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En tydlig uppgång i "breadth" avseende korta medelvärden. MA200-nivåerna fortfarande synonymt med en bear market. Large Cap ser mkt överköpt ut på kort sikt just nu. #stonks Image
Fortfarande bara energi som är i tydlig bull market om man tittar på genomsnittsaktien i resp. sektor. Och energi som presterat i särklass starkast senaste veckorna/månaderna. #energybull Image
Borrar vi ner oss på grupper så är det samma tema som innan som är i bull mode -> försvar, olja & gas samt frakt av olika slag. Image
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Många som jublar lägre räntor men dessa indikerar bara att recessionen är på g. Här 10-årsräntan - 3 mån i USA som har högre prognosvärde än 10-2 år föll kraftigt igår. Den här kurvan inverterar ofta precis vid toppen eller en bit innan. Vinstrecession väntar 2023. #stonks Image
Marknaden just nu är extremt illikvid och optionsstyrd. Bear market rallies kommer därför att kunna vara rätt saftiga och branta som en reaktion på förändring i räntor och USD på kort sikt.
Yes. Det är i princip inevitable med en riktig lågkonjunktur nu. Men ordet vi söker på lodrätt nummer åtta är "AHEAD" dvs. not priced in. Image
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The Players of #QuantumComputing #stonks #stocks In light of #NIST Post Quantum Crypto announcement

🧵dedicated to #fintwit #gold #silver #oil and other #investing 🐻 #StockMarket 🐂retail crackheads including a #cryptocurrency bonus for those who stick till the end 👇

A pure quantum play $IONQ

Founded in 2015, it is a commercial offshoot of 25 years of academic QC science. The company focuses on scalable quantum information processing and quantum communication hardware

IonQ's hardware is based on a trapped ion architecture

Another pure play $RGTI

Rigetti Computing was in 2013. The company went public in 2022 via a SPAC merger, and plans to scale its quantum computer systems to 4,000 qubits by 2026

They make superconducting qubit-based quantum processors on silicon and CIA I-Q-Tel baked it
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This is gonna be an epic 🧵 of show clips that also contain all the intel to give peeps perspective on how important it is 2 keep track of the $vix along with $spy & those epic Goku levels 😁👉this show covered some #Metaverse #NFT tings as also😼👉
This is a clip from the insanely well timed show “Foto 📸” where we not only gave a tour of our @RTFKT #Lootpod & intel on #VirtualRealEstate but also helped peeps a ray of 🌞 in an otherwise very 🌧 late Feb as markets were derisking rapidly $spy #nft
Skeleton Krew 💀 a very aptly named show is definitely also a set look fav cooked up by @directorvale 🙏😻👉 in this show we used discord / show sentiments 2 #TA an instabanger in both $TSLA & $btcusd #Bitcoin  this show was full of all kind of 💎’s

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It isn't clear to everyone why #DeFi is better than TradFi.

Sure, bringing financial services to #crypto is cool - but why is it better?

In this thread, we're going to explore the benefits of trading stocks using @mirror_protocol to illustrate the power of #DeFi 🪞 🧶 👇
1/ Mirror Protocol (@mirror_protocol) allows you to trade stocks the same way you trade cryptocurrencies in #DeFi 🪞

You can

– Buy / sell synthetic stocks (called "mirrored" assets) on a DEX.

– Farm them for yield (long or short) just like with any other tokens. 👨‍🌾
2/ Now why anyone would want to do that instead of just buying #stonks on @RobinhoodApp?

It's easy to understand why 19% interest in @anchor_protocol is better than 0.5% in a TradFi savings account.

But why #DeFi stocks over TradFi stocks?

Here are some reasons 👇
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It isn't clear to everyone why #DeFi is better than TradFi.

Sure, bringing financial services to #crypto is cool - but why is it better?

