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Now on @cfax1070: @isitt_ pretaped an interview earlier today with @RyanPriceCFAX on whether councils should have three year terms instead of four.

(Isitt said he didn't have enough time to address the massive list of questions I've sent him that he's never answered. Darn) #yyj
He did answer the question when put to him by @RyanPriceCFAX as to whether he will run again: @isitt_ still has not yet decided if he will run for mayor or council and is considering all options.

The election takes place in 114 days. #yyj
Isitt has just issued a press release elaborating on his 3 year term proposal, which he hopefully sent using an email list distribution that isn’t breaking the law, like the other multiple times he was found to have caused privacy breaches as recently as December 14th, 2021. #yyj
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#BCpoli and #cndpoli: Are you ready for this?

I'd like to introduce my most controversial song to date, which is saying something. This one is a parody of The Village People's YMCA – name at the end of the song to preserve some of the surprise 😁
White men, roving all around town
I see, white men, picking on all the Browns
I see, white men, legitimized by the crown
There's no need for us to have them
White men, leave the Natives alone
I see, white men, sucking up to the throne
We don’t need them doing this on our dime
And it is more than about time

It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
They do everything
In the white people memo
Used to maintain the status quo
It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
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BC, Canada, & the world are falling apart. During several overlapping crises, @jjhorgan & @bcndp think it's time to spend $800 million to close and replace a still viable museum.

If the news and #bcpoli makes you want to live alone in the mountains, I have a new song for you!
This one is a parody of Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" 🙂

Sharpen up your knife
Find yourself a shack
Locate a few sheep
And some emus
Farming is your only saviour
This collapse is pretty major
Everybody will destroy the world
It could turn out fine
If you own a horse
Stock up on cowhide
Help you make some
Lovely throw rugs and some leather
Would you like to try my chevre
Everybody will destroy the world
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#NEW: Internal email shared with @CapitalDailyVic shows #yyj hospitals are too full to accept patients and are considering emergency steps like renting hotel rooms.

Healthcare workers say #COVID19 hospitalizations on the rise + surgeries being postponed…
@CapitalDailyVic “I am writing to let you all know that we are facing an extreme overcensus situation at all of our acute care sites,” reads the email which was sent to staff at Victoria General Hospital, and shared with @zoeducklow

According to ER physician Dr. Jeff Unger, all 3 ERs (RJH, VGH, Saan Pen) were full on Sunday and RJH was on ambulance diversion for a part of the night.

A nurse at RJH tells us surgeries are being postponed because there are too many COVID patients in surgical units.
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Day off.

For no particular reason, here’s @isitt_ using his position at the Council table Feb 13, 2020 to read a letter he wrote to one of the owners of @HarbourCats in their capacity as Chair of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, who Isitt claimed had defamed him. #yyj
I asked Isitt about it the next day. It’s unusual to see an elected office holder (who later voted on matters that could directly impact the team partly owned by the recipient of Isitt’s letter) to use a council seat in this fashion.

Isitt did not recuse himself Thursday. #yyj
Instead of recusing himself Thursday from a matter potentially impacting the sports team partly owned by the recipient of Isitt’s Feb 13, 2020 letter alleging defamation (above), Isitt predicted potential problems with “fecal matter” proximate to the sports field.

Neat. #yyj.
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Adventures in ventilation from last weekend’s flight on @AirCanada Airbus320 with about 130+ people on board

Ventilation at #yyj airport foyer good, as noted by the pCO2 monitor (outdoors ~ 420; under 800 ideal as proxy for good ventilation to mitigate #COVIDisAirborne ) 1/ Image
In lineup for security, high plexiglass barriers preventing good circulation; CO2 rising
2/ Image
On the gangway to the plane, waiting to board

