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Elders for Ancient Forests now at Empress Hotel. #bcpoli #FairyCreek #yyj
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1/To me, it's nb to differentiate between various subgroups of cyclists. Commuters are different than recreational are different from semi or wannabe pro athletes. (of course some are cross over of any/all segments...) #YYJ #YYJBikes #yyjpoli
2/ @CityOfVictoria is inviting one and all to come for the recreational experience they have created on #VancouverSt - as a destination; not a commuting route.
3/ many orgs are encouraging cyclists to make use of the expanding AAA bike lanes - for recreation and family fun -posting #NeighbourhoodRides experiences, awarding prizes for logging kms..
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1/ Begin thread: Hi #YYJ Looking for ideas: Let's talk! How can we bridge growing antagonism that divides #cyclists vs #drivers?
backdated @Douglasmagazine Opinion: Cooling the Cycling Conflict In Victoria…
2/ I refuse to believe it's irreconcilable. Many drivers are also cyclists-many cyclists are also drivers. So why is the discourse almost always about "us vs them"? #YYJ #YYJTraffic
3/#FullDisclosure: I'm coming from the viewpoint of someone who can no longer cycle: one who is both envious of and rejoices in, those who can .
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@ThePhoenixAligt @Covid_Stinks Hi Phoenix Congrats and best wishes on your training. Thank you also for your thoughtful and respectful convo in many comments on this subject. We agree on many issues you have presented. 1/
@ThePhoenixAligt @Covid_Stinks 2/ You bring a perspective which I hadn't heard before, of a cycling athlete. The infrastructure/road design to accommodate such, seems to present unique challenges which go beyond making roads safe for commuter and recreational cyclists.
@ThePhoenixAligt @Covid_Stinks 3/ I honestly have no idea how to make #YYJ roads safe and accommodating for pro/semi pro/athlete cyclists. How /where has such training taken place up to now? What do you see as the optimum venue for that?
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1/ W/respect @SarahPottsH I don't think #TC editorial unfairly distorted ur TW. Nor do I think ur 'singular comment' about t/assault on teen in #BHP being awful should "be the end of the story". (Hence they published ur rebuttal)…
2/ @timescolonist editorial was responding to the rest of your TW - in which you inferred that if council had supported previous motions of yours, this would not have happened. Can you pls direct me to those? I'll gladly call out any councillors who denied good motions
3/ (It's really difficult to find what any councillor has said or proposed about anything... (which is why I re- request that @CityOfVictoria makes public written transcripts of all meetings)
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This is a tricky topic, but discussion needs to begin: Why I won't be attending the #StopAsianHate rally in #yyj tomorrow, a thread. [x/20] #bcpoli #yyjpoli

Anti-racism work needs to happen, but we have to be careful about what's being centered. I had multiple friends text me about this rally, hoping to do something useful. Uncritical local news coverage like this isn't helping either: /1…
“The shooting in Atlanta was shocking,” the Harmony Foundation, a local organization supporting the rally, wrote in a statement. But what is the Harmony foundation?

They don't seem to have much of an internet presence. But a quick search on Linkedin shows this: /2
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Dear @CityOfVictoria
#YYJ already has plethora of parks/green spaces to accommodate pedestrians/cyclists. Why deny access to #CloverPoint, to those who rely on cars by removing any of the 90 stalls currently available?
#CloverPoint is NOT a #ParkingLot.
What *are* parking lots - if the need is so urgent for more sea-side spaces for pedestrians: are both Wharf St parking lot (city owned-150 stalls ) and West Park Lot 708 w/177 stalls.
Both are: very accessible to many pedestrians/cyclists, more suitable to crowds and festivities; and close to other amenities the city offers. I think that's the sort of ambience you envision.
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Thread re: #YYJ @CityOfVictoria accountability and transparency. There needn't be any confusion about whether councillors are in attendance -whether in person or virtual.
attn: @Adam_Stirling @JeremyLoveday @Isitt_ @deardubow Et Al.
Every biz/org. takes minutes of meetings starting with:
*list of attendees*. Why can't/doesn't @CityOfVictoria do the same?
We the citizens who pay their salaries are not allowed to attend (cause Covid!) to see for ourselves who is/isn't there.
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BC's #covid19 update Nov 5
0 death - 273
425 New, 16560 total (record high)
12806 Recovered
Active 3389(3120) +269
VCH (5097) +126
FH (9439) +268
Int (803) +8
Island (274)+7
North (432)+6
Non-res (90)*
Hosp/icu 97/24(92/25)
Monitor 7519(7133) +386
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Long term care LTC 28/2 (29/2)
(total affected - 1118 648 res, 482 staff)
Taber home, Pine Grove are new
3.8% provincial positive
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Dr Henry: 1st school outbreak in Kelowna now over. Says it showed response works.
She's reminding people it is important for children to be in school - and it's time to pull back on other things like sleepovers, playdates, extra curriculars.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
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Our Quarter 3 report is now available on our website. It showcases #drugchecking findings from July 1st - September 30th, 2020, in #yyj. Below are some key findings from the last quarter ⏬
We tested a total of 456 samples. This
shows an increased uptake of testing from the prior quarter, where we only tested 269 samples. This increase was seen across every drug category. Find our first two quarterly reports here:
Adulteration with other notable components was highest for samples expected to be methamphetamine (29%), cocaine HCl or base (21%), opioid - down (17%) or dissociative (16%), demonstrating the volatility of the illicit drug supply which continues to be impacted by prohibition.
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New article from @kendracrighton about our program! Check out this thread for some highlights.⬇️⬇️…

#ThatsSAFER @AVIVanIsle @OutreachSolid SAFER Outreach Worker, Jaclyn, wears a SOLID Outreach shirt
“ …for those who are left outside, accessing a #safesupply isn’t easy. Cue @SaferVic. This team of nurses, outreach workers with lived experience, physicians & a systems navigator are working full-time to provide people sheltering in Victoria parks the medications they need.” A pop-up supervised consumption tent stands on grass covered
We’re stoked that SAFER Outreach Worker, Jaclyn, was highlighted in this article because she is a force of nature & “...spends most of her time in the community…handing out harm reduction supplies & building a bridge of trust.”
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Trick or Treat? A Halloween Thread.

