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Not a good night for #Ramsdale!

The 4th goal summed it up!

-Engaged the 1v1 when it was 20yrd out & there was a CB covering making the finish far easier

-Using the smother technique rather than the spread technique making the chipped finish far more difficult to save

#ENGvHUN ImageImageImageImage
My 1v1 model shows that engaging 1v1s at distances greater than 14yrds from goal just makes the finishes easier rather than harder

The best GKs (like #Alisson) often wait deep & lure the striker in & then engage the ball once they know they can snuff out the shot!

My 1v1 model also finds the smother to be very vulnerable when the 1v1 is central as it often allows the GK to be rounded or chipped plus it does very little to cover the side the GK does not have their hands!

A spread wouldn’t drastically increased the Rambos save probability!
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A "Thread on Some of the best Knocks on Losing course"
These are just some of them I my favourites
Hope you all like it
Suresh Raina 87 vs 25 vs kxip (pbks) in Eliminator was 1 of the best Knocks of #SureshRaina and brutal hitting had been shown to us sad 🥺 that wasn't on winning cause @ImRaina #Csk #Pbks Image
MS Dhoni 84 of 48 vs Rab 1 of the best innings of Mahi IPL 💥
It was a thriller just lost by a run but still 1 of the Iconic knocks #MSDhoni @msdhoni #Csk #RCB Image
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Twitter trolls know that racist/hateful content about a high profile event will be widely condemned online. But condemnation serves to further magnify the impact of these posts: positive message will be overshadowed by discussions of hateful/racist posts.…
What is surprising is that @Twitter allows the process to continue. There is no ambiguity about these outcomes, only variability in the scale. Twitter has archives of online firestorms in many contexts & is aware of the conditions, characteristics & outcomes of these occurrences.
Based on this knowledge, the rapid immediate cascades that result in the predictable cycle of hateful content and condemnation could be minimised using tools Twitter have already developed, such as prompting users to rethink their tweets that may include harmful language.
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Hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahahah hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahaha haha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahah hahahaha hahahahah hahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahaha!

#RashfordSanchoSaka #ENG
Fancy being so far right that you think GB "News" is too woke! 🤪

#RashfordSanchoSaka #ENG
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LOOK: Hearts cover offensive graffiti on a mural of #ENG player Marcus Rashford in Manchester.

The mural, painted in recognition of Rashford’s efforts in tackling child food poverty, was defaced after England’s #EURO2020 final loss ImageImage
LOOK: Artist @Akse_P19 has restored the mural of Marcus Rashford, which was defaced after England’s loss in the #EURO2020 final.

People gathered to look at the messages of support on the mural, located in Withington, Manchester ImageImage
Meanwhile, a new mural honoring members of the #ENG football team has been painted by @MurWalls outside of London Bridge station Image
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Reflections on last night: #eng #racism

We did an incredible job getting to the final, scenes not seen for a generation. A diverse team championing what England aspires to be, a progressive collective moving toward a shared goal. Each earning more than their keep.
I applaud each of them, but special mention must go to @BukayoSaka87 , @MarcusRashford, and @Sanchooo10 who have not only represented a community of people under duress from common people and elites alike, but shown that ascendence to greatness is individual.
Reading the words of @GarethSouthgate from earlier this year, it is clear that the @England team is very much forward-thinking in tackling #racism and he, himself, a great and empathetic leader, is forthright in tackling, against potential anger, this great cause.
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Online abuse and content moderation is a niche topic and smart, nuanced reporting on it is difficult if you don’t know the space.

Here are some questions I’d be asking if If I was reporting on the abuse of #ENG players after last night’s game.

1. What training/support does England/the FA provide for players before/during the tournament to prepare for this scenario? Who can players contact in the England camp if they are abused (on or offline)?
2. What social media guidelines do players receive to mitigate such abuse? How often are they updated? And which orgs (eg @GlitchUK_) are feeding into them with best practice to ensure they are robust?
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Boris Johnson condemned the racist abuse directed at Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after they missed penalties in a shootout loss to Italy in the #EURO2020 final Image
“Anyone behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome in following the team.”

