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Wow! Check out this picture of #AOC sitting next to the #NYPD officer who was just outed for being a double agent for the #CCP!… ImageImageImageImage
NO ****ING WAY! - #FreeTibet is a 🤡 cover!!!! #OverTheTarget #DalaiLama received $$$ from sex trafficker #KeithRaniere of #NXIVM, owned by the #Bronfman’s & had a similar scarf ceremony with #Hillary & #DiFiChiSpy #DianneWeinstein wowzas! ImageImageImageImage
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#LARP dropped this today.
Seems to know things
#ComplicitMedia should've told
#WeThePeople, that
#California has been stolen while
they enriched [their] Families.
[They] call ( ) a conspiracy.
@realDonaldTrump #KAG

@GavinNewsom Image
The #ComplicitMedia #FakeNews
is nothing more than a #Democrat tool, at this point. Working to hide truths...while creating narratives.
Its a propaganda sitcom show.
Fake. Phoney. Complicit. Criminal.
Illusion. #EnemyOfThePeople Image
Everything but [them, they]
is a conspiracy. #MainStreamMedia
If it doesn't come from their
#IndustrialMediaComplex's a lie?…
Why so much effort to protect?…
Must be hidden stopped censored
& ridiculed.
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🚨BREAKING: Massive study of more than 5,000 genetic sequences of the #coronavirus reveals continual viral mutations—one mutation in the gene encoding its spike protein may have made the virus MORE CONTAGIOUS.🧬

This mutation affects the #coronavirus spike protein—changes amino acid 614 from “D” (aspartic acid) to “G” (glycine)—and is associated with a higher viral load in #COVID19 patients on initial diagnosis.

A larger study in the UK had similar findings.…
All viruses accumulate genetic mutations, and most are insignificant. #SARSCoV2 is relatively stable as viruses go.
But every mutation is a roll of the dice, and with widespread transmission in the US, the virus has had abundant opportunities to change.🤬
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NEW: #HunterBiden’s dealings with foreign individuals raise conflict of interest concerns as well as concerns about crimes, counterintelligence, and extortion, according to a new congressional report.…
According to the report, #HunterBiden engaged in millions of dollars in “questionable financial transactions” with foreign individuals, including the wife of the former mayor of #Moscow and people with ties to the #CCPChina.…
James Biden is #JoeBiden’s brother; Sara Biden is James’s wife; and Archer is one of #HunterBiden’s business partners.

Hunter Biden and Archer received $4 million for being on #Burisma’s board. Image
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1/ Governments are largely not making #ClimateChange action central to their COVID-19 recovery packages, despite some signs of good intentions - our new briefing for #CWNY, released today Image
2/ We've analysed the post-#COVID_19 #recovery packages of 5 countries: #China, #EU27, #India, #SouthKorea and the #USA. Only two lean towards using the pandemic recovery to address the global #climate crisis: the EU27, and South Korea. First, we looked at overarching packages. Image
3/ We assessed 106 domestic measures across the 5 countries, differentiating between overarching packages & individual interventions, and rated them. The picture is not the most encouraging. Image
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The #Senate just released their 87 page findings regarding #HunterBiden and wow, he’s basically the bagman for #DeepState pimps which we all knew but it’s nice to have it in writing. Let’s see how the criminal #MSM covers this.… ImageImageImageImage
They’re all crooks looting American taxpayer money. #Soros owns BOTH Ukrainian anti-corruption NGOs in Ukraine to ensure operations dont run into political issues. They can bully any Ukrainian politicians trying to stop the widespread corruption. Image
It’s important to note, this network appears to be assisted by the 🤡’s which is no surprise at this point. Allegedly the #UkrainianEmbassy in #NewYork is a child trafficking hub. If anybody has any additional info on this, please share. Image
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1. News: OUT TODAY: Report w/ @ChuckGrassley found MILLIONS of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden & associates & foreign individuals, including wife of former mayor of Moscow -Thread 9.23.2020… #Biden #TickTock Image
2. News: President Trump at UN: More ‘Great’ Peace Deals With Israel ‘Shortly’…
3. News: Report: William Barr Receiving Catholic Award Angers Some Who Oppose DOJ Renewing Death Penalty for Child Murderers…
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Pak’s plan to elevate #GilgitBaltistan into a full fledged province is contrary to its 73 yrs stand on Kashmir, reflects its #duplicity.The move is also to facilitate Chinese financed MoqpondassSEZ in Gilgit& other CPEC projects. #StandWithGilgitBaltistan Image
The Pakistani state had betrayed their 'own' people once by selling off their land of #ShaksgamValley to #China in 1962.

