advanced, prior to #Chequers.

David Davis & his team had been constantly rebuffed by Number 10, as they tried to pursue a proper #Brexit plan, but they HAD been making progress.

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1/ Medical radioisotopes and ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

What’s the problem and how will patients be affected?

What will be done to protect these vital NHS services?

Here’s a thread on the issues surrounding a nuclear #NoDealBrexit.
2/ Medical radioisotopes are elements used to diagnose or treat a broad range of diseases. These include cancer, palliative and cardiovascular treatments. Around 1 million patients in the UK each year rely on radioisotopes.
We import ~80% and are unable to be self-sufficient.
3/ The most common element used is Technetium-99m (99mTc).

Most medical radioisotopes are imported from Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The UK has no research reactors to produce 99mTc, or its parent element molybdenum-99 (99Mo).

99mTc has a half-life of ~6 hours.
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This is basically just a statement of what we know about #NoDealBrexit. Only in the last two paragraphs so we get anything about Labour’s vision. /1…
And despite the criticism of the Tory approach, there is precious little new or inspiring of confidence here. /2
What are UK-EU “common institutions” and why should the EU have the expense and bother of these just to satisfy a leaving state? /3
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Why do we need a #PeoplesVote? Because Northern Ireland got one.

Before the Good Friday Agreement was signed, they had a referendum where everyone in Northern Ireland got a copy of the agreement. They could see what they were voting for in black&white. All Brits deserve that too
Whether it's the Chequers Deal the government's proposing, or a #NoDealBrexit, it would be a complete failure of British Democracy to allow such a fundamental change to the country based on a 4% margin, without letting people see the deal first.
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What does #NoDealBrexit mean for #Erasmus? We already knew that the UK govt was going to fund successful bids before 2020 and has encouraged UK institutions to apply. But there are still things to note in the technical notice on Erasmus /1…
Erasmus is fundamentally about mobility, there is a big question mark over the conditions of how people move UK-EU and EU-UK. The notice says: "The govt will need to reach agreement with the EU for UK organisations to continue participating in Erasmus+" /2
Which does not make sense: if there is no deal, then how can there be discussions about an "agreement"? It continues with "the government will engage with member states and key institutions to seek to ensure UK participants can continue" - but how? Bilateral agreements? /3
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If you voted for a Brexit where keep following the rules of the EU but give up our dominant seat at the EU table, fine, Brexit might be the Will of the People.
If you voted to be told by a substitute negotiator, 11 weeks before the deadline that we need to start stockpiling medicines for a #NoDealBrexit, fine, Brexit might be the Will of the People.
If you voted for your kids to look at you as the people who stole their right to freely take up jobs in 31 countries across Europe, fine, Brexit might be the Will of the People.
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So the best we can hope for from a #NoDealBrexit is a BLT and the Army definitely not distributing food? (1/3)
Credit card payments will rise, British citizens living on the continent might lose access to bank accounts & pensions, businesses will have to pay tariffs on imported goods, and who knows what'll happen on the Irish border – but at least we're "taking back control", right? (2/3)
No one voted for this nightmare - and the fact we're only learning how bad #NoDealBrexit could be more than 2 years after the vote exposes the incompetence of this Govt.

It's past time ministers listened to the public. We need #PeoplesVote - a real choice over our future. (3/3)
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When Dominic Raab comes out and explains the #NoDealBrexit plan. He's basically going to say that the UK will do a bunch of things in the hope that the EU just lets everything slide. And that hopefully that won't create chaos at Dover.
So what does #NoDealBrexit mean for the cost and availability of food and medicines, Dominc Raab?
If you think it's project fear, give this a watch:
But hey, let's give Dominic Raab a chance. Maybe when he come on at 11am to explain #NoDealBrexit, we'll see there's nothing to worry about.
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It's probably useful for you to understand what will happen in the event of a #NoDealBrexit so that you can plan the use of your property accordingly. If you have any actual questions, feel free to ask.
In the event of a #NoDealBrexit, the UK would become a 'third country' - that is a country that is not a member state and one without any agreement in place with the EU as regards access. This is accepted by both sides.
There are currently rules in place for third country nationals, their access to the EU and, in particular, in relation to the Schengen states. In this thread, I am particularly looking at the Schengen states.
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As we are back in campaigning mode with #Leave on the back foot, what is the most important thing we have learned since #EURef2016 that means we should #StopBrexit?
- That #Brexit will leave us worse off in every scenario?
- That the Referendum was advisory, not an ‘instruction’ to the Government?
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1. Some numbers from France on why the @EuropeanCommiss refusing to provide any dedicated local legal support for @britishineurope (who are still EU citizens) matters.

Particularly in the event of a #NoDealBrexit
2. There are an estimated 150,000 Brits living in France. I say estimated because France is like the UK and doesn't require EU citizens to register. Many are trying to get permanent residence (carte de sejour) in case there's no deal and therefore no agreement on #citizensrights
3. There are 5 (yes 5) FCO staff dedicated to providing consular support for the citizens' rights aspect of Brexit. That's 5 for the entire EU 27 or 1.3mn @BritishInEurope (yes I know many are taking a new nationality but it's still a tiny number of staff to help the rest).
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I have a serious problem with what my function is on twitter these days. And I doubt I'm alone. When we started off this whole Remain thing two years ago, there weren't many of us. And we worked night and day to get the message out about the benefits of EU membership.
With no help at all from the mainstream media or political parties, we were often the first to articulate the massive problems which came from triggering A50. Our mission was to educate people, to fight Leave lies, and never to ease up on the pressure.
And to a large extent, I think we succeeded. We made sure Leavers couldn't get away with lying. We kept Remain on the agenda and refused to leave the stage. We fought Kippers, Tories, Gammon and Corbynistas - or at least, those of us did who didn't want a career in Labour!
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