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So John Edmunds is the latest academic to be thrown by the government in front of a camera.
There are several problems with the two clips of interviews with John Edmunds doing the rounds this morning.
First: Scientists are used to dealing with theory, not practice. /2
2/ Second: The woeful unpreparedness of the nation to face such a situation. This is a government responsibility, not an academic one. I'm not exonerating the scientists, probably flattered when asked to advise govt, "lambs to the slaughter" not being in the job description./3
3/ Third: "It was difficult to imagine..." and that is precisely why a general education, including arts and sciences, should be compulsory. It wasn't difficult for any creative to imagine the outcome even if we couldn’t write the equations. We can multiply, with a calculator!/4
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We're LIVE🔴

You can still #zoom in and join us:… Image
"We're going to take a break from the #coronavirus and talk about EU-Swiss relations and euroscepticism"

- @niknuspliger from @NZZ opens up our debate
As we welcome our panellists Frank Schimmelfannig, @stefwalter__, @ChristaMarkwald, and @_PaulSchmidt, we invite you to follow along in #zoom or via this THREAD where we'll be posting some choice quotes from the session 💪

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Some straight talk from EU’s trade chief.

He says UK government has “decided COVID is going to be blamed for all the fallout from #Brexit”.

@BorisJohnson plans for a #NoDealBrexit in 7 months “because they can effectively blame COVID for everything”.…
He is saying out loud what people in Brussels have been saying for weeks:

There are no serious #Brexit negotiations taking place. The UK govt seems to have decided it will fold Brexit cliff edge chaos into overall global economic #COVID19 chaos, and people won’t notice it.
The strategy has some logic to it.

If UK govt know the only way to avoid severe economic harm is to agree a trade deal some will interpret as a betrayal of the referendum result, politically the easiest thing to do is take the harm and time it for when people are already hurting
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Reminder to ALL:

1) 🇬🇧 will continue its descent into corruption, failure, misery & poverty under #EndlessToryRule.

2) Our ONLY way out is to build a broad-church coalition opposition capable of winning #FPTP at the next election.

If you're not for (2), you're for (1). End of.
Today it's the mismanagement of #Covid19. Tomorrow it will be #NoDealBrexit. The next day it'll be #JudiciaryAttacks. The next will be #ContractsForToryDonors.... It will never end unless the *majority* who have always been against this start to work together.


Left wing labour versus 'Centrist' Labour. SHUT UP and work together.

Labour versus LibDems: MERGE or COALITION.

Swallow your differences. Swallow your pride. See the bigger picture.

WORK TOGETHER. Or there's literally no point to any of you.
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Thread: The UK Parliament is set to approve Boris Johnson's #Brexit deal in one hour.

It was thought Johnson's large majority in #GeneralElection2019 could allow him to defy the hardline ERG faction and be more flexible for an EU free trade deal.

But the opposite is happening.
Johnson is still promising “no quotas, no tariffs, no dumping”.

But the bill the parliament is about to approve, which rules out extending negotiations past end 2020, means an FTA with no tariffs now impossible.

A full FTA cannot be negotiated in 11 months.
Brussels is responding by recalibrating its post-Brexit expectations, according to sources.

The landing zone is now expected to be a minor partnership, nothing like the Canada-style FTA promised.

Come 2021, Canada will have less tariffs on trade with the the EU than the UK.
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Hard factual headlines will follow this one:

"Tories have maxed up UK state debt by 2.5 times in just 9 and half years!" This is unprecedented in peacetime!

"Despite #Tory #Lies to the contrary? UK #economy is flat on its back, and likely to fall further - GDP was just 0.1% in the 6 months to 30sep19 being our worst showing since the financial crash!"

GDP(Gross Domestic Product) = total output of UK #economy, on which vital tax-take depends. HMG needs our tax (from companies, employees, householders) to fund OUR public services. Flat GDP growth (low % uplift) means less capability to fund services on which we depend!

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#Brexit's 'nightmare alley' from 100 miles high. A 'house of horrors' story with a happy ending? But only if we vote for an end to the 'biggest heist in history'! 1/
Cameron launched his cunning plan (Bruges 2013) which only half worked? Spoiler! A cautionary tale, never to be followed! being nothing to do with improved welfare for the vast majority of Brits. 2/
Cam's plan was to kill off the Tories' @LibDems coalition partner, by secretly shafting them, while 'doing for' UKIP with the same bullet! Only the first bit worked? 3/
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#GE2019 #GeneralElection2019

Are you still #undecided?
Are you thinking of voting #LibDem? Think very hard: your vote may get you a very bad #Brexit.
You want to #Remain & that's why you're voting #LibDem?
But the #LibDems can't #RevokeArticle50 unless they win the election. In 2017 they won 12 seats. They need 326 MPs to win. How many do they need to claim a mandate to #Revoke?
Maybe the #LibDems can form a minority government?
Could a minority government #RevokeArticle50? Even for that the #LibDems would need at least 200 seats. And what other parties would they then need for success? The #SNP might vote to #RevokeArticle50, but would they be enough?
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1. Let’s talk about Corbyn’s Labour and ideology.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing, pied piper tactics of promising everything whilst leading us off a cliff.

