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EXPOSED: Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Island — FULCRUM Coming for Skippy! #GreatAwakening…
Skippys guest list includes April Ryan and dear sweet Maggie! They are all part of the biggest coverup in History! #TheEndisNear #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate
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#RedPill Time.

Note the title of the book. Epstein definitely had a secret life.

He had blackmail material on the powerful.

Who was he an operative for?

Mossad, like Maxwell's father?

The Council on Foreign Relations?

The CIA?

Everyone who paid him?

#qanon #maga #wwg1wga
What was the thesis of #Pizzagate, really?

Powerful people in Washington, DC and elsewhere abused and trafficked children.

With what we know now, is this so hard to believe?

Vatican. Jimmy Savile. Denny Hastert. Epstein. Clinton. Prince Andrew. NXIVM.

#maga #qanon #wwg1wga
What is the primary thesis of #QAnon?

There is a global conspiracy to subvert democracy for power and profit.

Isn't blackmail an EXCELLENT means of doing this?

Isn't there plenty of motive?

#maga #qanon #wwg1wga
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Children's bones were found under water by FBI divers next to Epstein's Pedo island.

#PedoGate, #PizzaGate & #PedoWood are real. People need to wake the F up! These are children we are talking about! F a political party!…
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"I realized that they were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States."

Stick a fork in #Google, it's done.…

#Google has no problem with using the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy to intimidate whistleblowers:

"the police .. started banging on my door .. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.”

Insider Zachary Vorhies also said "he sent those documents to the Department of Justice Antitrust Division."


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I think I figured out why Chrissy Teigen was so pissed about #PizzaGate.

Here she is at an event with her friend Rachel Chandler-Guinness.
Just in case you thought I photoshopped this.

Here's the list with Chrissy, Chandler, Bronfman, Courtney Love, and plenty more.…
Here is the original photo and the link to the site I pulled it from.

Definitely not a Photoshop.…
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🇺🇸 OMG Anons, We have more slaves in America than ever in our history! How could we have not known?
Patriots, the nation MUST KNOW what is happening. It is the one thing that WILL UNITE US. If it does not, we are truly lost
🇺🇸 #EndChildSexTraffick
🏴 Kentucky Judges Pre-Signed Blank Legal Documents so that Child Services could take Custody of Kids on Nights & Weekends
"Children are being illegally taken from their home without judges' proper authority."

🇺🇸#EndCPSTrafficking #ProjectSafeChild
🇺🇸 through religious rituals the elite at the very top offer human sacrifice, and they love to offer children. You’d be amazed how many children come up missing in this country every year & are never heard of again. They're gone . . .

. . they murdered Nancy Schaefer & husband
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The great one @marklevinshow thread.

Finally he’s doing a show about sex trafficking. It looks to me like #PizzaGate is as real as it gets. This is a very important program tonight.
Child sex trafficking is a very serious conversation that needs to be held in our nation.
The greatest country in the world has the youngest rate of children trafficked. One Child can bring a pimp between 200 K to 250 K a year on average.

Does anyone still wonder where Jeffrey Epstein got his money?
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(1) Let’s start where Epstein was held Metropolitan correctional center [MCC] is a U.S federal administrative detention facility in Manhattan, NY holds male & female prisoners of ALL security levels. Operated by Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of U.S Department of Justice
(2) A Brief History
(3) The Facility ~
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•An #FBI bulletin dated May 30, 2019 surfaces Aug. 1, 2019 calling out #conspiracies & #ConspiracyTheorist as being #DomesticTerrorism

•QAnon included…
•July 25, 2019 articles like this one by @RollingStone mocked #conspiracytheories, and their danger to public safety

“...and thanks to a hashtag, the baseless rumor likely has a whole lot of new believers”…
•Today as soon as #Epstein was found dead Twitter had 100 MILLION people making #Epstein, #TrumpEpstein, #ClintonBodyCount, #Clintoncide #EpsteinMurder TREND

•It’s a safe bet that the 100 MILLION people talking about Jeffrey were not all Conservatives/Republicans🙄
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1. Q told us August was going to be HOT 🔥

