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Things waiting to detonate heading into Christmas/New Year:

-General Flynn sentencing (eagles will fly)

-Clinton Foundation criminal FBI investigation (email scandal)

-Loretta Lynch hearing

-Comey not cooperating

And much more...

#Qanon #GreatAwakening #EnjoyTheShow
The build up around all of these happenings is HUGE!

Are you enjoying the show?

Everything that has built up is leading to one thing. The reveal of #PizzaGate/#PedoGate.

In 2016, the deep state went to great lengths to cover it all up

They are paying the full price now.
Undeniable facts are now surfacing about the #FisaGate operation.

The only logical reason for them illegally surveiling POTUS is fear.

Declas of FISA will prove that there was a coordinated effort to conspire against Trump.

#TheStorm #Panic
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The keystone.
Planefag report.
Who knows where the bodies are buried?
Arlington cemetery visit
Clues with a little help from Q and POTUS


Omg. They really are sick
We are definitely over the target

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"You believe, out of Little Rock, AR there is a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation based on the documentation you provided to the FBI?"


"Perhaps that's why Huber didn't show up, he can't comment on an active investigation." - @RepMarkMeadows

These witnesses have been in direct contact with @USAttyHuber and have provided ALL of their evidence to the FBI, the IRS, and The USAG office in Utah. It's happening. #TheGreatAwakening
They also informed IG Horowitz
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Trump asked for 46 US attorney resignations.

He then declined two of them: Rod Rosenstein and Dana Boente.

One is Dep. AG. The other is FBI general counsel named by Christopher Wray.

Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it means everything #MAGA #QAnon
On Jan 13, 2017, Obama issued EO 13762 that changed the DOJ line of succession by removing the US Attorney for the ED of Virginia. Who did this remove? Dana Boente.
On February 9, 2017, Trump signed EO 13775 that reversed the changes made by Obama's EO 13762--signed less than one month earlier. What did it do?

Added back in the US Attorney for the ED of Virginia as fourth in the DOJ line of succession.

#MAGA #QAnon
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Nathan Stolpman of @lifttheveil411 finally admits @VeganMikey lied & has an open court warrant in Nevada. As we've been telling you for months. (begins 36:00)

Stolpman lies about @VeganMikey's crime. He claims it was "minor", that he threw a cell phone at her, and only skipped town on a $300 fine

@VeganMikey hit Sarah in the mouth with a cell phone, skipped community service, and court follow up
Will Nathan Stolpman @lifttheveil411 take down false videos about our research on @VeganMikey, like this one, titled "Response to An Open Secret's False Claims @VeganMikey #Donutgate"

Since @lifttheveil411 has us blocked, please share this with him

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Hatch: US laws don’t apply to GOP pols

RU & US are in a spat over the landing in VZ, two RU bombers capable of carrying nukes

Butina & Erickson proposed Butina could be the “unofficial transmitter of comms” between the US & RU. #Backchannel.

Flynn’s lawyers recommend a sentence of "a term of probation not to exceed one year, with minimal conditions of supervision, along with 200 hours of community service."

📌 Targets of U.S. Sanctions Hire Lobbyists With Trump Ties to Seek Relief
#Bagman #Guiliani

📌Israeli & RU experts may gather for another meeting to discuss coordination on Syria in the coming days in Moscow.

📌ME = IS + SA + RU = control/power play.

📌Kelly to remain as White House chief of staff through Jan. 2 or longer....until 45 OOO?
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You've got to be kidding me! Writing about Sundar Pichai's testimony to the House Judiciary Committee today, FakeNews article published by The Verge says Google has no answers for Youtube's biggest problem: conspiracies like #Pizzagate and #Qanon. #PANIC…
I'm cracking up as I read through this FakeNews -
😂🤣What's Youtube's solution to the onslaught of the evil purveyors of Qanon and Pizzagate "conspiracies"....ensuring that "authoritative" news orgs like CNN and NY Times populate first so people searching make credible judgments
So essentially, Youtube President Anne Wojciki is in a better position to determine which videos have a positive affect on society than patriots who post videos on Qanon. How many thousands of videos promoting the sexualization of children remain on Youtube? #Qanon #wwg1wga
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This is from


This is going to be a thread of resources.
Q says: Reread the crumbs.

Sometimes it helps to reread them on large maps of info.
This is EST. Ask for a link if you need GMT
Seeing it in the native format sometimes triggers a thought.

Before you post any article always use the above site to make a copy.
The deep state loves to make articles disappear or in many cases they 'edit' them.
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@LionelMedia comes out today to join @johnpodesta in claiming anyone who does not believe in extraterrestrials is a kook. Remember, it is now easier to believe aliens from distance galaxies exist than it is to accept that psychopaths in our government have lied to us. #QAnon
People will say how important it is to remain positive and send out good vibes over this. This enthusiasm will be used to quash any doubt anyone has about what happened to $21 trillion. This is right in line with the new Mars landing and China's new dark side of the moon launch.
@david_wilcock was groomed for decades by the cabal History channel. He did an "independent" interview on EdgeOfWonder last week but something was different. Wilcock's sound crew took over the EoW production. The same hypnotic music was added that typically follows David's films.
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Could this possibly be genuine? She looks too much like her and I doubt he is that toned #Pizzagate #Smocking
It’s a ‘thing’ apparently in ,,, shall we say ‘bohemian circles’
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"Smocking" per Urban Dictionary:


"While the majority of body painting is done for artistic reasons, smockers belong to the subgroup that's just interested in getting their kicks."

