Part of my cynical brain wondering whether the Johnson Junta is actually following a devious plan to deliberately go OTT on both #oneruleforthem entitlement & repressive Covid-authoritarianism, in the hope of generating a public backlash so big...
…that it would force them to abandon all Covid restrictions as politically impossible to sustain; thus partly getting themselves off the hook for when the full reckoning for the economic & societal damage #lockdowns have already caused comes in…
…and also transferring blame from themselves on to the British people for any increase in infections, hospitalisations, etc., if either the virus continues to spread or vaccines are seen to have undesirable side effects…
…and relieving them of the need to find the courage to defy the doomster scientists & medicos & the behavioural-‘nudge’ lockdown-fanatics on SAGE and tell them their ‘advice’ is being overruled. It’ll all be our fault.
Outlandish? Maybe, but really wouldn’t put it past them.

• • •

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26 Jun
OK, tweeps, here’s my take, FWIW, on Boris Johnson’s possible ‘logic’-tree on sacking Matt Hancock.
Interested in hearing your (NB non-abusive!) thoughts.
BJ would prefer MH gone. MH has now destroyed any former usefulness he had as a human shield for BJ over Covid, and as a lightning rod for growing public discontent.
But - on what grounds to sack him without damage to, or at least with minimum damage to, BJ himself ?
Can’t sack MH over the infidelity.
(a) on its own, purely a private matter.
(b) too many skeletons in BJ’s own closet on that score
(c) unlikely to be only minister or MP in same situation
Read 7 tweets
25 Jun
Legit Q now if Hancock's alleged infidelity was solely that, with no other probity connotations.
Apart fm accusations of cronyism re Coladangelo's appointment, was it also to bring her into daily contact with him, & on public payroll, as cover for affair?…
If nothing else, 𝘓'𝘈𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘦 Hancock yet again shows starkly the apparently widespread "rules are for you, but not for us" entitlement of our ruling caste.
We saw it on the insouciant disregard of masks & S-D at #G7, we're now seeing it again in Whitehall.
Throughout his political career, Hancock has always had the air of someone for whom Hubris would eventually meet and be defeated by deserved Nemesis.
Is this it?
Read 5 tweets
15 Jun
Quite compelling viewing, this. Three #BBC D-Gs being grilled in succession.
Doesn't always happen, but this particular one is HoC scrutiny working as it should. Irrespective of political affiliation, all @CommonsDCMS members rightly excoriating their studied evasiveness.
Summary (in effect) Lords Hall & Birt:
"We re-hired the guy whom we knew/suspected was a liar with previous form in faking docs, & who'd been sacked for wrongdoing in US media, & who we knew was moonlighting for ITV while working for us.
But neither of us is in any way to blame"
DCMS Chair Knight: "Well, I've heard victim-blaming before, but this is quite something!"
Read 5 tweets
15 Jun
Chair of Commons DCMS Select Ctte giving ex #BBC D-G Lord Hall-Hall a serious grilling on the re-hiring of Bashir.
Haw-Haw being evasive, in effect blaming subordinates.
Obviously no sign on 𝘩𝘪𝘴 desk saying "The buck stops here" to go with his salary.
Chair: How was this known liar (Bashir) being paid"
Haw-Haw denies knowledge of, or involvement in, Bashir's pay arrangements, on grounds he was trying to run the whole of the #BBC.
"Nothing to do with me, Guv".
Lord Hall-Hall insists no knowledge of how Bashir came to be allowed to, in effect, moonlight at ITV while being paid by the #BBC.
Taking 'hands-off' management to a whole new level, presumably.
Read 7 tweets
14 Feb
This is arrant nonsense. A handful of Tory MPs might, but Johnson's government has no intention of actually fighting against the Woke agenda - only an intention of 𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 like it's fighting against the Woke agenda.…
Does anyone really think the dedicated Woke-Left culture warriors who now run 'the UK's biggest heritage bodies and charities' will be deterred in their mission by bleating entreaties to 'defend our culture' from 'Culture' Sec'y Oliver Dowden?
As if the Woke-Left #BBC will take any notice of a 'warning' from same timid PM & govt who not only ran away from decriminalising non-payment of - never mind scrapping - it's iniquitous 'licence'fee', but even allowed it to rise.
All theatre & pretence.…
Read 5 tweets
10 Feb
Same way all the vocal, intolerant, Woke 'minorities' have become so powerful.
Years spent infiltrating, then taking over the near-State, quango & 'charity' sectors, & waiting for the signal/excuse to launch culture war.
Floyd/#BLM/#Antifa riots last summer provided both.
These people, though malign, aren't stupid.
They spotted, early on, how craven, popularity-obsessed but blame-averse, politicos & governments of every stripe were increasingly outsourcing decision-making, upwards to supranational orgs, & sideways to autonomous agencies & quangos.
They realised how such near-State &/or quasi-State institutions would become the new centres of political authority & influence, whose capture by a relatively small cultural-marxist elite would enable them to wield power out of all proportion to the numbers who share their views.
Read 4 tweets

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