In this thread, I'm going to explore the benefits of trading stocks using @mirror_protocol to illustrate the power of #DeFi 🪞 🧶 👇
1/ Mirror Protocol (@mirror_protocol) allows you to trade stocks the same way you trade cryptocurrencies in #DeFi 🪞

You can

– Buy / sell synthetic stocks (called "mirrored" assets) on a DEX.

– Farm them for yield (long or short) just like with any other tokens. 👨‍🌾
2/ Now why anyone would want to do that instead of just buying stonks on @RobinhoodApp?

It's easy to understand why 19% interest in @anchor_protocol is better than 0.5% in a TradFi savings account.

But why #DeFi stocks over TradFi stocks?

Here are some reasons 👇
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#AMC #GME Good evening everyone and welcome to the recap with your girl L2B. I hope that you all have had a wonderful day so far.
Alright without further delay let’s get started. I’ve mentioned before in the chat rooms and groups on twitter that the SR-NSCC-2021- 801, 002, and
the 802 are somehow intertwined. Tonight, we’re going to go through each rule and I’m going to talk about how they all fit together in the big picture format if you will. I hope you guys have time, as I’ll do my best to make this as short as possible but keep in mind these rules
are complex and lengthy.

As many of you know, I tend to go back and fully read the rules and try to help us all navigate the murky waters and their applicability to us. We know that a major theme amongst all these rules are Member defaults and liquidity shortfalls.
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Educational Property Thread For:

• First time home buyers
• Property investors
• Current Owners

The information you need that will save you over R500 000, your marriage, and countless headaches.

Alright, let’s get to it. 👇🏽
• Interest Rates

South Africa’s historical interest rates (1956-2021)

What You should be asking;

“Are we entering into a hiking cycle”

If we are, researching is vital, you don’t want to be buying a liability, do you?

Most likely, Interest/R’s have floored and will ⬆️
• Asset or liability

Let’s settle this for once and for all. Yes, a house is an asset.

My definition though:

Asset =puts money in your pocket.

Liability = takes money out of your pocket.

The case studies in this thread will highlight the differences for you. #property
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS Part 2 of "The Recap" continuing into our dives of the SR-OCC-2021-003 rule:
Per the 801 rule section 3 and 4 were intentionally missing as it awaited the additional comments from SEC, OCC and its members in regard to items 3-5. So L2B what’s the
difference? Because people are saying this is about so many different things, I’m getting confused.
Let me go through each section so that I can help you make the connection:
First section 3 begins with the overall purpose of the rule itself…. “Amend the OCC’s rules, Capital
Management Policy, and certain other policies to establish a persistent minimum level of skin-in-the game that Occ would contribute to cover default losses or liquidity shortfalls.” I’m sorry what does that opening line sound like....I'm sorry, what rule might be? That is our
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS Alright, Good Evening Everyone and welcome to The Recap. I hope you all have had an amazing day thus far and I hope that you’ve been able to relax and enjoy all of the green we’ve had. Tonight, on the recap we will go back over “Skin-in-the-game” if you
remember from the video, I posted it talked about section 10 of the advanced notice. Now I’m going to help blow your mind a little bit as I talk about how the SR-OCC-2021-003 and the SR-2021-801 rules are 1 in the same. How the 003 fits into our “Skin in the game model.” Buckle
up and strap in as we take a dive into these rules. When we covered the SR-0CC-2021-801 rule a few months ago we talked about section 10 of the overall section of the SR-OCC-2021-801 rule. We said that the rule was to do each of the following:
1.Establish a persistent minimum
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #SOS - below is your ortex information for the morning: Here is the Cost to Borrow as we go into regular trading hours: Daily Max is listed first then daily avg:

AMC: 259.81%, 133.41%
GME: 5.44, 1.89
TSLA: 4.48%, 0.65%
OCGN: 9.60%, 6.49%
SOS: 25.2%, 14.83
Ocugen is below...
My thoughts as we go into the morning: I hope and entrust you all have had a wonderful morning. I also hope that you all enjoyed that little after hours bump yesterday. It was pretty nice to watch. Now I know many of you who are holders of AMC are also worried about other stocks.
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CRITICAL to my style + always useful!

