Afternoon #ableg. The data is really sketchy this week but it is still time to compare it to predictions and make the next set of projections for the coming week.(predicted)
Active cases (22000) 22920 Exceeded
AVG Daily new cases (1700) 1731 MEET
AVG Daily deaths (5.5) 1.7 MUCH LOWER
*2021-4-25 2074 deaths Reported 2021-4-26 2067 reported. No explanation.
Hospitalizations (700) 648 UNDER
ICU (170) 155 UNDER
VoC (65-70%) 63%
* GoA has scaled down variant testing
With Bumbles going into hiding and unwilling to do anything other than wag his finger. THe outlook for next week is worse (although with reporting breaking down we may never know) Predictions 2021-5-8
15% growth in active cases - 2600
Average daily new cases 19500
AVG Daily deaths 4
Hospitalized 725
ICU 180

• • •

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More from @anonfmresident

4 May
Good morning #ableg. We are off to a roaring start with the #shandemic this week so buckle in it is going to be a wild wild week.
First up schools. With the failure of Comprehensive, robust and rapid plans Monster of Willful Ignorance @AdrianaLaGrange is launching the about fucking time plan and allowing teachers not already in isolation to fight for vaccines Here are the numbers
1443 schools with cases since Aug 30 (+15)
830 Past 2 weeks (+49)
168 Schools with one case or pending Alert (-6)
310 Alert (+21)
200 Outbreak (+20)
150 LaGrange lvl (+15)
5358 Total cases (+707)
Confirmed in school transmissions 678 (+63)
25% of schools
33% on outbreak
Read 6 tweets
3 May
Good morning #ableg and a a big salute to those of you still crewing your posts. Also Fuck You Bumbles, Monster @AdrianaLaGrange Shandemic, Senor Yao and @LailaGoodridge who are enjoying a two week vacations (possibly out of country). Here is your @shandemic report.
It is no longer safe for monster @AdrianaLaGrange to be near a school but some are still open (like BlackGold, which was denied permission to move online) Here are the results.
1428 schools with cases since Aug 30 (+12)
781 Past 2 weeks (+3)
174 Schools with one case or pending Alert (-23)
289 Alert (+8)
180 Outbreak (+8)
135 LaGrange lvl
4651 Total cases (+380)
Confirmed in school transmissions 577 (+38)
25% of schools
31% Schools have outbreaks
Read 6 tweets
29 Mar
Morning #ableg. Been a view days since I checked the stats so here is your Monday Morning #shandemic report and man...shit, shit shit.
Monster of Education @AdrianaLaGrange is busy inventing people to endorse her revisionism meanwhile...
Schools with/had cases 1278 (+12)
Last 2 weeks 398(+29)
1 case or Pre-Alert 127 (+17)
Alert (2-4) 148 (-2)
Tier 1 Outbreak (4-9) 81 (+10)
Lagranged 10+ 40 (+4)
1577 Active cases (+27)
In School transmision 265 (+12)
Closed 29
15% of Schools now on outbreak status
3rd wave now approaching 50% mark of previous one
Read 9 tweets
23 Mar
Morning #ableg, it aint good. Little doubt the #thirdwaveAB has begun and is picking up steam. Three key factors. 1) Covid is spreading through schools 2) No longer even flat, R values all greater than 1. Variants well established and spreading. 3rd likely to hit youth hardest
Disturbing trends as monster @AdrianaLaGrange works on her rodeo appreciation curriculum. (=-)
Schools with/had COVID cases 1259 (+3)
Last 2 weeks 352 (+24)
One case or Pre-Alert 112 (-3)
Alert (2-4) 139 (+21)
Tier 1 Outbreak (4-9) 58 (+6)
Lagrange Lvl Outbreak 38 10+ (+5)
There are now 1,474 active cases in Schools (+233)and
241 confirmed cases of in school transmission. (+27). Since the "great reset" in January, 24 have been forced to close and move online. Infections among 5-19 are now equiv to Nov at 44% Dec peak with a steep rate of climb.
Read 11 tweets
22 Mar
Morning #ableg. NOT happy about it but here is your I told you so #shandemic report. Badness on all three fronts. Schools, Numbers and especially on variants of concern. Following report may be contain reality and be upsetting to religious zealots
As teachers/students are low priority we start there.
@SOSAlberta (+-Fri)
Schools with/had COVID cases 1256 (+7)
Last 2 weeks 328 (+34)
One case or Pre-Alert 115 (+22)
Alert (2-4) 118
Tier 1 Outbreak (4-9) 52 (-1)
Lagrange Lvl Outbreak (+4) 33
Closed 24 (+1)
There are also 99 variant cases in 53 different schools over 15 boards. 40 of which were likely transmitted IN school. March has shown a large spike in cases among 5-19 year olds. In this category the third wave has now reached 44% of Dec peak. + roughly 10% over last week.
Read 8 tweets
18 Mar
Good Morning #AbLeg I am officially calling it. 3rd wave has begun in AB. I hope I am wrong and it certainly may be truncated if Bumbles is able to handle vaccinations. Three factors in my call 1) decline has ended and is leveling. 2)Spread in Schools. 3) variants of concern.
As teachers/students are low priority we start there. @SOSAlberta (change last 24hrs)
Schools with/had COVID cases 1248 (+1)
Last 2 weeks 288 (+1)
One case or Pre-Alert 93 (-3)
Alert (2-4) 112 (+5)
Tier 1 Outbreak (4-9) 53 (-1)
Lagrange Lvl Outbreak (10+) 29
Closed 23
Active cases 1199 (+33)
Transmissions 205 (+3)

Currently 12% of school are on Alert or designated as an outbreak and this is trending up. Among 5-19 year olds infections are at 32% of Dec peak and trending up. Currently there are at least 70 variant cases in schools.
Read 7 tweets

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