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WTF is this?

Donald Barr’s son, US AG William Barr is currently investigating the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

In 1973, Donald Barr, hired a young 20 year old college dropout named Jeffrey E. Epstein to teach math at the Dalton School. Epstein taught at the school b/w 1974-76
Donald Barr also wrote this sci-fi novel, Space Relations, about sex slavery in space.

Epstein went on to build a career in finance and became a multimillionaire. He served time in 2008 as a sex offender for having molested 36 girls, some as young as 14.
In July 2019, Epstein was arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking of minors in Florida & New York. Epstein committed suicide while being held in US Federal custody on Aug 10, 2019.

US AG William Barr was appointed by the Trump administration in February 2019.
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Masonic rituals, magazine covers and Mack.
The world is run by people who communicate with each other using the language of powerful symbols that impart information to the initiated. Magazine covers, photo shoots and pop song videos are among the vehicles used for this communication.
This cover and the inside pics, and to a far lesser extent the accompanying article, convey to the initiated that Mack Culkin is now a Royal Arch Mason (13th degree Scottish Rite or 7th York Rite) and probably also a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis.
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@realDonaldTrump #pizzagate was coined by #fakenews 2manipulate the minds so the viewers wud believe it was a conspiracy. #mindcontrol
#pedogate research-->#tedgunderson #martyr #FBICorruption #darktolight ... once u can c how dark the world really is, when u open up ur mind - u can never go back
@realDonaldTrump The truth is out there. #truthneverdies #speakout Save a Life. No greater love than to sacrifice for others. #digitalsoliders #ForGodForHumanity #thesepplrsick
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Another children's charity with extensive ties to the Epstein network is ARK (Absolute Return for Kids).

ARK hosted extravagant annual fundraisers from 02-12 featuring Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton, Jacob Rothschild, various royals & MANY others.

ARK was co-founded and chaired by hedgefund manager Arpad(Arki) Busson, who is in listed in Epstein's black book.

ARK runs charter schools in the US & UK, combats HIV in Africa, and runs private orphanages in Eastern Europe.

Great research doc on ARK:…
Some of the ppl who worked w/ ARK or attended their galas:
-Ghislaine Maxwell
-Jacob Rothschild
-Bill Clinton
-Barack Obama
-Bill Gates
-Prince William/Kate
-Mike Bloomberg
-Kevin Spacey
-Tony Blair
-Naomi Campbell
-Sarah Ferguson
-Richard Branson

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I find it very suspicious that the WHO is putting more fear into the collective consciousness.

Let's take a look at WHO 🤔

World 🌎
Health 🧬
Organization 👺

WHO knows where the bodies are buried?

@GenFlynn @POTUS #ErikPrince

W orld
H ealth
O rganization

What if W.H.O. is how the cabal used to bury the bodies of their victims ❓ The truth is going to be hard to swallow for most.

@GenFlynn @POTUS Mark my words IMO this #coronvirus 🦠 is related to their need for blood. 🩸Not kidding. Wait for it. 🍿

🤔Rudy mentions #Draco today 🦎🦖
💥The Q is forced today

Something BIG is coming. They are SO screwed!
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Dr. Stanley Patrick Weber Molested young boys!

Convicted Former Pine Ridge Indian Health Service Pediatrician Sentenced to Five Consecutive Life Sentences for Multiple Sex Offenses Against Children

Read More…
A pediatrician who worked for Indian Health Services was suspected of preying upon young boys for decades.

He got the boot in Montana, but ended up at another IHS hospital in South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where his abuse continued for more than 2 decades.
From the Doctor that tried to prevent Weber from getting hired.

Dr. Mark Butterbrodt whose career was destroyed after complaining about Weber.

Indian Health Services kept defending & sweeping his actions under the rug!
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Thread from long fbook post-…

New #Q post this morning, in a set of 3, and though it might not jump out at you right away, it's maybe one of the most important messages they send (tho not the first time it's been sent).
Why do I think that? Well, this post FOLLOWS what WE had been highlighting a couple days ago, rather than vice versa. This happens fairly regularly, esp the last year or so, but this is maybe the most obvious case I've seen and it's at a pretty important time in this movement.
When this was all starting out generally all Q posts were a starting point, a hint/clue/crumb giving us a jumping off point for what to research. After the post dropped anons would go to work and share their results, rehash, refine, etc., ...
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#Q3845 #pizzagateisreal

Interesting tidbit on Pizzagate ...

Bill Clinton/Bush Jr.'s FBI Director Louis Freeh — one of his biggest cases involved pizza parlors.