Unlike the chocolates and candies we get from the supermarket during Halloween, drugs don't come with an ingredients list. When we get illicit drugs, we don't always know what's in them and that can sometimes lead to spooky situations. /1
Imagine wanting a Caramilk, but when you bite into it, it's an Aero. No juicy liquid center, just air pockets, kind of sucks right? Now imagine ingesting what you think is cocaine, only to find out it's actually ketamine, and all of a sudden you're in for an unexpected ride /2
The point is, there is often no reliable way of knowing what's in the drugs we consume. Sometimes we get the treat we're expecting, other times, we get tricked. Drug checking is one way of providing some quality control in the illicit drug market. /3
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#BCPoli #yyj #metchosin #esquimalt #colwood @victoriachamber's all candidateds meeting is live now -…
Candidates present:
@MitziDeanBC - BC NDP
@AndyGreenParty - BC Greens
@RjSenko - BC Liberals
#BCPoli #yyj #metchosin #esquimalt
Normal conflict of interest statement. I'm @GordBaird_LJDF's volunteer manager in his @BCGreens campaign in the riding next door. But I'll be aiming to be unbiased and fair.
#BCPoli #yyj #metchosin #esquimalt Q1: Ferry to Victoria
RJ: Would very much support ferry service. Would need co-operation between DND, transit, local governments and private interests. Also work with Island Corridor foundation. DND used to run a ferry there.
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#BCPoli Time for #yyj's #Langford Juan de Fuca riding's #AllCandidatesMeeting #Sooke #EastSooke #Shirley #PortRenfrew. hosted by Westshore & Sooke chambers & Sooke Multi Belief.
@MitziDeanBC standing for John Horgan
Tyson Strandlund
#BCPoli While Karen is introducing the candidates, my conflict of interest statement....
This election I'm @GordBaird_LJDF's Volunteer Coordinator. So obviously biased. However, for the first section I will be #livetweeting as accurately and fairly as possible.
#BCPoli #AllCandidates #LDJF Q1 Homelessness/Mental Health/addiction
Gord: Deeply intertwined. Homelessness causes alienation from society. Housing has become unattainable. Green party supports a means tested rental support. GLI would provide security so no one is left behind.
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#BCPoli #yyj Oak Bay Gordon head's online all candidates meeting on now.…
I was a couple minutes late, so not going to report introductions since I missed Murray Rankins'
#BCPoli #yyj Present are:
@NicoleBCDuncan of the @BCGreens
@HelmeRoxanne of the @bcliberals
@MurrayRankinNDP of the @bcndp
Moderated by Bruce Williams of the Victoria chamber of commerce
#BCPoli #yyj Housing everyone agrees housing is an issue. @NicoleBCDuncan says we need to do more to prevent speculation.
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Hey #YYJ #Victoria #Tree #Arborist peeps - can anyone id this conifer for me? It's in my neighbouring yard - home to generations of birdies: chickadees, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, wrens.. and it's about to be demolished for new condo; and I'm heartbroken.
The new @CityOfVictoria #TreePreservation Bylaw calls for a fee of $2000/tree to fund the planting of a replacement tree elsewhere. (But has no provisions that I know of for wildlife protection)
#UrbanForest #WhereWillTheBirdiesGo….
The new condo being built by @ARYZE_devcon will be home to 6 'boutique' units; which will do nothing to improve the affordable housing shortage in #YYJ…
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Deleted an earlier tweet after reviewing audio.

The mayor of @CityOfVictoria is calling on the 19,000 people who signed the petition to Save Beacon Hill Park to wage a letter writing campaign to the offices of:


And parl sec


To provide money.
But as was put to the mayor by our own @RyanPriceCFAX, all the money in the world would not house every single person in the park because some are notoriously hard to house and even if they did, new campers could choose to arrive at any time.

She admits this number exists.
The mayor argues that this number is small, which does not address the main issue — the campers are legally in the park because the daytime camping ban was suspended by a decision *the city made.*

I think she’s trying to aim public anger at the federal government wrongly. #yyj
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Tomorrow teachers in #yyj will be joining with their colleagues around the country in a National Day of Action for Public Education. #RedForEd #redforbced @CTFFCE
Teachers around #yyj will be wearing red, lining streets outside their schools and participating in walk-ins as a show of support for education. The day will end with a rally at @Rob_Fleming office from 3:30-4:30 in support of fully funded public education system.
“Public education is the foundation of an equitable society,” said GVTA president, Winona
Waldron. “Teachers in Ontario, Saskatchewan and BC are currently in contract negotiations. We
need to acknowledge the important role public education plays in society at large" #RedForEd
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So... @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman @scottfraserndp et al. @bcndp just going to turn a blind eye to #Unistoten situation or are you going to step up and act like leaders on this? #BCpoli #CdnPoli #Deescalate #UNDRIP #NoConsent #NoPipelines
...there's an aching silence right now that for #BCNDP folks in particular should smell a lot like the days leading up to August 18, 1995. #BCpoli
also - I think @jjhorgan @SohiAmarjeet @DonaldsonDoug @GeorgeHeyman @michellemungall @lanapopham & @BruceRalston should withdraw from the @BCNRF #BCNRF19 until the conflict is resolved in order to show respect. #BCpoli #UNDRIP
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