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1. #Corona spaltet (Thread): Ein zweiter #Lockdown wäre ein weiterer tiefer Einschnitt in die #Grundrechte vieler Bürger. Ein solcher Einschnitt ist nur dann legitim (und #verfassungskonform), wenn er #verhältnismäßig ist.
2. Die #Verhältnismäßigkeit eines #Lockdowns beurteilt sich nach dem #Zweck des Lockdowns.
3. ist der Zweck eines zweiten #Lockdowns der Schutz der Krankenhäuser vor Überlastung? Dies hört man nur selten, da es keine greifbaren Anhaltspunkte für eine konkret bevorstehende Überlastung gibt?
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Tremendously important thread by @sdbaral

Democracy and human rights have slid backwards due to government expansion of power since Covid hysteria began.
Why was there no thought given to civil rights, and how lockdowns (i) severely violate them, and (ii) could lead to a deterioration in respect for them?

And, related to this, another sort of super-obvious risk to lockdowns that it seems no one would deign think about.

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(thread) Lasst uns mal über #Lockdown sprechen. Was können sie, und was können sie nicht? Als soziale Technologie ist der Grenznutzen stark abnehmend.
tl;dr: #Lockdowns dürfen immer nur zu Besuch sein. Sie dürfen niemals einziehen.
Wir können davon ausgehen, dass die Low Hanging Fruits schon alle gegessen wurden.
Keine Jodelwettbewerbe mehr, wer diszipliniert ist, trägt schon ständig #Masken, überall sorgt Plexiglas für Atemraumvereinzelung und Desinfektionsmittel benetzen rhythmisch alle relevanten Oberflächen.
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1. News: Exclusive from the People's General, Lt. General Michael Flynn @GenFlynn: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸"STAND WITH ME, Renounce the Left & Hold the Line on Nov 3" -Thread 10.21.2020… #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #Trump2020LandslideVictory #MAGA #SaveAmerica
2. News: Heartbreaking Child Abuse: Poor NM Boy Walks to School Everyday So He Can Sit and Have WiFi as Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Continues to Shut Down State (VIDEO)… #COVID #Lockdowns #Children #schools
3. News: Joe Biden Jumbles Words, Confuses Anchor Chris Wallace with His Father Mike, Who Passed Away 8 Years Ago (VIDEO)… #BIDEN #GAFFS
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From #Lockdowns to "#TheGreatReset". Lockdown in the wake of #coronavirus pandemic accelerated implementation of long-held plans to estb. so-called NWO. Under auspices of #WEF, global policymakers are advocating a “Great Reset” with intent of creating a global technocracy
It is not by coincidence that on 18 Oct 2019, in NYC the WEF “Event 201” at “high-level” pandemic exercise organized by John Hopkins Center for Health Security. This coming technocracy involves close cooperation between the heads of the digital industry and of governments
With programs such as guaranteed min income & healthcare for all, new kind of governance combines strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice. The truth, however, this NWO of digital tyranny comes with a comprehensive social credit system
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People want to #BlameTrump for what the #Democrats have done. Let's face it. The Democrats have been trying to sabotage Trump the whole time
When #COVID threatened the US, what did they do?
Tried to stop travel bans
Encouraged #Americans to spread #Covid

Next, to insure a high death toll they could #BlameTrump, five #Democrat #Governors sent #COVID patients to nursing homes. And not just elderly patients. This went against everything we know about quarantine! This is the worst thing you can do!…
As if that wasn't bad enough, #Democrat #Governors locked down their states for far longer than necessary. The hospitals operated well under capacity during the #pandemic. They knew it would do more harm than good. They tried to destroy the economy...…
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1. News: “You’re So Handsome When You Smile” – NBC Town Hall Questioner’s Compliment Leaves President Trump Blushing ♥️ Thread 10.16.2020…
2. News: GOING VIRAL: Black Woman in Red Mask Behind President Trump, the ‘Nodding Woman’ Steals the Show at NBC News Trump Town Hall #Trump #NBC
#TownHall #NoddingWoman
3. News: REPORT: Swing Voters Standing By President Trump – They Don’t Blame Him For Coronavirus Pandemic… #Trump2020
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"#Herdimmunity is ‘a dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence'."

Thread to summarize new #COVID19 paper by @TheLancet via Professor @AlexWFriedrich1.



"Its high infectivity, combined with the susceptibility of unexposed populations to a NEW virus, creates conditions for rapid community spread."

"The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 is several-fold HIGHER than that of seasonal influenza."


