3 May 2021 - #MAGAanalysisPrep

Can't get to my essay till this afternoon, but you'll want to dig into #FromDictatorshipToDemocracy Chapter 4, Dictatorships have Weaknesses asap if you can! Here are today's study notes.
2) This clip is a PERFECT reflection of EXACTLY what Sharp is teaching us. Do check this out!

3) Then last for now, here's the list of weaknesses Sharp gives us, as I've reduced them to smallest number of terms possible:

1) Cooperation Needed
2) Regime's Past Policies
3) Less Able to Adjust
4) Personnel and Resources NOT Available
5) Subordinates NOT Reporting Accurately
4) Weaknesses list continued:

6) Ideology Erosion
7) Ideology Distraction From Reality
8) Deteriorating Efficiency
9) Internal Conflicts
10) Intellectuals Grow Restless
11) General Public Grow Skeptical
12) Segment Differences Grow Acute
13) Power Hierarchy Instability
5) Weaknesses list concluded:

14) Police or Military Pull Away
15) Time Pressure Mounts
16) Mistakes of Judgment, Policy, Action
17) Erosion of Power & Control
Mini-Prep Thread ends at #5.

17 weaknesses is a lot, yet the reality goes WAY beyond that! Come share your own study prep with us at Telegram!


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2 May
1 May 2021 #MAGAanalysis

#FromDictatorshipToDemocracy – Chapter 4: Dictatorships have Weaknesses – Introduction

In today's short meditation leading into our study of Chapter 4, we're going to follow just one idea around a bit...

2) We have just completed Usurper Biden's 1st 100 days. This dictatorship is still very new, at least under his aegis. However, all its powers and infiltration throughout our society is almost ancient at this point. He holds no new powers.
3) What's more, it is critical that we remember we won 2016 handily, and we won a massive reelection landslide in 2020. This forced the dictatorship to expose its own weaknesses as never before. Truth is, this is not a new Biden Dictatorship, it is an old Swamp Dictatorship.
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1 May
1 May 2021 #MAGAanalysis

#FromDictatorshipToDemocracy – Concluding Chapter 3

Sharp doesn't say this, but I believe it's right here in these concluding pages. Truth is a social function. We do know this from psychological testing. It's kind of amazing. I'll explain...
2) As I recall from college, psychologists decided to test what it takes to make someone doubt what they know to be true. So the created an experiment where there were 5 or 6 actors and 1 person being tested. We'll call the person be tested by the name X.
3) All the actors in the test were instructed to tell an absolute lie, 100% false, something like 1 + 1 = 3. The group leader would then put up the question:

What does 1 + 1 equal?

Actors 1 - 5 would all confidently and obviously answer 3.
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30 Apr
29 April 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Multiple Media To Engage The Text

I noted this key thought on the 24th, but today is the first time I've posted the image below as I so often do. The thing is, I discovered a new kind of problem to solve which I'll explain more below...
2) Here's the problem. I can't mark up the entire page, yet this page is one of the most powerful in the entire book and its every thought is critical for our mission.

What to do?
3) It hit me - and a good friend of mine has been pushing me in this direction - that reading the page out loud would serve our purposes in this essay very nicely indeed. Some of you may have noticed I just did a bit of testing of that method and it seemed to go well enough.
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29 Apr
29 April 2021 #MAGAanalysis


I posted a tiny, little ditty I wrote and recorded yesterday. Here it is again. Plus, a friend of mine asked for verses, so I wrote the following 3 last night. Not ready to record the full song, but the new lyrics follow...
2) First Verse:

I truly love my Mr. Xi
He gives me lots of money
And we both agree on
How much we hate Don
3) Second Verse:

I smell the hair on girls
And I do it round the world
Because you know I can, man
You really know I can, man
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28 Apr
28 April 2021 #MAGAanalysis

When an author breaks his reader!

This is where we left off, yesterday, after just 8 tweets in my thread, on page 33 of From Dictatorship To Democracy by Gene Sharp, book number 4 on my list.
2) There's a small story from yesterday morning I've decided to share today. Re-reading the list from the section: Centers of democratic power, broke me. Not as in completely! But analytically. The reality of Sharp's point was larger than my mind could handle.
3) No, it didn't help that I had a huge coaching day encroaching, but time limits was not the problem. Mind limits was. Two passages from the New Testament exploded in my mind, and exploded my mind itself. There were Luke 14 and John 6.
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27 Apr
27 April 2021 #MAGAanalysis

FDTD – Chapter 3: Whence Comes the Power – Part 3

We won't have time to get today's analysis done in the morning. I hate that, but I will get it done later today. Diving in, we have two of the hardest passages of the New Testament to contemplate.
2) Here's a single verse to capture the horrendous point:

Luke 14: 26

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
3) If I have the time, later today, I'll look up this verse in Strong's Concordance and find the Greek or Aramaic word translated into the term "hate." Turning to the original language always helps. But, simply hearing it in King James English matters, also.
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