lots of my plays deal with resistance/support breaks

-what happens after that is what is most critical for my style, this is how i choose my triggers

-when a stock breaks a resistance it’ll basically either
1) just moon and form a big green candle followed by another

2) it’ll form a red candle right after...seeing if the previous resistance now holds as a support

in #2, if the previous res. successfully holds as a new support, the stock should take a leg up
if it doesn’t hold as a new support, then it is a fakeout

in #1, and a successful support hold of #2, both are safe to hold long

if it fails to hold in #2, gotta cut

the same is true for the opposite way when going short...also true for most time frames
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #NOK welcome to sundays looking forward statements. We have so much going on right now but we must not lose site of the goal, the battle remains outside against the HF and MM and we need all hands on deck. This week is a big week and we have a busy schedule
Monday morning will come in like a wrecking ball in a good way. I’m hoping it’ll work in our favor as I suspect HF and MM will try to deal with other areas of the market. Tuesday is AMCs shareholder meeting bigs ups to the team their at AMC & @CEOAdam I know your team
Is working tirelessly to help us all even when folks don’t realize it. Two days later we have the SEC (@SEC_News) closed door meeting to discuss different topics but I surmise and I’m hoping it’s about our rules followed by the House financial committee meeting witnesses on deck:
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #NAKD alright part 3 here we go. Now were we left off in part two was discussing about TSLA and how we need their sales to match their forecasts. Why is this important from an accounting perspective and internally the company is looking at having strong
quarters as we emerge from the pandemic. I know a big part of that is the micro chips and supply chains when it comes to materials both importing and exporting them and it doesn't help that a lot of it has been hampered due to the pandemic. So tomorrow I'll listen in on the call
and hopefully I can give you some insight as to what to expect from the company going forward. #OCGN you are up...Wow can I just say you guys have held and held you all saw some massive gains last week so kudos to each and every one of you who are continuing to hold onto this
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #NAKD Alright Part 2 of the before I talk status lets talk timing. Now I know every week we have folks that have done a great job at hyping us apes up and letting us know that timing is really important. This has been a long process for all of
us as I'm sure many of you didn't expect to be here almost 4 months after the partial squeeze in January and our miniature squeezes that we've had over the course of the last few months. Now timing is really important and here is why. We are in essence waiting on three rules to
finish our own protection and cover that is the NSCC 002, 007, and the return of the 005 rule. Without these three rules we are missing added layers of protection. Now it is my thought that the SEC is going through these rules as we speak and is requiring these organizations to
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#AMC #GME #NAKD #OCGN #TSLA alright good evening everyone and Happy Sunday to you all. While I'm buried up under the rule recap for both the YouTube channel and here, I wanted to answer a couple questions for you guys as I've seen a lot of comments come my way. So tonight's recap
we will go over your comments and questions going into the week. Before I get started can I just say you guys have truly outdone yourself. I have been in awe all week at the massive amounts of love here on my feed. I sit just at 4,787 followers and counting. I want to first
thank each of you as I wouldn't be here without you.
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#AMC #GME #Stonks #Market #TSLA #wallstreetbets #mooning #squeeze #OCGN Alright, good morning everyone I hope and trust you all have had a wonderful morning thus far. Lets get into this new SR-DTC-2021-007 rule shall we. Today's Recap is about "Going Digital"
So this whole rule in a nutshell is that DTCC is going to an automated system called ClaimConnect for the following reasons:
1. Manual adjustments are not subject to the DTC's risk Management Controls, which can unexpectedly put the receiving party at risk.
2. It lacks a unique
identifier or way to track the adjustment.
3. no automated notification process, so you can see where and what's happening to the adjustments as they are being made or accepted by either party.
4. No platform exists where you can see the work being detailed out.
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #OCGN good morning everyone, I hope and trust you have had a wonderful morning despite what is going on in the market. Below is your ortex data and a few words of wisdom as we go through this valley today.