3/ Image
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🧵 Another person in our community died today. 💔 I knew him. 💔 I had been helping him and his partner for the last few months. They were trying to exit out of homelessness. They were supported by outreach teams who had gotten them into a motel. #yyj
Him and his partner have only been homeless for a short time. Since the start of the pandemic. He had his Red Seal ticket in the trades and wanted to get into housing, so he could go back to work. This was the tent that my mom bought them to replace the many, taken by bylaw.
I bought them a heater and I used to bring them propane and food and smokes once a week. To try to support them with basic human necessities until we could get them inside. They have gone through so much trauma over the last few years. 💔
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I was at the #yyj protest today and wanted to document as many of the companies whose trucks were in the protest so people can know to avoid them. /THREAD
Sointula Cedar Products
Alliance Concrete
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I do a *lot* of walking on the streets of Victoria BC #YYJ. Thought I'd start a pedestrian thread 🚶🚶‍♀️🧵
Except for our once or twice a year snowstorm, the worst weather problem for a Victoria pedestrian is the wind. I don't mind the rain if I can carry an umbrella.
Speaking of snow, it's the homeowners' responsibility to clear their sidewalks here. Maybe 2/3 do, but a neighborhood walk is still a dicey proposition. I'd be interested to know how many tickets are usually given, @CityOfVictoria - or is it more of a suggestion?
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4383 new cases of #COVID19 in BC, even with restricted access to testing. 211 people currently in hospital and 66 in ICU who are currently infectious. One new death. Will crunch the data when it is available. #covid19bc
#COVID19BC breakdown by HA:
Interior: 501 cases, 39 in hospital, 25 ICU.
Fraser: 2319 cases, 69 in hospital, 18 ICU.
VCH: 977 cases, 45 in hospital, 6 ICU.
Island: 460 cases, 41 in hospital, 12 ICU.
Northern: 122 cases, 17 in hospital, 5 ICU.
*True numbers could be 4-5x higher.
B.C. admitted 13 people to hospital for #COVID19 in the past 24 hours. These are preliminary numbers but we will be waiting at least a couple of weeks for the @CDCofBC's Week 52 situation report so I'm tracking them every day now. 120 hospitalized in the past 6 days. #COVID19BC
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With 2,046 new cases of #COVID19 reported today in British Columbia we are officially in the worst wave yet in terms of the number of cases we can measure, surpassing the peak of the third wave. Likely much higher with testing delays and lag.… #COVID19BC Chart shows a seven day average of cases of COVID-19 In Brit
There were 20,133 #COVID19 tests completed yesterday. That's just above the test capacity that we had around this time last year. I am not sure if B.C has ramped up testing capacity since then, but we may be at the edge of what our lab system can process in a day. #COVID19BC This chart shows a seven-day rolling average of how many tes
The average positivity rate for #COVID19 in B.C., which is only provided as a seven-day average, is up to 7.5%. We can infer that it is actually significantly higher from how steep the curve is. As testing capacity is maxed out, the positivity rate may become a better indicator. This chart shows a seven-day average of the positivity rate
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South Vancouver Island is up to an average rate of 20 #COVID19 cases per 100,000 residents a day, or 87 cases a day. North Vancouver Island is 22/100K (30 a day), Central Island up to 12/100K (36 a day). Central had 60 today & 42 yesterday.… #yyj #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of COVID-19 by Health Service Delive
Victoria had record of 280 cases of #COVID19 last week. Cases were also up all other areas of South Vancouver Island. Western Communities had 56, #Saanich 43, and there were eight cases in the Southern Gulf Islands. #COVID19BC #yyj Weekly new cases of COVID-19 by Local Health Area in South V
Most of the cases in North Vancouver Island are concentrated in the #ComoxValley which had 167 last week (⬇️ 9). #CampbellRiver down eight to 30 cases, VI North had 12 and VI west had two cases. #COVID19BC Weekly new cases of COVID-19 by Local Health Area in North V
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326 Covid tests done yesterday in #Vancouver came back positive today. In North Shore / Coast Garibaldi the average rate of #COVID19 is the highest in B.C. at 29 cases per 100,000 residents a day, #Vancouver is 26/100K, #Richmond up to 10/100K.… #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of ...
The Howe Sound local health area, which includes #Whistler, has the second highest rate of #COVID19 in B.C. at an average of 49 cases per 100,000 residents a day. #Vancouver City Centre, North Vancouver, Vancouver Centre North and West Vancouver/Bowen Island all make the top 10. Chart showing the seven-day...
If you would like to see the rates of #COVID19 for all local health areas in B.C. the full chart is best viewed on the @chly1017fm website at:… #COVID19BC
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#NEW: My latest for @CapitalDailyVic analyzes the rapidly deteriorating situation in BC and particularly on Vancouver Island, where #Omicron is expected to fuel 400+ daily cases by Christmas

#COVID19BC #yyj…
@CapitalDailyVic By ignoring evidence of aerosol transmission, Island Health still insists transmission doesn't happen on campus or in K-12 schools.

That’s the reason they gave for no longer requiring schools to report exposures. It looks more like a sign of contact tracing breakdown.

Under current public health guidance, people who test positive are not always told whether they have #omicron. Lauren, a #yyj nurse, deduced so from her symptoms.

Contact tracers told her close contacts they don't need to isolate unless they have symptoms
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Remembering Emily Carr on her 150th birthday 🎂
🎨 Nan Lawson Cheney, 1937
"For the creative artist there is no finality, no one has said the last word on Emily Carr and no one ever will."
- Lawren Harris
(Canada's two greatest painters in one tweet)
Emily Carr
Totem Walk at Sitka 1917
"So still were the big woods where I sat, sound might not yet have been born."
At the Unformable Things: Emily Carr & Some Canadian Modernists show @artgalleryvic, from the summer of 2019. What a long, long time ago!

Canada's two greatest artists side-by-side: Emily Carr, Lawren Harris
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🧺 Picnic Point: Even nicer than last time #victownhall #yyj #bcstorm
#urbanspaces #yyj #victownhall #negative
This place has way more people than last time! #yyj #victownhall
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Don’t worry it’s been more than a year since last time a random person was permanently maimed by a random assailant in Centennial Square who was never identified/arrested perhaps because there were no surveillance cameras allowed, a risk the city ignored.

