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#NEW: Omicron's newest subvariants are already here and spreading fast, with their ability to bypass antibodies from both vaccines and prior infection, says new data from BC + experts.

What it means for our healthcare system this summer:
“We are all incredibly worried that there will be more morbidity and mortality," said ER physician Dr. Jeff Unger.

Last week, Saanich Peninsula Hospital asked Island Health to shut down the ER overnight, to redirect staff to their busiest hours.

Island Health said no.
With public health measures all but gone & waning immunity from 3rd doses, BA.4 and BA.5 are expected soon become dominant in BC.

A new study shows that the more times you get reinfected with COVID-19, the higher your risk of death, hospitalization, and long COVID.

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This article covers it all. It's so satisfying to hear the truth. Out loud. #bcpoli

Martyn Brown: As B.C.’s health system death spiral revs up, the only thing sicker is governments’ feckless response… via @georgiastraight
"Too many have been lulled by their blind faith in the likes of Dr. Henry and by the mostly unchallenged narratives that are amplified by the media." #bcpoli
"Some 70 percent of British Columbians apparently now disapprove of the Horgan government’s performance on health care, with 56 percent of NDP supporters giving it a thumbs down." #bcpoli
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1/7🧵So, remember when we were begging for RATs & BCPH & #DrHenry were refusing us access at every turn? Well, a certain @CDCofBC PH Laboratory Medical Director, not only knew early on their usefulness, esp wrt asymptomatic infection but he co-authored article about it.#bcpoli
2/7 Mel Krajden said this Mar29/21: “RATs can detect infection in people w/viral loads…regardless if they're symptomatic or not. People who have asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic infections may account for more than 1/2 of SARS-CoV-2 transmissions” #bcpoli…
3/7 This is very same Mel Krajden that 7mths later on Nov16/21 emoted these ideologically laced words in @frozen’s video clip as RATs were withheld. FLWs, LTC residents, health-compromised & #bced staff/families were at high risk & getting sick.#bcpoli
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1/ 🧵Well, it took me awhile to organize all this research info. So many rabbit holes. I finally decided the best way forward was to divide into parts. So the following is Part 1 summary of BC's vast research funding sources/initiatives. Hold on to your hats, it's a ride! #bcpoli
2/ 1st up, @HlthResearchBC. Did you know that the MSHR launched a Covid-19 Research Response Fund at outset of pandemic w/call out to BC researchers to have results available in time to inform public health responses thru fall/winter 2021? #bcpoli…
3/ Also, did you know that there's a Covid-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) that supports BC's coordinated research pandemic response? It's bridge btwn PHO, gov't & research community w/primary role to advise on priorities/funding/…
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Serous question about BC’s money laundering inquiry that demonstrates an odd bias for a judge.

How do you definitively state money laundering doesn’t contribute to higher home prices as a heading, and then state it needs more studying because you aren’t sure? 🤔

#VanRe #bcpoli
2/ TL;DR BC Money Laundering Inquiry:

- 🇨🇦’s resources are inadequate;
- FINTRAC only pursued 2 cases in BC over 5 years;
- Canada has 12.5x more suspicious money reports than the US per capita;
- housing is expensive because of a lack of supply.

They didn’t study supply…
3/ Okay, let’s use some estimates they came up with.

How does a country have full GDP points of money laundering transactions that don’t contribute to the aggregate demand of goods?

By that logic a housing crash has no impact on the economy. 5-6% isn’t noticeable. 🤷‍♂️
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Okay, so I checked the wastewater again, and it was vastly different. Excluding the latest data, I zoomed again on the same time frame. Upward trends last week are now downward? @GovCanHealth can you please explain?! ImageImageImage
I heard back (thanks @GovCanHealth for being speedy & thorough 💕).