When their own government doesn't consider them as citizens, then we #Indians must #StandWithGilgitBaltistan Image
The CPEC is a knife that will cut through the lands & lives of local peoples of #GilgitBaltistan, Pok, Sindh, and Balochistan and their blood will write the story of Chinese Colonialism!

It has to stop for Pakistani people's sake!
#StandWithGilgitBaltistan Image
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🇨🇳😷 Up to 70% of KN95 masks, which are certified in #China, do not meet US standards for effectiveness, the nonprofit patient safety organization ECRI warned today in a high-priority hazard alert.

"Because of the dire situation, US hospitals bought hundreds of thousands of masks produced in China over the past 6 months, & we're finding that many aren't safe and effective against the spread of COVID-19," Marcus Schabacker said in a statement.

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LIVE: State of the Air Force, exclusive interview with @GenCQBrownJr and @MarcusReports, 2pm ET. To view:… Image
Look at all those @DefenseOne logos.... 😍 Image
Folks, there's open Q&A to the audience via the chat box, if you'd like to pass a question up for @MarcusReports to ask Gen. Brown.
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1/ Those who follow me know that I think too much and ask too many questions. In my curiosity, I recently stumbled upon a story of a bat cave of coronaviruses, sudden unexplained death, and mysterious poison mushrooms🍄 Buckle up it’s a weird one #medhistory #SARS #Covid_19 🧵👇
2/ It all started with that foolish preprint that was again claiming that SARS-CoV-2 was made in a lab. A claim that no respected scientist or clinician supports, given the lack of evidence, including: @K_G_Andersen @angierasmussen @CT_Bergstrom #COVID19

3/ So, I go back to what evidence we actually have. Because #science is awesome, we have a ridiculous amount of viral genomes that have continued to be tracked from early on in the pandemic:
- 4,678 @nextstrain @trevorbedford
- 84,932 @CovidGenomicsUK…
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If anyone could finance potential new militia alliance in #Afghanistan , that's #China not #India
And with #Iran hands on the ground, we can talk about serious spoilers of #USA plans in #Afghanistan
And Tehran already shown willingness to engage in different way in #Afghanistan
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[#AntiELAB Movement vs #UmbrellaMovement: are #HKers walking on the old path?]

1.1/ #HK's protests have indeed reduced due to the #COVID19 and the #NationalSecurityLaw. #HKGov mass arrests protestors, and crackdown on the education, mass media, medical and judicial industries. Image
1.2/ But, NO, we're not walking the old path of division between different sides in the pro-democracy bloc. In fact, we're winning. Here's why: Image
2/ In 2014,
- 70% of polls call for the occupation to stop
- Division within Pro-democracy bloc
- Average results in the District Council Election
- Pro-Beijing bloc gained 57% seats in Legislative Council
- #CCP's economic diplomacy is doing well
- Few countries support HK Image
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More on NYPD Police Officer Baimadajie Angwang who was arrested for working as an agent of #China and spying on Tibetan New Yorkers.

He's also former MARINE CORP reserve & is currently a civil affairs specialist in the Army Reserve.
Angwang also lied to get his clearance and tried to recruit intelligence sources for China. Image
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#China reportedly uses #Hollywood clips to show simulated attack on #US base at #Guam

The #Chinese air force propaganda effort has gone Hollywood, using scenes lifted from the 2008 Oscar-winner “The Hurt Locker” and the 1996 action flick “The Rock.”…
A source close to the Chinese armed forces told the news outlet that it was common practice for the People’s Liberation Army publicity unit to “borrow” from Hollywood blockbusters to make their productions look more thrilling.

