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Dear white boomers, it's been over 6 months and absolutely nothing #Qanon predicted has come true. Why? Because it's a psyop designed to distract you from things that really matter - like the demographic decline of whites in the USA. (1)
For those who don't follow, someone calling themselves "#Qanon" posts little clues on 4chan, which his followers call "crumbs". These are cryptic messages given to Trump supporters who then use their wild imaginations to write a narrative by consensus. (2)
This narrative centers around a hero - Trump - as a 4D chess master working tirelessly against all odds to bring down the shadow government or deep state. It's the Da Vinci code, only interactive. Whole communities have formed around #Qanon's story. (3)
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1) This is my #Qanon update for April 22, 2018
Q posts can be found here:

My theme for this series: "Learn Our Comms"
2) Some have chosen to focus on the subject of pedophilia in #Qanon's latest posts. Personally, I see that as a minor theme. Without minimizing the seriousness of pedophilia itself to those who are its victims, the subject of pedophilia isn't the main point of Q's recent messages
3) I believe the larger issue being raised by #Qanon is the importance of learning the way in which he communicates with us and the anons.

An example is that Q wants us to learn how to instinctively see the relationship between the President's tweets and Q's posts.
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#QAlert 4/22/18 This will be my THREAD for all #QanonPosts for Sunday, April 22, 2018. Civilization Jihadist, Salon article Michelle Bachmann "Witch Hunt", MB Connections and More! Check back for updates! Let's Go!
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #KAG #WitchHunt #Treason #WWG1WGA #redpilled
#QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1235…
Good article.
Don’t forget about Huma.
America for sale.
No name.
Inside out destruction.
HUMA & Hussein.
Who paid?
SA [vital].
#QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1236…
OHHHHH!! This is one of the reasons why POTUS keeps bringing up witch hunt! Link to 16 page letter by Bachman regarding the infiltration of MB in US GOV…
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #KAG #WitchHunt #Treason #WWG1WGA
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To read their full story & of many other victims read RING OF THE CABAL
These R Gabriele & Alisia from the Hampstead case seeking refuge from Scotland yard officer
#QAnon #Qanon8chan #Pizzagate #PedoGate #HRCVideo #frazzeldrip #WeThePeople #PedoGate #SaveTheChildren #RitualAbuse
Now you may start to understand why the occultists have buckets in their symbols.
Gabriel and Alisia talk about the "buckets" in another video.
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New Q Drops!! Saturday, 04/22/18 10:33! Q posts link to @wikileaks Podesta email!… #QAnon #AprilShowers #FakeNews @realDonaldTrump
New Q 04/21 10:40 Anon posts the excerpt below from Podesta email re. their relationship with Maggie Haberman!! Q responds with another excerpt (below)and says, we should push #FakeNews [4am] - MSM PRE BAD news [THEM]. #QAnon #AprilShowers #MockingbirdMedia #4AMTalkingPoints
New Q 04/20 10:53 Q says to think Sessions public announcement re. leaks and to expand our thinking outside of leaks to journalists ethics & standards!! We know most have none!! They are operatives of the left!! #QAnon #AprilShowers #FakeNews
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#QAlert 4/21/2018 Deeper we Go. This will be my THREAD for Saturday, April 21, 2018. OPEN thread for UPDATES. @wikileaks Podesta Emails, Maggie Haberman/HRC, Think Sessions, Clinton Foundation conflict of interest & more!
@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening
#QAlert Post 1217 Q points the Anons to look into Wikileaks PEDOesta Emails. Points to Maggie Habberman, POTUS CONFIRMS.…

@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening
#QAlert Post 1218 Anon Posts about Maggie Haberman of Politico.
Q Responds:

“These stories will only matter/hurt us if we keep pushing hard and get too much chatter out there.”
Push FAKE NEWS [4am] - MSM PRE BAD news [THEM].
@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q
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OMG! I think I figured out the "Wendy" thing!!
Buckle up!