Re: discrepancies TL:DR data error & correction Image
Samples collected by Metro Van & analysed by BCCDC &National Microbiology Laboratory
Winnipeg. BCCDC and NML have slightly different methods (🤔). Periodic checks to see how methods are tracking. Image
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I have been called many things, but never boring 😄
Here’s to all you wonderful, non-boring, boring people 💙
#BCPoli #CovidIsNotOver 1/
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Speaking of ‘toxic twitter’ is this appropriate conduct? This is the last time I will engage with this manipulative person. Blocking. It’s just noise to deflect from the fact that BC’s covid response has been an abject failure, data manipulated to hide that fact, 1/ #BCPoli
playing the victim.
The real victims are BCers who have been infected needlessly, suffered long term consequences or died as a result. And their loved ones.
And for what? Politics? Ideology? Which has prolonged and made the pandemic worse. #Shame #BCPoli #Gaslighting 3/
The damage that has been done to trust in public health. Search unbiased journalists such as Penny Daflos to judge for yourself. BC has become an outlier, an object of derision amongst respected experts, some of which this person insults and as a result suspends their account 4/
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The debate around old-growth forests in #bcpoli often heats up around quantity vs quality.

Megathread on #oldgrowth logging and the gutting of prime, valley-bottom forest in B.C.: A valley called Tessium Creek, in unceded Ma'amtagila territ
The vast majority of remaining old-growth in this province is what scientists call "lower productivity" forests -- stands in areas where conditions like elevation, slope and aspect make for forests with smaller trees smaller less biodiversity. A sub-alpine forested area, with the smaller trees characterA coastal bog forest, with small, stunted trees characterist
This old-growth still matters --I've been in some really cool mountain-side or shore-bog forests-- but in addition to holding less ecological value, it's also less valuable as timber and because of that it is hugely over-represented compared to other old-growth.
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The @bccoroners report into BC's heat dome found 83% of people were already dead or died at the scene when paramedics arrived
Just imagine the trauma & moral distress
We'll never know how many deaths could've been avoided, but what I do know... 1/ 🧵…
Is that brass at @BC_EHS didn't take the threat seriously and didnt go to their highest alert level until well after mass casualties rolled in
I've never had a good explanation as to why
But multiple frontline workers told me mgmt ignored their concerns 2/…
Perhaps EHS was among the many civic officials, emergency planning personnel and other key stakeholders who had no clue what a "Level 2 Heat Alert" meant?
The disastrous failure of public health & emergency comms was highlighted by @bccoroners today 3/
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Very grateful to @brish_ti for interviewing me about BC Coroners report on last summer's heat dome that caused 619 people to die in one week. It is important people know what recommendations they rejected. Words won't cool us down. #bcpoli…
I want to clarify something the BC Coroners office keeps saying which is that my recommendations were reflected in the report. This is how they play with words. The truth is I am the one who suggested funding air conditioners through BC Medical program BUT AS IMMEDIATE MEASURE.
I specifically picked the BC Medical program because it could be done immediately with no real effort on part of govt. It is an imperfect program with lots of gatekeeping but I knew it was quite possible for BC Govt to use it to immediately provide funding for air conditioners.
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595 people died in last year’s heat dome
Today’s #bcpoli announcement is touted as lots of behind-the-scenes work to prevent that kind of death-toll again
But it’s underwhelming — because they already had most of it in place!
No exaggeration 🧵 1/…
As I reported last year in what may be the most frustrating piece I produced (which is really saying something) WE ALREADY HAD A HEAT ALERT SYSTEM but FEW KNEW ABOUT IT
It was a catastrophic failure of stakeholder & public health messaging/communication 2/…
It’s horrifying to me that people kept dying even after the heat had started abating
That’s partly why the death toll kept changing 3/…
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1/7🧵Wow. This is nuts! But it reminded me about something I discovered during one of my rabbit-hole investigations. Did you know that the @bctf donated $ to the @BCCDCFoundation? (their “primary partner” is BC Centre for Disease Control):#bced #bcpoli
2/7 @BCCDCFoundation:“By supporting [us] you’re helping put evidence into action on some of BC’s most pressing PH issues. In partnership w/our donors, we focus on solutions that address root causes so we can help keep the [BC] population healthy.#bcpoli…
3/7 @BCCDCFoundation “PH Heros”page:“We want to extend a special acknowledgement to our Allies, Ambassadors, Champions & Visionaries–the individuals, businesses & orgs that have given ⬆️ $5,’s through your support that we achieve excellence.”#bcpoli
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1/5 There’s no question that like #abpoli, #DrHenry @adriandix @JM_Whiteside @BCSTA_News all KNEW #COVID19 would rip thru #bced. In fact, #DrHenry said herself that #COVID19 constitutes health hazard & masks are essential to protect students/staff: #bcpoli…
2/5 Right up until #DrHenry’s Face-coverings PH Order (above) was replaced with her Mar10th Repeal order, THIS was her official stance in writing about the importance of #bced masking:#bcpoli Image
3/5 & THESE were #DrHenry’s *thinly veiled politically motivated flimsy* “reasons” to rescind mask mandate on Mar10th (whereupon she gears up for her honorary degree & award circuit)…Anyway, from health hazard to “other possible seasonal factors”:#bcpoli… Image
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#bcpoli #bcmedia Can we talk about this?

