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There are three important elements in #trading (in somewhat ranked order):
1. Having a true statistical trading edge(s).
2. Avoid behavioral mistakes (having a good trading mindset).
3. Have proper risk management.

#riskmanagement #risk
What is most important in trading?

Having a statistical #edge is the most important.

No trading mindset and/or risk management can ever replace a true statistical edge.…
The second most important is avoiding behavioral mistakes.

If you don't do what you should, then you most likely have no statistical edge.

No backtest can ever capture your overriding of the rules.……

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Happy to share a little experiment we are trying.… I am not sure if it will stick but we will see. Here is how I personally think about the matter 1/?
The impact of security bugs today is far different than it was 10 years ago. Entities like NSO Group and their customers have leveraged these bugs to do some horrible things to journalists, human rights activists, and others. 2/?
So it is worth reconsidering previously held ideas about the compromises made when building software. The JIT is a great example of a performance improvement that is nice but not required for most of the web to work. It also introduces a lot of attack surface 3/?
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A Whale of A time ..
In the T.V. show Vikings, they sail upon NEW land. Each family marks up the ground with plot lines. 1 Day A whale washes up on shore. The Whale just so happens to wash up on EDGE's characters plot of land. All the families are starving & hungry. ImageImage
They know the idland they were looking for is NOT the island they landed on. The character EDGE plays refuses to give to all the other families to survive KNOWING there is no other food source on the island. A fight breaks out & A ton blood was spilled because of GREED
And Panic. Families were worried they wouldn't survive or be given food. So many refuse to this day, to BE STILL & walk in FAITH. So many choose to poke hopes of A fight/Argument to break out to justify themselves & others auctions. When ones don't

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The Children Truly are the only thing that matters. All the drama means nothing..
I Want to say the Negativity means nothing but it truly DOES mean something, it means it HAD/HAS to be fixed. Negative Ripples in time cause more damage than many seem to understand/Care.
WHAT IF someone was negative/Bullying someone else (Person 1) 1 Day that was having A BAD DAY? He or she goes for A walk.. Person 1 comes across someone else (Person 3) having A bad Day. Person 1 clearly sees that Person 3 is having A bad, Person 3's head is hung low & crying.
Person 1 just keeps on walking right by, not having A care in the world because person 1 just got done being Bullied, so Person 1 doesn't care about Person 3, neither did All the others who walked right on by Person 3 ..
Now Person 3 that is having A bad day, goes off & hurts
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Don't forget to leave A TIP ...

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Project #Alvarium in a nutshell:
Disrupt the #edge security model!

The edge remains a hostile environment for computing.
So, protecting #data in use thru a #data confidence fabric and #ConfidenceComputing is the objective of this @linuxfoundation project.

@IOTA @DellTech
How does #Alvarium work?

It implements a kind of #trust #sidecars for #data streams with trust metadata and confidence scores thus creating the data confidence fabric.

@IOTA @DellTech
Where does @IOTA and the #Tangle come into play in #Alvarium?

The #TrustSidecars (e.g., attached to #IoT devices) directly store the trust metadata in the #Tangle. Metadata consumers simply subscribe to updates on the Tangle.

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#EdgeAI for everyone! — @NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit = low-cost #AI computer delivers compute performance to run AI workloads at unprecedented size, power, & cost, plus it connects to a diverse set of sensors:
#MachineLearning #IoT #IoTPL #IIoT
.@NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB — The Ultimate #AI and #Robotics #Edge platform with an entry-level price:
#BigData #DataScience #EdgeAI #IoT #IIoT #IoTPL #EdgeComputing #MachineLearning #DeepLearning @NVIDIAAI #GPU
The #Nvidia Jetson Nano is boosting the growing industrial #IoT revolution:
#abdsc #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #IIoT #IoTPL #StreamingAnalytics #BigData #DataScience #AI #EdgeAI #MachineLearning #GPU
See it here:
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Sollte es hier jemanden geben der mich tatsächlich vermisst: Ich bin in meinem #MacYfer-Keller.
Und zwar deshalb:
Im Moment gibt es für Windows vermutlich kein #Programm, das #PDF vernünftig darstellt.
Also für #blinderMensch, meine ich.
#PDF-Dateien fliegen auch #blinderMensch überall um die Ohren. Die meisten davon sind schlecht gemacht und das ist ein Teil der #SchlechtigkeitDerWelt woran kein #MacYver was mit #Software ändern kann.
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#AI folks,
Here are my take away notes from a selection of the amazing speakers at the @globalaisummit.

I summarized them in 38 tweets, 1 for each speaker, so you don't have to spend hours catching up with what is happening or who is who in the world of AI.