"...infection can lead to persisting illness, including in young, previously healthy people"

"It is unclear how long protective immunity lasts"

"SARS-CoV-2 is capable of re-infecting people who have already had the disease"

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#Davos & the #WorldEconomicForum #WEF is Conducting their #TheGreatReset. How do you like it? This IS it. #Lockdowns, your life, business& futures & children's futures completely destroyed forever, zero freedom, zero #Freespeech, forced Toxic injections, LIES, NAZI Tactics, Like?
2/ What "GREAT" "Features" are coming from "The Great Reset" of the NAZI RACIST Elites like "Black Extermination Project" Gates, the Scientific Totalitarianist Depopulation Rockefellers? From the German Nazi Eugenics Hitleresque wannabes like Klaus Schwab?
What else?:
-EXACTLY what the JEWS of NAZI Germany had:
-"Health passports" for Sterilization & "Immunizations" testing all kinds of things on you whatever they want with no testing of any of them for contamination even available of course
-Limited travel
-Frauded Statistics
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1. News: Government SUES Former Best Friend of Melania Trump, over ‘scathing tell-all’ 👏👏👏

DOJ requests all profits directed to a ‘constructive trust.’ -Thread 10.14.2020…
2. News: Amy Coney Barrett flips script on Dems: "I could empathize w/ people who lack HEALTH CARE ... was so striking to me when we went to get our daughter Vivian from the orphanage in Haiti was the lack of access to basic things like antibiotics."…
3. News: Judge Amy Coney Barrett's calm demeanor during hearings is her ‘SUPERPOWER,’ Harmeet Dhillon says… #FillThatSeat #ConfirmAmy
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Everyone is trying to find the big secret why #SouthKorea has such remarkably low #covid19 #deathrate. 422 total deaths for 52 million people? This despite that they didn't impose extensive #lockdowns, kept the economy open and 10 million people live close together in Seoul
Reported Covid19 deaths per million:
Belgium: 994
France: 488
Brazil: 733
South Korea: 9
Nobody seems to find an explanation. What's the big secret?
previous posts I suggested an alternative hypothesis, where Covid19 was caused by reactivation of a widespread dormant parasite, #ToxoplasmaGondii that is present in cyst form in 30% of the global population, but prevelance differs hugely in different coutries.
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@chuckusan @tasftp @BBCWorld I really don't think this is a virus. I believe it is a re-activation of a dormant parasite that an estimated 30% of world population has in their tissue in a cyst form. Large variations exist between countries (e.g. US estimated 11%, France 60%). People who have the cysts,
@chuckusan @tasftp @BBCWorld were infected in the past with Toxoplasma Gondii parasite. People with competent immune systems can win from the parasite quite easy This by the innate immune system (T-cells).
The cysts can reactivate under stress condition (e.g. oxidative stress from toxins, prolonged EMF
@chuckusan @tasftp @BBCWorld radiation exposure, mental stress, chronic illness, old age) and the virulent parasite will then causes acute infection. Immune competent people will show no or mild flu symptoms. Immune deficient people will have severe, possibly lethal symptoms (Pneumonia, shortness of breath
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There is no scientific basis, or precedent, or studies, or literature, or proof, anywhere that something called #circuitbreaker has any science behind it, at all. They literally just made it up, just like lockdown. Herd immunity, on the other hand, has been studied for 100 years
The Science: "A #circuitbreaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after a fault is detected."
A #circuitbreaker is yet another empty use of sloganeering, it's made up language for technocratic fantasies of control, it has no basis in the study of the transmission of respiratory diseases: in plain language, it's meaningless governmental jargon trying to sound smart.
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Liberal #Media Caught FRAUDING The World AGAIN.
-36,061 ppl in #England tested
-ONLY 158 just 0.43% had any symptoms (cough, and/or fever, loss of taste/smell)
-ONLY 115 (0.32%) had a positive test!
-Of 115 positive, ONLY 16 (13.9%) had symptoms
36,000 ppl tested
-ONLY 0.43% had symptoms (158)
-ONLY 0.32% had a positive result (115)
-Of the positives ONLY 16 had symptoms 0.00044%
-The Positive tests ARE NOT LIVE VIRUS NOR INFECTIONS either.
Despite this test showing NO PANDEMIC, NO Cause for concern, No cause for #Lockdowns, the #Liberal Media, even the one who wrote the article, LIES THROUGH THEIR TEETH, LYING using the words "Infections" They have ZERO evidence whatsoever of "Infections" PCR tests DONT do that
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1. News: 🚨🚨 WHO Official Urges World Leaders to STOP Using Lock-downs as Primary Method Against CCP Virus:

"This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe actually,” David Nabarro added. -Thread 10.11.2020… #Lockdowns #COVID #WHO
2. News: The 2nd Act Will Be Worse Than The First: Lockdowns Are Not The Answer… #Lockdowns #COVID
3. News: Another Leftist Hypocrite: St. Louis County Executive Sam Page Orders Strict Mask Mandates for All Local Citizens Then Is Caught Out in Public Without a Mask… #Lockdowns #COVID #MASKS #hypocrite
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#Coronavirus: #WHO backflips on #virus stance by condemning #lockdowns

