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It’s on! @thenarwhalca has a👌panel talking RIGHT NOW about the future of the #SiteC dam, the most expensive public infrastructure project in BC's history.

Watch the convo live:…

And follow along right here for highlights!
Need some background?

Look no further than @sarahcox_bc’s blockbuster investigation into #SiteC. Sarah has been following this for YEARS.

… she literally wrote the book on it: Breaching the Peace: the Site C Dam and a Valley’s Stand Against Big Hydro.…
.@sarahcox_bc will be joined by @thenarwhalca’s managing editor, @carollinnitt, as well as:

Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council president @kekinusuqs, West Moberly First Nations Chief @dunnezaman, and Marc Eliesen, former CEO of BC Hydro.

Stay tuned for the convo!
#bcpoli #SiteC
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T minus 1 minute! There may be room left in this webinar - please join. #SiteC #bcpoli
..I'm going to semi-livetweet this #SiteC webinar. Chief Roland Willson of West Moberly First Nations @dunnezaman is speaking first. Site C will drown the last portion of valley on the Peace River - everything else has been submerged by previous dams... #bcpoli Image
@dunnezaman ..Treaty 8 promised would be "no forced interference" in hunting and fishing rights - Chief Willson is showing a map animation showing the sheer quantity of imposed dev't in their region. This is "forced interference" - and #SiteC is unnecessary interference... Image
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Lots of #SiteC intel coming in. As we learned earlier, there's a huge drill on site. Contractor Henry Drilling is boring holes 100' deep & 9' in diameter at the spillways & generating station. We wonder if it's a last ditch attempt to stop structure moving via "shear keys"..
But it raises the Q why work ever continued during the review of #SiteC by Peter Milburn (whose report should come out soon, tho we have no idea what its terms of reference are or if public will ever be able to see it in its entirety). Horgan did this with the BCUC review too.
.If the Milburn review is looking at whether #SiteC can be fixed at all, why is over $100m still being spent a month on the project? Is this a review in good faith? The fact Horgan didn't call for a tools down during the BCUC review either is causing many to feel deja vu. #bcpoli
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How BC feels right now
#currentmood #SiteC #CovidBC #bcpoli #cdnpoli
941 cases today
New cases vs # of new tests in the last day in 4 provinces:
BC: 941 cases, 11,037 tests
Alberta: 1,115 cases, 13,576 tests
Ontario: 1,009 cases, 27,053 tests
Quebec: 1,164 cases, (test # still n/a, but they do between 20-35K tests a day…
#COVID19BC #bcpoli
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is this the next phase? Cyberattack planned? Klaus again

#torontolockdown #Trump2020 #covid19 #COVID #cdnpoli #onpoli #bcpoli @MichaelPSenger
@dockaurG @riseupmelbourne @AnonymousSage1

The Next Crisis?
ok i'm now convinced that the covid scam will fail. i am now going to find all the info that i can on the electric grid/cyber attack scam. start RTing this new info ASAP to everyone

