G Floyd is NOT a left-wing analogue to Ashli Babbitt. This is appalling. Is this equivalence framing a thing in MAGA-world?

A. Babbitt was engaged in voluntary, aggressive violence at the time of her shooting. Floyd was cuffed, immobilized & begging for his life when he died.

B. Babbitt was committing extremely dangerous political violence; she was breaking through the final barrier between a violent mob and dozens of US Congresspeople, our democratic government. Floyd was a arrested for street misdemeanor.

C. The use of force against Floyd was

excessive, and a court ruled as much. Floyd was not a threat to the police officers, citizens, and property around him at the time of his death.

The use of force against Babbitt was much more justified. She was at the leading edge of a violent mob steps away from Members of

Congress. The cops did not know if the mob was armed or what they intended to do if they actually captured MCs. Remember, they'd set up a gallows (!) on the mall. Those officers did not have the ten minutes of calm to make their use of force decisions, as Chauvin did. As many

pointed out at the time (), the insurrectionists faced a surprisingly gentle response given that they were rioting inside the US Capitol building, the heart of US democratic government. If anything, the Capitol police should be praised for just how much

restraint they showed against what looked sorta like a putsch.

D. No one is ignoring Floyd's flaws, but that is not the issue. And Babbitt's death is a tragedy, for which there should be an investigation and determination. But to make her a martyr, as the far right is doing

now, elevates the anti-democratic, politically violent cause for which she fought. Lionizing violent, far-right insurgents is antithetical to US democracy and takes the MAGA movement further toward Horst Wessel/Turner Diaries/militia territory. This is terrible.


• • •

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19 May
These new GOP voting laws are designed to make voting so complex, that almost any election can be disputed. The point isn’t so much to make voting harder but rather, more legally contestable. Voters & poll workers won’t learn all these new rules, providing the legal basis for

endless lawsuits over whether this or that voter voted legally: should citizen XYZ should have his vote disqualified bc his wife gave him a ham sandwich while he was waiting on line? It will be Florida 2000 again & again in states where the vote is close. If you can’t win at

the polls, or won’t accept that the Democrats legitimately win major races, then make voting rules so absurdly murky & results therefore so unknowable, that you can push decisions into the courts or state legislatures. This is basically adding legal grounds of over-complexity

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14 May
The weirdest part about amateur #running is all the metaphysics running websites try to instill in an otherwise monotonous sport.

I run for things like weight control, cardio-pulmonary depth (VO2 max), & better health for my family, but according to the internet, I am a hero,

finding my true self, forging new paths, finding my fast, breaking barriers, and most recently, advancing progressive social causes like equity. Wow. I am doing all that just putting one foot in front of the other at speed?

I am not. Only ultrarunners with careers in the

talk like this; no one in my running club ever did. The rest of us are schlepping along.

In fact, these sites should be honest about the biggest problem with #running for amateurs - it's dull. Once you get to serious distances - 50+ miles a week - you need to learn how to

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6 May
Everyone is complaining about what a dud the new Biden N Korea policy review was. washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/…

It basically recommends deterrence/containment/sanction/isolation, which is what we've done for decades.

There is a reason we keep coming back to this posture - bc all

the other alternatives have clear downsides:

A. The hawkish/conservative alternative - to use force or drones as we do so often in the greater Middle East - is hugely risky. NK has lots of capabilities to hit back, and SK is very vulnerable, especially with its capital right

on the border (a terrible strategic problem which really ties US-ROK military hands)

B. The dovish/liberal alternative - engagement and concessions - has a poor record of success. NK loves stringing out talks forever as a way of muddying the waters and creating the perception

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24 Apr
THREAD on Trump’s Rant about the S Korean President calling Him, Correctly, a 'Failure' in the NYT

1. Moon Jae-In indeed throws T under the bus in the Times

Moon & his advisors quickly realized that T, like Fredo, was weak & stupid & wanted respect. M deluded T with visions

of a Nobel Prize if he met the NK leader Kim Jong Un. M wanted that meeting, bc the SK left has long thought an apex summit was the best way to side-step the hawkish-on-NK US foreign policy community. All spring 2018, that hawkish FPC community indeed told T not meet KJU; T

didn’t listen to us of course; and then made a colossal hash out of negotiations, bc he is an idiot: . M then called T a failure last week. Harsh

2. T’s response illustrates yet again that he is totally unfit for public office

It’s petty, mean-spirited

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21 Apr
Exactly. This is a language game. To my mind, it’s pretty simple:

We should do the best we can to avoid a cold war with China. But we’re not, and neither is the Xi government. So we’re all sliding into one anyway. Bad.

And far too many Beltway types are fine with that bc:

a) The natsec community draws influence and a salary in an environment of strategic competition; China hawkishness will pay.

b) 30 years of unipolarity has impoverished American thinking about diplomacy. We’re too used to knee-jerk belligerence.

Consider, eg, that much GOP

hawkishness on China is simply to cover-up for Trump’s massive incompetence on corona. Trump and MAGA would happily risk dangerous cold war competition rather than admit that Trump is a colossal idiot who didn’t care if Americans died.

So yeah, stumbling into a cold war with

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29 Mar
I’m not saying it’s impossible. But it’s fairly outlandish: Would not a disaster so massive that it wiped out the cops, Guard, and military also send gangsters fleeing? When Katrina hit and the police disintegrated, didn’t the bad guys run also?

The American state is far

more capable than these apocalypse scenarios - to justify long gun ownership - admit. The US is NOT on the brink of anarchy, about to be invaded, about to collapse under the national debt, and so on. The American state has multiple levels and multiple agencies which use force.

For them ALL to collapse so badly that you’re on your doorstep fighting off Mad Max with your AR-15 would require something like a nuclear strike to bring about. This is the scenario of the movie ‘Amerigeddon,’ not, um, anything remote plausible.

The smart play for personal

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