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#Bernie2020 is also following right along with #China/Communist Party’s 2050 world domination plan with his own #GreenScam.

Funny how all the #Democrats and Europe are so hell bent on helping China and Russia, who aren’t following the “green rules” try to weaken the US.
And there it is...more “free stuff” from Bernie, lmao. Funny because I recently said Dems would be giving away “free” cars next.

Ohh, but he doesn’t stop there. He’s also promising free heating and cooling.
More “free” stuff that the MIDDLE CLASS would end up paying for.

More strict regulations on businesses, forcing them to go 100% green, which, of course, would also mean their costs would be passed along to us.
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I keep hearing a lot of #HongKongProtestors makint statements about "CHINESE GENOCIDE AGAINST THE UIGHUR MUSLIMS" if that's true, why is there a revival of #Islam in #China right now?…
Chinese laws and actually, Communist Laws in general forbid persecution of ethnic groups as well as religions.The Uighur in Prison right now are there due to committing crimes which include Jihadist activity. The group that claims it's a genocidal campaign is "Human Rights Watch"
and this organization was caught lying about Left Wing governments in the past already. Meanwhile they have been silent about actual genocide committed by American Allies or US sponsored Dictatorships. So long story short : No, there is no genocide or concentration camps. It's bs
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On Aug 20 @MSNBC’s Rachel #Maddow did a half-hour segment attacking The Epoch Times based on an NBC news “investigative report” from earlier that day. (Thread 👇)
The crux of #Maddow's attack is an attempt to conflate programming of the NTD digital show Edge of Wonder, an entertainment show that explicitly focuses on the most audacious conspiracy theories out there, with #EpochTimes journalism.
We explained the fact that Edge of Wonder is an entertainment show not connected with #EpochTimes to the relevant #NBC journalists in a Jun 20 statement. They chose to ignore this.

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Seeing the success of The Epoch Times as America’s fastest-growing newspaper, @NBCNews has published a hit-piece that is riddled with inaccuracies, blatant errors, and misrepresentations.

(Thread 👇)…
@NBCNews NBC News mischaracterizes our subscription campaigns for our print newspaper. We provided @NBCNews with a statement back in June to clarify this, but they chose to ignore it—against well established journalistic practices.…
While The Epoch Times has been at the forefront of covering the actions taken by officials in the Obama admin targeting the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, @NBCNews is refusing to look at verifiable evidence and simply dismisses this reporting as a “conspiracy theory.”
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Spent more time on #China accounts. So, by the account creation dates, most of the accounts (418) were created in 2017 - one dated back to 2007. However, that doesn't mean that they were tweeting about Chinese politics, or even controlled by China, back then. That's important.
Filtering the tweet text for variants on HK, Hong Kong, etc (in English! someone else should do this in Chinese...beyond my skills), there is a batch of tweets (~400) related to HK from 2017. BUT! Those are about sports and tourism. Bots tweeting ab HK Disney etc.
Then there is another batch related to Hong Kong in 2019. Those are about politics and related to the protests.

There are signs of coordinated amplification there: ie, two accounts, @ctcc507 and @feituji1994, were amplified by others in the data set. Some replied, others RT'd.
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Getting into the #China social media manipulation data set now! Fascinating stuff in the Twitter content. First, the attributed accounts include personas claiming to be located all over the world, including in the US, created back in 2009/2010.
This is interesting. Several researchers commented on the extremely flimsy, weak accts spreading disinfo about the HK protests over the past week. Obvious propaganda pushers. Those activities likely triggered this broader review & burned the better ones
There are often two parallel efforts happening in disinformation campaigns: social platform/persona activity, and propagandist media narrative activity. China's had capabilities in both for quite a while; its internally-focused comment army (50 cent) has been around since ~2004.
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The West, being overtaken by China & those allied with it has repeatedly signaled its intent to weaken those rising to threaten its continued ability to be World Control HQ.

The East has largely until recently hoped for a change of heart & a return to sanity.

The East doesn't wish conflict, it wants stability, strong relationships, security & trade.

The West has shown time after time its malign intention, to disrupt & destabilize, creating chaos, organizing provocations, sanctioning, sabotaging, ever threatening war.

Color revolutions have become the West’s favored means of undermining nations & replacing governments.

