1/ Begin thread: Hi #YYJ Looking for ideas: Let's talk! How can we bridge growing antagonism that divides #cyclists vs #drivers?
backdated @Douglasmagazine Opinion: Cooling the Cycling Conflict In Victoria douglasmagazine.com/cooling-the-cy…
2/ I refuse to believe it's irreconcilable. Many drivers are also cyclists-many cyclists are also drivers. So why is the discourse almost always about "us vs them"? #YYJ #YYJTraffic
3/#FullDisclosure: I'm coming from the viewpoint of someone who can no longer cycle: one who is both envious of and rejoices in, those who can .
4/ I want #YYJ roads to be safer for cyclists. (despite actual accusations to the contrary that I'm some privileged member of some car cabal trying to maintain my right to operate my murderous vehicle with impunity)
5/ All that being said, here comes disclaimer #2
I am becoming increasingly angry at cyclists. And that really pisses me off - because it's not them at all that I'm angry at -
6/ Well to be honest, I'm angry at some cyclists.The ones who defy road rules. But I'm just as angry at drivers who do so.
7/What I'm most concerned about - what I'm trying to achieve; is to find a way collectively, for us to diffuse the anger I see building.
8/ We all see the escalating road rage. Whether it's cyclists with so many examples of angry/idiot drivers putting them in danger/causing accidents.
9/ Or cases where cyclists have decided enough is enough, and retaliate in dangerous/aggressive ways meant to make drivers aware of them.
10/ So...What can be done? to de-escalate this anger? It doesn't just affect *everyone's* safety on the road - it affects our psyche- our state of mind- our sense of connection with our neighbours, our community.
11/ I'm so tired of being angry. I'm so tired of sensing/feeling this anger from so many.
12/ Mostly, I'm angry that we seem to be directing our anger at the wrong target-
13/ Maybe there is no solution. Maybe the only acceptable resolution for cyclists is "no cars". Maybe the only alternative for drivers is "no cyclists". Both extremes seem ludicrous and unachievable to me.
14. So my anger is at :
a. those who refuse to engage in convo/compromise
b. @CityOfVictoria ramming thru road changes w/out (despite their assertions to the otherwise) clearly communicating and being confident of support of majority of #YYJ citizens.
15/ IMO it's squarely on the shoulders of @CityOfVictoria for creating this anger, this sad sad divide; among neighbours and community at large- pitting us against each other,,,,,
16/ For what purpose? (Any answer I give is conjecture) But it seems @CityOfVictoria policies are rooted solely in enacting their personal ideologies.
17/ But *we* (all of we who voted) elected them #YYJ (@CityOfVictoria) to represent us . And presumably we did so understanding their POV-their intentions -?
18/ If you've gotten to this point in my thread - TYVM-
it was a kind of stream of consciousness convo I was having w/myself about #YYJ #bikelanes #anger #BridgingTheDivide #YYJ #YYJPoli
19/ Pls refer back to begin thread; and reply any ideas you may have on this subject. TY and appreciate .
1/ Begin thread: Hi #YYJ Looking for ideas: Let's talk! How can we bridge growing antagonism that divides #cyclists vs #drivers?

• • •

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19 May
@JamesRobertsCBC @RethinkRichard2 @lrbincanada @CityOfVictoria Hi @JamesRobertsCBC .How lovely for you. Don't understand ur point bout it better4 drivers if cyclists stay in designated path. If U ride it 5times/wk you've surely noticed there is no cycle path on VS. It's 100% cycles. Drivers (residents)on VS R detoured onto side streets. 1/
@JamesRobertsCBC @RethinkRichard2 @lrbincanada @CityOfVictoria 2/ You're right. If the goal is to make every street in the city - a bicycle only route - there is no need for a survey.
So why dilly dally ... Let's just ban all cars on every street.
Vancouver St is a shining example of how to do so.
@JamesRobertsCBC @RethinkRichard2 @lrbincanada @CityOfVictoria 3/ "oh that's silly Maggie" is the usual reply I get to this comment... but I'm serious. If we're not intending to ban all cars on every street - who gets to decide which streets are expendable to vehicle traffic? And what criteria to make those decisions?
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13 May
@ThePhoenixAligt @Covid_Stinks Hi Phoenix Congrats and best wishes on your training. Thank you also for your thoughtful and respectful convo in many comments on this subject. We agree on many issues you have presented. 1/
@ThePhoenixAligt @Covid_Stinks 2/ You bring a perspective which I hadn't heard before, of a cycling athlete. The infrastructure/road design to accommodate such, seems to present unique challenges which go beyond making roads safe for commuter and recreational cyclists.
@ThePhoenixAligt @Covid_Stinks 3/ I honestly have no idea how to make #YYJ roads safe and accommodating for pro/semi pro/athlete cyclists. How /where has such training taken place up to now? What do you see as the optimum venue for that?
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27 Apr
1/ W/respect @SarahPottsH I don't think #TC editorial unfairly distorted ur TW. Nor do I think ur 'singular comment' about t/assault on teen in #BHP being awful should "be the end of the story". (Hence they published ur rebuttal) timescolonist.com/opinion/op-ed/…
2/ @timescolonist editorial was responding to the rest of your TW - in which you inferred that if council had supported previous motions of yours, this would not have happened. Can you pls direct me to those? I'll gladly call out any councillors who denied good motions
3/ (It's really difficult to find what any councillor has said or proposed about anything... (which is why I re- request that @CityOfVictoria makes public written transcripts of all meetings)
Read 17 tweets
10 Apr
@JeremyLoveday @deardubow Hi @JeremyLoveday Appreciate you clearing that up, and apologize 4 assuming that ur RT meant U ID as "woke". (@deardubow conflated progressive councillors = woke") It's a word I have trouble with (same as I do with 'left' vs 'right' in poli discourse. 1/
@JeremyLoveday @deardubow I also suggest to @CharlesBodi that #wordsmatter; and his initial poll inferring that 'woke' ppl are cockroaches was not at all helpful. The word does carry connotations that go beyond common usage (an undesirable pest) 2/
@JeremyLoveday @deardubow @CharlesBodi "on the African continent, it must be assumed that those who flippantly drop this term into political rhetoric are unaware of its historical applications" 3/
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9 Apr
1/ #DBH -with a Big Sigh: "we've seen over these last few wks a noticeable increase in transmission. I don't need to tell ppl that" (35 min mark vid)
She's right - she doesn't need to tell us - she needs to do something about it! #BCCovid #BCPoli
2/ and goes on (as usual) to blame us.. rather than take responsibility. "Much of it is being driven by our social interactions and amplified by workplaces... fuelling the spread and VOC are making it that much more easy"
#DBH #BCPoli #BCCovid
3/#DBH #BlameGame continues. "Parties, events, people not taking it seriously.. virus is spread by people we are closest to whether we have symptoms or not" (38 min)
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12 Feb
Dear @CityOfVictoria
#YYJ already has plethora of parks/green spaces to accommodate pedestrians/cyclists. Why deny access to #CloverPoint, to those who rely on cars by removing any of the 90 stalls currently available?
#CloverPoint is NOT a #ParkingLot.
What *are* parking lots - if the need is so urgent for more sea-side spaces for pedestrians: are both Wharf St parking lot (city owned-150 stalls ) and West Park Lot 708 w/177 stalls.
Both are: very accessible to many pedestrians/cyclists, more suitable to crowds and festivities; and close to other amenities the city offers. I think that's the sort of ambience you envision.
Read 11 tweets

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