It’s similar to getting your pet to eat a pill hidden in something tasty.

Stalinists want a revolution ie

2. ERG and Stalinists share desire for #NoDealBrexit. They agree on the vehicle for revolution to burn back to build different new systems.

They use the same tactics, lying, pushing out propaganda and misinformation to confuse.…
Piers Corbyn gives details of what they believe just after his brother’s successful leadership bid.

I know it’s tiresome clicking on links and reading things, but do read this at least once. I’ve read it about 20 times searching for truth bc of ....…
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A thread- Labour & the #IrishBorder. Last night @jonsnowC4 interviewed @Keir_Starmer on @Channel4News. Starmer put forward Lab's Customs Union idea as the solution, Snow then picked up this idea & asked him about a Norway deal. 1/
Despite what Starmer implied, a Customs Union on its own would not stop customs checks. It was only when the UK & Ireland joined the Single Market in 1993 that customs checks vanished. Lab oppose being in the Single Market. 2/…
As it is, Norway is in the Single Market. But, as it is not in the EU's Customs Union, there are checks. @Freight_NI points out its one lorry every 35 sec on #IrishBorder at the moment while there's a delay of 10 ins on Norway/Sweden. 3/
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1. The more I watch, open mouth in amazement and disgust, at the Left and Remainer's increasingly appalling and dangerous behaviour the more I believe they are in the 5 Stages of Grief over #Brexit. THREAD. #NoDealBrexit #WTOBrexit #EU #BritishIndependence #CleanBreakBrexit
2. Denial= The vote wasn't binding. They didn't know what they were voting for. The Russians did it. It was illegitimate because there were campaign funding irregularities. Only 33 million voted that's only 50% of the population. We can have a soft Brexit. 2nd Ref is needed.
3. Anger= you are all racist, xenophobic, mysoginist, thick, Nazi, Little England, far right, gammon scum. We refuse any deal and no deal. Its going to be hell, people will die, the country end and you own this. I hope all old leave voters die. You literally ruinied my future.
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#OpportunityCost is the aggregate net cost of doing something, vis a vis 'not doing it' at all.

The initial project, option & prospect of #Brexit came with huge opportunity costs, which were too easily pre-discounted as #ProjectFear. 1/
The initial #Leave case, dramatised by the #BorisBus, contended that UK could save its £350m pw #EU 'gross membership contribution' and pass that 'saving' straight to the #NHS - as 'additional funding'. 2/
The #Leave case focused on saving UK's #EU gross membership cost in favour of #NHS.

It ignored regular #EU annual contributions back into a multiplicity of UK projects, which would obviously be stopped, if we ceased membership.
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Even if true, this is already far, far, far too late, especially given the clear gaps between the two negotiating partners. Time. Has. Run. Out.
Any suggestion that a deal can be struck by the European Council on 17th Oct only comes from those with an agenda, no understanding of EU process, or no desire to properly scrutinise the statements of those who fall into categories one or two (or both). #Brexit
Serious prep is needed before a Council. This takes time. A General Affairs Council usually proceeds (maybe 14th, latest), Sherpa meetings are needed (poss 11th latest), exchanges of views between capitals & reps in Brux required (poss starting 9th latest)... #Brexit
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Nan's daily reminder that we must NOT allow telling big lies and repeating them to be normalised. There lies tyranny.

Today Nan's wondering why we didn't agree HOW to Leave in '16. That's got her thinking...How to "No Deal?"

It's bigger even than you think & worse for leavers
Everyone's aware by now of the standard #Brexit No Deal problems. Thread👇 something from a year ago which is about 95% the same as #Yellowhammer.

It's not good but you would have thought if we're making that big of a sacrifice Leave is benefiting?

Think again.
No Deal leaves the Government tied up in court for years. No #BritishIndependence
Principle of Government by Consent dates in concept back to Magna Carta.