BC *only* records a death as COVID if the person **first tested positive no more than 30 days prior to the death**.

First, to get a PCR test in BC it must be clinically relevant. Meaning knowing it's COVID would affect treatment.
That means every person noted here as "underlying cause of death is not COVID" was tested because they were sick enough from COVID for it to be noticed, but the province decided ultimately they died of something else.

Within 30 days of that COVID test.

Um, ok. Sure Jan.
So look at this list. OVER HALF of the people sick enough with COVID to be tested, including a child, were determined to have died from something else.

This is what dying "with COVID" looks like it. COVID contributes to survivable conditions not being survivable.
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Telling the truth builds trust. Plain and simple.

As people in BC struggle with overlapping crises this @bcndp gov’t tries to pretend things are fine.

Today I asked @jjhorgan if he could speak honestly about the situation we find ourselves in. He did not answer. 1/ #bcpoli
Towns burned down. Roads are yet to be rebuilt. Farmers’ fields are flooded. 597 people died from a heat dome. People can’t afford food, or rent, or gas. People can’t get their cancer test results b/c they have no family doc. Toxic drugs are killing day after day. 2/ #bcpoli
Today @mikefarnworthbc stood and described my question as “rambling” and “offensive” - choosing to belittle me instead of respond to the reality of how British Columbians are feeling. 3/ #bcpoli
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We have been raising this issue in the Legislature since February.

Two-tiered healthcare goes against the fundamental principles of the Canadian health system. 1/ #bcpoli #cdnpoli #healthcare #BCHealth…
People are being asked to pay $4000+ for “premier” services like full annual check-ups, diagnostics, physiotherapists, and dietitians with Telus Health. This government is allowing healthcare delivery to be corporatized. 2/ #bcpoli #healthcare #BCHealth
When I asked @adriandix about people paying out of pocket for diagnostic services and preventative screenings, he said it’s fine, and that they are “non-medically necessary services, beyond the healthcare system”. 3/ #bcpoli #healthcare #BCHealth
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Gwa’sala-‘nakwaxda’xw Nation is taking back jurisdiction of child welfare and have been blocked by the @bcndp gov’t from accessing the information from #MCFD they need to abide by their laws and build their programs.

1/ #bcpoli #colonization #MCFD
They have described terrible abuses exacted by #MCFD on their communities and are seeking access to their files...

Files necessary to research their histories, do namings & cultural ceremonies, & develop their services in a culturally-based way.

2/ #bcpoli
Museums, residential and day schools, are all tools used by colonial govts to dominate & subordinate Indigenous People.

Withholding information from First Nations about First Nations, is a continuation of colonial tactics.

3/ #bcpoli #colonization #MCFD
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Today I tabled legislation to prohibit the use of prolonged solitary confinement BC's correctional facilities for both adults and youth.

Solitary confinement is a dehumanizing and insidious form of psychological harm. 1/ #bcpoli #BanSolitaryConfinement…
Solitary confinement of more than 15 days is considered torture by the UN Nelson Mandela Rules.

