Here's a quick #Senedd2021 thread, if anyone gives dau gachiad:
As an active anarchist, I organised Vote Nobody campaigns & spoilt my ballot at election time. By the time Social Campaign Group had control of the Labour party leadership, I was so politically inactive it seemed...
... almost childish not back their tilt at government in 2017. I was never so naive as to think it could change any of the fundamental problems of this society. But if you don't recognise what a unique opportunity the possibility could have been; for a more peaceful world...
... improved redistribution of wealth, increase in working class power etc, then I don't know what to say.
Things have changed a lot since then, that moment has passed.
I say all that to say this; I was a non-voter, Corbyn made me break a habit of a lifetime, now it's ...
... time for #SeneddElection2021 & I appear to be a voter.

On the regional list for South East Wales most of the options are various types of tory right wing chancers, so it's a case of voting for whoever has the best chance of keeping them out. That means #Plaidthistime...
... the maths for the rest of the left - the Greens, Communists or TUSC - just don't add up.

This isn't some enthusiastic #PlaidFirstTime message. I'm not a convert to the cause of Welsh Nationalism. But it's a straight choice between Plaid or some form of tory or other...
... Considering I'm doing the lesser evil argument on the list vote, what about the constituency. I'm in Newport West - Labour incumbent, Conservative target. Same choice right?

I'm not going to vote for a party that couldn't bring themselves to oppose the #spycopsbill, no...
... matter what. I can't even consider it, seems poetic to abstain. I agree it would be shit to have a tory representative, and I'm fully aware policing is not a devolved issue, but they are the same party, and they're done a poor job of distancing themselves from Starmer...
... As for the #pccelections - every platform is antithetical, the entire concept is a bad joke, it's been spoiled with #DefundThePolice.

Postal Vote was sent last week, I'd always encourage everyone to do exactly the same as me politically, otherwise I wouldn't do it myself,...
... this doesn't mean I'm committed to the cause of #indywales or anything. Though to be clear, if there's a serious prospect of #annibyniaeth, I'm up for it. I don't think it would deliver the kind of society I want to see, and like everything else in life, it's a distraction...
... from imminent #climatechange. But it would unquestionably be better that the current situation.
Other than that, I really hope @LeanneWood wins in the the Rhondda, with @bethanjenkins standing down, she's the only reliable genuine left republican that's left in the #senedd...
... thanks to anyone who's bothered reading this far. As you can probably tell, I've had trouble sleeping. The outcome of the #seneddelection on Friday will be interesting, but as far as Wales is concerned, our best chance of representation is the Lions announcement on Thursday.

• • •

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4 May
The #spycopsinquiry starts with Summary of evidence for former #spycops officer HN 301 alias "Bob Stubbs" he was recruited for his "dark skin" he infiltrated the International Socialists / Socialist Workers Party 1971 - 1976
He says that HN343 alias "John Clinton" was like an informal mentor to him.
He was given a car and had a drivers licence in his cover name.
He got a job as a lab tech in order to improve his cover at the start of the employment as a Palestine activist also worked there.
This tactic was unsuccessful as he could not get close to the activist he was sent to target. So he quit the job and got a job as a handyman at a mechanics and started attending International Socialist meetings
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28 Apr
We are back at the #spycopsinquiry with the reading of Ernest Rodker’s written statement by Oli Rodker.
The whole of the 50 pages of the written statement will not be read out.

we are first treated to a photo of the Irish Liberation Press, before the correct photo of Ernest is shown
You can read the written statement that is currently being read out:…
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28 Apr
Extra follow up question for Piers Corbyn at the #spycopsinquiry about the other groups as opposed to the IMG who controlled other groups instead of supporting them. He says he was thinking of the IS/SWP who tried to be controlling. The IMG wanted to increase involvement
He says the anarchists would just turn up and get involved with anything without controlling anything.
Rajiv Menon asks Piers Corbyn if he was involved in anything Subversive in the special branch definition of the word. He says not.
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28 Apr
Piers Corbyn is now asked about his involvement in Irish politics. He's asked if this was via the IMG. He says he was always interested since a childhood visit to Galway. #spycopsinquiry
He's asked if there was an attempt by the IMG to take over the Irish Solidarity Campaign. Piers Corbyn said there was no attempt to control things from his point of view
The "Victory of the IRA" slogan was righty changed to "Solidarity with the IRA" in Piers Corbyn opinion
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27 Apr
Sir John Mitting calls HN347 one of two "honest witnesses" as we end for the day.

I guess this is in contrast to other witnesses from this week?

Is he taking the piss??? #spycopsinquiry
I let out a loud "Fuck Off" at this statement. I stand by that.

But I do realise it does make the jobs of members of the @ucpinquiry staff more difficult, as the viewing room is shared with police representatives.
So, for the sake of the workers, I'll try and keep my shouting at screens to a different room.
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26 Apr
Diane is very clear that "Ethel" was not an activist but was a workmate who came to a meeting with her one time. Whilst waiting for the meeting to start #spycops officer HN45 Dave Robertson came and grabbed "Ethel" by the wrist and dragged her outside
She was startled and surprised, and said "oh there's Dave" he came straight over and took control of her physically and said "we have to talk outside" and removed her from the room.
"I was very worried as I was already concerned he might be undercover"
She did not see either of them again that evening.
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