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#ReleaseTheMemo #ObamaGate #FISAGate

I think I figured out the remaining key questions I had. #Treason by the #Cabal was obvious. I have laid it out earlier in this thread:…

...but knowing something = proving something
...especially when dealing with
2. ...#Corruption and #Treason on both sides of the aisle
#LSM #LyingSycophantMedia that will actively hide #Truth and invent/support #FakeNews, such as #RussiaCollusionLie
#CognitiveDissonance & #Tribalism that affect ability of "other side" to accept uncomfortable #TRUTH
3. So #POTUS needed to generate bullet-proof evidence of involvement by #DOJ/#FBI in the #Treason of the #Cabal/ part b/c they themselves could block/prevent the #TRUTH
...and in part b/c they had tried to destroy much of the evidence.
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#ShadowBanning Hi friend and #Patriot. It looks like you were was many of your posts. I am very familiar with the censoring techniques utilized by #Twitter. I think the technique they used is what I call #EchoBanning or #BubbleBanning. Explanation...
2. What I have figured that they do, is that #Twitter targets for #Censorship with these methods.
- User account. Account pushing too much of the inconvenient #TRUTH are put on their list. This essentially targets #Conservatives or even #LEFTISTS who espouse #FakeNews positions.
3. Literally exposing #Censorship itself is banned. Other taboo topics include real exposure of #Corruption that they have identified to specifically block, such as #PizzaGate or #PedoGate. This is why #LIBS will sometimes be blocked as well (blocked ideas).
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1st Pic: Wikileaks Email Shows Richard In Connection With Clinton And Podesta.

2nd Pic: Sir Richard Branson Has A Island Near Epstein's.

3rd Pic: Prince Andrews, Epstein, Brandon Connection.

4th Pic: Richard Has His Temple Of The Elders Where Important People Meet.
Richard Branson's Connection To The Clinton Foundation And Haiti.
When Clinton Foundation Was Accused Of Not Using The Money For Haiti, Branson's Company Virgin Unite Cleared Them Of Any Wrong Doing.
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#SundayMorning #AMJoy #QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #GreatAwakening #TrumpTrain #MAGA
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#SundayMorning #AMJoy #QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #GreatAwakening #TrumpTrain #MAGA #BTC
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Followers of @chrissyteigen @johnlegend wanted proof of the societal elites being engaged in pedophilia and human trafficking: here's one source of proof for you…
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Starting a thread dedicated to symbols, signals, codes, & other signs that would tip someone off to #Hivite pedo cult affiliation. There's a LOT to include & many of u already know some. Post them in here for all to see #Pizzagate #QAnon #MAGA #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #HivitesGetLit
Anything to add here? Collecting known cult symbols/signals in central thread here. Thanks for your input!
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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend #Pizzagate👇#followthewhiterabbit 🐰 #PedoGate
Chrissy Teigen & John Legend #Pizzagate👇#followthewhiterabbit 🐰 #PedoGate
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#FollowTheWhitRabbit Even Further down the rabbit hole.

The Birth of #Pizzagate More #FranklincoverUp and Herman Cain?
So in the last thread we learned about the Franklin Cover Up. Where Larry King had Paul Bonacci "Scavenger Hunt" for young boys to get to Kings Pedo Parties. Get caught up here.
Paul Bonacci. He was sadly passed around a lot. He also had multiple multiple personalities. He has quite the story to tell and he told it to Ted Gunderson. Who is Ted? He is former FBI and an OG Conspiracy theorist way before 9/11…
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1-I have started my research into #WeinerEmails
Let's start with this one to Jake Sullivan.
SUBJECT: American Ireland Fund
"Wanted to check in with you
The american ireland
Kieran mclaughlin with american r"
#Qanon #FolllowTheWhiteRabbit #CBTS
2-Who is Kieran McClaughlin and why is the Hillary camp talking about him?
He was wanted in Northern Ireland for the brutal murder of Barry McCrory. #Qanon #WeinerEmails…
3-In delivering his reserved judgement, trial Judge Mr. Justice Mark Horner, who sat alone without a jury found McLaughlin not guilty.…
#Qanon #WeinerEmails…
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This ENDS the Russia Narrative, I DECREE it in Jesus' Name! #CrowdStrike #QAnon

please see thread! retweet, share
#CrowdStrike #Qanon

please see thread!
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My medical condition appears to have relapsed...

It impairs my heart function and breathing, among other vital functions.. And the pain is out of control.

I will try my best to keep up with #thestorm, but I will have to push myself through much treatment.
I'd be dead if I didn't have help from my family and help from the state...

At least my treatments are covered and I will not die from a lack of healthcare.

I refuse to become just another statistic & forgotten human life who was born in the wrong country, healthcare wise.
Gotta meditate & help my body regain homeostasis, while Western medicine does it's thing too. Then use Eastern medicine to promptly clean up the damage/side effects caused by it.

I prefer an Einstein approach to the human body, rather than Newtonian compartmentalized medicine.
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Deep State-They all belong to the same boards & orgs. Look for powerful people from the past who operate under the radar. Start w former cabinet members & WH ppl both Dem & Rep. 2 sides of the same coin & they work together. I'll show you how former SoS act as one. Still meet.
Kissinger is his own chapter. Zbigniew Brzezinski is the dad of Mika (Morning Joe). Zbig was Madeleine Albrights mentor. Albrights dad Josef Korbel was Condi's mentor. Condi met w Rothschilds. Albright mentored Susan Rice.
James Baker & Schultz work together now on climate change
With the guy in this link funded by Rockefeller. George Schultz works w Soros. Together they mentored Kamala Harris. Albright, Soros & Rothschild in a $350 African investment together. Colin Powell was at Bohemian Grove w Kissinger & ?…
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