Right, “borrow”.......
“Almost all of the officers in the department grew up watching Hollywood movies, so in their minds, American war films have the coolest images,” the source told the South China Morning Post, adding that the army was unlikely to face any backlash over copyright infringements.
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"Hoy se conmemora el 75 aniversario de la ONU. Quizás ninguna crisis desde la II Guerra Mundial ha demostrado más claramente el porqué necesitamos a la ONU que la pandemia de #COVID19. Solo podemos afrontar esta amenaza común con una aproximación común"
"La OMS tiene 3 mensajes clave para la #UNGA
1. La pandemia de #COVID19 nos debe motivar a lograr los #ObjetivosMundiales, no se ser una excusa para no cumplirlos
2. Nos tenemos que preparar ahora para la próxima pandemia
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[#HKers doxxed by #Russia-based pro-#China website]

1. @AFP finds a shady site #HKLeaks ramps up doxxing campaign against pro-democracy #HKers from politicians, teachers, journalists, businessmen, ordinary citizens to expats, w/ names & addresses posted…
2. Promoted by #Beijing loyalists and #CCP’s state mouthpiece, this #Russia-based website moved its domain multiple times and now migrated to Pakistani domain address. While 2000+ #Hongkongers were doxxed, #Hkpolice has charged no one over the doxxing campaign until now.
3. Similar #China-style snooping model may expand overseas, esp when #Chinese #military contractor #Zhenhua Data was found snooping 2.4M+ of politicians, businessmen, academics, celebrities & individuals. Clearly Zhenhua is just the tip of the iceberg.…
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Meta-Post on the Calamitous Consequences of #PopulationControlLaw if Implemented in India: #Thread

GOI & many Indians are mistaken to think that #PopulationControlBill's the magic-wand to solve demographic snag, #ClimateChange & #poverty by reduced #population footprint.

1. The #PopulationRegulationBill:

First the #PopulationControlAct itself. It was introduced in Rajya Sabha in July 2019 with "2-child policy per couple." The Bill's presented with the associated rewards for adherence & also penalties for violation.

2. The Govt's locus-standi on #PopulationControl:

The GOI has already built a narrative regarding #PopulationControlAct. Popular figures speak of it as the need of the hour. Many back it, articles have been written & a perception's created leading to implementation of the Bill.
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‘There should be a price on #carbon,’ says an expert pushing for policies to combat #climatechange - by @preeti_msoni

@ETC_energy @iyer_sriram #LordAdairTurner…
@preeti_msoni @ETC_energy @iyer_sriram A #carbon price is a fee imposed by the #Government on carbon to reduce carbon emissions. The idea behind carbon pricing is to encourage lower-carbon behaviour and to attract investments into renewable energy by making polluting production processes more expensive.

@preeti_msoni @ETC_energy @iyer_sriram With a #carbon pricing policy in place, countries have seen a 2% fall per year between 2007 and 2017. Whereas, countries without carbon pricing have witnessed a 3% increase in carbon emissions, according to a latest study by the World Economic Forum (@Davos).

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Ok. I think I will try to follow the CHURCH - CHINA connection. 🔍

There's something going on here.
Some dots to be connected.


#China #CCP #Vaticano #Italy #DeepState
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The next round of Corps Commanders talks between India and #China for #lehstandoff have been fixed for Monday. A quick analysis on what these talks would aim to achieve for both :
1. N. Pangong Fingers : India would want Chinese to back off from finger 5 and restore previous ..
Patrolling routes for Indian troops till finger 8. China might, MIGHT, agree to this but only for finger 5. Beyond that it will not demolish its boatyards and new infrastructure it has built. But it’ll ask for India to vacate occupied heights Finger 4 and operate from ITBP post.
at the base. Hence this is a position where the talks might gain some ground for both.

2. Hot springs and Galwan valley, both have massive infrastructure on chinese side and even if India asks them to move back, ain’t happening. Both are well connected to G219 and cantonments..
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This is just one example of the mullahs' regime ruling #Iran in cooperation with #China.

Trawling ships are destroying precious marine line in Iran's southern waters & all with Tehran's consent.
For those interested, this thread sheds more light on the devastating impact of #China's trawling ship on marine life in #Iran's southern waters.
*marine life*

apologies for the typo
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