England’s @FA said it was “appalled” by the racial abuse after the final ImageImage
Manager Gareth Southgate said the England squad “did themselves proud” and that the missed penalties were “unfortunate” ImageImageImage
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How Mancini solved his midfield numbers problem to dominate England 1/
Italy struggled to get a strangle hold on the match last night. In the build up Kane sat on Jorginho. The dms looked after Veratti and Barella, the wing backs stopped any threat from the full backs and England’s back 3 could concentrate on stopping Italy’s front 3
Italy couldn’t get the ball through midfield. Towards the end of the 1st half Veratti began dropping deeper than Jorginho in the build up. He knew Phillips would go with him and Kane probably wouldn’t drop with Jorginho. That began to create a numerical advantage in midfield
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#ITAENG - 𝐓𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝

Key points:

🔴Southgate bottled it after taking lead. No lessons learned from Croatia.
🔴Time taken to unleash subs was criminal, Mancini was proactive.
🔴Subbing Immobile changed the game

CC: @TacticalPad


England fired out of the blocks. Italy did not expect English wing back to push up high from both flanks, let alone Kyle Walker making a surprise foray forward to outnumber Italy on the blindside.

Italy shifted across in haste, this time leaving space on the other flank.
England then began to play on the counter which was fine, as Chiesa was the only real threat. What a threat he was though, I have rarely seen Luke Shaw troubled as he was.

Chiesa's 1 v 1 ability is truly special, very direct and reminds me of Andrei Kanchelskis.
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Total chaos at Wembley. Fans are storming the gates! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇹

Wembley is warming up inside as well
Three lions
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Bottles & missiles thrown in Leicester Sq

At least it’s happening in London rather than some other European capital

If #England win or lose, it might be wise to stay clear of Trafalgar Sq / central London tonight
#ENGITA #EnglandvsItaly #ENG  #EURO2020 
Ystdy, an #England “fan” revealed the hotel where the #ITA team were staying & tweeted

“If #Italy’s hotel isn’t kept up all night by fire alarms & fireworks on Saturday I’ll be massively let down”

This is what happened👇
#ENGvITA #EURO2020 #Euro2021 #ENG
“Everything I know about morality & the obligations of men, I owe it to football” CAMUS

It teaches us about team work, fair play & that some things are more important than winning

At the EURO2012 #ENGvITA match, an #England fan dropped his pants to try & put off a penalty taker
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Green and pleasant land.
#ENGITA #england #Euro2020Final #ItsComingHome
Update on the world famous English value of common sense and personal responsibility - I’m sure corona will respond accordingly. FFS.
Our country is so so seriously ill. #ENGITA #england #EURO2020

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The Preview: Euros – Final

Hi everyone, welcome to The Preview. Chasing a mini league lead or looking to gain ground on your rival? I present to you the final thread of the Euros:

#Euro2020 #EuroFantasy

*In collaboration with @drafthound – my content partner
It's #Euro2020 final day!

@Drafthound has you covered for all of your #EuroFantasy needs ahead of #ITAENG 🆚

✅ Player rankings
✅ Predicted line-ups
✅ Individual #ITA and #ENG odds

Make sure you check it out, before finalizing your team 🙌

All the data that I use for analysis in my FPL threads is taken from @FFH_HQ. If you want access to the data yourself, you can get access to it along with a 25% discount by signing up on the link below:
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Gurkhas and the British

Men from the hillsides of Nepal began joining the British Army in 1815,right after the end of the 1st phase of the Anglo-Gurkha War of 1814-16.They have been serving the British Crown ever since.#Gurkha #Gurkhas #Nepal #ENGITA #Eng…
The Gurkhas played an essential role in establishing the British Raj in India and fought for the British in Afghanistan, what was then Burma, Tibet and in countless other conflicts.

#England #Britain #British #Army #BritishArmy #Eng #ENGITA #Euro2020Final #EuroFinal #EURO2020
In the first world war alone, tiny Nepal,with a population of around 5 million, sent over 200,000 Gurkhas to fight for the British. 1 in 10 never returned. In the second world war over 250,000 Gurkhas fought alongside the British and more than 33,000 never returned.

