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At that point Boris Johnson had at least 4 children

it was during the period of time when British current events entertainment was fawning on Shit Midas

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Has to be said, it appears that there have only been a maximum of 26 more fines issued since the last update from @metpoliceuk - so, the chances that Johnson accounts for several of these seems increasingly unlikely.

#PoliticsLive #OneRuleForThem #CrimeMinister
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1/ I’m an HR Director & if there is one thing I can tell you about any organisation, it’s that the culture is set at the top.

It’s disgusting to see the slow motion throwing of civil servants & other No.10 employees under the bus, when the culture has been set by @BorisJohnson
2/ If the team at Downing St think it’s okay to party when the country is under lockdown, it’s because @BorisJohnson has cultivated a culture where that’s acceptable.

If they think that the rules don’t apply to them, it’s because #Johnson has led by example.

3/ If No.10 employees think it’s not their responsibility to speak up when they see wrongdoings, it’s because of the culture that has been set that way.

The buck stops with our #PM on this matter. Don’t buy into the dialogue that it was those naughty underlings.
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#GMB reporting that Boris Johnson hid from cameras this morning by lying down in the back seat of his official car

#r4today #PMQs

A frit Boris Johnson hides in the back seat of his official Range Rover to avoid Downing Street photographers

An embarrassing coward.

#GMB #PMQs @LBC #PoliticsLive
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If Johnson is able to apologise for actually breaking the law, and get away without losing his job & being prosecuted by @metpoliceuk, there really is no point in anyone trying to hold him to account for anything anymore

Don't say I didn't tell you this was coming
#r4today #PMQs
Yesterday @AngelaRayner called for Johnson to resign.

Today she & @UKLabour are asking for Johnson to simply admit he was at an unlawful party (that we already know he attended).

They're giving him a lifeline.

They want him to keep hobbling along.

#r4today #PMQs
Or not...

I wonder if Starmer will finally call for Johnson to go.

#pmqs #r4today #PoliticsLive
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Exactly what he did on 8 December when he said "I understand and share the anger" over the #DowningStParty - he got away with it that time.

Is the British public really going to fall for it twice?


#C4News @LBC
Johnson can't apologise tomorrow because that would be an admission he was an accessory in an unlawful act, in which case he would have to resign (surely)


The Times and Daily Mail are urging Johnson to apologise for breaking the law, claiming that will allow him to carry on as PM

Can you imagine what they would be saying if it was Starmer who had held the parties?


#Newsnight #PMQs
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.@SavantaComRes on BYOBgate:

- 66% say Boris Johnson should resign following latest revelations - +12 since their last poll at Christmas

- That includes 42% of 2019 Conservative voters


@lbc #bbcpm
A large majority in every age cohort say #BorisJohnsonMustGo

@LBC #bbcpm #OneRuleForThem
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1-Don’t get me wrong, I’m v pleased that @UKParliament are now taking #COVID seriously & doing SOME of the simple things we know ⬇️ transmission.

#Masks #SocialDistancing #WorkFromHome

Assuming everyone working on the estate is >18, the vast majority will be doubly vaccinated.
2-So tell me, why are pupils (largely unvaccinated), education staff & families of both not afforded such protections?
I searched the #DfE website HOPING for advice on 😷s, social distancing, options for CV/CEV pupils & staff to work/learn from home, ventilation?
3- But NOTHING, just👇🏼from @nadhimzahawi in the last few days re LFTs, NO MENTION of any other mitigations at all.

#COVIDVaccination has only just begun in the 12-15s, so what are CV/CEV pupils, staff & those with CV/CEV family members to do?

Maybe the @UKHSA can help….?
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Part of my cynical brain wondering whether the Johnson Junta is actually following a devious plan to deliberately go OTT on both #oneruleforthem entitlement & repressive Covid-authoritarianism, in the hope of generating a public backlash so big...
…that it would force them to abandon all Covid restrictions as politically impossible to sustain; thus partly getting themselves off the hook for when the full reckoning for the economic & societal damage #lockdowns have already caused comes in…
…and also transferring blame from themselves on to the British people for any increase in infections, hospitalisations, etc., if either the virus continues to spread or vaccines are seen to have undesirable side effects…
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This promise to focus on "increasing openness and transparency" can't have been made by a Cabinet Minister whose advisor scooped the jackpot in the VIP lane she refuses to come clean about? Can it?
Reader, it can.

It's from Liz Truss' speech boldly entitled "Fight for Fairness" (fairness here meaning, one assumes, fairness for those connected to Cabinet Ministers.) #OneRuleForThem
I have to say, @trussliz, I rose to my feet in applause at this bit.
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Ah, would that this be true... I've seen tweets from 2 Tory MPs this morning, trying to spin the story.
Guess we're finding out (again) who're in the Cummings coterie...
Going to make this a thread of MPs defending Cummings for "visiting" his elderly parents, then his sister, in Durham, all the while he was in bed, with muscle spasms due to #COVIDー19, and his wife was praying for him, whilst making a castle with their son.
So, who do we have first? Step forward Robert Halfon.
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