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Enough Is Enough!!!!!!!!

This Thread Is Designated To The 1995 Card Game "ILLUMINATI"

How Many Coincidences Until It's Mathematically Impossible???

This Post Was Deleted. Twitter Doesn't Want This To Spread.
This Is Clearly A Reference Towards The 9/11 "Terrorist Attacks" Six YEARS Before It Happened.
This Is A Reference To Underground Tunnels [DUMB] In Texas.
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Scandals & Corruption
Linked to Pedophiles & Child Trafficking

At 29, Kamala Harris had an affair w/ married San Francisco politician, #WillieBrown, 60. He appointed her to two lucrative positions & dumped her after he was voted first black mayor of SF.
Willie Brown, a big fan of cult leader, #JimJones from the People’s Temple, and compared Jones to Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.
During their affair, Brown appointed Kamala to the State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board & California Medical Assistance Commission in 1994.
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So people committing arson putting thousands of people's lives at risk are NOT extremists?
Arson - not extremism.…
Arson - not extremism.…
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From the boards.

Pedo arrests are piling up.
#PedoGate #PizzaGate

India: 20-year-old arrested for hacking Instagram accounts of minor girls, cyberstalking, blackmail and child pornography…
Perry sex offender sentenced to 10 years for federal child porn charges…
Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP Files Lawsuits Against Camp Shane Under New York's Child Victims Act…
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Disturbing content
Today we’re going to look in #pizzagate
A conspiracy theory.
In 2016 Wikileaks leaked over 50k emails of the American political consultant and White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton, John Podesta.
The emails were largely about campaigns, events and other political activities however upon further inspection, they seemed to contain a lot of references to food in a ‘not in context’ way.
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German football star Christoph Metzelder.
Exposed. 297 files of child pornography on his phone.
He did´t even hide it.
#PedoGate #Pizzagate #Germany #savethechilden

Watch the thread ImageImageImageImage
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"One of the victims is under the age of 16 and the other is under the age of 12, said Sheriff Jimmy Abbett."…
#PedoGate #PizzaGate
"Marlin Santana Thomas, 45, is charged with trafficking seven women and one minor girl between September 2009 and February 2018, distributing heroin and transporting women out of state for the purpose of prostitution."…
#PedoGate #PizzaGate
"New details have emerged in a two-week effort last month that located 39 missing and endangered children, some of whom were said to have been sex-trafficking victims."…
#PedoGate #PizzaGate
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As I was reading some Q posts I stumbled across one that mentions the @Disney film Pinocchio - & how in the film little boys are taken to islands. Q reminds us that their perversions are hidden in plain sight.

And then I started researching a bit further …

Q also mentioned that citizen investigations are necessary for public awareness. So I decided to start investigating more children films and what I found is absolutely disgusting.

A thread on how @Pixar created an era of pedophilia starting with their first ever film #ToyStory:
Let’s start at the beginning. @Pixar’s first ever feature film was in 1995 and it was #ToyStory. Woody the main character in this film (that is literally littered with pedophilia symbols) is no other than ….. TOM HANKS. 👀

The coincidences started before the movie even did …
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No surprise that Brian Urlacher is against Black athletes striking to draw attention to police brutality.
NFL Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher follows 6 Qanon accounts on Instagram and has liked posts dismissing police brutality, pushing Hydroxychloroquine for #COVIDー19, and other Q conspiracies theories.
One of the Qanon accounts Brian Urlacher follows praised Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse as “doing nothing wrong” and referred to his murders as attempts to “clean up the community.”
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NJ Pedophile Roundup: 21 Caught Having Or Trying To Have Sex With Kids, AG Says…
#PedoGate #PizzaGate
8 arrested for child sex crimes in undercover operation, Mesa police say…
#PedoGate #PizzaGate
"Two young women posted nude photos of underage girls on websites in order to sell the children for sex, and rented Airbnbs almost a dozen times so that clients and victims could meet".…
#PedoGate #PizzaGate
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Some articles are best to have in pictureformat for safekeeping. #EndHumanTrafficking #CEMEX
Part 1.
Some articles are best to have in pictureformat for safekeeping. #EndHumanTrafficking #CEMEX
Part 2.
Some articles are best to have in pictureformat for safekeeping. #EndHumanTrafficking #CEMEX
Part 3. Note in part 2 how cookingstoves came up. #CannibalClub Zuckerberg knows all about CannibalClub, where Meryl Streep came openly.
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A few days ago Facebook announced that they would be removing groups such as militias and QAnon from their platform. 1/25…
Reactions from Canadians such as this former III%er leader were as expected. 2/25
Because, you know, being deplatformed on social media is a precursor to show trials and force labour in isolated gulags. 3/25
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Down With The Sickness. #CEMEX #ThesePeopleAreSick I hear CEMEX is feeling the heat in the Lions Gate 💥💣🍕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Social Media is DYING !