You are welcome.
. @LexGreensill CEO of Greensill

Use #AI powered #fintech to help people access their salary as they earn it. Check out what he is doing at with earnd. @globalaisummit
Dr. Qi Tian, Chief Scientist in AI @Huawei

The AI community should build standardized general and inclusive AI benchmark to address tasks to enable quick verification and evaluation of #AI models.@globalaisummit
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Put economics aside for a sec, #edge will be used in mission critical use cases (like hospitals and autonomous driving) only where latency of data is important for life/death sitauation before it moves into other applications where user experience matters a lot like gaming. 1/2
Now let’s tack on economics on edge vs cloud discussion. You will move to edge to reduce egress cost of #edge (an argument I often hear). What if that saving is smaller than the decentralized management cost of edge (boxes applications security maintenance)? 2/2
I meant to say

You will move to edge to reduce egress cost of #cloud
You will move to edge to reduce egress cost of #edge

dang! I can't even call that a typo... too much was going on LOL
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The amazing thing

about discussing companies and investment principles on Twitter

is that you get to learn at the rate of the network.


This is exactly the sort of learning that I mean

Transparency is a force multiplier for learning

Huge respect to @7AustinL for his candid take

It's hard to apply what we "know" when reality makes contact with our plans

Self-reflection is a superpower

Reflecting on process error helps us improve

It truly is easy to be your own worst enemy

By behaving like a trader

when your intent is to be an investor

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Hmm @bt_uk Chief Strategy Office Michael Sherman kicking off @TheTelcoDebate #GTD19 with what sounds like a 1990s-era rant about Internet services / apps not being "free" & that pricing should reflect more than just Internet access

Sounds like a cliched telcos vs OTT trope
@bt_uk @TheTelcoDebate "We've given away huge amounts of value"
"You used to pay for an email account"
"We have to invest ever more in infrastructure"

Well, if you'd diverted some of that investment to internal R&D & app/service development, maybe you'd have captured more value, Mr Sherman? #GTD19
@bt_uk @TheTelcoDebate Now @nikwilletts @tmforumorg intro - a note of realism about telcos being geo fragmented & only realistically able to cover few (if any) verticals in depth for enterprise services. Partnership is key. #GTD19
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Q: What is Wavelength? AWS Wavelength provides developers the ability to build applications that serve end-users with single-digit millisecond latencies over the 5G network. Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services at the edge of telecommunications providers...
5G networks, enabling developers to serve use-cases that require ultra-low latency like machine learning inference at the edge, autonomous industrial equipment, smart cars and cities, Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented and Virtual Reality. Wavelength brings the full power of
AWS to the edge of the 5G network, so customers can deploy the portions of an application that requires ultra-low latency to mobile and connected devices using the 5G network, and then seamlessly connect back to the rest of the application and the full range of cloud services
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Looks like EDGE is trying to scrub #Epstein from their events… I saw all kinds of photos of people flying to/from EDGE sponsored events on Epsteins' plane.
Edge 2004: Jeff Bezos of Amazon; Google's CEO Eric Schmidt, Larry, Sergey, Lori Park, and Megan Smith; Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay; Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway; Steve Case...& Jeffrey Epstein"… #OpDeathEaters
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If you can't make it to the TensorFlow Dev Summit this week, you can still follow along on the live stream. The agenda for the day is at,…. #MachineLearning #TFDevSummit #TensorFlow
…the official #GoogleCoral announcement is now up on the @GoogleDevs blog,…. Full details of @Google's new #EdgeTPU hardware in my piece for @HacksterIO. #MachineLearning #Edge #IoT #TFDevSummit…
I've been sitting on this for months. Say "Hello" to the @SparkFun Edge, More soon. #TensorFlow #IoT #Edge #TFDevSummit
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Takeaways from @Dell financial call today... Dell is taking share across the board...will do $90-$92B in revenue this fy. Setting up for tough compare for next year. Dell citing favorable spending environment, assumptions are 2X GDP for IT spend...
Dell citing attractiveness of 1-stop shopping (end-to-end - edge->core->cloud) I surmise their cloud is VMware with AWS...Since EMC transaction, Dell is posturing as a much more strategic supplier than either Dell or EMC was as an independent company.
new sales comp plans implemented by Dell - @JClarkeatDell fingerprints seen on the enterprise storage biz which he took over about 1 yr ago. Storage was sucking wind post EMC transaction & is now gaining share. I think IDC numbers coming out soon showing Dell EMC gains
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A lot of chatter on my TL about the #edge in #OptionsTrading, specifically #OptionSelling.
A lot of good information but some mis-information being spread as well.

A #thread.
First off, #OptionSelling by itself is NOT an edge.

Simply by selling an instrument that decays in value over time, doesn't give one an edge towards profit. It is accompanied by short gamma and rising #volatility working "against" you.

The #volatility #edge or premium expresses itself when the underlying moves "less" than the move that is priced in the options.

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