This is very simplified, but basically, consent isn't given by omission - divine rule

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If we had a referendum on #NoDealBrexit, would they sell us permanent no-deal? No. They'd sell us it on the promise of negotiating a new deal.
They'll say "we'll hold all the cards", "We're the 5th biggest economy", "They need us..."
Are you stupid enough to fall for that twice?
What happens when we're another 3 years down the line, still unable to negotiate any deal with the EU that Brexiteers like... Meanwhile Trump's looking at our vulnerable NHS with hungry eyes & grabby hands, knowing that we've just economically isolated ourselves on our continent.
You think we'll still be saying 6 years later: "This is what the people voted for"?
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For everyone concerned about how those post-#NoDealBrexit trade deals are going, here is the list of all the trade deals currently signed...
...and here are all the trade deals currently under discussion along with the percentage of UK trade that they represent. Hold on to your hats, there are some HUGE numbers coming...
...and some more...
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Current state of play with trade agreements planning for life after the EU:

Trade agreements that have been signed:

Antigua and Barbuda
The Commonwealth of Dominica
The Dominican Republic
The Republic of Guyana

Saint Christopher and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Faroe Islands

Papua New Guinea
Palestinian Authority
South Korea

Mutual recognition agreements signed:

New Zealand
United States
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#Brexit means that the super-rich get richer and everyone else gets screwed. What did you expect from a policy promoted by hedge funds?

Follow the money.

NB: I originally posted a variant of this saying "the rich get richer...", but I suspect that there are a lot of comfortable middle-class people thinking that they'll do OK.


The only people who will benefit from #NoDealBrexit are traders betting against the UK Pound.
I suspect that there are whole lot of people thinking "well, I don't work in the car industry, so it won't affect me".


Do you use electricity?
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First read through #operationyellowhammer confirms: anyone lobbying for #NoDealBrexit has not the slightest clue what they are talking about; or is so cushioned from real world they needn't worry about things normal people have to worry about. Maybe latter explains PM & Co?
Note: admits serious problems - not least for Northern Ireland / Ireland. Some big understatements, e.g. on disruption to basic cross-border police and security cooperation. On citizens rights: repeats same mantra "broadly the same"... just hope you're not one of those affected.
Second read through #operationyellowhammer and you can't help but conclude: any Government that would allow this to happen to its own people constitutes a serious threat to national security? @nicholaswatt @lbcbreaking
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If even 8% of Brexit voters don't want No-Deal, then #NoDealBrexit is against the will of the people.
Sorry, I actually got that wrong.
I based my calculations on a total reversal.
4% of 51.9% = 2.1
51.9% - 2.1% = 49.8

If even 4% of Brexit voters don't want No-Deal, then #NoDealBrexit is against the will of the people.
So what are the odds that 96% of the people who argued for Brexit by swearing that it would produce an amazing trade deal, are all now OK with the exact opposite?

You know what? Let's ask Nigel Farage....
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My latest @telegraph comment: This may well be the EU’s last chance to avoid a no-deal Brexit. But will they take it?…
Thread ->
Boris Johnson's future as PM may hinge on whether he can avoid having to request a three-month extension on 18 October.
Brussels may now be strategising on the basis that, if they grant an extension, a @UKLabour government, intent on stopping a no deal #Brexit, could well come to power - and such a situation may work to Brussels' advantage.
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The majority of Parliament opposes #NoDealBrexit.
The majority of the People (54%) voted for parties whose manifestos opposed #NoDealBrexit.

So please, fight for a #NoDealBrexit if you want... But STOP pretending it has any democratic legitimacy.
Literally NOBODY would have voted Labour because they wanted #NoDealBrexit. They got 39.9% of the vote.

Labour's manifesto ruled it out and got a 6% increase in Remain voters.
Many voted Labour specifically to avoid #NoDealBrexit.…
Literally NOBODY would have voted Lib Dem because they wanted a #NoDealBrexit.
They got 7.4% of the vote.
They were calling for a referendum on the deal.
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Medicines in the UK come from a range of bulk suppliers - there are only 3 or 4 main ones.
As we know from anecdotal evidence, many medicines are already in short supply & this *will* worsen after #NoDealBrexit.
Here is the latest list of those medicines *currently* affected.
This is a really important point... some of those medicines *are* addictive, & withdrawal effects from sudden removal (or incorrect substitution) can be dangerous & unpredictable...
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One main difference between me and the Big Brexiteers is that the things I said on Brexit BEFORE THE REFERENDUM match what I say today.

e.g. 7 June 2016, I said Brexit would end up as a choice between economic harm & a loss of sovereignty. That's No-Deal & Deal in a nutshell.
Go see for yourself:
Compare that with our Prime Minister:
In 2016, he said the idea of #NoDealBrexit was "absurd", calling those who spoke of No Deal "pessimists" & "merchants of gloom".
Now Boris Johnson is willing to shut down Parliament and break the law to force it on us.
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