Companies including #Toyota #JetBlue and #Cigna are still donating thousands of dollars to the lawmakers who voted against Biden's certification as president


"Toyota supports candidates based on their position on issues that are important to the auto industry and the company," Toyota

"We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification”
Health insurer #Cigna said in January it would pause contributions to lawmakers "who encouraged or supported violence…

Yet the company still gave money to at least six of the lawmakers who voted against Biden's certification, Forbes reported.

#KochIndustries gave a total of $17,500 to six lawmakers who voted against Biden's certification

The chemical-manufacturing company did not respond to Insider's request for comment.
The National Association of Realtors gave to multiple objectors

The association, which told Insider that it had 1.4 million members, said it put a temporary pause on all federal political disbursements in place after the siege, but had LIFTED IT.


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10 May

Fed Judges and #DOJ Prosecutors Warn That Trump Is STILL INCITING VIOLENCE

Right-wing media outlets and #Republicans are parroting #Trump’s Big Lie that the election was fraudulent and stolen


Despite the evidence that Trump and his fascist cohort incited his deluded acolytes to storm the United States Capitol in a failed, but deadly, coup d’état on January 6

There is an ongoing and concerted effort to incite more violence against the government

@FBI ???

No matter how often Trump supporters, fascist Republicans and right-wing media personalities claim the First amendment protects their and Trump’s nonstop lies about the election, there is Supreme Court PRECEDENT TO PUNISH THE FASCISTS severely for inciting violence.

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9 May
What Happens When #Republicans Simply REFUSE TO CERTIFY Democratic Wins?

They know they cannot win majority support, but believe they have the right to rule for reasons that boil down to white supremacy, religious dominionism and antiquated beliefs

The BIG LIE that Trump really won the election is now canon among a majority of Republican voters.

Any #Republicans who refuses to toe the line is branded a heretic, and elections officials who dared to certify Biden’s win are being censured or stripped of their power.

#Biden’s electoral college win was only certified because enough Republican secretaries of state and county election board officials did their duty to democracy and resisted pressure to thwart voters

Every lever of Republican power has since been wielded to punish them.

#MOG Image
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7 May
#LizCheney secretly organized key move to block Trump from using military to overturn election

She secretly orchestrated an unprecedented op-ed in the Washington Post by all ten living former Defense Secretaries, including her father…

'She was the one who generated it, because she was so worried about what Trump might do,' Edelman said. 'It speaks to the degree that she was concerned about the threat to our democracy that Trump represented.'

She circulated on Jan. 3rd to the entire House Republican Conference.

In it, Cheney debunked Trump's false claims about election fraud and warned her colleagues that voting to overturn the election results, as Trump was insisting, would 'set an exceptionally dangerous precedent’
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5 Apr
Democrats Unveil #VoterEmpowermentAct Written By The Late #JohnLewis

The Bill ensures equal access to the ballot for all Americans and protects voting rights.

The Bill is necessary because of #GOP voter suppression and gerrymandering

Ensure Access to the Ballot

– Modernize the voter registration system
– Ensure access to online voter registration
– Ensure ballots are counted from military or overseas
– Allow same day registration
– Notify voters of voting changes
– Encourage youth to become voters...

Preserve Integrity in Voting Systems

– Provide informed and reliable poll workers
– Count all provisional ballots
– Prohibit voter caging
– Protect voters from deceptive practices and intimidation

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5 Apr

Corporate Rate Increase Would Make Taxes Fairer, Help Fund Equitable Recovery

Report Shows Raising Taxes On Corporations Will NOT Slow Recovery


1) Raising taxes on corporations would make the tax code more progressive while helping to generate the revenue needed to help finance investments that would promote an equitable recovery

2) The dramatic corporate tax cuts of 2017 provided few benefits to the economy in general and to low- and middle-income households

3) Raising corporate taxes by a modest amount will not undermine the economic recovery and, in fact... make the economy stronger

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5 Apr
Why aren't we calling the Capitol attack an act of TREASON?

That was treason according to the founding fathers, #Larson wrote

But in the three months since 6 January, however, there has been little public discussion of “treason”



Federal prosecutors have brought cases against +300 people allegedly involved in the Capitol insurrection.

So far, many of the rioters have been charged with lower-level offenses, like “disorderly and disruptive conduct...


TREASON is defined in the US constitution as “levying war” against the United States, or “adhering” to the enemies of the #US and “giving them aid and comfort”.

The framers had in mind “men gathering with guns, forming an army, and marching on the seat of government”

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