The Chain of Events Led by Netanyahu to Set Fire to Israel, to Cling to Power.
The chain of events in Israel in the past few weeks, leads to the Inescapable conclusion that Netanyahu instigated the fire in Israel, in order to hold on to power, to escape his trial.
Israel has been on fire since May 10th, as a result of what seems to be a deliberate plan. It appears the escalation was orchestrated by Netanyahu, and executed by the Kahanist MK (Parliament member) Ben Gvir (extreme right-wing party), through incitement on social media...
...and carried out by Israeli police, controlled by Netanyahu's loyalist minister Ohana, to provoke confrontation between Jews and Arabs and to provoke Hamas.
All of the above, just days before Netanyahu was about to lose his seat of power, after 12 years as Prime Minister.
Netanyahu, who is now standing trial for multiple counts of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, has provoked the latest round of violence as part of his desperate attempts to cling to power and sabotage the democratic process to replace him following recent elections.
It is no coincidence that the latest round of violence sparked just as Netanyahu failed to form a coalition government, and the mandate to do so was democratically passed to the next party leader, Lapid, who was about to successfully form a coalition with Bennet.
Netanyahu is derailing a historic attempt to form a political partnership, Jews and Arabs together forming a coalition government. The national unity government would include far right, center and far left parties.
Netanyahu who is escaping his ongoing trial and potential prison sentence, initiated the wave of chaos in Jerusalem, leading to the hate crimes and violence that have swept the country, as well as the violence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.
Initial facts:
➡️Temple Mount, home of Al-Aqsa Mosque, is a sensitive and volatile area any day, particularly during Ramadan month.
➡️Home ownership disputes in east Jerusalem neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah, is a potential source of tension between Jews and Arabs.
➡️Ben Gvir (MK extreme right) publicly suggested in a radio interview that Netanyahu should initiate a military operation which would likely prevent Lapid-Bennet from forming a new coalition, and maintain Netanyahu's power.
➡️A year ago Netanyahu admitted to receiving a suggestion to set the Middle East on fire, by means of provocation in Temple Mount. At the time, he said "No". Perhaps he reconsidered.
The Chain of Events starting early April - Laying the Ground Work

• April 6 – Election Results are in, Netanyahu receives the mandate to try and form a government.
He knows his chances of success are slim.

• April 9 – For the first time after months of non-violent protests, Israeli police forcibly breakup the weekly peaceful protest in Sheikh Jarrah.

• April 12 – The month of Ramadan begins.

• April 13 – Police incites tensions by blockading the Damascus Gate steps, a major gathering place for Jerusalem's Arab-Palestinians, particularly during Ramadan.
The rarely used blockades served no purpose other than provocation.
Outraged Palestinians rioted violently.

• April 18 – Ben Gvir & Smotrich, both religious right wing extremist MKs, intentionally turn up at the Damascus Gate in a provocative anti-Arab move.
Following their lead, groups of ultra-right wing Jewish supremacists begin marching in Jerusalem chanting "Death to Arabs"
• April 24 – Chief of Police is caught lying about blockading the steps at Damascus Gate, and immediately changes course and orders their removal. Tensions rise.

The Unfolding of Events, May - Setting the Fire:
• May 5 – Lapid receives the mandate, the "Government of Change" is days away.
• May 5 – Mayor of Lod, a mixed city, staunch supporter of Netanyahu, invites Ben Gvir who then pledges support to the city's Jewish residents.
• May 6 – On his own accord Ben Gvir launches a "field office" in Sheikh Jarrah, inciting against the local Arabs.

(Photograph: Haaretz - "The Office")

• May 7 – In an unprecedented move Netanyahu-controlled police forces, fire stun grenades into Al-Aqsa Mosque and into a medical clinic in the area.
All of this during Ramadan.

• May 7 – Paying lip service, Netanyahu orders Ben Gvir to vacate his "office" in Sheikh Jarrah, once the fire is already raging: "Unless you vacate, rockets will be launched at Jerusalem".

(Hamas is listening)

• May 8 – Police forces shut down the main highway leading to Jerusalem, preventing buses full of Muslim worshipers from getting to Temple Mount, on one of the holiest days of Ramadan, while they are fasting.
Outrage reaches a boiling point.

Ahead of "Jerusalem Day", a national holiday celebrating the unification of the city, there are calls to alter the "Flag March" route away from the Muslim Quarter. But the original route still remains.

• May 10 – "Jerusalem Day"
Morning: Large police forces enter Temple Mount, shooting stun grenades into Al-Aqsa Mosque, again. Violent riots erupt.
Noon: The Flag March route is altered at the last second
Evening: Hamas launches rockets at Jerusalem
• May 11 and the days that follow – Hamas launches barrages of rockets at half of Israel including Tel Aviv and the International airport. Millions of Israelis are sitting in bomb shelters. Israel incurs casualties, injuries, and damage.

