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#China's exports and imports contracted in November as the #COVID19 outbreak disrupted production and weakened demand at home. The value of exports fell to a low of $296 billion, the lowest since April when the lockdown of Shanghai closed factories. 🧵
The decline in imports also widened to 10.6%, leaving a narrower trade surplus of $69.8 billion last month.
China's government is now looking to relax the #COVIDZero policy to reduce its impact on the economy and add more stimulus.
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新华社利雅得12月7日电 国家主席习近平当地时间7日下午乘专机抵达沙特阿拉伯首都利雅得,应沙特阿拉伯王国国王萨勒曼邀请,出席首届中国-阿拉伯国家峰会、中国-海湾阿拉伯国家合作委员会峰会并对沙特进行国事访问。习近平乘坐的专机进入沙特领空后,沙特空军4架战机升空护航。#China #SaudiArabia

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1. 🇨🇳|👉 #XiJingping el líder de la #ChinaContinental o #RepúblicaPopularChina es un gran desconocido para occidente. Con este hilo pretendo acercaros a la persona y también todo lo que rodea a la entronización del #DragónRojo 🐲🔴

#China2022 #ElPoderEnChina

Hilo 🇨🇳🇪🇸⬇️⬇️ Image
2. 🇨🇳|👉 El #LíderSupremo es un término informal para el #LíderPolítico más prominente en la #RepúblicaPopularChina. En el pasado este pudo ejercer el poder sin tener ningún cargo significativo 🏛️🔴

#XiJingping #DragónRojo #China2022 #ElPoderEnChina

Hilo 🇨🇳🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
3. 🇨🇳|👉 #XiJinping es el #Líder indiscutible de #China desde 2013, acumulando más poder desde entonces. Postulándose en 2022 para un inaudito #TercerMandado y fortaleciendo así su #Poder 🪧🀄️🔴

#DragónRojo #China2022 #ElPoderEnChina

Hilo 🇨🇳🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
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The #Apocalypse has started. #Corona/#Covid is the first horse. The rider wears a crown (corona), has a #toxon bow ("#toxin" is a derivative->poison arrows). What went into billions of arms? Little poison arrows.

The Horsemen Ride.

#ApocalypseNews #TheWhiteHorse #EndTimes ImageImageImage
#TheRedHorse, 2nd horse of the #Apocalypse: #War. Red, the color of blood, color of #communism. What do we see shaping up? War by #Russia and #China. Ukraine, #Taiwan, the World.

A full third of mankind will die, if we align the 2nd horse with the 6th trumpet of #Revelation 9. ImageImageImage
#TheBlackHorse, 3rd horse of the #Apocalypse. A pair of balances, "A measure of wheat for a penny". A penny's was a day's wages. Meaning: a bread for a full day's work.
Meaning: #hyperinflation, #hunger. Have you been paying attention lately? #Inflation, worldwide!

#EndTimes ImageImageImage
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#China's 10 measures
1)Narrowing high-risk areas to buildings or floors, even homes, rather than communities.

2)No more mass PCR tests in administrative districts, to cut the frequency of tests. To scrap test and Health Code rules for crossed-region citizens.
1/ Thread 🇨🇳
2/n #China's 10 measures
3)Allows symptomatic cases and patients with mild symptoms to conduct home quarantine. Allow some close contacts to conduct 5-day home quarantine.

4)To lift lockdowns in high-risk areas without new cases reported in the last five days.
3/n #China's 10 measures
5)To repeal the prohibition against purchases of OTC medicine for fever, cough, and cold.

6)To boost the vaccination rate for the elderly over 80.

7)To assess the physical conditions of key groups

8)Prohibits business suspension in non-high-risk-areas
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⚡China's Jan-Nov surplus (in USD terms) $802.04 billion
#Imports +2.0% y/y
#Exports +9.1% y/y
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China's Jan-Nov surplus (in yuan terms) 5.34 trillion yuan
#Imports +4.6% y/y
#Exports +11.9% y/y
2/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
China November trade balance(in yuan term) 494.33 bln yuan; Est. 486.0bln, Prev. 586.8bln;
#Imports -1.1 y/y ; Est. +7.1%, Prev.+6.8%;
#Exports +0.9% y/y ; Est. +8.2%, Prev.+7.0%.
3/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
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NEW: US to increase rotational forces in #Australia, including US bombers, fighters and @USArmy capabilities, per @SecDef, follow mtg w/@SecBlinken & their Australian counterparts
MORE: #Japan also invited to integrate w/US-#Australia force posture, per @SecDef
US help w/nuclear powered subs "will transform #Australia's strategic posture" per #Australian DefMin @RichardMarlesMP
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BREAKING: #BNNCanada Reports.