The fomented insurrection occurring now in Hong Kong is another example of its cynical attempt to generate chaos with a view to furthering western aims.
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NEW: @Twitter finds “coordinated and significant” #China-backed “information operation" to sow "political discord" in #HongKong amid mass pro-democracy protests. #propaganda #disinformation #informationwarfare
@Twitter Twitter and Facebook have suspended accounts believed to be tied to China's state-backed #disinformation campaign to undermine legitimacy of pro-democracy #HongKong protesters. Twitter is also barring state-controlled news media entities from advertising.…
After @BuzzFeedNews and other outlets reported that Chinese state-run media outlets were running ads about #HongKong on @Facebook and @Twitter, Thousands Of Accounts Linked To The Chinese Government Were Kicked Off Social Media… #propaganda #disinformation
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This brave #Uyghur #Muslim girl, still resides in #Xinjiang aka #EastTurkestan is indicating that four of her relatives are in #China's #ConcentrationCamps. She obviously wants the world to know regardless of what might happen to her, PLEASE SHARE for her sake.

Clip 2: There are more "witness testimonials" coming right out of #Xinjiang aka #EastTurkestan. They don’t saying anything but it's written all over their faces, clearly sending a message to the outside world that all is not good.

#SaveUyghur #CloseTheCamps
Clip 3: Another witness testimonial of a wife longing for her husband who is detained in #China’s #ConcentrationCamps.

#SaveUyghur #CloseTheCamps
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Thread: Trump administration plans $8 billion fighter jet sale to #Taiwan, angering #China - Tough, let China get angry…
The Trump administration is pressing ahead with an $8 billion sale of new 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, a move likely to raise strong objections from China amid the deepening trade dispute between Washington and Beijing.
The State Department submitted the package to Congress for informal review late Thursday, and its not expected to meet opposition, according to US officials & other people familiar with the matter. It would be the largest and most significant sale of weaponry to Taiwan in decades
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That the nation needs to replace Trump because of all the horrible things he is doing.
1) #DemocraticPresidentialCandidates #msm #Trump

And other than personal attacks, name-calling & false accusations that are easily disproven, THEY NEVER ANSWER THE QUESTION.

So, what "horrible" things are they talking about?
2) #namecalling #smears #falseaccusations
Oh I know: Separating Children from parents of illegals at the border --- something started by Obama's Administration and OK with Democrats then. 3) #BorderSecurity #Obama #Democrats #DoubleStandards #children
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Thread: Dual diplomatic Recognition of both #China & #Taiwan: Could Taiwan Countenance the Idea? The zero-sum game in the Taiwan Strait has outlived its usefulness and no longer reflects reality.…
2: The zero-sum game in the Taiwan Strait has outlived its usefulness and no longer reflects reality. Taipei should make it clear that it is willing to think creatively about the problem. Offering the possibility of dual recognition would be a step in that direction.
3: For decades now, Taipei & Beijing have played a zero-sum game in the political sphere & everybody is keeping count. Every loss of an official diplomatic ally of Taiwan is marked off as a win for the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
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Thread: Duterte is ‘selling out’ to #China, says #Philippine VP Leni Robredo - She said Duterte had not taken advantage of the 2016 UN ruling that affirmed the Philippines’ rights in part of the #SouthChinaSea claimed by China…
2: Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo said citizens were worried Rodrigo Duterte was “selling out” to Beijing and called on the president to take a stronger stand to protect the country’s sovereignty in the disputed South China Sea.
3: Robredo, who is keeping her options open regarding the presidential race in 2022, said on Tuesday the president had not taken advantage of an international tribunal ruling that affirmed the Philippines’ economic rights in part of the South China Sea also claimed by China.
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Ever since #HongKong's protests began, I often got asked why the city's tycoons have stayed silent.

Today, HK's richest man Li Ka-shing has published two separate msgs on front pages newspapers across political spectrum.

Here are some interpretation on the 91-yo's wisdom:
The colour msg is more direct. It says “violence” with a cross through it, flanked by slogans calling for loving China and HK, and “stop anger and violence in the name of love”.
What not to miss is that it also says "the worst fruit [result] could be bore from the best cause".
The black-and-white msg is what left people guessing. It begins with: "As I have said before", & 8 Chinese characters: “The melon of Huangtai cannot bear the picking again.”

Li has used this line in addressing contentious political issues before. This is the story behind it:
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Grassley, Release Investigative finding on Clinton’s Server
Clinton uploaded to her private servers deliberately
#China accessed Special Access Programs to learn about advanced technologies deployed by the U.S. military in space
#QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
FlashBack: Bill Clinton sold advanced US missile technology to our enemy-the People’s Republic of China #ChinaGate
👉Uranium One shareholders gave the Clinton Foundation $145M in donations #UraniumOne
👉Obama gave $150B #IranDeal…
#QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
This is how secret Special Access Programs (SAP) are!
Hillary Clinton’s Private Server Contained Special Access Program Intelligence
Hillary Clinton uploaded Emails with Special Access Programs which "China hacked" or Clinton Sold #Treason #ChinaGate #QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
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#China asks for "closed consultations" in the UN Security Council meeting to discuss Kashmir after #Pakistan writes letter to UN…
Pakistan formally called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss India revoking the special status to Jammu and Kashmir, foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi recently said.
The diplomat said that China also submitted a formal request for such a meeting but Poland has to consult and take into account preferences of other Council members before deciding on time and date for the meeting.
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1/Acc. to @DoveyWan, who has a good prior track record of CT #China insights, and @PandaofBinance the recent #BTC dump could be attributed to a Chinese Ponzi scheme #PlusToken selling tens of 000s of BTC:

2/The list of addresses mentioned in the story(total ~276k BTC received,last txs>0.01 BTC):
A (last tx 31-07-2019)…
B (last tx 26-05-2019)…
C (last tx 13-08-2019)…
D (last tx 04-04-2019)…
3/According to data by @CrystalPlatform wallet A belongs to @BixinIM bitcoin hosted wallet provider. It has been created 4 years ago, which is much longer than PlusToken exists.
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The answer - Yes. I think the EU will be in a recession with little to do about it (because their credit markets are already a mess) than to print money that will eventually devalue the Euro and only be a temporary fix. 2) #EURecession
I believe the UK will have a recession if they cannot find a solution to Brexit that does not solve the Irish issue, but if that issue is solved, and deals are made with North America and the Commonwealth, that can be reversed. 3) #BREXIT #Irish #US #Recession
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#DJI Dow fell 800 points — or 3.05% — today, after bond market flashed warning sign NO, #TRUMP its just YOU and your #Brexit cronies… Global data has worsened - 3 of Europe's 4 largest economies — #Germany, #Italy and #UK — heading toward recession
RECESSION hits as the Dreadful Dynamic DUO of #Trump and #BJohnson take economies of #Germany, #Italy, #UK, #Japan, #Japan #China down with them... GOOD WORK
@TheRickWilson @AC360 @LincolnsBible @NicoHines @guardian @SkyNews @ICIJorg @OCCRP @BuzzFeed @BuzzFeedOz @SCMPNews
See that? #Trump and #BJohnson the VILE adulterous pedophile DUO have really tied one on this time. and @SpeakerPelosi (as well as #Mueller) knows all about it. TY to @AndrewBeatty @anneapplebaum and @DavidLammy @sfpelosi @lauferlaw @maddow @JamesFourM @carolecadwalla @NicoHines
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Is the World on the brink of a new #Recession? Apparently it is.

With today's #DowJones Industrial Average fall of 800+ points, the market flashed a warning sign about a possible recession for the first time since 2007. Follows @jchatterleyCNN assessment.
Banks are paying people to borrow money. That’s alarming news for the global #economy.

A must read @washingtonpost article that explains in plain english and in detail the storm/tsunami ahead.… #recession2019
With Europe's main economic engine - #Germany, fully contracted, the #Eurozone industrial production continues to declined sharply raising tangible fears of a new #recession. #EuropeanUnion #recession2019…
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#NewsAlert: Crazy video footage of a police officer trying to beat one protestor, got beaten back by the protestors but pulls out a gun to protect himself at the International Airport in #HongKong. #China
#Update: Other video footage angle of where that police officer waved with his gun at protestors inside the international airport in #HongKong to protect himself. #China
#Update: Another longer shocking video footage angle showing the police officer pulling out his gun while being beaten by protestors in the international airport of #HongKong. #China
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#Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. President #MichaelEvans is among 17 current and former #GoldmanSachs directors facing criminal charges over their alleged role in $6.5 billion of bond sales by #1MDB.…
#Evans, the international face of #China’s e-commerce leader, and a director at 3 #Goldman units #Malaysia #1MDB.
#Alibaba honcho is a familiar face to the #Chinese internet titan’s investors & to international conference circuit; charged with helming #Alibaba’s global expansion.
#Evans joined #Alibaba in 2015 as 1 of its highest-profile recent hires, has a mandate to help realize billionaire co-founder #JackMa’s ambition to get half its revenue from outside of #China. The president was instrumental in orchestrating the #Chinese giant’s push into #SEAsia
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Disturbing video taken in #Shenzhen just across the boarder with #HongKong. Something extraordinarily bad is about happen. #China #HongKongProtests #Democracy #SaveHongKong
The Chinese military, believing in the intel and these videos, have set in place a comprehensive military operation targeting the situation in #HongKong. #HongKongProtests #China #Democracy
A total of 25km separates #Shenzhen and #HongKong where the Chinese army is setting in motion a ground military operation. #China #HongKongProtests #Democracy #SaveHongKong
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