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HAPPENING NOW: From Sept 1 - Oct 25, "The US gvt has directly facilitated the departure of 240 US citizens & 157 lawful permanent residents, as well as others who have come out on out charters" @DOD_Policy Undersecretary Colin Kahl tells Senate Armed Services Committee
"We are examining & learning from the past..." per @DOD_Policy "...reckoning w/the uncomfortable truth that despite decades & billions of dollars of US investment, the #Afghan military evaporated in the face of the #Taliban assault"
US-#Afghanistan-counterterrorism: "We are actively setting the conditions to ensure we remain situationally aware & are postured to mitigate & neutralize developing terrorist threats & streams" @thejointstaff's LtGen James Mingus tells SASC
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US still talking to countries about making 'over-the-horizon' counterterrorism strikes in #Afghanistan easier

"We continue to have conversations w/neighboring nations & partners in the region" per @PentagonPresSec
NEW: Latest number on #Afghanistan refugees currently at US military bases

3,000 in @CENTCOM

463 in @US_EUCOM

5,300 in @USNorthernCmd

- per @PentagonPresSec
No comment from @PentagonPresSec about @Microsoft warning on #Russia #SVR #Nobelius attempts to infiltrate the supply chain

But he says, "Our networks on under siege every single day" and that @DeptofDefense, @SecDef is focused on the problem
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The Chinese economy recorded its slowest growth in a year.

What’s happening, you ask? (1/9)
~The only major economy to end 2020 sans recession, #China clocked a GDP growth rate of 18.3% in Q1.

~But this quarter, it was only 4.9%. The last time this happened, China was dealing with a pandemic. (2/9)
This time it's courtesy of 3 major pain points- the energy, shipping, and real estate crises.

1.) The Energy Crunch. As economies opened up, the demand for goods increased. Production rose, and so did the demand for coal...(3/9)
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Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed on Monday that #China would always uphold world peace and international rules, amid concerns expressed by the United States and other countries over the nation's increasing assertiveness globally.…
In a speech marking the 50th anniversary of China's return to the United Nations, Xi said it would always be the "builder of world peace" and a "protector of international order," state news agency Xinhua reported.
"China resolutely opposes all forms of hegemony and power politics, unilateralism and protectionism," Xi said, calling for greater global cooperation on issues such as regional conflicts, terrorism, climate change, cybersecurity and biosecurity.
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1/5 Influential Chinese Professor Jin Canrong: Resolution of the Taiwan Issue Can Establish China's New International Prestige; If We Succeed, We’ll Replace U.S. As the “Big Boss” #China #Taiwan ...
2/5 Influential Chinese Professor Jin Canrong: Resolution of the Taiwan Issue Can Establish China's New International Prestige; If We Succeed, We’ll Replace U.S. As the “Big Boss” #China #Taiwan
3/5 Influential Chinese Professor Jin Canrong: Resolution of the Taiwan Issue Can Establish China's New International Prestige; If We Succeed, We’ll Replace U.S. As the “Big Boss” #China #Taiwan
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#Sudan’s Prime Minister #AbdallaHamdok under house arrest, several cabinet officials and allies seized in apparent #powergrab
#BREAKING: #Khartoum airport shut amid reports of coup in #Sudan: Al-Arabiya
#BREAKING: Sudanese people will stand up to coup attempt, says spokesman for Sudanese Congress Party: Al-Arabiya
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"On Oct. 25, 1971, when the GA voted to admit delegates from the PRC. The Republic of #China lost its seat and has been on the outside looking in ever since. Resolution 2758 marked the beginning of Beijing’s assault on Taiwan’s international status."…
"A true reckoning would have recognized the existence of two states, each with a right to U.N. membership—a solution not unlike those later reached to admit both North and South Korea and both East and West Germany."
"In the early 2000s, to explain why he had blocked a Taiwanese diplomat from speaking to the U.N. Correspondents Association, Secretary-General Kofi Annan invented a U.N. 'one-China policy.'"
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Well, breaking news will now keep coming every day ahead of #COP26 but this one could have MASSIVE implications for global energy markets & #fossilfuel demand: #China announces first details of its carbon neutrality framework aiming at #netzero by 2060 1/5…
The document introduces several consumption "peaks": peak #coal by 2025, peak #oil during the 15th 5-yr plan (2026-2030). Food for thought for #China's largest oil suppliers #SaudiArabia, #Russia, #Iraq, #Angola, #Brazil; and coal suppliers #Russia, #Indonesia, #Australia. 2/5
Energy #efficiency is one of the highest priorities. 2025 target is to reduce energy intensity of GDP by 13.5% compared to 2020 (note, the baseline is the COVID year)! New standards and certification to be introduced for #steel & other energy-intensive industries. 3/5
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/24/2021…
As China Stops Exports of Phosphate, what will be the impact on 11-52 Prices and Availability?…

#phosphate #china #export #agriculture #price #availability #logistics #NorthAmerica
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1. DingDing just put out a very long essay(in Chinese) on slowly improving China-US relationship. We talked on the difficulties of starting/running thinktank in China. Intl. Relations not an area of my research so my skepticism is qualified but here are some interesting charts.
2. This chart illustrated the way Chinese experiences America differently from how Americans experience China, which is mainly brandless "made in China" goods.

Chinese didn't consume as much "made in America" goods as they buy more goods from American firms operating in China.
3. As I have tweeted before on a China/India supermarket chain comparison, Walmart is the 4th largest supermarket chain in China. And this is true across many other industries where US firms have top brand recognition.