The Dixons are H'wood royalty

Via Maggie Dixon's grandma, Agnes

#Qanon8chan #Q #QAnon #QanonPosts #BreadCrumbs @Snowden @LizCrokin @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #TheGreatAwakening #Maggie #PizzaGate #AllisonMack
Maggie's mom and dad, Bob and Sarah Dixon (of D.C. and Martha's Vineyard, mind you) VERY connected to Washington, especially BHO. In the Instagram photo Q posted, read the part circled in yellow. Bod told her 'this is going to be the next president' of Obama, well before he was.
Maggie, likely 'groomed' from birth, had a long time we'll 'special relationship' with BHO.
H'wood, Standard Hotel peeps, the Allison Macks and Adam Schiffs of the world are all well aware of what's really going on, they're all connected to it.
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The girl in this photo is Maggie Nixon the daughter of Robert (Bob) and Sarah Nixon who own a bed & breakfast at Matha's Vinyard.
Bob actually is pretty famous and comes from a famous family (not Richard Nixon)


Bob has made many films including one featuring George Bush. You may remember one called "Gorillas in the Mist"

Here's his wiki:…
Bob's mother basically created TV Soaps operas...
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#QAlert 4/20/18 This will be my THREAD for #Q posts for Friday, April 20, 2018. SR June JA, They fall for it every single time, TRUMP card coming, Palm tree and more! Check back for updates. Let's go!
@POTUS #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpCard #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #SethRich #FreeAssange
#QAlert 4/20/18 Post 1199 Looks like we will have answers on Seth Rich in June via Assange. Linked to DNC lawsuit. Insane.

Answer Q re: SR.
SR June JA.
@POTUS #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpCard #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #SethRich #FreeAssange
#QAlert 4/20/18 Post 1200 Anon replys "Bait" Another says, "Amazing. They are literally opening the door for you to drop all the info..."

Q Responds:
They fall for it every single time.
How do you ‘legally’ …….

@POTUS #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpCard #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
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1) Morning coffee.

I have to stop and process.

Please join me.
2) June 19, 2015: @WorldBank:

"In what has been called one of the biggest refugee crises in history, over half of Syria’s population has been displaced over the past 4 years. Neighboring countries have become home to millions of Syrian refugees."…
3) April 8, 2018: Israel's chief rabbi calls Syria a "genocide" and says that Jews have a "moral obligation" to stop it.

"What’s happening in Syria is genocide of women and children in its cruelest form, using weapons of mass destruction."

Read closely.…
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Thread: Was Q’s Ray Chandler Drop a “Test” for the #HRCVideo Drop?

1). On April 6, Q told us to look up Ray Chandler & said “None are safe.”

2). Q then informed us that RC frequented Epstein’s Lolita Express; that she has celeb connections; & that she’s involved in trafficking.

3). These posts seem to come “out of the blue” somewhat. A deviation away from recent topics, like Hussein, NK, Sen No Name, etc. And Q alludes to that with the “subject deviation” line.

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1/ Layer about the WHERE and the WHY in Shenzhen, related to the #qanon drop. #Qanon #Qanon8chan #shenzhen #sse #WWG1WGA @prayingmedic @lisamei62 @realdonaldtrump
2/ The Shenzhen Stock Exchange was designed by OMA bureau [Rem Koolhaas / Shohei Shigematsu] as an upside down cross. #Qanon #Qanon8chan #shenzhen #sse #WWG1WGA @prayingmedic @lisamei62 @realdonaldtrump…
3/ Rem Koolhaas of OMA also made the design for MAI, Marina Abramovic Institute; partly crowdfunded but not realized; backers wont be refunded.… #Qanon #Qanon8chan #shenzhen #sse #spiritcooking #WWG1WGA #abramovic @prayingmedic @lisamei62 @realdonaldtrump
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What is this ? Page 149 - Packet 6 - #HRCemails at…
This receipt shows that on October 6 2015 the FBI checked into evidence a Datto cloud node in their Washington DC office . This node was confiscated from a co-lo in Pennsylvania. It had the offsite backup copies of the emails which were deleted - this copy was made accidentally
Packet 16 - pages 104 and 105 and 106 - Look at the agent who made the request to collect this cloud node on October 5 2015 ? Agent Peter Strzok .
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I took a break from politics for a few hours and gathered myself. Now I'm going to thread my thoughts.