According to an international human rights organization, two more overseas "police stations" run by Chinese authorities have been discovered operating in #Canada. #China #Social Image
Safeguard Defenders released a report in September alleging that three such stations were operating in the Greater Toronto Area, as part of a report that discovered 54 sites in various countries around the world.
According to Safeguard Defenders, a Spanish-based organization, the sites are being used to intimidate and harass people who the Chinese government wants to return to China, in some cases to face criminal prosecution, but for various reasons.
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Happening now: @DHSgov @SecMayorkas speaks at @csis_isp Image
"We face a new kind of warfare,no longer constrained by borders or military maneuvers" @SecMayorkas tells @csis_isp, using #NotPetya as a prime example

"We face a very different world than the one our then-new Department of Homeland Security entered in 2003, nearly 20 years ago"
"Ubiquitous cutting-edge technologies, economic & political instability, and our globalized economy have erased borders & increasingly bring threats & challenges directly into our communities" per @SecMayorkas "Our homeland security has converged w/our broader nat'l security"
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Tesla Stocks Slump After Company Reportedly Cuts Model Y Production From Shanghai Plant $TSLA #China…
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USA doesn’t care about Africa but now is holding a summit of African leaders in Washington DC. Why?


But this kind of reactive policy will be ineffective.…
China-Africa bilateral trade is whopping $250 billion. That’s 5x the US-Africa trade.
Every one of the 54 African countries has signed up for the Belt and Road Initiative (#BRI).

China builds highways, railways, seaports, airports, schools, hospitals, telecom networks, hydropower dams etc. in Africa.

America builds… MILITARY bases.
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#Ramayana-Hindu Culture spread throughout Asia via the Rama Story.
It travelled by sea and land to China, Tibet, Turkestan, Java, Sumatra, Malaya, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Japan
#Thread Repost

Most countries have adapted Rama Story acc. to their own culture with a local setting; the Indian names are used for important towns, sites, mountains, rivers, and lakes.
The adoption of Valmiki Story in Asian countries was selective and influenced by local values

The Buddhist work Mahavibhasa (150ce) is oldest record of Ramayana. Hsuan Tsang stated "There is a book called the Rāmāyaṇa...[it] explains only two topics:
1. Rāvana carrying Sītā off by violence
2. Rāma recovering Sītā and returning."

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So Google, I think you’re missing a pretty big one there… #china
Still not there…
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我党我军我国各族人民公认的享有崇高威望的卓越领导人,伟大的马克思主义者,伟大的无产阶级革命家、政治家、军事家、外交家,久经考验的共产主义战士,中国特色社会主义伟大事业的杰出领导者,党的第三代中央领导集体的核心,“三个代表”重要思想的主要创立者江泽民同志的遗体5日在北京火化。#China 1
习近平等党和国家领导同志到医院为江泽民同志送别并护送遗体到八宝山火化(3)《12月5日新华社电,CCTV新闻视频》#China #World
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Cookies, crime & lasting legacies: This inconspicuous biscuit box holds a story of Shanghai’s largest finance scandal but also enduring memories of one of its oldest consumer brands. The category-defining success story of a Western businessman in China you've never heard of: 🧵⬇
The crumb trail of Bakerite leads us back to the American J.D. Sullivan, who after serving in the Spanish War, came to China at the turn of the century & established the Denniston & Sullivan photo supplies store on Broadway (Daming Rd.) in the Shanghai International Settlement.
In June 1906 Sullivan sold the business to former employees Messrs. L.L. Hopkins and J.J. Gilmore who continued to operate it but moved the location to Nanking Rd. (todays Nanjing East Rd.). James Sullivan left China to get married in the USA in December 1906. After his return...
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Read our latest 📖policy note on #China 🇨🇳as a lender by FDL’s Research Director @ishacdiwan and Shang-Jin Wei of @ColumbiaSIPA, providing a conceptual framework to clarify when & how China could participate in #debt #restructuring processes. 👇…
Top 50 countries in #China 🇨🇳debt portfolio and their quality
With #China now being a central creditor, question is whether it wants to work alone or with others, including the #IMF & how it would engage with the other creditors and with the #MDBs.
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BREAKING: #BNNChina Reports.

The Japanese division of Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD announced that it will start selling its battery-only electric vehicles (EVs) in Japan starting January 2023. #China #economy #EV #business
BYD will first roll out an electric sports utility vehicle, Atto3 on Jan. 31 which will cost 4.4 million yen ($32,735.66) and will have a cruising distance of 485 kilometers.
Compared to this, Nissan Motors' Leaf standard electric vehicle model costs 3.7 million yen and has a cruising distance of 322 kilometers.
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JUST IN: #BNNChina Reports.