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North Korea accused the Biden administration of raising military tensions with #China through its “reckless” backing of #Taiwan, and said that the growing U.S. military presence in the region constitutes a potential threat to the North.…
In comments carried by state media, North Korea Vice Foreign Minister Pak Myong Ho criticized the United States for sending warships through the Taiwan Strait and providing Taiwan with upgraded weapons systems and military training.
The United States’ “indiscreet meddling” in issues regarding Taiwan, which the North sees as entirely a Chinese internal affair, threatens to touch off a “delicate situation on the Korean Peninsula.”
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EL Socialismo del siglo XXI
Hay un auge de las ideas socialistas en Latam, por ello vamos a explicar de dónde salió el concepto de #SocialismoSigloXXI y quiénes son sus exponentes, ideólogos y defensores, de una ideología que solo ha traído hambre, dolor y muerte.💀
Abro Hilo
El #SocialismoSigloXXI es un concepto originalmente formulado en 1996 por el sociólogo alemán Heinz Dieterich #Steffan.…
El #SocialismoSigloXXI surgió como “producto de la reflexión sobre el socialismo soviético-oriental del siglo XX”
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A thread: What is China’s energy import/export makeup? Have they historically been net importers? Starting in 2000s, as the economy grows, China becomes less energy dependent. 1/5
Coal dominates as the 2/3 source of energy supply in China. 2/5
The most dramatic domestic production/import mix change over time for China crude. 3/5
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Will consider using @NationalGuard to truck freight from #California ports to help ease #supplychain bottleneck, says @POTUS on @CNN ‘town hall’ in Baltimore.
No expectation gasoline prices will decrease this year, says @POTUS.
He’s open to the possibility of eliminating the filibuster for the #VotingRights bill and "maybe more,” @POTUS tells @andersoncooper during live @CNN program in Baltimore.
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[1/3] Some thoughts re #FATF Decision to retain 🇵🇰 on Gray List:

1. It's OK. This, too, shall pass.

2. Partly our mistake (slow to realize seriousness) & partly circumstances (geo-politics, "Absolutely Not") have brought us to this point.
[2/3] 3. We need to get our house in "order" - fast! (economy, civ-mil relations, political stability etc.)

4. We need an aggressive foreign policy outreach. Our neighborhood first & then aggressive outreach to #China, #Turkey, #Iran #Russia etc.
[3/3] Lesson: we must learn to walk without crutches & stand on our own feet. Like individuals and families, only those nations are respected that are financially independent. Remember how the world jumped in to liberate Kuwait in first Gulf War?
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Bitter Truth:

#Pakistan is being economically squeezed and made an example out of by the #UnitedStates through IMF, for its overt Geopolitical alignment with #China, and for its "failure" to join China containment strategy. China on the other hand is no where to be seen.
United States through IMF, FATF and other means is making it unsustainable for #Pakistan to maintain a geostrategic partnership with Beijing. They're creating a horrible example out of Pakistan to warn other regional countries against forming alliances with China.
In this context, China should have ensured economic stability in #Pakistan, but instead Pakistan is forced to return to IMF, agree to harsh economic terms and drift further into the Western economic pressure. If China is unwilling to act, Pakistan will be forced to reevaluate.
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1. At the hour of death the Masses you have heard will be your greatest consolation. Every Mass will go with you to judgment and plead for pardon.

#HolyMass #DailyMass #news #DailyDevotional #uk #Christmas #China #Christianity #CatholicTwitter #Twitter Image
2. At every Mass you can diminish the temporal punishment due to your sins, more or less according to your fervour.

Assisting devoutly at Mass you render to the Sacred Humanity of Our Lord the greatest homage. You afford to the souls in Purgatory the greatest possible relief.
3. You are preserved from many dangers and misfortunes which would otherwise have befallen you.

You shorten your Purgatory by every Mass.
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oh hilarious.. 🤪🤡🧐🇨🇳😂😂Why the world's carmakers are watching a small town in #China - I'm so tempted to say: "See? Ya muthas! That'll teach you a lesson in respect. Learn it well. Insult China once too often with your...
...aggressive baseless smears and allegations , and attempts to 'contain' #China via #HongKong, #Myanmar #Thailand etc, and You is gonna get smacked. Where you least expect it. mate. Right up the exhaust pipe..." As I say, I'm tempted. But I won't. But I'm sure others will..
But, I hear you say.. the carmakers haven't been insulting #China.. hmm.. well.. perhaps not directly.. but..
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Aunque todavía depende del carbón, #China es, con gran diferencia, líder mundial en energía solar y eólica. El desarrollo en renovables desde 2010 ha sido enorme. Y eso se nota también en la contaminación de sus ciudades, que se ha reducido considerablemente.
En 2020 la solar supuso el 10% de la energía de #China. Un estudio liderado por Harvard cree que podría proveer el 43,2% de la demanda eléctrica en 2060 a un precio mucho más barato que el carbón. Enormes plantas solares como esta marina se multiplican.
"China es ahora un gigante de la energía limpia. Su dominio del mercado, desde paneles solares a coches eléctricos, requiere una planificación a largo plazo y un nivel de inversión que solo el control estatal ofrece", afirmó sorprendentemente Bloomberg.
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World War III? US vs China? Won't happen. Here's why. Plus - Why western msm depict #China as the enemy. An explanation. #US government 'reign' as playground bully is over. To clarify and repeat: US #MIC (MIPAC) game of playground bully is over. 🥰🇨🇳🥰🇷🇺🥰
Ongoing huge anti-China propaganda barrage. Incessant. Examining why:
Part 2:
Part 3 Here:
See also:…
Part 1:
Ongoing incessant anti-#China propaganda barrage. Examining why:
Part 2:
Part 3 Here:
See also:…
See also:……
Part 1: 🥰🇨🇳🥰
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