1/ W/respect @SarahPottsH I don't think #TC editorial unfairly distorted ur TW. Nor do I think ur 'singular comment' about t/assault on teen in #BHP being awful should "be the end of the story". (Hence they published ur rebuttal) timescolonist.com/opinion/op-ed/…
2/ @timescolonist editorial was responding to the rest of your TW - in which you inferred that if council had supported previous motions of yours, this would not have happened. Can you pls direct me to those? I'll gladly call out any councillors who denied good motions
3/ (It's really difficult to find what any councillor has said or proposed about anything... (which is why I re- request that @CityOfVictoria makes public written transcripts of all meetings)
4/ Having written transcripts available, as I've proposed to you all (@JeremyLoveday feel free to chime in.. lol) would be in your interest as well as that of the public. It's unfair of you to blame media for misinterpreting you; when you don't make your transcripts available
5/ #TC was also, and I think it's the point many of us feel is most important - to your conflating assault on teen in #BHP to assaults in mansions. Of course, both occur +both R horrendous - but @CityOfVictoria has direct means available to make unsheltered ppl safer.
6/ Which brings us back to - what is #YYJ @CityOfVictoria actually *doing* to make those in encampments safe? What were your motions? Why were they defeated?
7/ Incomplete/delayed studies such as the one #YYJ city commissioned to @HomesForHope don't seem to have contributed much to defining the demographics in a way that they can be offered the individualized help many of them need.
8/ I don't think it takes $40K for any thinking person to know that there is a wide range of people, with varying circumstances, who are all under current council policy; being treated the same.
9/ Young/old, male/female, families/singles/ abled/disabled, mental health, addictions, poverty- fleeing abuse/despair - and known criminals - all mixed in and taking so called refuge together - is a recipe for disaster. NOT the same as being assaulted in a mansion
10/ Of course we need more supports across the board.
But @SarahPottsH I haven't heard what your solutions to that are.
11/ I'm intrigued by your work in establishing a CAHOOTS type program; and think it has merits: but in the meantime, are you OK with current ppl residing in parks to interfere with police attempts to protect this youth?
12/ Or to put it another way - if there is a report of a minor being assaulted in a mansion - would you come to the defence of the assaulter/his supporters -as they tried to keep the victim in place of danger?
13/ Or would you @SarahPottsH dismiss it, as you did with your tweet about the youth in #BHP, by saying "Oh how awful... but assaults happen everywhere - not just in mansions, but in parks? "
14/ (trying to wrap up this thread).
@SarahPottsH you have many platforms upon which to make your voice heard - I think it does you no service to co-opt @timescolonist comments section. I think it's
to their credit that they gave you space to do so.
15/ I'm just going to throw this out to all #YYJPoli peeps.
It may be a biased question - but I haven't landed on my opinion yet, and welcome comments.
16/ Here goes:
While #YYJ citizens R struggling to make our voices heard 2 @CityOfVictoria,do U think media shld devote space for councillors who have many alternate means of being heard-or shld they instead feature comments by regular folks? #YYJPoli
<end thread..whew>

• • •

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10 Apr
@JeremyLoveday @deardubow Hi @JeremyLoveday Appreciate you clearing that up, and apologize 4 assuming that ur RT meant U ID as "woke". (@deardubow conflated progressive councillors = woke") It's a word I have trouble with (same as I do with 'left' vs 'right' in poli discourse. 1/
@JeremyLoveday @deardubow I also suggest to @CharlesBodi that #wordsmatter; and his initial poll inferring that 'woke' ppl are cockroaches was not at all helpful. The word does carry connotations that go beyond common usage (an undesirable pest) 2/
@JeremyLoveday @deardubow @CharlesBodi "on the African continent, it must be assumed that those who flippantly drop this term into political rhetoric are unaware of its historical applications" 3/
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9 Apr
1/ #DBH -with a Big Sigh: "we've seen over these last few wks a noticeable increase in transmission. I don't need to tell ppl that" (35 min mark vid)
She's right - she doesn't need to tell us - she needs to do something about it! #BCCovid #BCPoli
2/ and goes on (as usual) to blame us.. rather than take responsibility. "Much of it is being driven by our social interactions and amplified by workplaces... fuelling the spread and VOC are making it that much more easy"
#DBH #BCPoli #BCCovid
3/#DBH #BlameGame continues. "Parties, events, people not taking it seriously.. virus is spread by people we are closest to whether we have symptoms or not" (38 min)
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12 Feb
Dear @CityOfVictoria
#YYJ already has plethora of parks/green spaces to accommodate pedestrians/cyclists. Why deny access to #CloverPoint, to those who rely on cars by removing any of the 90 stalls currently available?
#CloverPoint is NOT a #ParkingLot.
What *are* parking lots - if the need is so urgent for more sea-side spaces for pedestrians: are both Wharf St parking lot (city owned-150 stalls ) and West Park Lot 708 w/177 stalls.
Both are: very accessible to many pedestrians/cyclists, more suitable to crowds and festivities; and close to other amenities the city offers. I think that's the sort of ambience you envision.
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3 Feb
Thread re: #YYJ @CityOfVictoria accountability and transparency. There needn't be any confusion about whether councillors are in attendance -whether in person or virtual.
attn: @Adam_Stirling @JeremyLoveday @Isitt_ @deardubow Et Al.
Every biz/org. takes minutes of meetings starting with:
*list of attendees*. Why can't/doesn't @CityOfVictoria do the same?
We the citizens who pay their salaries are not allowed to attend (cause Covid!) to see for ourselves who is/isn't there.
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1 Feb
"should not be happening"...
"the vast majority of people in BC know this" ~DBH
Did I hear this right? today's scapegoats are those planning to watch super bowl? ...
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26 Jan
Here's the #EY full report: "Progress review of COVID-19 response in long-term care" (#LTC) in #BC - It was paid for by BC taxpayers, given to govt on Oct 20/20; and released to us, today:
I question... why it took 3 months for this report to become public? I'm guessing it wouldn't have done @jjhorgan much good in his snap election, if it were made public just days before?
Elxn aside... I find the report troubling. Please read it and let me know what you think.
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