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9 May, 11 tweets, 11 min read
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin So the fake unlicensed Gambian entity was the first Euro EXIM "group company" it would have been setup (and sold) as turn key "shelf company" - Gambian incorporated with banking license and #probanx banking software (more than half these fake Gambian companies
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin not only turned out to be fake/unlicensed companies that #probank provided banking software for but Probanx were the facilitators of registering the domains/branding etc. >>> here's the list
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin So as you can see from the certificate the company was incorporated in Feb 2015 and the certificate showing the acquirers name is 8 May 2015. This date's important.
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin See back in 2014 Thakrar took control of "Galaxy" dormant UK shelf company. Then on 17 Apr 2015 he changed the name to Euro Exim Bank Limited to align the 'branding' with the Gambian company he was acquiring.
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin Obviously sometime subsequent he would have had the epiphany that he was peddling an unregistered company/unlicensed bank (although it was one of 7 that had a dodgy SWIFT code for a while) and somewhere between 2017-2019 (I can't remember exactly) an entity of the same name was
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin established in St Lucia (another shady offshore jurisdiction). Its really important to put perspective on the size/quality of these 'groups'....they are 'pissant' little shitboxes pretending to be bonefide financial institutions. Talking 'hundreds of thousands' pounds/dollars
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin turnover NOT tens or hundreds of millions.... - they have a flimsy license from a tiny offshore rathole and have no banking license in the UK (where they operate from) instead attempt to legitimise their UK ops "representative office' (which is bullshit)
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin In 2019 when these muppets were being marketed as the first bank to adopt xRapid. They had a massive 300k in shareholder capital and were so small they only had to file micro accounts (balance sheet no P&L)
@haydentiff @NitrousDelivery @BennettTomlin In 2019 it looks like they made a massive 20k profit....

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13 Feb
@FinTelegram In your #itradefx article I see you were able to confirm #pradexx as their payment processor. I looked at the sub-domain uiservices.pradexx.com checking its IP address provides a pretty interesting list of other 'brands'

fintelegram.com/pradexx-again-… ImageImage
@FinTelegram I see #pradex and their dodgy partners are still spinning up new reskins of their scammy sites. Keep an eye out for #ftspaysolutions #kopayment #payotop #securepayment3d Image
The four mentioned 'rebrands' have been added since the beginning of March 2021. Image
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I'd been peripherally aware of @abt_company last year working on couple of M&A DD engagements....an OTC shell slipstreaming into the in vouge sector of the time....reeked of the standard P&D playbook.
By chance I stumbled across them today and had a flick through their business and numbers....I have to admit I was way off the mark; the recycling business far more underwhelming and the pump exponentially higher than than I could have imaged.
Hows this for snake oil salesman. The global market was worth $1B last year...we are building a plant 20% of the global market .....topline number is $200m pa ....and its gonna run for the next 50 years. Image
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27 Jan
@bitcoinlawyer @Tether_to Clearly Tether Limited is registered with FINCEN as a MSB anyone can search and confirm. Putting aside the registered vs regulated debate. Is it not misleading to suggest that @Tether_to is regulated?
@bitcoinlawyer @Tether_to Tether states that since Jan 2018 it no longer serving the US market, and pursuant TOS "tether limited" is ringfenced specifically to US customers, of which there are none.
@bitcoinlawyer @Tether_to since Tether Limited doesn't transaction with customers; all customers fall under the umbrella of the BVI entity Tether International Limited which is NOT registered/regulated by FINCEN.
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26 Jan
The two major shareholders and their respective entities. Munoz wasn't buying new shares in the group - he was being sold existing shares owned and financed by the shareholders
Ive waxed on at length about my hypothesis of how securities lending is central to how Tether 'reserves' are managed and backed, and how the customer requests are akin to drawing down from available headroom etc
The custodian's role is pivotal.
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Sir there's something wrong with the coal mine. All our canaries are dead. Its not the coal mine its the canaries.
Here's your new canary. now get back to work you FUDdster.
Sir why does the canary get a mask and we don't.
Are you dead? No sir.
Then you don't need one. anyway we only got them in canary size.
Stop FUDDing and get back into the mine.
Sir I'd like a mask.
You can request a mask in the event you die. ok?
Also we changed the terms of your contract...oh ok Sir.
Can I have a copy? No. Its on the back of the dunny door. Its up to you to check it to see if things have changed.
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8 Jan
@fintelegra nice article on #thechange #bitconvert I'm not surprised that they have been on your radar as a scam operator. They have a sketchy history entwined in the #isignthis $isx train-wreck @ASX and @asicmedia

A bit of a recap according to $isx #bitconvert is the successor company to #immoservis a Czech company that was counterparty to one of the allegedly 'suspect' agreements central to the issue of 336m shares to $isx management
The whole deal started out stinky when the IMMO agreement was signed by the straw director (and sole director) 5 days after resigning from the company.
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