H.O.T. = Hat-On-Tight (jailer's term for arrestee about to be released)

Today another #FakeDeath #EpsteinClone

What is going on❓
Let's take a look 👀

Could this have anything to do with what happened today❓
2. Is it possible that who are seeing on the gurney photos is not #Epstein


Pedophiles are pussies, will do anything to protect their dirty secrets. Look past what your eyes are telling you. 💊👀✝️


3. Take a look at this video clip about #HumanCloning - come back to this thread when you are done.
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Here's the real news regarding #Epstein and #Pedogate that nobody is reporting.

Let's begin here: What the hell has been going on in all the *other* elite social circles, and before and after this period?

Does my question puzzle you? It shouldn't. You think this is a one-off?
Look, there's a simple and obvious point you have to bear in mind.

Just stop and think about this. If you do, it will blow your mind. It did mine.
If all these super-powerful people are capable of systematic child trafficking and abuse in *this* case and at *this* particular period of time, don't you think they and others like them do it in *other* places, and at *other* times?

What, you think this is a one-off?
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1/ White supremacy and the #ElPasoShootings.

It's a psyop and not a very good one.

Let's dig in.
2/ First - and most important - question: who is the shooter? That's ... not an easy question to answer believe it or not. There are FOUR different photographs floating around of him.


3/ I haven't seen any cross references to the first two anywhere so I'm going to narrow the possible Patricks down to the last two - the Hispanic Patrick and the Jewish Patrick. The NY Post did post their pics on Saturday a few hours apart.

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🔥🔥🔥CAN You Say, “CORRUPTION?”🔥🔥🔥🔥

🔥What does #CIA, #MKULTRA, & THE FINDERS have in COMMON?

🔥🔥Child Sex-Offender, JEFFREY EPSTEIN 🔥🔥

@OrtaineDevian @realDonaldTrump @NSAGov @GenFlynn @Bluepopcorn8 @volarconalas @Telford_Russian @Lied2B2point0

🔥It is time ~ They MK-Ultra’d WHITEY BULGER while in prison

🔥The psych: “...[a child] was filmed NUMEROUS times performing SEXUAL ACTS with HIGH-RANKING Fed Govt workers, in a scheme set up by Cameron

🔥It is definitely time

@OrtaineDevian @trixirilla @BrianCMulloy76 @miketeets4 @MagaSpud @MmeMaryMary1 @mclanelfn @ZacharyMcbrien @NannyMcTrump @OBXRealty @DevinPMcDermot1 🔥In 1956, Bulger served his first term in federal prison

🔥While there, he was involved in the MK-ULTRA program, the goal of which was to research mind control drugs for the CIA

🔥For 18 mos, Bulger & 18 other inmates were given LSD and other drugs

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The Dayton shooter is an adherent to satanism.

"against all gods" his patch reads.

Connor Betts was his name. He's not a white supremacist, he's AntiFa, just like the El Paso shooter.
"Blackcraft Cult"

Help us out here, @ChurchofSatan, what does this stuff mean?
From the American Jewish archives. Looks like Connor may be part Jewish as well. What does this mean? I don't know, but I'm not racist.…
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1) This is PART 2 ON MY THREAD


Free Speech Forum #Voat has been under DDoS attack for days. STILL happening!

See Part 1…

@RaidenRockman @Vindic8tr

#Qanon #Pizzagate #Pedogate #Epstein
2) This is a great thread by @ZevShalev. Be sure to check it out! I'm going to use it in my thread too.…

#Epstein #Mossad #Qanon #Pizzagate #Pedogate
3) Narativ has independently confirmed Jeffrey Epstein works for Israeli Intelligence. Why would Israel need all that blackmaii material?

