#AMC What's good??? I hope and trust you all have had an amazing day. I know my day is a little bit busy but there was something I wanted to address before tonights DD called "Stepping into the Light." (You don't want to miss this). Anyway, one of our ape family members
brought to my attention that a recent post of mine was being used to formulate an argument and create contention in the Kingdom. Now you all should know me by now. I'm not a contentious person. I really don't like fighting as it raises my blood pressure and anxiety levels which
should never happen. Now that being said I want to talk about the post that I made being currently used as an argument piece for some. A few weeks back I made a comment in regards to a certain Quant chart that floated around Social Media. Folks were trying to
figure out on here and on reddit just what the chart mean. The purpose being that the chart was to show the accumulation of the SI and FTD's on the graph on a daily schedule. Essentially a tracking device for ATS. That being said, you all know I give long explanations so let
me give you an explanation of the chart. As I mentioned above the purpose of the chart was/is to continually add the SI every day to create the sort of rise and fall of the stocks w/I the mkt. It pulled the SI and FTD data from Finra and SEC into one website as well. Now my
original post indicated that the stock was at an SI of 864M as that is how I read the chart originally in that moment. I said that I would also go back and verify how the data matched up with 1)How I calculate the SI interest 2)How I absolutely knew the shorts haven't covered?
Simply put I didn't use the chart because, the numbers didn't add up to the whole. By my numbers for example I had total SI for AMC being at least more then a net 2.4B per a previous DD piece. If you remember me saying that OBV monthly volume is what I compare the
between ATS, FInra, and the FTD's to determine if we arrived at the answer of the underlying issue "HAVE THE HF AND MM COVERED." To which by my count that 864M shares of stock sold short on the mkt was a pail comparison to what it should be. This led me
to believe that the chart incorporated major flaws in terms of the way it was presented and written for a few reasons: 1) no information on the amount of dark pool trades occurring daily. 2) didn't answer the question what dark pool if any this was pulling from with over 50 ATS
systems in the U.S. 3) How did the user have access to the data, that so few had? Even with the most expensive information you'd have to have insider access to produce the true number of shares sold short in over 50+systems.

Hence, there are a lot of key pieces missing for me
when it came to this particular graph and chart. Which is why I ended up posting my own data points and numbers because I could base it on actual facts and data points from the SEC, Finra, Flowalgo, Ortex, Webull, Td Ameritrade, E*trade, Fidelity, Vanguard, and IB
When the comment was made that the shares were being added it meant the SI was rising NOT that the shorts were being covered in anyway possible. Per the chart and data it appears it only collected info from a few systems not the 50+ that we currently have.
That is the main reason why I didn't go ahead and use the chart because it threw up so many red flags as you cannot calculate something and then leave the information blank as to how you obtained that number, which the whole website does. So what does it mean for you and me...
Hear me when I say this "THE SHORTS HAVE NOT COVERED." They are still massively shorting our stocks by way of the ATS market. It is my strong belief that even my number of the 2.4B (I'll update that number as soon as I do another DD piece on FTD's and the SI) is just a low ball #
as to how many shares short AMC has at the moment. How so, it is in my opinion that HF and MM are allowing us to see only what they want us to see and use tactics like the iceberg method to distort and undermine the total number of short shares being added to the market. The
method makes a certain number of shares viewable while the actual number being presented across the board (every single exchange dark and light) is through the roof. How so? Borrowing rates are up, the total amount of off exchange activity is still rising, and the SI is growing
each and every day and yet....here we are still trying to fight and bicker about the shorts covering...automatic eye roll please because they haven't I know it...you know it...we all want to say it so...
I need you all to hear me when I say this and hear me well. I keep saying this but yet here we are again. Here are 4 steps to take when your anxious and panicked: 1) Step back and take a deep breath 2) know that every content creator here is looking out for each of you in
a way that is protective making sure all Apes will get their nanas & tendies and that squeeze is on. 3) Negative news regarding the stock that comes from us shouldn't be considered FUD as we are your Avengers in the Endgame and your Daenary's Targaryen in GOT coming in hot
with our dragon against the MM and HF. 4) You should all know that I will keep it 100% with you at all times and the day you see me say the shorts have covered I will be the first to shout it from the roof tops and I will have the #'s to back it up but until then sing this...
“The shorts haven’t covered (no)…the shorts haven’t covered…when you think they have…they're far from it…believe when I say it’ll be ok. But for now just say it with me…the shorts haven’t covered (no)…the shorts haven’t covered…Just learn to believe all things can be…
possible with all of our memes.” I probably should sing that but my voice is so messed up right now. Lol!

Alright Key here is HF AND MM HAVE NOT COVERED.

What's next and why will this be moot. Because as of yesterday the SEC is “Sick and Tired, and when they aren’t sick they
are tired.” The SEC has actually decided to do something about it the ATS systems. That is tonights DD piece so stay tuned. I truly hope this helps explain the whole of the piece of information that was being used to spur or create additional conflicts, confusion, and unrest
in the Kingdom. Have a great rest of your day I will see you tonight on The Recap w/KT for "Stepping into Light" Stay blessed...
Just in case you forgot :THE SHORTS HAVEN'T COVERED LOL!!!!
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On one side you have the OCC and the other side you have the NSCC. We've talked about and discussed for months the NSCC rules and how they apply to securities. We've gone through the NSCC 801, 005, 004, and the 003 rules. Now we're getting to the point that the other branch of
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Second, what is the purpose of the form? The firm on it's face has to deal with underwriting? What is underwriting? It is the process by which a bank/agency raises capital for a client from investors in the form of equity or debt securities. Underwriting is mostly used with IPOs
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