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The irresponsible & deliberately divisive culture war rhetoric used by opportunist politicians & pundits has consequences.

They all knew that #ENG players taking the knee was NEVER about Marxism, but about showing solidarity with victims of racism.… ImageImageImage
Priti Patel, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage & Calvin Robinson: "Fans have a right to boo."

Danish mum: “Our nine-year-old son was booed directly into his face by one fan. We had to wipe the colour off his face & cover up his clothes to stop the abuse. I'm absolutely gutted.”

Jeanette Jørgensen: “We had a Danish flag & they were trying to take it away from me, but I pulled it back & said: ‘Just leave it.’ Then they started pulling my hair as well & I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was quite frightening.”
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2 big reasons why football has the chance to come home today
1/ Image
1.) England players are more comfortable taking possession under pressure. The penny finally dropped during Barcelona and Spain’s domination. Since then kids have been trained differently in England 2/
The likes of Phillips, Foden, Grealish and Mount have been taught how to play with a man at their back and retain possession. England always had superstars but they’ve generally been swashbuckling, all action heroes focused on winning battles and making a key contribution 3/
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Gak cuma Brexit dan impactnya makin hype kalau #ENG menangin #EURO2020

Kalau #ITA menang, ini juga bakal ngaruh ke tatanan Eropa.

Karena #ITA termasuk negara dengan kadar Euroskeptisme yang kental banget.

*Brexit gak akan saya bahas karena udah banyak yang bahas
Apa sih Euroskeptisme itu?

Jadi intinya adalah sikap skeptis terutama terhadap benefit dari integrasi Eropa dalam hal ini adalah Uni Eropa.

Level paling jauhnya emang milih cabut kayak #ENG dengan Brexit, misalnya.

Tapi Euroskeptisme ini beda dengan Anti-Eropa, yes.
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🚨⚽️The big day has arrived⚽️🚨

#ENG take on #ITA at Wembley, 8pm this evening in the #EURO2020 final.

Live coverage throughout the day as the team and nation prepare 👇… Image
Steve Holland, Chris Powell, Graeme Jones and Martyn Margetson have all played their part in England's run to the Euro 2020 final.

@TelegraphSport profiles Gareth Southgate's lieutenants; those without whom he could not do without 👇…
🧐Ally McCoist breaks down the key areas which could decide the #Euro2020Final…
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Are you watching the epic football finals this weekend? Before today's #CopaAmericaFINAL and Sunday's #Euro2020Final, read my essay on domestic abuse and the men's game. tl:dr it's not the football, it's the patriarchy. #ENG #ITA #Brazil #Argentina
Patriarchy enables and protects the toxic masculinity that makes big tournaments and match days hell for too women and children.… #CopaAmerica #EURO2020
During the 2002, 2006 and 2010 World Cup, incidents of domestic abuse vs women rose by 38% when #England team lost and increased by 26% where England won or drew, compared with days when there was no England match.
Hence campaign 👇🏽 "If #ENG gets beaten, so will she." #EURO2020
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🎙 هاري كين [#ENG] :

"النهائي؟ هذا هو التحدي القادم لنا الآن. لقد تخطينا العديد من الحواجز لكننا بدأنا هذه البطولة بهدف الفوز بها وفي ليلة الغد لدينا فرصة للقيام بذلك."

🎙 هاري كين [#ENG] حول ما إذا كانت منتخب إنجلترا الحالي مُتواجع :

"لا أعتقد ذلك، هذه هي شخصية اللاعبين في هذا الفريق، فهم متواضعون. لكن لدينا تصميم حقيقي على الفوز. لذلك أشعر أنه في كرة القدم الحديثة لا يوجد الكثير من الألعاب الذهنية."

🎙 هاري كين [#ENG] :

"لدينا تركيز حقيقي ورؤية للمكان الذي نريد أن نكون فيه، لو لم نكن هكذا لم لنستطِع أن نكون في الوضع الذي نحن فيه الآن."

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Another in quite a long series of repellant sniveling hard-right populist nationalist opportunist hypocrites.

How it started. How it's going ImageImage
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