On my walk into work I pass through the building lobby. @cnn is always on much to my displeasure.
At this time I wasn't particularly a supporter of @realDonaldTrump. I voted for him because I refused to vote for @HillaryClinton. I already knew about #pizzagate and knew of her and @johnpodesta's involvement.
I thought DJT was a business mogel trying to cash in on the death throws of fourth Rome. But in mid April 2017 the normal @cnn banter changed. It was oddly, not spewing sewage at DJT. So I looked at the screen and saw this:
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I've been wondering about this picture. It is archived from Rachel Chandler's Instagram before it was set to private.
@SaRaAshcraft @cronsell @CraigRSawyer @LisaMei62 @5Strat @intheMatrixxx
The eye focuses on the baby. Researching child trafficking, my brain screams, "What is happening here? What about the other person in the picture? What is with the box? Is there a label on it?
As I look closely, I realize I've made this box before. It's a box used 2 view a solar eclipse. See how close the box is 2 the person's face? The hole in the top of the box aimed 2 the sun? The angle it's tilted 2 let the projected image line up with the viewer's line of sight?
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Immediately following the chemical attack in #Douma, Syria, the usual suspects are lining up to push the theory that it was a false flag.
This isn't the only time in the last couple of months we've seen "false flag" theories pushed in the wake of a chemical attack. In one case, the prime suspect is Assad's government, a Russian ally, and in the other the Russian government itself.
We downloaded recent tweets containing the hashtag #FalseFlag; the majority are related to the attack in Syria. 1744 of 1950 (89%) of the accounts involved also have #Novichok tweets on their timelines.
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1) Patriots the rat bastards left-wing lunatic’s have conspired to some skulduggery next week!
A) First the MSM will push the usual “Russian Bots are pushing #pizzagate
trying to discard it as fake news.
B) Next, they will use Roseanne pushing a conspiracy theory re: #Qanon
2) MSM will make Roseanne out to be a nutcase And call (QAnon) “conspiracy theories” etc. etc. be ready for that! From all networks! @cnn @msnbc @cnbc @nbc @abc @theview @cbs @foxnews they are all running scared because they know were Wide AWAKE!
3) I read on several blogs and various sources that the Democrats know they are dirt poor with funds and are going to begin to push a false narrative stating there’s going to be a red wave turn around & that the Republicans are in the lead blah blah they’re playing reverse psyOP
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Look up Ray.Chandler. #QAnon
Here's Bill Clinton with his underage girlfriend, Rachel Chandler. #PedoGate #QAnon
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1. #QAlert 🚨 April 4/5, 2108 Open this thread for Q's posts and analysis. Let's get started! Post 1029- Q team forced a reaction regarding Mueller news, no criminal. Night [2]. Forced projection shows MIL power.

@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #Q #WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening #DeepState
2. #QAlert 🚨 April 4/5, 2108 Post 1030
Coincidence or silent war?
Night [2]

@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #Q #WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening #DeepState
3. #QAlert 🚨 April 4/5, 2108 Post 1031 Q confirms anons Post that links to this Q post 1005 (red). Interesting note L👀K at the what is 3:05 of vid.
We are under attack.
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #Q #WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening #DeepState
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1.) Okay I have to revisit this... It's so important. Q said "the need for symbolism will be their downfall". They're hiding in plain sight! "These people are stupid" #QAnon #symbolism #MAGA #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #PedoGate #DeepState #pizzagate #Illuminati #Patriots @POTUS
2a.) Illuminati Pyramid

- Arby's (today)
- Taco Bell "Belluminati"
- Samsung Galaxy S9
2b.) "Belluminati" commerical clip
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#Qanon I've reported on this for about a year now
The Masonic checkerboard walk way, the Jewish letters in front of the temple, the sun dial
E in between two snail shells.

When you type in great Saint James island, the island next door it comes up dark hidden and in the wrong place
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