Canadaland and Jesse Brown need to be seriously reprimanded for promoting this type of reporting.

The man is a menace to investigative journalism in Canada.

This isn’t a whistleblower. It’s a saboteur looking to denigrate the public service.

Which party would most benefit?
This isn’t journalism. It’s gawking at human imperfection.

Do human beings have real life problems and also work for the public service? Yep they do. Because public servants are actually real people.

Are people employed in private sector just as plagued by real life issues?
Yep they are. Which is why we have employee assistance programs, in both the public and private sector.

Substance abuse, relationship issues, health problems, mental health, dying relatives, and an assortment of other real life issues impact people who work.
Profiling their less than efficient behaviour during crisis is invasive, cruel and meant to persuade public opinion to remove those who happen to be employed with the public service. Under the guise of efficiency & tax savings.

But public servants are real people.
Real people have real life issues. Only those looking to maximize profits or demonstrate “inefficiency” seek to expose the human frailty of workers. This line of “reporting” serves an agenda, not real life cost effectiveness. It’s puerile and sensationalist.
As for corruption within the public service, which is a completely separate issue from those experiencing real life problems impacting their work performance. Yes it exists. In the public AND private sector.

Corruption and crime is ever present in a society that values greed.
That should not come as a surprise or shock to anyone.

What does come as a surprise is the indifference to corruption exhibited by an employee who claims to have witnessed several incidents and done nothing about it but continue on and collect their own paycheque.
One could assume if the public service was so rife with corruption and complicit actors in actual crimes, that an employee in the upper ranks of administration were to witness these crimes, they would report this activity to the RCMP, the minister responsible, CSIS, etc.
Not contact a two bit digital news outlet to profile corruption as a secret insider spy to titillate readers with incendiary details of horrific behaviour and accusations of malfeasance enabled by indifference or ineptitude. While presumably, collecting another paycheque.
How reckless, opportunistic, cynical & complicit is it to witness corruption and then seek to profit from it by selling information about it rather than actually report it to those who are responsible for managing the public service workforce?
Yes, there are people that repugnant. Jesse Brown is giving one of them a platform.

Alternatively, this is just another disinformation campaign by Canadaland intended to smear the current federal government and smear the public service in the public’s eyes.
Neither option is acceptable to journalistic integrity, public trust or personal ethical conduct.

But both options serve the interests & agenda of those seeking to denigrate public service & cut expenses &/or those who wish to remove LPC from governance through scandal.
Funny how that works, isn’t it?

You either believe Canadaland has the inside scoop on public service at the federal level, or you’re more in touch with reality and recognize the stink of an organized disinformation campaign and a media platform owner who has an axe to grind.
This isn’t journalism.

Journalists and credible news outlets don’t platform anonymous political saboteur opportunists who provide no proof, no names and no accountability for the swill they’re peddling as insider information.

But propaganda front organizations do.
Canadaland just revealed they are the Canadian online version of Alex Jones style bullshit.

A practical joke on Canadian consumers.

What a travesty that so many have given this rag and it’s conspiracy theory propagandist owner any attention or trust in the garbage he spews.
I support Bill C-10. Not because it will stop opportunists from trying to flood the internet with bullshit, propaganda and manipulative content. But because it will make it easier for consumers to discern the difference between complete garbage and journalism.
User content this toxic and manipulative shouldn’t be allowed on a credible news site.

In fact it already isn’t allowed on a credible news site.

The issue isn’t the user content. It’s the sites that allow and promote this bullshit as actual information.
But Canadaland isn’t going anywhere with Bill C-10. They just wouldn’t qualify for a license or they may have their licence revoked if they continue to publish disinformation. That wouldn’t make them disappear from the internet.
It would be confirmation to the Canadian consumer that they are NOT a trusted source of information. And the rest is up to each individual consumer.

People still follow Alex Jones. But far fewer than when he was on YouTube and many other internet based media.
A coordinated effort was made by concerned citizens to report infractions made by Infowars and Jones.

Wikipedia documented the process.

Some hosting sites were resistant. But US laws give citizens democratic agency to address sources of propaganda & disinformation.
Canada deserves that capability too. Otherwise we are just sitting ducks. Overwhelmed in toxic sludge.

Alex Jones is still accessible for those who want to consume his garbage propaganda. No one is stopping anyone from producing content or publishing it for the world to access.
Support Bill C-10.

The panic exhibited by Conservative propagandists is because user content does NOT need to be regulated.

Freedom of expression is guaranteed. That will never change in Canada.
A platform on which to spew hate speech, propaganda & disinformation is not a Charter protected right or freedom.

Hate speech, alternate realities, manipulative propaganda, disinformation campaigns are intolerable in a democratic society and an existential threat if tolerated.
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I seriously wonder what motivates people with academic reputations to promote disinformation?

Is it money? Notoriety? In group acceptance? Funding? Access to inner circles?

What causes those who build expertise over decades to push propaganda?
Sometimes I wonder if it’s conservative’s way to discredit academia and expertise all in one shot. Convince academics to sell out every ounce (grams of your metric) of integrity to push disinformation for political gain of far right political parties.
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How about you arrest and incarcerate the insurrectionists before you ask Canada to reopen the border. We don’t need any more extremists than we already have thank you very much.…
It’s not you, it’s your domestic extremism problem that is clearly out of hand. It’s your Pentagon, Senate and Congress that’s harbouring seditionists and traitors. Your out of control social media and penchant to allow hate speech as free.
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How about you tone down the toxic rhetoric coming from far right conspiracy theorists and over zealous progressive left libertarians?
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I’d like people to understand that imperialism and colonialism are current, not a distant memory.

Canadians rarely recognize it.

The rage it produces in indigenous communities makes it difficult to be heard by the rest of Canada. Whites only perceive irrational anger.
But it’s not irrational. It’s fuelled by fear of being theon back into abject poverty and another 150-200 years of suffering for their children and all future generations.

And that’s if there are future generations.

CPC and Canadian conservatives are committed to imperialism.
That’s the central narrative of Canada.

Canadians are perceived to be willfully ignorant and providing tacit approval to continue the elimination of any hope for indigenous people, the transfer of wealth to white wealthy conservatives and/or corporations and cultural divisions.
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I said it was fascism about 3 years ago. Before UCP was elected.

The fact there is no caution to share true beliefs is a huge warning to the rest of Alberta.

I also predicted increasing violence by “liberty” proponents & Dominionists who refuse to abide by rule of law.
So let’s see:
•limited enforcement of laws flouted by libertarian aggressors
•blind eyes to increasing violence towards visible minorities
•ignored protests with tiki torches
•allowed travelling saboteurs (Sloan & Bernier) advocating anarchy
•premier pandered to this base
Worried yet?

Or are you still in denial that fascism is running this province?

Are you buying Kenney’s victim routine?

I’m not.

The people Kenney has been protecting since covid started are the people he’s accusing of death threats. This claim is ludicrous.
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What a surprise, Garnett Genuis is propagating a popular far right myth that Nazis were socialists.

Dehumanizing all who have philosophical leanings towards equality and the common good.

Equating the preference for universal healthcare with the creators of the Holocaust.
Sorry Garnett, Nazi’s were NOT socialists. In fact the first people they murdered in concentration camps were communists and socialists. Martin Niemoller made a famous speech which Christian homeschooling may have glossed over. Image
History is well documented. Pushing a book by a prominent Republican revisionist of history whose effort to establish a mythical past about American exceptionalism is characteristic of fascist behaviour.

Which incidentally, is what Nazis were: FASCISTS.
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