Levying the Corp Tax on foreign Cos operating at home (🇨🇳has a 20% rate)or abroad, is illegal.
It deprives those foreign companies of the export revenues of their multinationals that would be taxed by the countries they are based on. Image
Yellen's proposal could be a 15% rate on foreign Cos subsidiaries of 🇺🇸Cos w/ a 15% min Corp Tax & a credit of 100% of the foreign rate.
🇨🇮example: 2.5% effective rate on the 🇨🇮subsidiaries of🇺🇸Cos vs 0.5% today.
The tax rate is an issue within a region(🇪🇺,🇺🇸,etc),not among them.
Either operating at home or on the foreign subsidiaries of local Cos operating abroad(services Cos)
If they are manufacturers,they must ship their products from home,be taxed at home.🚨The country accumulates forex reserves.@USTreasury @WhiteHouse
So,what🇨🇳has is a 20% Import Tariff.Later,the #G7 follows suit as part of joining all🇨🇳's initiatives:Belt & Road initiative,#coronavirus hoax to create 1,000s of Municipal/First Responders/Health Care-related jobs(#Biden:"the guy that holds the arm while being vaxxed"),masks,etc

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11 Jun
-The SPSPA is a contract
-The SPSPA is the backstop
-FHFA went out there to find financing in 08
Actions PURSUANT TO AN AUTHORITY IN THE CHARTER.Guess what! There are more provisions!#Fanniegate @TheJusticeDept @Scotus Image
The judge cites an authority of UST(added by HERA)to purchase UNLIMITED YIELD obligations SPS +Warrant(iii)to protect the taxpayer.
But a provision W/ THE SAME NAME,already existed in the Charter w/ low cost funding,consistent w/ the provision FEE LIMITATION that bars the Warrant ImageImageImageImage
The UST backstop is the Charter,not the PA.
HERA allowed the 10%/NWS div,but the FHEFSSA restricts the Capital distributions unless it's applied towards SPS repayment(exception B).FHFA added(2011)a fraudulent exception(1)for Recap.
Low cost funding prevails: 0% due to collateral.
Read 6 tweets
10 Jun
"We want our money back""Against the Prfd Stock fraud"
With a true Conservatorship & the Charter's Fee Limitation:
-Commons trade at $60,$140,...$200 now
-JPS below par-value all along.#Fanniegate ImageImageImageImage
FnF are building up Capital($205b C requirement)w/ the div suspended.Blame FHFA.The crooks Pagliara,Bradford,C.Phillips,Rosner,etc,run the story of Govt theft instead,maintaining the expectation of a Court resolution,when the lawsuits are the problem(Capital deficit not targeted)
Clarification: in🇪🇸,it was sold the idea that there's fraud w/ the JPS,when the loss isn't fraud(see the chart when a JPS suspends the div payments)
The true scandal is that the JPS were sold to seniors as simple fixed-income securities w/o informing of the risks.
Berkowitz knows
Read 4 tweets
30 Apr
SPS increased for free can't appear on the Income Statement because it isn't an expense of the operations(no cost to us)
The line item now called:"Future increase in the SPS Liq Pref". Future? It's increased at the end of the quarter.#Fanniegate @TheJusticeDept @Scotus Image
But we see in the balance sheet that it's NEVER recorded. Since the 4th amdnt to PA(Dec 2017),the SPS in the balance sheet don't match the real data(Fin Statement Fraud)in order to don't post the offset(Reduction of Retained Earnings,once Additional Paid-In Capital was exhausted) Image
Nothing is "for free". The money has to come from somewhere. If FnF increase the SPS for free(w/o getting the cash),there's an offset in other accts(shareholders' pocket)
SPS= $89.1b as of 3/31/2021. $91.4b in June, due to $2.4b NW in 1Q.
(Also, SPS must be issued, not increased)
Read 10 tweets
21 Apr
The name doesn't matter: line of credit, borrowing right,funding commitment
We know it can't be tapped to leverage FnF but to fund a negative Net Worth(Equity) issuing SPS(obligations/Equity)#Fanniegate @TheJusticeDept @Scotus Image
The key is that it emanates from the provision in the Charter Act called: Authority of UST to Purchase Obligations.Terms and Conditions.
There are 2:
-The original low cost
-The one added by HERA w/ UNLIMITED yield.
@USTreasury can't buy anything w/o an authorization by Congress. ImageImage
HERA's was used for the 10%/NWS div,but it wasn't needed if there is the original,limited to $2.25b because it was set more than 50yrs ago,w/ FNMA only 15b in debt vs $800b in 2008.
The original is called "special borrowing right from UST" by Prof.Nielson(Scotus-appointed amicus) Image
Read 7 tweets
20 Apr
.@Yale's trash aims at covering up the FHEFSSA's restrictions for undercap and that FnF are congressionally chartered private corps w/ privileges like a CHEAP credit facility(@USTreasury backstop),a Public Mission,prohibition on fees by UST,etc.#Fanniegate @Scotus @TheJusticeDept
A report paid by the sponsors of the Moelis plan(J.Paulson/BX)to make the case for the corrupt plaintiffs:the coverup of the statutory provisions in the FHEFSSA and the Charter Act.
E.g.Module E: HERA,when it isn't a law in itself,but a law that amends the FHEFSSA and Charter Act
If you read HERA,you don't understand anything because everything is "strike_for_";"Section_is amended by inserting_"
Module B: the SPSPA.
Exactly the plaintiffs' litigation strategy: coverup of the full FHEFSSA and Charter,focusing only on HERA's Conservatorship section & SPSPA.
Read 5 tweets
20 Apr
The March 31,2021 E.U.'s ruling was a reaction to $HOG's June 25,2018 SEC filing announcing a plan to shift production outside the U.S. to avoid the E.U.'s 25%-50% increased tariffs.
Trump,a cray hired by Pelosi.@WhiteHouse
It took 2 yrs and 8 mths for the E.U. to take up the Article 33 of Delegated Regulation(EU)2015/2446 and claim that the shift in production of HOG isn't deemed to be "economically justified" on the basis of the facts(HOG's SEC filing was their exit strategy) to avoid the tariffs.
🇪🇺's 31 March ruling:eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/…
HOG's press release:investor.harley-davidson.com/news-releases/….
🇺🇸deindustrialization translates into more Govt gtee schemes by the politicians for the Mafia. More poor blacks need Govt grants and @SenSherrodBrown can make a living.@USTreasury @SecYellen
Read 5 tweets

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