It’s better now #yyj
I’m not being glib either. That really happened. All the whiners out there mewling about how I criticize them for spreading misinformation that allowed this crisis to happen in the first place: at least your hands etc still work. #yyj…
You know warned people? I warned people. Those of you who helped the politicians lie are despicable and no censure you face will be worse than what innocent people who had no choice at all have already suffered.

These conditions were a choice #yyj…
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Remembering Vivien Leigh on her birthday 🎂
📷 Roddy McDowall, New Haven, Connecticut, 1967
George Cukor said she was a “consummate actress, hampered by beauty”. Image
Alfred Bendiner's 1940 drawing of that year's 4 acting #Oscar winners: Robert Donat, Vivien Leigh, Hattie McDaniel, Thomas Mitchell
@smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
Today we're celebrating Leigh's birthday 🎂 Image
Here are some shots of Vivien Leigh from Anatole Litvak's The Deep Blue Sea, based on Terence Rattigan's play, c. 1955. Ernst Haas was one of the best of the on-set still photographers. ImageImage
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Today the @RoyalBCMuseum announced that it will be 'closing sections of the 3rd floor to start a process of decolonization'. This closure includes the First Peoples Gallery. Overall, this is good news but it took decades of work by Indigenous peoples across BC for this to happen.
Indigenous peoples have been telling the museum that its depiction of Indigenous peoples in the gallery is racist, dehumanizing and harmful. Articles have been written, letters have been mailed, meeting held, all to tell the museum to change and up until now it is has said no.
The museums's 3rd floor has 2 sections "Becoming BC" & the "First Peoples Gallery". On one side the history of BC is told without any presence of Indigenous peoples while the FPG depicts Indigenous peoples as backward, nameless, faceless, uncivilized and without a future.
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#BREAKING: A fire broke out this morning on the same ship, MV Zim Kingston, that lost around 40 containers due to rough weather west of Juan de Fuca Strait yesterday. The Canadian Coast Guard tells me the fire broke out in the damaged containers on board. @CHEK_News
@CHEK_News The ship is currently anchored in Constance Bank. Coast Guard says their Victoria station lifeboat is standing by near the ship to assess the situation as it unfolds and act as a safety vessel. @CHEK_News
Here are a couple photos of the containers aboard MV Zim Kingston on fire. Courtesy of Canadian Coast Guard. @CoastGuardCAN @CHEK_News
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Some claim BC cities and towns can't accelerate the shift from fossil fuel to electric heating in new houses and other buildings because they lack the powers in the Vancouver Charter.

This is wrong. And leading municipalities are showing the way. 🧵 1/n #ClimateAction #yyj Image
Houses and other buildings built today will be here for decades, locking in any #GHG emissions from fossil fuel heating. Some are still being built with methane "natural" gas heating, which is responsible for a lot of GHGs. (#VictoriaBC example). 2/n Image
Gas heating also leaves a financial risk to future building owners and occupants, as costs of gas will rise with carbon pricing over coming years.

So what can BC cities and towns do to help accelerate the shift to clean electricity? 3/n
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Something is seriously wrong in British Columbia with COVID: Thread 🧵

Active New Infections Oct. 4, 2021: 1,986
Active New Infections Oct. 5, 2020: 358

Deaths Oct. 4, 2021: 10
Deaths Oct. 5, 2020: 4

Total Active Infections Oct. 4, 2021: 189,680
Total Active Infections Oct. 5, 2020: 1,353

In Hospital Oct. 4, 2021: 326
In Hospital Oct. 5, 2020: 66

ICU Oct. 4th, 2021: 142
ICU Oct. 5th, 2020: 16

1 dose COVID vaccine Oct. 4th, 2021: 88.2%
1 dose COVID vaccine Oct. 5th, 2020: 0

2 dose COVID vaccine Oct. 4th, 2021: 81.6%
2 dose COVID vaccine Oct. 5th, 2020: 0

Mask Mandates Oct. 4th, 2021: YES
Mask Mandates Oct. 5th, 2020: NO

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Cases of COVID-19 in @Interior_Health are still high and trending upwards at a rate of 32.5/100K a day. But at this point cases are increasing faster in all other health regions—and especially in @Northern_Health which has a rate of 15.3/100K. @VanIslandHealth's rate is 6.2/100K. Rolling seven-day average of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,0
The @Interior_Health Kootenay Boundary HSDA has at a rate of 40.3 cases of #COVID19 per 100,000 residents a day, while East Kootenay's rate is 39.3/100K. The Okanagan's rate is 33.8/100K and Thompson Cariboo Shuswap's rate is 25.1/100K. #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of COVID-19 by Health Service Delive
@Interior_Health In @Northern_Health, the Northeast HSDA's rate of COVID-19 is now 22.5 cases per 100,000 residents a day. Northern Interior's rate is 14.8/100K and the Northwest's rate is 9.7/100K. #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of COVID-19 by Health Service Delive
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