Fuck Andrew Neil's shit-stirring hard-right propaganda hate-rag, the @spectator.

And fuck Andrew Neil's shit-stirring hard-right propaganda hate-channel, GB "News".

The toxic bastards who fund this crap help to demonise the good guys & support the nasty selfish lying bastards.
Marcus represents the very best of British. The
@spectator, GB "News", much of the press & the Govt represent the very worst. They fear successful, decent, honest & altruistic role models - it's completely alien to them that people choose to help others, rather than themselves.
Yesterday 96 more lives were needlessly lost, today we're told UK journalists could face prison sentences of up to 14 years for stories that 'embarrass the Govt', & tonight @BBCNews went full Farage about migrants crossing the channel.

Britain resembles a failed fascist state.
And as for hard-right NUMPTY Andrew fucking Neil, he's one of deregulated free market capitalism's most powerful & vocal #propagandists - the catastrophic & divisive economic system which brought us the global financial crash, grotesque wealth inequality, & the climate crisis.
As Murdoch's lackey he was a nasty bastard, & his shitrag the Spectator relentlessly pukes out divisive #propaganda, deliberately outraging & polarising, demonising decent people while defending actual neo-Nazis & sucking up to vile authoritarian bastards like Viktor Orban.
Since parting ways with Murdoch, he's attempted to cultivate the character a 'maverick outsider' - is he fuck. I'm not sure that outside of the Royal family it's possible to be any more establishment than this charlatan. And as for the company he keeps...

Here he is spouting shite about climate change:

And as for fucking GB "News", funded by hedge funders & vulture capitalists who thrive on chaos & division, & adored by racists, they slagged off Guto Harri for taking the knee then appointed king of the racists Nigel Farage!

It IS Britain's Fox News.

The bastards downplay racism, went for Southgate & the England team, & now they're gunning for Marcus Rashford, a young working class black man who's done more good in the last few years than all those horrible arrogant bastards combined. These vile twats can all just FUCK OFF.
And here he is tonight, RTing fellow grotesque freak Julie fucking Burchill. To think I once watched the bellend on TV. Andrew Neil now symbolizes everything wrong with Britain. Bollocks to him.

• • •

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19 Jul
"Calling it #FreedomDay attempts to nullify the public by encouraging us not to scrutinise government & media performance as we should. It reflects an attempt to move the discussion from science, sociology & public health to patriotism & emancipation."

The most effective propaganda is that which creates emotional bonds between the target audience & certain people, products, events or concepts. The powerful want us to think in certain ways about #FreedomDay & to exclude/overlook aspects of the pandemic that it deems undesirable. ImageImage
From the propagandist’s point of view though, “freedom” is an effective rhetorical tool because it means whatever the target audience wants it to mean.

Its utility is that the term 'freedom' is vague, but it always resonates with ease when uttered.

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Twitter trolls know that racist/hateful content about a high profile event will be widely condemned online. But condemnation serves to further magnify the impact of these posts: positive message will be overshadowed by discussions of hateful/racist posts.

What is surprising is that @Twitter allows the process to continue. There is no ambiguity about these outcomes, only variability in the scale. Twitter has archives of online firestorms in many contexts & is aware of the conditions, characteristics & outcomes of these occurrences.
Based on this knowledge, the rapid immediate cascades that result in the predictable cycle of hateful content and condemnation could be minimised using tools Twitter have already developed, such as prompting users to rethink their tweets that may include harmful language.
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Black people are about 18 times more likely to be searched than their white counterparts.

But according to our culture war Government, structural & institutional racism doesn't exist.

BME children make up over half of the child population in prison (28% are black). This is an increase of 15% over the past decade.

But according to the culture war Government, structural & institutional racism doesn't exist.
By the end of secondary school, Gypsy, Roma & Traveller pupils are almost three years - & black Caribbean students 11 months - behind their white British counterparts.

But according to the culture war Government, structural & institutional racism doesn't exist.
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Like Ghoulia Heartless-Spewer reads books.

Every cloud @Waterstones. 👍
I quite like Waterstones, but in May 2011 it was announced that A&NN Capital Fund Management, owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut, had bought the chain for £53.5 MILLION, & in April 2018, hedge fund 'Elliott Management Corporation' bought a majority stake in the company.
Elliott Management Corporation is a US investment management firm - a vulture fund - founded by hard-right Republican donor Paul Singer, who supports pro-Israel causes, funding for the libertarian free-market Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, &, curiously, #LGBTQ rights.🤔
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You might have seen the Tory manifesto - sorry, Laurence W. Britt’s “14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism” circulating online.

The first version was published in an article titled “Fascism, Anyone?” in the Spring, 2003 issue of Free Inquiry, a secular humanist magazine.
Since then, many altered versions have been in circulation.

This article looks at the lists evolution, especially the version circulated on a website run by Jeff Rense, a right-wing talk radio host.

Jeff Rinse is accused of promoting antisemitism, & has given a platform to a number of racist extremists like David Duke. His website is teeming with conspiracy theories, & his show has hosted conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones & David Icke.

Anyway, let's explore the original.
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13 Jul
Hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahahah hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahaha haha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahah hahahaha hahahahah hahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahaha!

#RashfordSanchoSaka #ENG
Fancy being so far right that you think GB "News" is too woke! 🤪

#RashfordSanchoSaka #ENG
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