Foxconn expects its COVID-affected Zhengzhou plant to resume full production around late December to early January, according to a Foxconn source, after worker unrest disrupted the world's largest iPhone factory last month. #China #Foxconn #Business
The Zhengzhou plant has been dealing with strict COVID-19 restrictions, which have fueled worker dissatisfaction with factory conditions.
Apple device production was disrupted ahead of Christmas and January's Lunar New Year holidays, with many workers either being forced to isolate to prevent the virus from spreading or fleeing the plant.
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WATCH: #BNNChina Reports.

After a six-month mission aboard China's space station, three Chinese astronauts have returned to Earth. They left for space on June 5 to supervise the Tiangong space station's final phase of construction, which was finished in November. #China #social
On Sunday, the crew of the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft landed in China's autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. The mission was declared a "complete success" by China's space agency.
In audio aired by state broadcaster, Commander Chen Dong and teammates Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe said they were feeling well after landing.
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We're seeing easing of #ZeroCovid measures in different forms right across #China. This is only the beginning but it looks like the government has now given up on the idea of reducing each outbreak to zero cases. Take #Beijing: cases have not come down but restrictions easing.
This doesn't mean there will suddenly be no restrictions, there could even still be lockdowns if #Covid_19 deaths spread too quickly, but the long term trajectory now looks set. In the wake of the protests in cities across #China, #ZeroCovid has to go.
The can be a gradual easing though, with the government monitoring the strain on hospitals here. It can try to allow #Covid_19 to spread at a slower rate. The messaging from the government has already changed. People are now being told that the newest strains are not as serious.
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BREAKING: #BNNChina Reports.

Japan’s upper house, the House of Councillors, passed a resolution expressing concern over the violation of #humanrights across China including Xinjiang, the Uyghur Muslim majority state. #China #politics
The resolution was passed by the upper chamber of the Diet, the parliament, with a majority vote largely supported by the Liberal Democratic Party-led ruling coalition as well as the opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan...
...Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Innovation Party) and the Japanese Communist Party. The House flagged “serious human rights situations,” suppression of religious freedom and forced incarceration in #Xinjiang #Tibet, #InnerMongolia and #HongKong.
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BREAKING: #BNNChina Reports.

A US cybersecurity firm has accused the Chinese government of flooding social media with spam to drown voices of widespread anti #Covid19 lockdown protests. #China #health
The Recorded Future found that the government executed a volley of spam by networks of coordinated bots to target non-Chinese social media platforms to push down posts of demonstrations. It also allegedly hijacked hashtags of names of Chinese cities.
“These spambot networks are resilient, well-resourced and agile. The rate at which they are posting content and spinning up new accounts tells us that they have automation tools to flood the information space," Charity Wright, a senior analyst at Recorded Future, said.
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@ulrikeguerot hat von Osteuropa keine Ahnung, also hat sie sich für ihr Buch Hauke Ritz als Co-Autoren engagiert: einen Philosophen, der in #Moskau sein drittes Rom gefunden hat und #Russland|s #Patriotismus lobt. Passt das zu Guérot, die doch die Nationen überwinden möchte?
Sehr gut sogar: Die gemeinsame Klammer ist ihr #Antiamerikanismus. Dass die rassistische Propaganda-Schnurre von den US-Biowaffenlaboren im Buch auftaucht, überrascht nicht, wenn man die bisherigen Äußerungen von Ritz liest und anhört.

Schaut man sich z.B. sein Gespräch mit Michael Meyen an (der auch #KroneSchmalz hostete), so findet man darin ein Kondensat der russischen Staatspropaganda wieder - von der Behauptung, die Ukraine gehöre zum russischen Kulturraum bis zur Behauptung,
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Vamos falar da Unidade 731 (Unit 731 七三一部) e de como os EUA se aproveitaram dos crimes de guerra do Japão para desenvolver seus próprios experimentos de guerra química e biológica.

(imagens do filme Men Behind the Sun – disponível no
...↓ Image
Os japoneses haviam invadido e ocupado o norte da China em 1931.

Ali, em Harbin (ha er bin 哈尔滨), local em que a temperatura pode ficar abaixo de 40ºC negativos, o Japão operou o que veio a ser conhecido como “Unidade 731”.
...↓ Image
Na Unidade 731 vários experimentos químicos e biológicos foram realizados com milhares de presos, estima-se que 3000 pessoas tenham sido usadas como cobaias humanas, a maioria de origem chinesa; em menor número russos, coreanos, mongóis e outros prisioneiros de guerra
...↓ Image
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