My note on the current Bio-war and international orchestrations of Big Pharma against India/ Modi

Let me start by saying this:
~ India has the strongest leadership it has ever had in your hands Hon PM @narendramodi Ji

Your's is not a personal choice. You are our collective will
There are three factors that are playing in the background:

1. The patent war which India initiated through it's groundbreaking judgement by the Supreme Court in 2013

2. China trying topple India from being the pharmaceuticals provider of the world

3. India's focus on building
Biowarfare under our security framework and strengthening of our defence mechanisms which helped us so much during the first wave of Covid19.

Keep these in the back of your mind while reading through.

First, let's examine a brief history of India's defensive position.
Since the BTWC in 1974, India had been slowly building our biotechnology and you can see surges during PVN, ABVP and Modi.

ABVP changed the Nuclear Use Doctrine which irked major nations. He also started training our health personnel in readiness for a biowarfare.
However, due to APJ we reasserted our ethos in making BW/CW non-offensive while asserting defensive stance.

You may also remember us abandoning the offensive Chemical Weapons programme in 1997, soon after PVN exited.
Now, fast forward to 2008 and briefly recall the infamous MOU signed by the modern Gandhis with the CCP in China.

A year later, congress government hurriedly destroyed our entire stockpile of CW rendering a weak India in biowarfare (too).
You may also recall here how our soldiers were left vulnerable without the right tools, not even the basic NVGs.

Making India weak was a default policy of SoGa congress. It's evident from the way we handled
a number of pandemics since 1994 Plague in Surat which incidentally caused the same international publicity as we are getting now. Except that the deaths were largely misrepresented then.

India saw the largest migration since independence during this even - 400 - 600K people.
Even though PVN was the PM, his MoH & FW remained mute spectators while international media fired away. Cost of plague was Rs.19billion.

The last two UPA regimes saw a series of pandemics.

SARS, Nipah, Avian Flu - all exposed India's lack of preparedness against bio threats.
Yet, what does the government do?

Yes, you guessed it right. NOTHING.

There was a mild growth of the Biotechnology sector, which was later fuelled by the incentives and support given during Modi's administration.

Now we are looking big in this area.
Coming back to the background factors - when china released the virus, it was hoping to boost it's pharma sector, which is behind India.

But now India increasing our market share is not good news for China.

Who has better machinery to malign and smear than the communists?
China has reason to target Modi, who only seems to be strengthening India's position as the pharma provider to the world.

India's patent war (within TRIPS rights) and Big Pharma is causing global drug price drops as India was modelled recently by South Africa and Costa Rica
So, Angela Merkel will speak, so will the Big Media.

Modi was never their favourite. A tough business man he is.

With increased focus on DRDO and DRDE and more comprehensive security framework with Doval in the background, India is carving out our power position in the world.
Although the second wave is a Tsunami, India is managing this the best way under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Just look at
~ the laws enacted
~ the international lobbying on patents, sharing, and drug prices
~ the speed with which a foolproof vaccine was found
~ the speed with which oxygen production was ramped up
~ transport
~ the way information was systematically shared with the public with whom there was no SOP beforehand
~ the way our healthcare infrastructure and personnel were ramped up, marshalled all the resources
~ PPE kits
~ vaccine supply to poor countries
~ trained our collective mind to be resilient and alert - a new culture for us

The list goes on. Please add yours.

Yes, so, for puppet governments and mute spectators, Modi is a problem. They had wished half of India died like the fireflies.
They will speak.

They are upset China is not winning this war.

Big Pharma is losing their greedy grip as the world demands for fairness.

So, they will play any dirty game to malign our country and our leader.
They will still never succeed. Because our trust in our leader has not come from any promotion.

It's come from the pure collective conscience of Dharmics who called him. Silently. Over a period from 2002. He is here to stay. So will his legacy be.

So, now deal with that.

• • •

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