[NEW THREAD] Please RT if possible - ThanQ !

Social media is dying by its own hands.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others are closing down on anything to do with [Q]anon, or at least, they're trying to.

It's affecting many people in many ways.
(1) Some of those that it has affected, or will affect, are those who rely on YT and other SM sites for their livelihood.

Reporting anything that goes against the system is, effectively, becoming a crime.

(2) Many users have been reporting their viewer/follower counts being throttled/adjusted so that the account does not get the usual audience (or earnings) it usually would.

We are at war.....

Not just any war, but a digital war for your mind and soul.
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1 /33
Brad Pitt: “La élite de pedófilos de Hollywood controla toda América” -
#ArrestSoros #ArrestBillGates
#ArrestDrTedros #ArrestFauci
#ArrestGiuseppeConte #ArrestPedroSanchez #ArrestJacindaArdern
🤸‍♀️🤼‍♂️🚶‍♀️🕴️🕺🏃‍♂️🤸‍♀️BOOM 👀 💥 🌏…
El juez Kavanaugh y George Soros. La Corte Suprema dictaminó que las organizaciones afiliadas a la @OpenSociety de #Soros pierden protección de 1A y pueden ser tratadas como amenazas internacionales en los EEUU y en el extranjero.
🤸‍♀️🕺BOOM 👀 💥 🌏…
El #UltraPsicosociópata George Soros semihundido por los Torpedos en su Línea de Flotación la #OpenSociety tilda de “enemigos internos” de Europa a quienes se oponen a la agenda del Nuevo Orden Mundial
#ArrestSoros #ArrestBillGates
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Rather a good Q advertisement on CNN. Includes an overt attempt to tie Q to the not at all fake and gay Comet Ping Pong false flag on Dec 4, 2016.

Q called out @andersoncooper by name a couple of times during his original drops. He is a Vanderbilt, one of the thirteen bloodlines, and his mother was Grand High Priestess of the East Quadrant. His mockery of the cabal seems a bit nervous here.

@andersoncooper And then there was #345, a photo of AC browsing a catalogue of children.

#qanon Image
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Facing evil, Dark to Light, and the Power of Prayer. This is a continuation of my last thread. Look away at any time if it becomes too much. I don’t see many people willing to crawl down in the mud to expose this further, so I appreciate you crawling with me.
The main theme of that thread was how charities and foundations work together to traffic and exploit children and people while striving as business entities. The reason I need to do at least 1 more thread on that evil is there is so much evil these days it’s inescapable.
How did we get to this point as a society? As humans? Each day pages of links and stories are pounded into our conciousness. We hear of unimaginable things done to the elderly, animals, and of course children, and even babies. I should warn you that I do not intend to hold back.
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Turns out #pizzagate isn’t just in the UK... I was shocked to hear the accounts of these poor young children who were subject to satanic sexual abuse by their own father in the Hampstead Pedo case

It makes for horrifying watching but the abuse they suffered at the hands of their own father and their primary school in Hampstead is horrific.

This is their father in a desperate attempt to prove he had no involvement in any of it. One too many actor classes I reckon. P.S he’s now in Hollywood pursuing a career guessed it!

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Shots fired @ White House
•2 year delta Q post #1837: —>We are under [extreme] heavy attack by [3] intel agencies [Foreign & Domestic]
@realDonaldTrump WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU, your family and your team!
•MayJesus & His blood protect our President!
•Armor of God
#Trump2020 ImageImage
2. 🔥EXCELLENT 🔥 song
exposing the Battle we are in
•Issac Kappy is a hero for exposing #pedogate #pizzagate ...and was killed waking up the masses.
•Here is his unreleased song "The Present" with an Awakening upgrade!

3. Cool as a cucumber 🥒
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1) Tomorrow 8/11/20, General Flynn will finally be exonerated from his illegal gag order and deliberate desperate attempts from Obama's minions to silence the horrific truth... Judge Sulllivan is now disqualified as he - or someone - listed him as a "litigant" in this hearing...
2) This great Patriot who has faithfully served his country, was the first to start exposing #pizzagate and knows exactly where the bodies are buried and where all the money was going......and the orders came all the way from the top.....
3) with Sullivan out of the way, it will all be done in court tomorrow…
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I recall a couple of years ago when Target was one of the first to allow non-gender specific restrooms. I was done with them back then.

With a quick search...
#pizzagate Image
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A thread for my cousin PJ. xo
Let's start with the basics... Comet Ping Pong "has no basement..."

For reference, here is the actual article...…
Other interesting events in the Comet Ping Pong basement. Remember, this is a family friendly pizza restaurant... RIGHT?
2:40 mark... there is your first clue... here's more, if that's not enough...

WTF about preferences???
So, what's up with that? Who IS this James Alefantis, who just claims to be a local business owner of a pizza joint in Washington D.C.?

He is in to some... interesting art and music... that's for sure. But what else? Who does he know?
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