Despite this, on any given day in BC's correctional facilities 33 people are held in violation of these human rights principles. 2/ #bcpoli
We know that solitary confinement does not help rehabilitate the adults and youth in the corrections system, and in fact harms them. Solitary confinement has disproportionate effects on Indigenous people. 3/ #bcpoli #IndigenousPeoples
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I applaud the provincial and federal governments for decriminalizing personal possession of drugs in BC.

The BC Coroners Death Review Panel made it clear that #decriminalization is needed in order to ensure that people can access services without stigma. 1/ #bcpoli #cdnpoli
But this announcement comes with a caveat.

BC requested a limit for personal possession of 4.5 g, but the federal government only approved a limit of 2.5g.

Health experts and advocates argued for a higher threshold, based on data and evidence. 2/ #bcpoli #decriminalization
The intent of #Decriminalization is to reduce stigma, but when possession limits are low, it can result in higher potency of drugs, potentially causing more harm and a fear of seeking help. 3/ #bcpoli #EndTheStigma #safesupply
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For 3 of the last 5 summers, BC has witnessed severe forest fires that charred millions of hectares of land and choked out communities.

Today I asked @mikefarnworthbc to identify the specific actions the @bcndp is taking to protect BCers from poor air quality.

1/ #bcpoli
Minister @mikefarnworthbc reiterated that his govt is doing minimal work to protect BCers for this year's inevitable #wildfire season.

Wildfire smoke contains hundreds of dangerous particles and gases that increase the risk of brain tumours and lung cancer.

2/ #bcpoli
Other jurisdictions like Oregon, are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of their workers during climate related disasters.

BC teachers, farm workers, construction workers, and all those that work outside need similar protections.

3/ #bcpoli…
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This is Excess Deaths as tracked by Stats Canada, to May 11, 2022. For some provs the data goes to early April. Some are laggards at reporting; worst is Manitoba, who hasn't reported since Mar 2021 (!)

Since Mar 15, 2020, BC has had the most excess deaths.

#bcpoli 🧵 Image
Some point to poisoned drug supply deaths.

However, expected mortality factors these in based on previous years' overdose fatalities. So this only includes a *worsening* of BC's overdose epidemic.

Who's responsible for managing that epidemic? Bonnie Henry @adriandix 2/
Some point to the heat dome. Sure, that contributed.

But take out the 595 deaths BC has attributed to the heat dome, and BC is still well clear of AB and SK.

Also, WA state claims 95 heat-related deaths, and is roughly 50% larger than BC. Also under Dix & Henry.


3/ Image
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The only thing the @bcndp loves more than blaming others for their problems is patting themselves on the back.

With overlapping crises facing BC we keep getting recycled announcements of capital projects, while many sit empty with no staff. 1/ #bcpoli #BCHealth #healthcare
The @bcndp loves to talk about its capital budget, but when it comes to operations, we see big problems. Child care centres w/ no ECEs. Schools scrambling for teachers & EAs.

Our crumbling #healthcare system lacking the doctors and nurses who do the actual care. 2/ #bcpoli #bced
Urgent and Primary Care Centres in Kamloops are only offering appointments 14 days from now.

Emergency departments in Chetwynd, Clearwater, & Port McNeil were closed this weekend due to staff shortages, and where they were open, people were waiting hours to be seen. 3/ #bcpoli
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A week ago, I spoke at a rally outside the legislature about the #healthcare emergency in British Columbia.

The event was about the crumbling primary care system and family doctor crisis hosted by @BC_GP_Shortage
(BC Health Care Matters)

#bcpoli Image
The week before I attended a vigil/rally hosted by @BCNursesUnion to raise awareness of the deteriorating mental well-being/working conditions of nurses.

ER’s in Clearwater & Port McNeill closed this weekend due to nursing shortage.

#bcpoli @bcndp…
It is frustrating to hear the @bcndp (and their lobbyists) list their OUTPUTS hoping to distract BCers from the OUTCOMES in the #healthcare crisis.

It’s not working. I hear about this everyday in my community office!

#bcpoli @CBCEarlyEdition…
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