Was there more to the story than money laundering??…
#PizzaGate Very interesting
🟪FBI Director for 9/11, Waco, Ruby Ridge, OK City bombing

🟪Damage control Sandusky/Penn State pedo scandal

🟪Nearly died in freak car accident 08/2014. Message to others players investigating Hillary, IMO

🟪Los Alamos state secrets case

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“For every item that carries the darkness of humanity there's one that holds the light. And that light is worth believing in. Not just in others, but in yourself as well.” ― C.M. Rayne
Trust and believe in yourself.
The Silent War Continues….
8 Feb 2020 - 1:06:14 PM
3845- Cheese Pizza” #pizzagateisreal…📁
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“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of colour
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy…
Cheese= little girl
Pizza= Girl

Referencing child porn
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James Alefantis is in top 50 of most important people in Washington D.C ! Pizza shop owner ! Old news to some ! Let’s recap
J’aime les enfants is French for I LOVE CHILDREN 💗
He is a Rothchild and this is his Mother 👁
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#Qanon #Hussein #Obama

In honor of Q drop 3836, 02/06/2020

A THREAD ‘honoring’ the man and legacy of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA
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Today, on K-Town i explained how PizzaGate was used to coverup pedophilia. Can't you see it yet?

Impeachment helps Trump.
PizzaGate helps Clinton.

I know it's confusing at first. Think. Don't watch your opponent. Watch who benefits.
2) I could make an argument #PizzaGate was a beta release of #QAnon. Narcs do this all the time. Only some of us have had the "privilege" of seeing it.
3) What happens to the Witchfinder General if there are no more witches?

Why are there only two parties?
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In #Norway we have Operation #DarkRoom…. It's #PizzaGate involving power political entities. It's the Police, it's the elite. When the investigating police' case hit high profile groups, the politicians cut off all funds to the investigation.
The head police investigator said to the remaining objective media that status quo is we are blocked. Journalists have covered the case in small detail. It's now called Operation Initiative.
#ThoreLangfelt is a deep state character that has been legalizing children's sexuality since the 70's.… He is now the go to guy the government sends the convicted pedophiles.
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How to Spot Trolls, A Primer

If you're looking for information about how to spot Twitter trolls (and why you may be accused of being one), you've come to the right place. Let me break it down for you....

1. Here's the difference between a Bot and a Troll. Bots are auto-responses triggered by specific words or accounts tweeting (like Trump). Trolls are human beings sitting at keyboards trying to polarize and divide. They are capable of chatting with you. Don't be fooled.
2. Twitter handles. 8 digits after a name is the twitter default. MANY professional trolls have this configuration because these accounts can be set up quickly. If you have this config, consider changing it. Here's how:…
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One of Weinstein’s victims testified in court that he had no testicles + scarring on his genitalia. One of Epstein’s accusers also claimed he had deformed genitalia & “egg-shaped" his penis. It’s common for Satanists to mutilate the genitalia of victims.
SRA survivor Cathy O’Brien, described in her book (Trance Formation of America) that her abusers carved an image of Baphomet in her vagina & that Hillary Clinton took a particular liking of her because of it. She had a gynecologist confirm she had the scar. Furthermore...
Satanists also secretly transition children into the opposite sex very young to honor their androgen idol, Baphomet. Many abusers were born into rings as victims & then groomed to become abusers so it’s not a surprise Weinstein & Epstein show signs of this. #Pizzagate is real!
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Very little digging is required to understand the big picture
Think #Pizzagate
Lol wut? @Pontifex
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What’s disturbing is that he’s living 2 lives; by day a ‘Congressman’ and a ‘family man’ & by night, drug induced party time in West Hollywood.  Officially, Schiff is under investigation…

Wait there's more!
Embattled Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff is now the target of a federal investigation focused on the Congressman’s more-than-frequent trips to Ed Buck’s ‘drug house,’ according to a Clinton Whistleblower and insider.  Buck is a high-profile, millionaire Democratic
benefactor who has contributed and bundled large amounts of cash to Democrats including
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Kamala Harris

Buck was arrested after a nearly-dead man escaped from Buck’s home after Buck allegedly plied him with meth.
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#JeffreyEpstein #RayChandler
#Pizzagate #PedoGate

So Ray Chandler ((alleged)child handler for Jeffrey Epstein) got her lawyers to get Qmap to remove this picture

Why this pic?
Why now?


Pic and lawyers docs
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Child Protective Services (Sep 22, 1995) - William Cooper talks about what we now call #pizzagate
Mary Schipke is a #Mom who had been targeted by the #Arizona #ChildProtectionServices Back in 1993 Mary established an organization called "The #Parents Council for Parents Rights"
in order to prevent ANYONE from going through what she went through. What she discovered through her organization is very disturbing. Thousands of children have been stolen from the legal custody of their natural parents under fraudulent and deceptive CPS practices.
Thousands of Arizona families have been systematically destroyed by the corrupt Arizona Child Protective Services. There have been irrefutable findings from a 4.5 YEAR PRIVATE INVESTIGATION that concluded CPS is in #Fact
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This has to be a White Hat commercial because @rainnwilson is in it. #Pizzagate will be exposed to the masses on Super Bowl weekend. This should be fun! See my thread below on Rainn.

My take is this commercial is part of Rainn’s deal of his sick acts.
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