@AnonymousSage1 @MichaelPSenger @richardsyrett @riseupmelbourne @WakeAustralia
and then what after the cyber attack? it's getting me thinking. any ideas?
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Questions now. Why are travel restrictions not an order, Dr. Henry says she doesn't believe there needs to be an order. Says it would be too hard to enforce. "When we had these requirements earlier this year people took them to heart." #bcpoli #COVID19BC
On metrics to determine if measures are successful, Dr. Henry says a lot of things will be watched including rolling average for cases. "We are watching our ability to find people quickly and that has been challenged." #bcpoli #COVID19BC
Dr, Henry says they are watching very closely to see if they can link cases. When they can't link cases, that is a high concern for public health. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
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BREAKING - Starting today masks are mandatory in public indoor spaces in British Columbia. This includes grocery stores, shopping malls and other indoor public spaces. It does NOT include schools. #bcpoli
British Columbia is bringing in sweeping new measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The ban on social gatherings is now province wide and includes the entire province. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
BREAKING - In person religious and faith based gatherings are now banned in BC. There are some exceptions like weddings and funerals with a maximum of 10 people and no events before or after. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
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BREAKING - Another record high day of COVID-19 cases in BC. There are 762 new cases, for a total of 24,423 total cases. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
BREAKING - For the second straight day there have been double digit COVID deaths in BC. There have been 10 new COVID-19 related deaths, for a total of 320 deaths in British Columbia. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
BREAKING - More record highs. There are 6,861 active cases of COVID-19 in the province. Currently, 209 individuals are hospitalized with COVID-19, 58 of whom are in intensive care. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
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BREAKING - NDP cabinet will be sworn in next Thursday in BC. The NDP caucus will be sworn in next Tuesday. The swearing in will be predominantly virtual. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
There will be a fall Legislative session that will start on December 7. It will start with a truncated throne speech. It will be a short session. #bcpoli #COVID19BC
Horgan was briefed today from Dr. Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix. Says the regional measures need to 'take hold.' There is no doubt they will be extended. "Non-essential travel is prohibited and will remain that way for the next two weeks at least." #bcpoli
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For years leaders in the Southern #GulfIslands and Juan de Fuca areas have been advocating to be included in the Island Coastal Economic Trust (@ICET_BC) which would allow them to apply for important grants that other communities outside Victoria and Vancouver have access to. 1/5
The Southern #GulfIslands & Juan de Fuca areas are rural. But as part of the @crd they're deemed "urban" and as a result the regions are excluded from the aforementioned grant programs. Changing the designation to rural would be a game changer in supporting local initiatives! 2/5
The advocacy was going on long before my election in 2017 and I picked up the effort over the past 3.5 years. It’s a remarkably simple change and in the summer 2020 session then-Minister @michellemungall committed to solving this issue for both regions 3/5…
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BREAKING - Eleven people have died in a single day from COVID-19 in BC. There has been 310 deaths from the virus in British Columbia. #bcpoli #covid19BC
BREAKING - There has been another record set in BC for new cases in a day. There have been 717 new cases of COVID-19, including one epi-linked case, for a total of 23,661 cases in British Columbia. #bcpoli #covid19BC
There are 6,589 active cases of COVID-19 in the province.
There is a record high 198 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19, 63 of whom are in intensive care. #bcpoli #covid19BC
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Thoughts on this Orwellian doublespeak. Fact Check 1: "people are asking when we will see masks mandated [...] The answer is that they already are. The mandate to use masks [...] is a cornerstone of businesses' and organizations' #COVID19BC safety plans". They aren't. It isn't.1/
The only person who can make a #MaskMandate is the PHO, & as you read here, she won't.
Fact Check 2: "Our orders also mandate that businesses and workplaces must have #COVID19 safety plans in place. These *should include* mask wearing." Wait, not *must include*? Not a mandate. 2/
Fact Check 3, same quote: One very important workplace doesn't have COVID-19 safety plans including masks or distancing: #bced SCHOOLS. Total 625 school #covid19 exposures as of this pm at 373 schools, 126 multiples. Sec students only req mask outside cohort, elem not at all. 3/
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Nov 13 update

#COVID19 cases, deaths

#Canada, provinces
•Comparison to country peers (high income, pop >20M)
•Longterm care, retirement homes
•Weekly, daily % changes (7-day avg)

See thread

Data: @covid_canada @NoLore @RyersonNIA @CIHI_ICIS @OurWorldInData
#COVID19 DEATHS/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 10+4%
MB 9+7%
AB 4+5%
ON 4+3%
BC 2+3%
SK 1+19%

#COVID19 CASES/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 711+3%
MB 697+6%
AB 575+4%
ON 359+3%
BC 327+4%
SK 251+6%

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A BC #covid19 update added for tomorrow afternoon.
The next was supposed to be Monday.
We haven't had a Saturday update for months...
#bcpoli @news1130
Waiting for today's written #covid19 update, here's a reminder of where things were end of day Thursday.
#bcpoli @news1130
BC's #covid19 update Nov 6
2 death-275 total
589 New-17149 total
13035 Recovered
Active 3741(3389) +269
VCH (5223) +146
FH (9707) +302
Int (821) +24
Island (281) +5
North (439)+12
Non-res (90)
Hosp/icu 104/28(97/24)+7/+4
Monitor 7887(7519)+368
LTC (31/4 29/2)
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
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BC's #covid19 update Nov 5
0 death - 273
425 New, 16560 total (record high)
12806 Recovered
Active 3389(3120) +269
VCH (5097) +126
FH (9439) +268
Int (803) +8
Island (274)+7
North (432)+6
Non-res (90)*
Hosp/icu 97/24(92/25)
Monitor 7519(7133) +386
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Long term care LTC 28/2 (29/2)
(total affected - 1118 648 res, 482 staff)
Taber home, Pine Grove are new
3.8% provincial positive
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Dr Henry: 1st school outbreak in Kelowna now over. Says it showed response works.
She's reminding people it is important for children to be in school - and it's time to pull back on other things like sleepovers, playdates, extra curriculars.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
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Trying to find out where the buck stops with enforcing #covid19 safety plans at BC schools - seems like a bit of a hot potato.
Hearing from parents, staff & @bctf president @TeriMooring plans are not being carried out the same across the province...
#bced #bcpoli @NEWS1130 1.../
This includes things enforcing guidance on mask wearing, regular cleaning, minimum distance between students. I asked Education Minister @rob_fleming about this - he says it's up to the schools to ensure things are being done properly...
#bced #bcpoli @NEWS1130 2.../
And @rob_fleming says there are processes in place for staff & teachers if things are falling through the cracks. But @bctf says relying on school Occupational Health & Safety Cmtes and @WorkSafeBC are falling short..
#bced #bcpoli @NEWS1130 3.../
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CEO @Fraserhealth giving an update on the dance studio outbreak in Chilliwack - asking people to support the business and those affected not stigmatize them
38 cases associated now.
13 school exposure notices but NO transmissions.
#bcpoli #covid19
Re timing of notification of cases at the dance school, @Fraserhealth says first once came Oct 29, day of first case being known. Then tracers contacted people considered most at risk.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Regarding some people waiting days for contact - @Fraserhealth says - from time case becomes symptomatic to test to result is a # of days then interview case then identify the contacts...
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
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synthetic drugs are very profitable; we got too poor in a place that was getting wealthier by the day. ImageImage
the Poisoning Massacre is similarly an economic crisis. in fact it is the same one and will not be solved entirely through #SafeSupply. it will be mitigated, but the underlying causes will remain. and will return. its more than a housing crisis.
we got too poor.