- Instantly, a military response turns into a full on operation, with its own name and goals;

- Violence in mixed cities erupts;

-Arab rioters set fire to synagogues, engage in vandalism, looting, & even lynching;
-Jewish rioters vandalize Arab businesses, cars & homes & even engage in lynching;
-Ben Gvir turns up in mixed cities, while calling on Jews to come & "defend Jews".
The country is ablaze.
- Violence in mixed cities is further incited on social media with calls to show up armed with assault instruments;
- Chief of Police to Netanyahu and Ohana: "Ben Gvir is responsible for this Intifada". Netanyahu remains silent on the matter.
A note on Hamas:
Hamas seizes the opportunity to advance its own agenda:
- Be the "Defender of Al-Aqsa"
- Sow division between Israeli Arabs and Jews which would impede the chances to form the Government of Change
- Reignite the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Netanyahu's MO:
Creating provocations himself, as well as incitement by means of messengers, followed by "calming actions" that serve as ostensible placating:
1. Removal of the unprecedented blockades at Damascus Gate, after the fact

2. Ordering Ben Gvir to vacate his "office" in Sheikh Jarrah
3. Rerouting the Flag March
4. Calls for de-escalation of violence, after the fact

Pouring a glass of water on a massive fire, is an attempt to manufacture an alibi for the Pyromaniac in Chief.

To be clear, Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization and Israel must defend itself.
Violent rioters must be arrested and prosecuted. They are operating on their own accord.
However, some are taking advantage of the tensions, sparking the match that lit the flame.
It's no coincidence that Israel was set on fire just as a Government of Change was about to be established.
The timeline tells the story.

Inescapable conclusion:
Netanyahu set in motion an orchestrated plan to set the ground on fire, to maintain power and escape his trial.
I talked about it on my latest independent news edition video, which went viral in Israel. Now it's with English subtitles.

• • •

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ישראל באיום קיומי.
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הבנתם? בן גביר גיבור!
>> וקובי אריאלי עוד יושב ומסביר שבן גביר וזנדברג זה שני צדדים של אותה קשת פוליטית - לא! זה לא שמאל וימין! ימין זה לא כהניזם ומרצ זה לא הצד השני של כהניזם!
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בוקר אור מבית המשפט המחוזי בירושלים, משפט נתניהו והמו"לים, עדות מנכ"ל וואלה לשעבר אילן ישועה, החקירה הנגדית יום 2.
חוקר גם היום, פרקליטו של שאול אלוביץ', עו"ד ז'ק חן.
(בתמונה נכנס לבית המשפט)
כאן יחל #שרשור עדכונים
חוזרים לנקודה שבה עצרנו בדיון אתמול. המקומות בתכתובות שבהם לטענת אילן ישועה שאול אלוביץ' לחץ לפרסם את החומר המכפיש על אשתו של בנט והמסעדה הלא כשרה.
ישועה: מדלג על רצף תכתובות בעניין אחר (סטיקרים, תמונה של בנט עם נתניהו)
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בוקר אור מבית המשפט המחוזי בירושלים. משפט נתניהו, עדות אילן ישועה, היום הראשון לחקירה הנגדית.
כאן מתחיל #שרשור דיווחים שוטפים
ז'ק חן, פרקליטו של שאול אלוביץ' מעמת את אילן ישועה: "העדת שאף פעם לא הקלטת בטלפון" עם מזכר מהחקירות לפיו יש הקלטות של צדדים שלישיים
אילן ישועה: לא יודע על מה מדובר, באמת לא הקלטתי, אולי בני משפחה, אולי הקלטות לא קשורות, באמת לא זוכר
ז'ק חן: לא ידעת שההקלטות האלה בידינו
חן: למה לא הקלטת את הפגישה עם אלוביץ'? אם כבר הקלטת שיחות טלפון. כשאתה יודע להקליט וקל להקליט.
ישועה: אמרתי שאני לא מקליט אנשים, לא זכרתי שהקלטתי, מסרתי את הטלפון מרצוני
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12 Apr
בוקר אור ממשפט נתניהו - שבוע שני לשלב ההוכחות, עדות אילן ישועה נמשכת.
עדכונים יובאו כאן באופן שוטף.
תחילתו של #שרשור
עו"ד יהודית תירוש מטעם הפרקליטות.
אילן ישועה כבר על דוכן העדים.
מעלים על המסך את המצגת של התכתובות.
תאריך 2.2 שלוש אחה"צ.
תאריך 2.2.2015
פרקליטות: היינו בפעם האחרונה ב- "הבוס הנחה אותי לתת סיוע ארטילרי מלא".
יש התכתבויות שהן בלילה, 24:00
ב- 24:30 יש אמירה של העד לאבי אלקלעי "חוזר ומבקש לאשר כל אייטם רגיש איתי"
ואז 2.2.15 אחר הצהריים
ההתכתבות ביום זה מתייחסת ל-3 אירועים בנספח לכתב האישום.
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5 Apr
בית המשפט המחוזי בירושלים פתיחת שלב ההוכחות במשפט נתניהו.
מצעד הנכנסים:
השר אוחנה, הנאשם נוני מוזס.
#שרשור דיווחים מבית המשפט
מצעד הנכנסים:
שאול אלוביץ', אסנת מארק
אוחנה ומארק יצאו מבית המשפט
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