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1) Wales has the energy we just need the power!
Small countries
Iceland & Norway, hydropower makes up more than 60% of the countries’ energy supply.

Denmark, relies predominantly on renewables - mostly wind energy.

2) Wales creates 25% of generated electricity from renewables, it generates twice the energy it consumes (30.2 TWh to 14.9TWh). Fifth largest exporter of electricity in the world.

We have energy we need the power!

3) 💡Wind, Water, Tidal 💡

We have the potential 💡
" a centre to showcase the high-tech battery technology, called Batri, that DST has developed in Bridgend." 🤩

We have the vision!
Wales needs to benefit 💡!
But we need control 💡
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With only 3.5 days until submissions to the @Comisiwn close, we want to help good #sundayvibes for all of #Wales and put our previously published template responses into a 🧵.

You might like this, @NevilleSouthall - makes responding as easy as copy, paste, submit.

Here goes:
so in order to help move Cymru forward, you'll need to go to this web address (keeping in mind that we've got your back & we've got the answers in this thread).
[And if you want to see all our template responses in one place (that's away from Twitter) then you can see them all grouped here (but q.7 & 8 are grouped together).]…
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Minister Hutt has said 'We need a better deal from UK Gov' on #SundaySupplement and she's right in the short term.

In the long term?
The only solution is our own Central Bank that comes with #indyWales.
Lord Carlile, one time MP for Montgomeryshire, says that Justice must be Devolved to the Welsh Government - 'I'm sure they'd do it better'.

If it isn't coming after 2 consultations by Lords, it isn't coming without #indyWales.
Great to hear @LiseRButler & @deianhopkin adding nuance to the debate around our economic parallels from today to the 1970s.

The SNP also grew really well after that decade.

Our fear is that fascism in England will grow as a result of our current crises, as it did in the 1980s.
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Here's a quick #Senedd2021 thread, if anyone gives dau gachiad:
As an active anarchist, I organised Vote Nobody campaigns & spoilt my ballot at election time. By the time Social Campaign Group had control of the Labour party leadership, I was so politically inactive it seemed...
... almost childish not back their tilt at government in 2017. I was never so naive as to think it could change any of the fundamental problems of this society. But if you don't recognise what a unique opportunity the possibility could have been; for a more peaceful world...
... improved redistribution of wealth, increase in working class power etc, then I don't know what to say.
Things have changed a lot since then, that moment has passed.
I say all that to say this; I was a non-voter, Corbyn made me break a habit of a lifetime, now it's ...
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The reults of BBC Wales' St David's day poll, published today, have already started a discussion. In the #IndyWales movement people are asking how can it be that the % of those supporting Independence is lower in tbis poll than previous polls? Simple... /1
It sounds innocuous, trivial, or petty even. But the words used in a question are absolutely crucial in how the people respond. The wording also reflects on those commissioning the poll. In this instance the BBC has opted for continuity /2
They use the same form of words that they've used over many years in order to measure against. But I think they need to ask themselves: is this the right question to ask in the first place? Does the wording manage to entice the response that correctly reflects the public mood? /3
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Should I join @YesCymru and is the idea of having a Welsh Eurovision entry a persuasive argument for #IndyWales?

I demand your thoughts on this @eurotrash_freak @ESCApocalypse @iwanap69 @RETEU3 @eurotrashsash @SZeitblom
Okay, I've got the Join page open on my laptop browser, but first I need a clear answer as to who should represent Wales at Eurovision. This part is important!

What say you @MarchGlas?
Here's the deal. @RETEU3 @iwanap69 @as_penarth @ItRecks if you guys can give me a decent answer as to who should represent Wales at Eurovision, then I will join @YesCymru and campaign for an independent Wales.
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Independence might sound like an appealing idea, but will it work in practice?
Can Wales afford to stand on its own two feet?

One regularly-mentioned argument is that although Wales has a trade surplus of around £5bn a year, it is currently running a fiscal deficit.

However, the important point to make is that this fiscal deficit is not inevitable.

Wales is currently running a fiscal deficit *as part of the UK.*
It is not pre-ordained that Wales must suffer from a shortfall in revenue, and there are no obstacles in terms of our abilities, education system, or our place in the world that would render us unable to address the issue as an independent nation.
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Independence would give the government a set of economic tools it doesn’t have at the moment.

Currently, @WelshGovernment has minimal powers over taxation and borrowing.
The powers it does have are hamstrung in ways that ensure England is not disadvantaged.

For example, the UK Treasury has repeatedly refused Welsh Government calls to devolve Air Passenger Duty, unashamedly saying that doing so would give @Cardiff_Airport an advantage over @BristolAirport.
For the most part, the UK Government simply hands Cardiff Bay an annual grant, which @WelshGovernment uses to pay for Welsh services.

This effectively means that Welsh economic policy is made in Westminster, and driven by the needs of the UK as a whole.
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Am sick of the 'politicians' trying to kill Wales. Trying to take away our language, culture and basically end our country. Although I only consider myself Welsh, there are many I know that have always considered themselves Welsh&British, that I know are actually seeing some
of what going on and having more understanding of what #indyWales movement about, even if they don't fully agree with it. Think we mostly all agree with Senedd needs shaking up, not abolishing. As it is, it is run by Westminster facing parties and mostly career politicians that
don't care about you or me, apart from odd 1 or 2. We have the likes of Neil Hamilton etc, who don't live here, or have no interest when they go home. Many there only interested in keeping the money in the areas that already have the wealth. Where as #indyWales movement wants
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These statements are making the Unionist cause look increasingly desperate and panicky. This by Drakeford, who's an intelligent man, is illogical and demeans him.
First he wants us to use our imaginations. OK let's imagine that Wales was independent. We'd then have our /1
equivalent of SAGE, yes, but would we be so arrogant as to ignore advice from WHO and other countries?
Would we have been so late to lockdown?
Would we have had a PM that went around hospitals shaking hands with Covid-19 patients?
Would we have had a PM that refused to /2
to attend our equivalent of COBRA?
Would we have had a government that refused to take steps to social distance sooner?
Would we have had a government that failed to invest properly in our NHS and chose instead to implement austerity and invest in willy waving projects?
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UPDATED WATER💧THREAD #indywales @indytanc @YesCymru

*Caveat: This is a simplistic overview (not authoritative) designed only to inform & to highlight the exploitative political system that allows abstraction of Welsh water, our national resource, to be siphoned & utilised 1/12
to create private profit for large corporations & their individual private shareholders via English based privatised water companies.

Thread begins below


💦Water abstracted from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

18.25 Billion litres are abstracted from river Dee in Wales per year

91.98 Billion litres are abstracted per year from lake Vyrnwy

133 Billion litres per year are abstracted from Elan Valley reservoirs.

In total 243.23 Billion litres

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Economy – In the 1950s the Welsh GDP was twice as big as Ireland’s. Now, as an independent nation in the 21st century, the economy of the Irish Republic is 4 times the size of Wales. Westminster rule doesn’t work – independence does. #indyWales
Water – 243 billion litres of water is annually exported from Wales to England, but our communities see no benefit. Severn Trent Water, who own many reservoirs in mid Wales, sell Welsh water and make a £1bn a year profit. None of this profit returns to Wales. #indyWales
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