Hold if you can only buy more if you can afford to. Don't jump one ship to get to the other one just to have to come back. Reason is that you create an undue tax burden by selling short just to take whatever gains you get to apply it to the next stock. I'm sorry but nothing
short of a squeeze will get me to sell either my GME or AMC. I'm not going to dump one for the other as I like options and I always have. I'm definitely not going to pay Short term capital gains at my ordinary tax rate. Nope, as my nephew say's it's never going to happen. I'm
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#AMC #GME #wallstreetbets #AMCSqueeze #GMEtothemoon #MEMES #stonks let’s talk about this rule that is being changed and why.... so the SR-NSCC-2021-006 (not 806) 🤪 time to put my glasses on. 🤓 The purpose of rule change is to I quote “remove a service that allows issuers of
Securities, either themselves or through an issuer-designated administrator, to track and limit the number of beneficial owners for an individual Security (“Security Holder Tracking Service”),” so what is going on???? Let’s walk down memory lane... in 2008 the DTCC built this
tracking system to allow companies that were closely held to track and limit the number of shares sent out to investors in regards to ownership. The system knew the stock the shareholders had and how much each one held. That’s great in a perfect world but unfortunately for us
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #MEMES #STONKS #MOONING #TOTHEMOON #Wallstreetbets Part 3 "Stepping into the light"
There is definitely more to why having this specific order type will change trading but that is my first glance and synopsis of it. I will be watching the court case as it goes
by and providing updates, but we want the appellate court to rule in the SEC’s favor so that we can literally take out almost every strategy that has been used to hit us hard during these last five months by HF and MM albeit through the ATS or holding orders until it
makes sense for them to release it until it provides them with the ultimate benefit. This coupled with all the other rulings would provide another layer of protection as we move into the final stages of the endgame for our infinite squeeze.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #STONKS #MOONING Part 2 "Stepping into the Light" Okay Well the IEX uses a crumbling quote Indicator. The indicators’ main purpose is to predict whether the incoming quote is going to increase or decrease. Is the incoming quote stable enough to not change
the market. If it’s not then the IEX system will prevent what’s called a DPEG or PPEG orders on what side (buy/sell) from exercising discretion and trading that is more aggressive to the resting prices. Said simply, when block orders come into the system seeking to alter the
price point up or down. The price will not be higher than resting price already within the system. Lets talk definitions:
DPEG: Discretionary Peg are pegged to one minimum variation or “tick” below the national best bid, in the case
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #STONKS #MOONING #wallstreetbets Good Morning folks Happy Sunday! This morning we have quite a bit to go through as I've been fairly quote with the DD up until this point. But I'll be posting back to back this am. Hopefully you all will have a better understanding
when you leave my feed today. 3 Topics on agenda are "Stepping into the Light", SR-NSCC-806, this statement by Staff at the SEC (that is going around here and on reddit). Without further delay lets get started with "Stepping into the light"
Before I dive into the main point
we're going to go over Dark Pools (aka Alterative Trading Systems) their function and how it operates on the market. We will then discuss how the current “Amicus” brief and legal battle between Citadel v. SEC will help the ATS Step into the Light. “If you can hear me humming…
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS now that I have a few moments let’s talk ortex. I’ll give you an update on the rules DD. Below is your ortex info. Biggest change is that AMC is at 99% utilized since yesterday. The breakdown is this when a stock gets closer to 100% of shares being utilized
The more likelihood short sellers will face a buy in if investors recall their loan shares meaning investors turn off their borrowing indicators and bring the shares back into their account and collect the interest payment from them being loaned out. Now if we get to 100% of the
Shares being loaned out that means every share humanly possibly available to borrow is already out on loan taking away HF ability to short the stock without having to buy back the shares sold short. Once this avenue is used HF and MM will automatically moved to selling calls
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