#HivitesGetLit #PodestaMolesta #QAnon @POTUS #WWG1WGA
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1. Just a little reminder for @johnpodesta; our friend, Q, has a Christmas gift for you's called a sealed indictment...I betcha it's wrapped with a bow! About that Rollingstone article where you claim you're the victim of #pizzagate...why didn't you use the article explain what you meant in the Wikileaks emails when you referred to "dominoes", "pasta", "pizza"? It sure seems it would've been the perfect opportunity to explain what you meant if you were not talking in pedophile code. How hard could it have been to explain?
3...And what's up with your boy toy Alefantis? where's he hiding out at these days? Oh, by the way, I betcha our friend Q has a special Christmas surprise for Jimmy as well....Why did Jimmy never explain the reason for these photos on his IG?#qanon #wwg1wga #pizzagate
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@RollingStone No explanations of dozens of disturbing emails like this - just the usual bullshit story about the guy who totally wasn't an actor who stormed into CPP and fired a rifle.

@RollingStone @RollingStone doesn't ask Alefantis why he calls infants 'retarded whores' or why he posted pictures like this on his IG.

It's the usual 'nothing to see here.'

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Narrowing in !!!

Queen's former driver admits to sexually abusing two young boys in the 1970s - including one in his Buckingham Palace quarters - but dies before he can be charged.…

#pedogate #pizzagate #QAnon

Colombian police arrest 6 Israelis behind child sex trafficking ring (video)…

BOOM #QAnon #PedoGate #ChildSexTrafficking
Indian Central Bank Governor resigned.
Roths on the run

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1. Guys, I think Rolling Stone gave us a big MK Ultra connection: On Friday, Alefantis hired Mike #GOTTLIEB as his attorney. Sunday, An MK Ultra slave came to shoot up the place. (And, conveniently, end #Pizzagate). Sidney Gottlieb founded #MKUltra.…
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@johnpodesta Is Ready to Talk About Pizzagate
Rolling Stone
December 9, 2018

WASHINGTON — John Podesta has given it a lot of thought and believes the best way to deal with the trolls is to ignore them.…

#QAnon #Pizzagate
Here’s the deal Skippy Podesta, you have many emails that were leaked by Wikileaks and here’s what one of them reads:

“Uber Service to transport Ruby,, and Maeve (11, 9, and >> almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure. “

First off , where are there parents and why aren’t they driving.
Second, what kind of 60 year old man wants children in a heated pool for “entertainment”?


Pizzagate is only called pizzagate because of the language they use as code.
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Thanks @BradFitzpatriot for posting this article. @johnpodesta playing the victim in this article about #pizzagate. Why all of the sudden would Newsweek bring this up? Get ready for more disclosures. #qanon #wwg1wga…
Correction. Rolling stone is the source not Newsweek
Rollingstone once again mocks us and says we claim Alefantis keeps kids in the comet pizza basement. They claim Comet doesn’t have a basement but Alefantis himself talked of keeping food items in “the basement”...they continue to cover for these pedos in spite of the lies #qanon
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Oh yeah, SKIPPY?

Did it take you over TWO YEARS to make up a cover story for the public?!

You’d think with SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS like that, if he were innocent, it would have very easy to instantly put the rumors to rest!

#Pizzagate #QAnon…
And better yet, WHY DO THEY RUN THIS NOW? Because they need some serious ass coverage since so many people are waking up and the Deep State downfall is imminent.
I’m disappointed that Ancient Aliens featured him. Anybody in the UFO community that says anything about #TTSA/Tom Delonge without mentioning Pizzagate as a reality is definitely suspect for either ignorance or willful denial - and if they DENY Pizzagate... definitely suspect.
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The #Qanon attempt to hijack the #YellowVest #YellowJacket #GiletsJeunes austerity protests, to spread #infeQtion and #infeKtion is pissing me off.
Time for #CounterMeasures. Let's call this... #OpAllTheKingsMen. 1/
For those who don't know what #Qanon is: Dude(s) claiming #Q-clearance (which doesn't exist) post coded messages on stoopid/chan/; Dude(s) claiming critical-thinking super powers decode those messages; Gov secrets (The Plan) revealed about Trump killing the Deep State Cabal. 2/
I have to rewind just a bit, cuz it didn't start out that way. Initially, the Q Operative(s) would ask a series of questions, which I like to call a "socratic circle jerk". The questions were designed, IMO, to establish what the target was willing to believe. 3/
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#Q new thread
Why Did VP get envelope to?
What does VP know relates to 911?
VP & Tim Kane 911.…
@fedupwarriorq17 @arresthrc
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