in 2015-16, basic social assistance in BC was $610/mth and disability was $906/mth.

the shelter rate, as ever, was $375/mth…
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Remember this NDP platform program from the 2017 election?

None of it was put into action.

What happened, @BowinnMa ?
What caused you to suddenly support building a dam on dangerously unstable soft terrain, @michellemungall ?

#SiteC #bcpoli…
Why is #SiteC being built by a company BANNED by the World Bank due to political bribery and fraud?

Why does BC keep "building" the dam when any engineer who spends 2 minutes reviewing it concludes the project is doomed by a soft shale-mud foundation?….
@jjhorgan will your legacy be someone who admits mistakes and adapts, or someone whose legacy was to saddle future generations with sky-high hydro rates and used as a case study in sunk cost fallacy?
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"Suspect timing for latest update on problematic holes at #SiteC" - @VaughnPalmer

"Opinion: Sooner or later the public and ratepayers will discover what BC Hydro and the NDP have been hiding all these months"… #bcpoli
@VaughnPalmer ..This BCUC Q to BC Hydro is esp. interesting: "Discuss which geotechnical studies were used to inform the initial design of the powerhouse, spillway & dam core foundations.” Interesting that BCUC would go back that far - possibly as far back as 2010-11 design of L-shaped dam
@VaughnPalmer I'm chatting with my engineer pal right now and he's saying "No idea how BC Hydro can answer these q's. Anything they say will create more q's, & they will have to come up with design data & input values for all the parameters used in the calculations.." cont'd
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At what is presumably a massive cost, up at #SiteC they are now bringing in huge machines to drill 3' diameter holes 60' deep; locals believe it's for cofferdams. Other work also continues at frantic pace even tho we still have no solution to instability nor a price tag #bcpoli
..Please answer this, Premier @jjhorgan: if your Milburn review is serious and unconstrained, it must be able to advise you to cancel #SiteC. So why on earth is work continuing at the dam? How much of our money are you spending on work that is possibly fruitless? How much damage?
@jjhorgan ..Simpler question for Premier Horgan: Are you playing a game of chicken with geology? Because you will lose.

Stop spending our billions on an unfixable dam we never needed instead of on housing, health care, senior care, & education. #SiteC #bcpoli
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This is quite fascinating. The @BCUtilitiesCom watchdog is doing its best to get straight answers out of @bchydro which is, yet again, late to file key reports on #SiteC. Not surprising, given the instability on site. Thread of BCUC's Qs to BC Hydro. I'm glad I'm not BCH: #bcpoli
@BCUtilitiesCom @bchydro BCUC's questions to BC Hydro:
"Please discuss to what extent foundation construction activities continued after geotechnical risks materialized on the right [south] bank"
Translation: how much did you build on the south bank after it started sliding?…
@BCUtilitiesCom @bchydro ..1.9
"Please identify when the Project Assurance Board was first made aware of potential geotechnical issues in the powerhouse, spillway or dam core areas."
Translation: when did you tell your fake "oversight" body about the stability problems in everything you've built so far?
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A reminder of how undemocratic & unrepresentative First Past the Post is: We had very low turnout in #BCElxn2020: 52% voted.

NDP got 45% of the votes of that 52% who voted. So with the support of 26% of registered voters, Horgan gets a "landslide" majority. #bcpoli And...
..Here's the comparison by Fair Vote Canada showing how people voted vs how many seats were won:… #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 Image
..And one final note: voter turnout is lower in jurisdictions with First Past the Post because so many know their votes don't count. These "safe ridings" don't exist under Pro Rep. I live in the safest riding in BC; many here didn't bother to vote.…
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#BREAKING 3 deaths, 817 new cases of #COVID19 since Friday in #BC with 77 patients hospitalized, including 26 in ICU.
Two schools have been closed because of outbreaks in #Kelowna and @Fraserhealth.
New community outbreak also at Surrey Pre-Trial Centre. #bcpoli @NEWS1130
#BREAKING New public safety order in #BC limits all family gatherings to residents of any household and no more than 6 extra people.
Dr. Henry again blames large family gatherings for surging numbers and promises “enforcement will be stepped up.”
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Henry says many new clusters are linked to #Thanksgiving gatherings, so moving forward, she says NO #Halloween parties can happen or cultural and religious events.
She’s asking all community leaders to help her get this message out. #bcpoli @NEWS1130
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