#Epstein #Mossad #Qanon #Pizzagate #Pedogate
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If the FBI considers conspiracies like PizzaGate to be domestic terrorist threats, which is spot on, then what does that make Michael Flynn and his son who were on the frontlines promoting the fringe conspiracy?…
“In December 2016, a North Carolina man fired gunshots in the pizzeria allegedly in response to the false "pizzagate" story. At the time, Flynn wrote on Twitter: "Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it'll remain a story." - NBC News reported in 2017…
“Michael Flynn, 33, left the US president-elect's transition team on Tuesday following his tweets about the so-called Pizzagate fake news story.” - BBC reported in Dec. 2016…
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Qatar is finalizing plans for spy plane project in #LeningradLindsey’s South Carolina

The project led by Qatari-owned firm Barzan Aeronautical, has been in the planning stages for the last several years.

Qatari officials have visited South Carolina

TX GOP Will Hurd will not seek re-election

North Carolina Republican Operative Indicted in Connection With Election Fraud

Pelosi says Trump should ask ‘slumlord’ Jared Kushner about Baltimore

Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore Home Burglarized #ReadTheCummingsReport

Barrack’s Colony Capital brought in Saudi Arabia's Public Fund when it invested in digital infrastructures such after Trump's election.

CC worked with Digital Bridge to form a $4B investment vehicle & since June, Colony agreed to acquire Digital Bridge.
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1/ The MSM aren't learning anything from their mistakes about #pizzagate and #qanon.
2/ I'm not going to get into the authenticity of the document - it may or may not be genuine. I don't know. I want to look at the report itself.

3/ "The document .. mentions #Pizzagate the theory that a pedophile ring including Clinton associates was being run out of the basement of a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant (which didn’t actually have a basement)."

a) Pizzagate did NOT claim that and b) it does have one.
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1) Free Speech Forum #Voat has been under heavy DDoS attack for days. The owner said it's military grade level. This thread will show what THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW

#Qanon #Pizzagate #Pedogate #Epstein #LolitaExpress
2) This is the link that caused the DDoS attack.

Epstein, Nicole Junkermann, RedCross, and The Vatican Connections

#Epstein #LolitaExpress #Pizzagate #Pedogate #Qanon #Vatican #Mossad
3) Part 1 of the #Voat post is here...

The Epstein Associate Nobody's Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS....Nicole Junkermann

#Qanon #Epstein #LolitaExpress #Pizzagate #Pedogate
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Given the Jeffrey Epstein revelations about Blair, Campbell, Mandelson etc
Labour need to hold an investigation into why 'New Labour' were 'soft on nonces, soft on the causes of nonces'
@margarethodge @harrietharman @campbellclaret @GaryLineker
#QAnon #PizzaGate
@margarethodge @HarrietHarman @campbellclaret @GaryLineker Harriet Harman's best friends and their husbands (Margaret Hodge etc) all seemed to be involved in some way in these paedophile scandals
#QAnon #Pizzagate #JeffreyEpstein
@margarethodge @HarrietHarman @campbellclaret @GaryLineker Only in Britain could a PM (Tony Blair) appoint his neighbour and friend to be 'CHILDREN's Minister'!
After she had presided over a Child Sex Abuse scandal cover up AND when her husband/friends were paedophile advocates!
#QAnon #Pizzagate #JeffreyEpstein
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SAPATOS VERMELHOS - Símbolo de Pedofilia e de Morte.

Ultimamente a agenda pedo vem ganhando força nas redes sociais e resolvi fazer essa thread sobre um dos maiores símbolos pedófilos.
Antes de mais nada, tenha em mente que é preciso analisar o contexto da situação para decretar o veredicto. Não é porque uma pessoa está usando um sapato vermelho que ela é pedófila. Tudo é questão de contexto.
O sapato de salto surgiu no ANTIGO EGITO. Quando os egípcios matavam animais - seja pra comer ou rituais - as solas de seus sapatos ficavam vermelhas por causa do SANGUE. Para evitar isso, criaram o sapatos de salto alto para que não ficassem sujos.
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Survivors of St. John's Pizza 🍕 👈👀👀 original video:

#QAlert #GreatAwakening
These People Are Sick
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @QWarrior1917 @StormIsUponUs
How scared is RENAGADE
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