#Lockdowns have been used to control the #coronavirus around the world, plunging millions of lives into chaos. Now the #WHO has changed its mind.
The World Health Organisation has backflipped on its original #COVID19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies.
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1. News: U.S. Urges Nuclear Negotiations With North Korea After Kim Jong Un Reveals 'Monster' Missile 🙏
-Thread 10.10.2020… @realDonaldTrump #Peace #NorthKorea
2. News: Yes, Hillary Clinton Orchestrated the Russia-Collusion Farce… @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #JusticeSoon
3. News: 'Insufficient': Pelosi REJECTS latest White House COVID RELIEF AID OFFER 💰… #COVID #Stimulus #AID #Pelosi
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Megalomaniac: #Fauci has every article that mentions his name delivered to his inbox

by @JordanSchachtel…
Dr. Anthony #Fauci, the #Covid_19 alarmist who has been a government bureaucrat for an astonishing 52 years, is loving his time in the spotlight.
The 36 year director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (#NIAID) gets a daily email with every single news article that mentions his name, a Freedom of Information Act (#FOIA) request emails has revealed.
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My understanding of #coronavirus
as a common man but also well informed by reading both sides info particularly of Doctors & Scientists!

This is my understanding - there is a viral infection, like Dr.Zelenko told - most healthy People sail through well sometimes no symptoms 1/n
at all - but we all need to have vit C, D, Zinc Quercetin daily ! Even for those it could affect badly with breathing or clogging troubles - the initial 5-8 days are with mild regular symptoms of sore throat headache fever body pain - if you take HCQ+ ZINC+Azythromycin during 2/n
that time you can even avoid need for hospitalization or serious effects. From 8th day onwards if you have not taken any of the vitamin prophylaxis regularly or the treatment with HCQ zinc then you might have severe symptoms based on your otherwise health condition. 3/n
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So. Has the #media telling us to wear #masks done this research? Have the #governors mandating masks shared this research. What happened to the importance of #Science? You see, I know all this information because I was properly trained in PPE. #COVID19
To prevent spread of #coronavirus, there is one effective way to prevent the spread. Isolate yourself if you are sick! If you don't want to get sick, do things which improve your immune system. Exercise, sunshine, healthy food, supplements. There's plenty of advice out there
But most importantly, to boost your immune, you must expose yourself to viruses and bacteria. #Lockdowns, #masks, and isolation impair your immune system. #COVID19 isn't that deadly unless you have comorbidities! Only about 6% of people without pre-existing conditions died Image
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@99freemind @gatewaypundit

This tweet from @3AW693 prompted a quick research effort re: antidepressants

BOTTOM LINE: the #lockdown has single-handedly DOUBLED the antidepressants market, worldwide.

REPEAT: Fucking DOUBLED a USD 13 Billion dollar annual industry, "overnight". Image
In addition to #banks acquiring "foreclosed" (massively discounted) assets, I now see how #BigPharma is also massively profiting from the #lockdowns -- even though they have failed to impose mandatory vaxxxines on the global populations (Trillion$)

@99freemind @gatewaypundit
I wonder how many people have been prescribed #antidepressants in the last 6 months (compared to last year's sales, for example). Image
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1) I think this is #DictatorDan's actual testimony. Still weird as, but. He looks skinnier, paler, way younger. And his hands look large in comparison to his body. I suspect tech heads could explain weirdness as result of Skype or similar software with low resolution.
2) But it's not remotely batshit to wonder what is going on here. Look at insane stuff going in #Victoria lately. To say it seems surreal (zif dystopian satire) is yuge understatement. Also, many #MSM glitches involving pollies esp those linked to Cabal, Dems (as Dan is).
3) Check out this "glitch in the matrix" featuring #HillaryClinton.
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What are the implications of excess global financial market volatility on economic growth? Are there threshold effects in the relationship between growth & excess global volatility for individual countries? How should we model the nonlinear effects in a multi-country setting? 1/n
We answer these questions in recent work with Alexander Chudik @DallasFed, M Hashem Pesaran @USCDornsife @TrinCollCam, @mraissi80 @IMFNews & @arebucci1 @JHUCarey @cepr_org @nberpubs:… #TGVAR 2/n
The #Covid19 #pandemic has been a shock like no other, initiating simultaneous demand and supply disruptions. In addition, it led to a sharp tightening in global #financial market conditions during the first quarter of 2020. 3/n Image
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1/x Quoting,
„3- The Median Age of COVID Deaths Is Equal to Life Expectancy, But No One Mentions That Fact

We didn’t talk enough about the median age of COVID deaths, ~81 years old — which is telling. This age is equivalent to life expectancy. ...why no one talked about it!“
2/x Quoting,

„4- Interventions ..Masking .. #Lockdowns #Suppressing #Immune

...suppress immune

... disturb immune system ..stressed

If...quarantine [in small] room...scare

..immune system..negatively impacted,
..likely to get sick..

#less #likely to naturally fight virus“
3/x Quoting
„5- Virus Losing Steam And Pandemic Was Essentially Done In Europe in May

In most European countries, pandemic is over [since early May]

In... India & Brazil, curve is slowing down —
...more and more time for # of deaths to double

..virus globally losing steam...“
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